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Satanico vs. Tarzan Boy (hair vs. hair)

Posted by ohtani's jacket, 12 March 2017 - - - - - - · 0 views

El Satanico vs. Tarzan Boy (CMLL 02/25/00, Hair Match) Here we go! I'm psyched. Satanico's Phantom of the Opera entrance was amazing. Just when you thought the lucha GOAT couldn't get any greater he produces one of the finer Arena Mexico entrances in living memory. Tarzan Boy has lipstick kisses on his torso and upper body. He stops to give us the Ri...

February 2000 CMLL

Posted by ohtani's jacket, 12 March 2017 - - - - - - · 0 views

NB: I watched these out of order but am posting them chronologically.Mr. Niebla & Olimpico vs. Blue Panther & Rencor Latino (CMLL 02/01/00) Not content with two blood feuds, CMLL decide to add a third. This is some old school booking from CMLL. It reminds me of the early 80s when they'd have an apuesta match nearly every week. This was a bit...

The Atlantis vs. Villano III feud (January 2000)

Posted by ohtani's jacket, 08 February 2017 - - - - - - · 0 views

Atlantis, Negro Casas & Mr. Niebla vs. Dr. Wagner Jr., Villano III & Pierroth Jr. (CMLL 01/14/00) This was another strong lead-in match. I'm not a huge fan of trios matches where the wrestlers rip each other's masks off but it wouldn't be much of an apuesta feud if they didn't do it. And to their credit, they didn't spend an eternity doing it...

Satanico vs. Tarzan Boy feud (January 2000)

Posted by ohtani's jacket, 08 February 2017 - - - - - - · 0 views

Tarzan Boy vs. Rey Bucanero (CMLL 01/01/00) This was an effective mano a mano bout. Mano a manos usually have a glass ceiling on how good they can be but this had a bit of meat to it. The double juice helped. Blood is so rare in CMLL these days that it was a surprise to see Bucanero bleed so much. There were a couple of gaffes on the bigger action st...

January 2000 CMLL

Posted by ohtani's jacket, 08 February 2017 - - - - - - · 0 views

Negro Casas, Lizmark & Olimpico vs Blue Panther, Bestia Salvaje & Scorpio Jr. (CMLL 01/18/00) I thought this was excellent while it lasted. I could have sworn I'd had my fill of Casas vs. Bestia & Scorpio over the years, but it's been a while and I dug watching Casas and Bestia trade blows. Panther was excellent in this, which isn't alway...

2016 Round-up Day 5

Posted by ohtani's jacket, 21 January 2017 - - - - - - · 0 views

Volador Jr. vs. Cavernario, 2016 CMLL Reyes del Aire final, 9/30/16 I didn't start enjoying this until deep into the terceda caida. The crowd was at a fever pitch and there was a lot of selling and drama. Prior to that, it was move after move, dive after dive, with it all feeling pretty hollow. People often complain about the first two falls in lucha...

2016 Round-up Day 4

Posted by ohtani's jacket, 12 January 2017 - - - - - - · 0 views

Volador Jr. vs. Cavernario, NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship, CMLL 10/7/16 Well, it was obvious watching this that CMLL title matches are no longer mat-based classics but generic singles matches, and that lucha is more influenced by outside influences than ever before. That said, I still enjoyed this. What I liked about it was that t...

2016 Round-up Day 3

Posted by ohtani's jacket, 07 January 2017 - - - - - - · 0 views

Negro Casas vs. Rey Hechicero (Arena Coliseo Monterrey 4/24/16) This was a decent match, but would have to have been a hell of a lot more dramatic to be in the running for Match of the Year contention. The match peaked with the primera caida, which isn't a great place for a two-out-of-three falls match to peak. The idea of Casas working holds wi...

2016 Round-up Day 2

Posted by ohtani's jacket, 02 January 2017 - - - - - - · 0 views

Trauma I vs. Canis Lupus (mask vs. mask, IWRG 9/4/16) It seemed impossible for this match to live up to the hype. Over the past few weeks, I've seen it described as one of the best brawls ever, one of the best mask matches of all-time and a match of the decade contender. For the first two falls, it failed to live up to the hype. The work in the...

2016 Round-up Day 1

Posted by ohtani's jacket, 31 December 2016 - - - - - - · 0 views

So, it's the first day of 2017, and as usual I've done a piss-poor job of following the modern lucha scene as it happens. But in this day and age of YouTube playlists, there's no excuse to not get caught up.  I'm going to start with the Black Terry vs. Aeroboy apuesta match, which is where I left off last time.  Black Terry vs. Aeroboy...

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