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Ric Flair vs Bret Hart (WWF Smack 'Em Whack 'Em 10/12/92)

WWF WWE Smack Em Whack Em Coliseum Video October 12 1992 Saskatoon Saskatchewan Ric Flair Bret Hart Title Changes

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#21 Robert S

Robert S
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Posted 22 April 2015 - 12:35 PM

Pretty untypical Bret finish, instead of going for the five moves of doom he instead pulls down the straps and punches Flair as if he were Jerry Lawler.

#22 garretta

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Posted 12 May 2016 - 08:47 PM

This was a typical Flair title defense......for 1986. And that's certainly a compliment. It was as if Flair said, "Enough of this cartoon garbage. Now you're going to see how real World champions do it." It's a shame that he couldn't have had a match like this with Savage at least once, but Vince had so many storylines that he wanted to begin or continue at various points during that feud that it was impossible. Bret's a fresh opponent, and the title is the only issue at stake between them, so the way is clear for Flair to just go out there and wrestle the way he does best.


Of course, he has to have a willing opponent, and Bret's certainly that. He does all the spots you expect from Ric's opponents, but unlike some guys, he looks natural doing them all, even with moves that he doesn't necessarily use on other opponents, like the sleeper.


I don't understand why he didn't like working with Flair, because they honestly brought out the best in each other. Ric hasn't had a showcase match like this since he's been in the WWF, and while Bret's had better individual performances, it's hard to find an opponent that he's meshed quite so well with. Curt's close, but he hurt his back before they could really have the mutual classic that they deserved to have and we deserved to see. I particularly liked the limbwork, and kudos to Flair for allowing Bret to use the figure four before he did. I know he's done that with some other opponents too, but not in the WWF. He's finally starting to realize who he can really work with, even if it's a bit late in the game.


Faced with a different style of match, Gino and Lord Alfred went back to their earlier, better days and called the match the way it needed to be called, putting over both the big picture and the small details. As just one example, I loved His Lordship talking about how the figure four can make the leg of the applier numb by cutting off the blood supply to his own leg. That's Gordon Solie-level analysis, and it's a shock to hear it from a man who's been pretty much a comedy figure for about the past five years or so. I thought he also did a tremendous job selling the work Bret did on Flair's arm, keeping it up for almost the entire match. You never hear that from a WWF announcer anymore. Never. As for Gino, aside from a lame joke about Mean Gene and Heenan running up bar tabs (which came early in the bout, before the action had really begun) and one or two other asides, he was all business here, and this was his best call since Jesse left. This is the type of call I would cite when asked to explain why Gino was my favorite announcer growing up, and it's a shame that he didn't have too many more like this one in him.


Gino and His Lordship mentioned Bret's reigns as IC champ, but not as tag team champ. I'd like to think they were just putting him over as a single, but I'll bet it was more about purging Neidhart from our memories.


His Lordship calls the referee Dave Hebner at one point. Did he just mix up his Hebners or did Dave fill in for another official who couldn't make the taping, for whatever reason?


It's a shame this one was buried on Coliseum Video, regardless of the reason. It's the WWF's singles match of the year by far, and deserves to be hailed as a true classic. Congratulations to everyone involved!

#23 SmartMark15

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Posted 04 June 2017 - 05:36 AM

I thought that this was really great! Just a real down to earth, basic limbwork focused technical wrestling from Flair and Hart that built naturally to that great finish. I liked Hart's early offense and how tenacious he was going after Flair's arm. Flair actually sold it fairly consistently until the match progressed to focus more on Flair's legs. And really, Flair sold the leg amazingly right where it mattered where as Hart was hit and miss with his own leg selling. I liked Hart stealing the Figure Four and I thought both Figure Four spots were worked well and milked the crowd. Great stuff and even Hart's inconsistent leg selling couldn't keep this from being awesome. 



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