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Rick Rude vs Ricky Steamboat (WCW Beach Blast 06/20/92, 30-Minute Ironman Match)

WCW Beach Blast June 20 1992 Rick Rude Ricky Steamboat Rude vs Steamboat Iron Man Match 4.5* Mobile AL

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#21 Zenjo


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Posted 26 February 2015 - 01:38 AM

I like to see the occasional grueller with both guys sweating buckets. Immediately Rude had his ribs damaged as Steamboat controlled the early stages. But then he got cocked and soon found himself 3-1 down. The absence of a recovery period between falls had a big bearing compared with other multi-fall matches. Whilst I agree that there were too many falls overall, this aspect of the match made it come off as more realistic than it might have done. Rude was generally in control for 20m. Yet falls against the head so to speak, were a recurrent theme and Boat pulled it back to 3-3. It seemed like the Ravishing one was about to KO his rival, but he got flashed and couldn't then level the scores in an exciting final minute. It was a hard physical effort. Whilst pleasing to see, the quality of the action at times suffered because of it. Structurally they could've gone any number of ways. It was fairly good in that regard. The storytelling remained excellent and the rivalry was superb. A commendable effort.

#22 dawho5

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Posted 18 October 2015 - 04:29 PM

On that first fall for Rude, he did hook the tights rather gratuitously when he rolled Steamer up after the big knee.  Think of it like a fighter getting rocked with a punch and a quick follow-up working to KO him.  For that moment he's vulnerable because he just got knocked silly.  Rude following up with the Awakening and then the top rope move (agreed that it is a stupid rule) to net himself another pin is a great bit of opportunism, as well as a gamble paying off.  One thing I loved about the way it played out after Steamboat's flurry of roll-ups up to the sleeper reversal was that it was a reversed carbon copy of the opening of the match.  First Steamer takes 8 minutes to destroy Rude's ribs only for Rude to turn the tides unexpectedly.  Now Steamboat does the same after it looks like Rude has him beat, using the very thing he injured in the first place.  Such a great bit of storytelling there.

#23 garretta

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Posted 28 February 2016 - 09:43 PM

First fall: I love the sign from one fan telling Rude to "Put it on! Put it all on!"


I'm not sure that JR liked Jesse reminding him of how out of shape he was. Then again, with these two it's hard to tell what's normal announcer byplay and what's a product of JR's resentment of Jesse's money.


Now we get Bonnie and Richie? Where were they during the part of the angle that was actually about them?


Steamer using Richie as a distraction of sorts is certainly unlike him. Then again, that's how far Rude's pushed him over the last few months; he's willing to go to any lengths to beat Rude and do so badly, even if he won't get the belt. Speaking of which. why the hell is this non-title?


Steamer's work on the ribs is about as vicious as it ever gets when it comes to body part work. Kudos to Rude for withstanding the attack like he did. JR puts over how Rude's injured ribs are restricting his oxygen flow and making him sweat profusely early in the match, which is something not many announcers would think of.


What is that bow-and-arrow style submission hold Steamer had Rude in? I don't recall seeing it before, either here or anywhere else.


Rude gets the pin when Steamer charges into his knee to the face in the corner, which is hardly standard but understandable in a match like this, where it's going multiple falls and a move like the Rude Awakening can only be used credibly once or twice at the most.  JR claims a handful of tights, but I didn't see it. Rude 1, Steamer 0 at 22:18.


Second fall: Rude nails Steamer with a few more knees, then hits the Rude Awakening in slow motion to take a 2-0 lead at 21:15. JR speculates that Rude might have hurt his ribs further in the process.


I'm not sure JR knew what to make of Jesse's hockey analogy, being an Oklahoman.


Third fall: After a few more blows, Rude goes to the top and hits a knee to the chest, which is of course an automatic DQ. Rude 2, Steamer 1 at 20:18. Put me in the camp that says it's good strategy if it leads to another quick pin.


Fourth fall: Rude's strategy works, as he wraps Steamer up with a small package to take a 3-1 lead at 19:48.


Fifth fall: Rude spends most of this fall wearing Steamer down with chinlocks, which is this type of match is extremely smart because it's a way to run the clock out, as Jesse points out. Rude also targets the neck with a swinging neckbreaker and a regulation piledriver, but gets a tombstone reversed on him, which leads to Steamer taking the fall. The main reason for the big pop this got was that Rude had worked over Steamer's back for most of the fall, even at the expense of more damage to his own ribs, which he continues to sell beautifully in what could be the Sell Job of the Year so far. Rude 3, Steamer 2 at 12:19.


Interesting that there's no overtime scheduled in this, probably because MVC-Steiners was scheduled to go thirty right afterward.


Sixth fall: I didn't know that moves executed with both men on the top are still legal, as we see when Steamer hits the superplex that starts the fall. Then again, with Windham still using the superplex as a finisher, it makes a kind of sense.


Interesting sequence leading to the winning fall, as Steamer bridges out of a Rude pin attempt, then backslides him for the pin. We're tied at three with 9:35 remaining.


Did Jesse really not know the name of the tombstone piledriver, or was he just trying to avoid mentioning the finisher of a prominent member of the competition's roster by name?


Seventh fall: Nice pin attempt spree to start the fall by Steamer, reminiscent of the Mania III classic with Savage.


I love Rude posing with just one arm when he had Steamer down. Never let it be said that Rude forgets his character, even in the midst of a war like this.


Nice callback to Steamer's broken nose with Rude ramming his face into the mat. JR and Jesse even speculate that Rude might have broken it again.


Brilliant spot with Steamer hitting the Rude Awakening, but not getting the fall because Rude makes the ropes. The move's still protected, but Steamer gets over as someone who will always do what it takes to survive, including using his opponent's finisher against him.


The sleeper spot was beautifully done, right down to Randy Anderson checking the eyes along with the arm, which I've never seen before but makes perfect sense. The hold was probably applied a bit too early, though, as no one's supposed to be able to stand it for over three minutes like Steamer does here. The pin comes when he kicks off the turnbuckle, trapping Rude underneath him for three to take a 4-3 lead with just thirty-five seconds remaining, Rude's last flurry doesn't force the tie, and Steamer gets the win, four falls to three.


If anyone on earth looks horrible wearing a Hawaiian shirt, it's JR.


This was a tremendous match in which each man worked as hard as I've ever seen. There was no down time; something was happening every second. But as usual with WCW, booking got in the way. This should have led to a US title match at the Bash with Steamer going over, either in an Ironman rematch or a regular bout. Instead, Doc and Bamm Bamm's coronation took up the bulk of the card, and by the September Clash (WCW's next big card), the moment had passed. As good as this was, it would have been better with the belt on the line, especially since Nikita-Rude went nowhere and Steamer ended up taking a big step down to feud with Cactus Jack.

#24 JKWebb

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Posted 02 March 2017 - 08:37 PM



Most everything has been discussed, but I'll add that I think this is one of the best matches I've ever seen. It's between this and War Games 1992 for WCW MOTD for me. Like some, I'd even put this over Flair/Steamboat @ WrestleWar, but not over Clash 6 or Chi-Town. Off the top of my head ... it's top 5 or 6 NWA/JCP/WCW (ever) for me... I'd have to think about it.


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