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Shawn Michaels vs Rey Misterio

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Posted 30 January 2014 - 10:26 PM

Talk about it here.

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Posted 19 November 2017 - 08:00 PM

Shawn Michaels vs Rey Mysterio - Smackdown 1/29/10


This review got fucked up and my browser doesn't allow me to copy and paste so we are stuck this way.


For some reason, I actually remember watching this Smackdown live. But don't know why I would watch it because I usually skipped Smackdown when I was in college because it was on Fridays. I remember this show because this is when HHH told CM Punk he is straight edge without considering himself straight edge, which is a position I sympathize with. I am technically straight edge as I don't drink or do drugs, but I don't identify as straight edge because I think it comes off as pretentious, which is what makes it a great pro wrestling gimmick.


I don't have any recollection of this match even though it is awesome. Shawn Michaels turned Rey Mysterio's chest into raw hamburger meat with those nasty chops. This all came about because of the excellent Shawn Michaels is obsessed with beating Undertaker at WrestleMania angle. Undertaker was currently World Champion so Shawn made it his mission to win the Rumble to challenge Taker at Mania. One problem what if Rey beat Undertaker at the Rumble then he would face Rey Rey. So this led to a beef between Shawn and Rey at the start of the show. Shawn doesn't get a chance to be the bigger person in a match often so he takes advantage of it bullying Rey around with those nasty chops. Look at Rey's chest, nasty shade of purple and red. I liked the display of speed with Rey doing his belly slide to the floor but has already made back into the ring by the time Shawn goes for the baseball slide. Shawn does not get to play bully often but he does well. Big knee lift, when Rey gets a flurry he manhandles him and chops. When Rye tries to get a breather, he goes to the outside with a big chop.


Rey gets an enziguiri with a great sell from Shawn. I love the headshot as the great equalizer. Head rockin is always good way to get back in the match. Shawn flying burrito. This leads to some good move trading. Shawn goes for reverse atomic drop and Rey gets a rana as a counter. Smart. West Coast Pop gets two! Rey has the momentum. Springboard, but caught in a seamless reverse atomic drop. Perfect! Rey eats knees on a springboard splash and Michaels hits the top rope elbow. I love how they are setting up these bombs. Sweet Chin Music, but no, Rey spinwheel kick. Shawn lands on the ropes and dial it up 619. Springboard PERFECT SWEET CHIN MUSIC! They are both out. Batista comes out because he is obsessed with the World Championship and kicking Rey's ass. The match is thrown out and HHH comes out and saves.


Great sequence: Drop toehold into the ropes by Rey, misses 619, Shawn goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Rey holds onto ropes. I loved them both trying to pull the trigger on their finishes in the first half. Shows them trying to be two men looking for a win. Back from break, Rey works Shawn's leg like a champ and Shawn sells it like a million bucks. The nice thing about Shawn he is not so much bigger than Rey that this is still credible. Shawn goes back to those chops to break Rey's rhythm and sucker him into a slugfest, which leads to a neckbreaker, but Shawn is still selling. Great strategy. Back to the chest with those chops. Rey drop toehold again into the buckles. You cant give Rey space. Rey goes up top but gets caught. Great hope spot-cutoff sequence. Shawn is working heel really damn well. Shawn catches Rey but this time with his inverted figure-4 that is a cool take on the figure-4. Great idea to create some drama with submission.


Shawn as a bully was great, Rey was his usual hope spot champ. Shawn sold the leg and the enziguiri well. I thought the finish run was something else, just really well-executed and perfect escalation. The way they set up the spots was so damn good. The Batista interference is a bummer, but this is a kickass match. ****

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