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El Dandy vs Negro Casas (CMLL 07/03/92)

CMLL July 3 1992 El Dandy Negro Casas 5*

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#21 PeteF3

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Posted 04 August 2013 - 09:45 PM

Looks like most of this has already been covered. This wasn't one of my all-time favorite matches as I was watching it, even though I basically agree with everything else written so far. So therefore my MOTY still rests with Liger/Samurai and Liger is still in a semi-comfortable lead for Most Oustanding Wrestler. But this is a top 3-5 candidate. Not trying to slight the match, but the first half of 1992 has been just that loaded from pretty much every viable promotion on Earth. After spending most of his transcendent 1990 in either an outright rudo or heelish technico role, Dandy excels in the clean-working sympathy babyface here--the man really could do anything.

#22 Loss

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Posted 14 February 2014 - 02:03 PM

Previously at PWO:


I watched Dandy vs. Casas from 7/5/92 over the weekend again and was blown away. Right now, it is my favorite lucha match (at least lucha title match) for being so well done (and like Jose said, nothing spectacular, just everything done for the right reason at the right time). The opening mat work is as good as the sections in Dandy/Navarro, Panther/Solar, etc. with my favorite thing being Casas reversing a fujiwara arm bar into a sitting abdominal stretch. Casas also does a little bit of heeling to make it clear that this is a heated title match and it becomes more apparent as the match goes on that Casas will cheat to win. Casas also has some of the most spectacular dropkicks, hitting them with vigor and force. Fans of flying will only get to see one real dive, but it is a very nice one from Dandy (which I haven't seen him do much). I think the next lucha comp that needs to be made is for Negro Casas, even before Santo (though Santo would obviously included in the Casas comp a bunch of times).




This was just an awesome match. These guys were working so hard. The mat work in the 1st fall was a thing of beauty. I looked at the time on my DVD and couldn't believe 12 minutes have passed. The finish of the 1st fall was great. The 3rd fall was really hot with near falls galore. Overall, just a great, great match.


#23 MikeCampbell


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Posted 18 April 2014 - 01:39 PM

This wasn't my favorite lucha match, only because I prefer tags and trios, but I can still recognize how well done this was. Especially the early mat work, and the near falls toward the finish.

#24 Zenjo


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Posted 23 May 2014 - 07:30 PM

I didn't initially put a review up for this as I'd been planning a rewatch. Finally I got around to doing so and as expected I'd underrated it the first time. Given the degree of love for it here I was hoping I'd underrated it by more than I had done. I've still upgraded it to a top 30 match in one of the greatest wrestling years.


I really dug the hard matwork in the primera. Excellent technique on display as two Lucha Gods showed their ingenuity and intelligence on the ground. The rivalry was so strong they were struggling to stay within the confines of the rules. Casas didn't need to cheat to get heel heat. The end of the 2nd fall and the 3rd were quality wrestling and exciting. Yet I didn't feel like both men were at the peak of their form. The move selection wasn't quite there, with some repetition. The execution wasn't always their best either. It was only minor things but they held it back for me. Still there were plenty of things to appreciate over the 30m duration.

#25 Loss

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Posted 19 November 2014 - 12:20 AM

Well this had some spectacular replay value, and is the one match I wouldn't take down a notch. However, this match is more in line with the description I gave Dandy-Azteca than Dandy-Azteca is. But really, as great as El Dandy is in this match, Negro Casas's performance is on an entirely different level and he's the star of the match. How he's able to take so much of the match offensively and still seem vulnerable is a testament to his sense of timing (small Dandy comebacks at just the right moments and for just the right reasons) and his ability to create a great nearfall. I feel like each fall of this sort of works as a strong match on its own, but taken together you get the all-time classic.


Something else I'll credit Casas for is that stretch of nearfalls in the third fall of this. Each one got an electric pop and that was because of Casas' incredible sixth sense on knowing the precise moment to raise a shoulder to get the biggest reaction possible. I don't want to call this a one-man performance as I'm not sure Casas could have had this match with anyone else, but he was the guy carrying the load here.

#26 garretta

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Posted 10 April 2016 - 08:27 PM

This one took a while to get going; in fact, if it had been a one-fall match I would have called it a dud. Thankfully, it wasn't, and things picked up in a hurry over the next two falls, with the third fall being a classic on its own terms. Casas' arrogance cost him several times, as he had Dandy in prime pinning position but refused to hook the leg, allowing Dandy to escape at the last second and eventually score the deciding fall.


I wouldn't say Casas was dirty, but the low blow in the second fall wasn't his only less-than-clean tactic. He engaged Dandy in several slapping contests and stretched his mouth at least once. He was more of the aggressor overall than Dandy, but couldn't make it pay off for himself in the end.


I liked Dandy's spinning toehold into a bridge which ended the second fall. I've probably seen it before in other lucha bouts, but I can't remember for sure.  


The referee was unusually strict here, not allowing even the slightest hint of rulebreaking as long as he could see it. Fortunately, Casas is a good enough worker that such limitations didn't make it impossible for him to put on a good match. More American heels should learn that lesson. Of course, it would help if American referees enforced the rules more strictly as well.


The video quality was so bad that a good part of the action took place in the middle of the tracking lines. Fortunately, the match was simple enough that I could tell what was going on anyway.

#27 JKWebb

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Posted 13 March 2017 - 08:44 AM



The first fall of this match is simply incredible. I was mesmerized by Casas and his scrappiness and use of counters. He was fighting off a camel clutch, and a lot of times wrestlers just sink right in. I love little things like that. Another time, he kicks the hand of Dandy off of him when Dandy is going for an Irish whip. There's all the amazing matwork that's already been discussed. Dandy goes for a Sharpshooter (not sure what he'd call it), and gets a nasty slap in the face from Casas. That's what it's all about for me. I would have preferred a submission or pintail finish after all the big moves in the third fall. But, the excitement of the nearfalls was extremely high. So, I'm not going to let that count against the match for me. There is just too much great to really care about that. *****. I'll add I agree Casas was the MVP, he really blew me away with the stuff he was pulling out.

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