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Eddy Guerrero vs 2 Cold Scorpio (ECW 3-Way Dance 04/08/95)

ECW April 8 1995 Eddy Guerrero 2 Cold Scorpio Philadelphia Title Changes 3.75*

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#1 Loss

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Posted 12 October 2011 - 05:23 PM

Talk about it here.

#2 Loss

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Posted 19 November 2011 - 11:29 PM

I thought this was tremendous fun. It resonated with me because it had more personality than the Guerrero/Malenko matches I've seen. Even if the wrestling sequences weren't as good, the match had more character. Eddy got to do all the cheating between highspots that he was awesome for, and seeing him cheered on by the ECW crowd for this stuff is an interesting precursor to the 2003 heel turn when he started getting cheered like crazy that made him a main event star. I don't know if this was a great match, but it was a great showcase for Eddy to do both wrestling and schtick.

#3 Tim Evans

Tim Evans
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Posted 11 April 2012 - 02:10 AM

This felt almost like a 1997 Eddie Guerrero match. Loved the finish that came out of nowhere. Joey Styles commentary was brutal though.

#4 PeteF3

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Posted 09 September 2014 - 11:51 PM

There are some annoyances with the crowd, like the dumbfucks chanting "BO-RING" while Eddy and 2 Cold were tearing it up on the mat (most seemed appreciative, though). And there are a number of "FUCK SABU" chants that broke out, as happened all throughout this show (Sabu skipped town, I think to work in Japan). Eddy is starting to pull off his lie, cheat, and steal shtick with some phony handshakes and some strategically placed eye pokes, while Scorp brings the high-flying and eventually some heeling of his own. Scorp hits the Tumbleweed and pulls Eddy up at two, and Styles ever the clueless dumbfuck sells it as a gutsy kickout by Guerrero. Are you good for anything besides calling moves, Joey? Bobby Heenan was basically right--we can already see the moves, get the damn story over. Scorp's arrogance costs him as Eddy rolls him up for the TV title soon afterward. Anyway, peripheral annoyances aside this is a hell of a match, and evidence that ECW is starting to get its seven-course-meal approach to wrestling in order.

#5 JKWebb

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Posted 18 November 2016 - 01:41 PM

Eddy hits a crazy splash from the top turnbuckle to Scorpio on the outside during this match.  It looks awesome.  There was some good action back and forth in this match.  It didn't really suck me in until the splash, but then Eddy hits a great looking tornado DDT on Scorpio following that.  This is followed by a frankensteiner and Scorpio is still hanging.  Scorpio gets back on top and hits the picture perfect moonsault followed by a powerbomb.  Eddy still hanging.  Tumbleweed - and as Pete mentioned, Joey blows the call.  Then goes on to sell the fact that Eddy kicked out, even though he didn't, and Scorpio could have won the match had his cockiness not gotten the better of him.  Eddy wins with a roll up.  This is a good match, with some cool spots. 


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#6 ohtani's jacket

ohtani's jacket
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Posted 24 November 2016 - 05:47 PM


I'm not a huge fan of Eddie from this era, but he was starting to show the type of poise and in-ring character that would go on to make him, in my view, one of the great performers of the modern era. This match was technically good as both men had superb execution, but I'm not sure that the whole "Mexican born" guy chasing his American dream story really meshed with what looked like more of a holdover from Los Gringos Locos. That may have just been Joey Styles' shitty commentary, or maybe it was because Eddie tried to work heel, was cheered by the crowd for his moves and then earned that now cliched "respect" from his opponent.

I didn't see much cockiness or arrogance from Scorpio either. What I saw was what you get in most Scorpio bouts and that's a ton of bomb throwing. The latter half of the match really had too much bomb throwing to be honest. I also thought Scorpio lifted Eddie's shoulder after the two count but then I couldn't really understand what the ref was gesturing and Scorpio's reaction was one of disbelief not cockiness. Anyway, if there was that thread of a story there it wasn't set up or paid off in a satisfying way.

The nice execution made for a good match, though.

#7 G. Badger

G. Badger

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Posted 04 June 2017 - 12:40 PM

I'm a fan of both guys so, I was going to like this right from the get go. Found it odd that Eddie used the brainbuster and frog splash so early on but, eh in this period of ECW moves weren't logically built up to...some could argue this case for the promotion in general... I digress.

Fun match with Scorp tossing some nice superkicks and hitting a Hurty looking Tumbleweed. Eddie was coming into his own execution and charisma wise. Nothing to sneeze at though. A big plus: this finishes up in an appropriate fashion and time! Recommend it esp. if you're a Scorpio fan b.c. he actually gets to work a clean match with another athlete.. Not something that happened very often during his ECW career.

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