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Bret Hart vs Davey Boy Smith (WWF In Your House V 12/17/95)

WWF WWE In Your House December 17 1995 Hershey PA Bret Hart Davey Boy Smith 3.75*

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#21 PeteF3

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Posted 12 December 2014 - 11:34 PM

Sort of disappointing--I agree, the first part of this didn't really hold up, as it was very Bret-by-numbers and Davey-by-numbers. Once Davey crotches Bret on the top rope on the superplex attempt, this picks up in a hurry. There are some great spots to follow, including a payback spot to spark Bret's comeback, the powerslam on the floor, and of course the blood (!). Still, I think the blood sort of gives this match a rep that it doesn't quite earn on its own--it simply can't match SummerSlam for atmosphere and uniqueness of the story being told. And Davey didn't seem sure whether to work the cut or work Bret's back. And this is an incredibly nitpicky point, but given all the talk about Wembley in the build-up to this, I really wanted to see a re-do of the SummerSlam sunset flip finish, with Bret kicking out. Still a fine match, thanks to the balls-out closing stretch, but I no longer think it's better than SummerSlam.

#22 The Russian Daydream

The Russian Daydream
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Posted 15 October 2015 - 02:28 PM

When I first saw this (when it aired free on Raw a couple of weeks later) I thought it was a fair bit better than the Summerslam match. In retrospect though, I think it was the blood which coloured (so to speak) my judgement at the time.
This really is a cracking match all the same. There are some amazing spots (I've no idea how Bret took that crotching from the height he did, and Davey Boy's mad flip bump in the corner), awesome visuals (The blood splattering in the power slam spot) and the story of them being very familiar rivals and partners, all woven into a smoothly and cleverly executed wrestling match.

#23 Superstar Sleeze

Superstar Sleeze
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Posted 17 January 2017 - 10:46 PM

Put me in the camp that thinks the Summerslam 1992 match is better.


WWF World Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart vs British Bulldog - In Your House V


Between September 1995-June 1996, there were ten PPVs, Bulldog main evented half of them. Pretty crazy stat that often goes over looked, This match has a pretty huge reputation, not quite as big as Summerslam in WWF lore, but in terms of match ratings. This is either my third or fourth time watching it, I come away with the same thoughts each time. This first half is boring and the second half is badass. First half is Bret formula to a tee with an unmotivated Davey Boy. Bret's bulldog and piledriver look nice, but Bulldog was chinlock city. On top of that no struggle, just moving spot to spot. Just too neat. Once Davey Boy crotched Bret Hart on the top rope when Hitman was trying to do a superplex the match picked up in a big way. Bret slams his head into the edge of the steel steps in order to blade, but make seem like it was hardway (I think that was his intent) as I imagine Vince was not thrilled about this. Bullodg kicked some ass here. Piledriver and delayed vertical suplex all great blood rushing to the head spots. Loved the press slam. I think he jammed his knee pretty good on the diving headbutt. Bret sprinkling in some hope spots helped give some struggle. I liked Bret diving out onto Bulldog. Then trying the Vaderomb on the outside to be caught with the POWERSLAM on the floor. That was big. Bulldog really wants to hurt him and exposes the concrete, but Bret crotches him on the railing (receipt), clothesline city. Great clothesline really! He finally gets to hit his superplex that is how this all started! I really think that should have been the finish. They do some rollups to try to recreate the Wembley magic, but it is off and La Magistral feels abrupt.


Tale of two halves, first half is formulaic and second half is bloody and dramatic. Finish is too abrupt also. No way is this better than Summerslam 92. ***3/4

#24 Zenjo


    Lost in Time

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Posted 01 February 2018 - 12:11 AM

Like people have said it was pretty boring early on. The pace picked up, but then there was this surreal moment when Bret decided to blade after going back first into the ring post. WTF? That took me out of it and I'd lost interest in the match by the end. How anyone could prefer this to Summerslam 92 is mystifying.

Despite not liking the action in the ring, this was one of the most fun chapters of the Yearbook. The real entertainment was the frequent close ups of Diana Hart Smith. She was comedy gold. I'm not sure if it was acting per se. Pretending to be something or someone else requires a rudimentary level of intelligence. It's the same impression I get when watching my guinea pigs staring into space sometimes. There's not a lot going on in there.

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