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JvK books WWF in 1983

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Posted 08 March 2015 - 10:31 AM

Has Parv gone the way of many bookers and been canned?

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Posted 08 March 2015 - 12:15 PM

Week 12 (Mar, Week 4)



Mainly a show devoted to the Slaughter vs. Brisco quarterfinal match.


This match was really disappointing. Brisco didn't really want to do this job and would only accept the match going ahead if he was "kept strong" for it especially if he was going to eat a submission loss, so this was likely Slaughter selling Brisco sitting in holds for the best part.

Big win for Slaughter though, even if the match was poor.



More hype for the eventual DiBiase vs. Bruno showdown at the end of the tournament here.

Fink: Ladies and gentlemen, Ted DiBiase has paid for the ring for the next 10 minutes. He says he has a special message.

DiBiase has his head bandaged from Buddy Rogers's punch last week. He looks at Howard Finkel with annoyance.

DiBiase: GET OUT OF MY RING, little man! Do you see that Bruno? Ya punk kid just lost to a real man, The Macho Randy Savage! And you Billy Graham, you got to get an old man to fight your battles? Well you lost too! And now I've got bigger fish to fry next week, one of the biggest FISHES of them all, Dusty Rhodes! He's more like a whale than a man. But it doesn't matter if it's Billy Graham, Dusty Rhodes, Jack Brisco, Jimmy Snuka or any of these pretenders! I'm going to be there in the final at Wrestlemania, because you're looking at the next WWF champion!

Why don't you give it up Bruno? You're an old beaten man. Isn't it about time you went home and ate some pasta with your wife?! You're a NOTHING. You're a HAS BEEN. It's 1983 and it's my time now. MINE. It's the time of The Elite! You stand for an old and out of date order Sammartino. You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples and values. There are no nations. There are no peoples. There are no values. There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars. Petro-dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars, reichmarks, rins, rubles, pounds, and shekels. And guess what? That's the business that we're in! Making MONEY. This $3,000 suit I'm wearing didn't pay for itself. Nothing pays for itself. There are two kinds of people in this world, winners and losers. Randy Savage. That's a winner. Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard. Natural born winners. Billy Graham, Chief Jay Strongbow, Dominic Denucci, David Sammartino, BRUNO Sammartino. Loser. Loser. Loser. Loser! Losers! But we're grateful for you people. You're put on this earth so that someone like me can stand tall and look down on you. These STUPID people out here, they cheer your name, well that's because they are nothing but losers too. None of these people have what it takes to be part of The Elite!

Let me tell you what "Elite" means. "Elite" means that I don't have to scrub my own toilet because there's someone STUPID enough to take my money and do it for me! "Elite" means that I don't have to wait for my groceries like these peons out here because I've got a special credit line with my name on it. "Elite" means I don't have to cook, because I've got a special table waiting for me at The Four Seasons. And tomorrow night at The Waldorf! And the night after that at the Mandarin Oriental. Everything on the house, everything paid for, because my last name is "DiBiase" and in this town that means something. So why don't you take all your little fans back to little Italy to that $2 pizzeria you're always hanging out in Bruno? Because that's what you're worth and what these people are worth. You're nothing, but you're not one of me. I've got CLASS! I've got STYLE! And you wouldn't know class or style if they ran up and bit you on that fat broken nose of yours! Maybe you used to be somebody back when you was hanging out with old blue eyes, Bruno, but this is my town now. My city! They know my name down Wall Street and they know it down Broadway. When they hear that I'm going to be at the club with Arn and Randy, you'll see a queue a mile long full of the women trying to get a look, and full of the men who want to see a winner.

I hope The Iron Sheik teaches you a lesson tonight, you should have never stepped back in that ring!


Real off-night for Bruno here. And a slightly troubling sign to me, I don't think I can have the strap on Bruno all the way till Summerslam. Considering a hot shot ... he walks out of WM with the title and loses it in a rematch to DiBiase at a house show two weeks later. Thinking about it ... I think there's better business to be had with Ted vs. various babyfaces than Bruno vs. various heels, but lets see. The main concern is that Bruno doesn't look like he's long for the ring and this is really the last ounce of blood from the stone.


Bruno pins The Iron Sheik while Ted DiBiase is at ringside. He raises his hand as he stares with intensity at DiBiase who stares right back at him.

New England Live Show:


Mainly using these New England shows to test out combinations of talent.


The fact that Hennig and DiBiase have good chemistry in a 45-minute match, for example, bodes well. Maybe I might start thinking about building Hennig up slowly so he could be a future opponent.


Oh dear, oh dear. Another bad night for Bruno. I'm wondering if it's worth putting the belt on him at all. The main issue is that I can't really see ending the first Wrestlemania with a heel winning the title.

Four TV shows and four tournament matches left till the big one ...

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Posted 10 March 2015 - 05:00 AM

How's the financials Parv?


Big decision for Mania upcoming....even though Bruno isn't long for the ring, will the people still be pumped and excited to see him win the title? 


You could Brock Lesnar him with the title and only wrestle sparingly with it...


Outside that, a Ted win at Mania could be bad...would Bruno be willing to do it and would the crowds accept it?  Could it cost you your job??


Excited to see what comes next..

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Posted 10 March 2015 - 09:28 AM

Intriguing how this will play out. I'd be tempted to call an audible and have Snuka win the tournament if Bruno couldn't go.

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Posted 15 March 2015 - 09:32 AM

Week 13 (April, Week 1)



Mainly a show to advance the tournament to where it needs to be for Mania.


Gorilla: Well, Jim, we're jam-packed to the rafters here because it is a happening tonight here on WWF Challenge. It's all about that tournament for the vacant WWF title. And it's we've got the remaining quarter-final matches, the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, who has come in from Florida especially for a shot at the title in this tournament, is taking on a name a lot of people are talking about right now, Ted DiBiase. How do you see this one going Jim?

Cornette: Gorilla, Dusty Rhodes will talk a good game and have these morons here right behind him, but Ted DiBiase and The Elite is where it is at right now, and I find it hard to look beyond him getting the job done somehow.

Gorilla: And in the other match, it's Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka taking on The Russian Bear, Ivan Koloff. Jim?

Cornette: It's going to be an uphill struggle for the Superfly, because you've got to remember, Monsoon, it's not just Ivan Koloff that Snuka has to worry about -- they don't call Freddie Blassie "Classy" for nothing.

Gorilla: And you can be sure, not matter what the final match is at Wrestlemania, it's going to be a CLASSIC. But before all of that, let's go to our opening match with the 8th Wonder of the World, Andre the Giant!


Not a great match, but Dusty is not hugely over in New York. He also took some convincing to do this job.


Massive pre-Mania show with some big storyline stuff. Here's the situation going in, will put full show results in spoilers at the end for anyone following the story:


Vince: It's a very big show tonight, Jesse Ventura, ONE WEEK before WRESTLEMANIA!!! And just two semi-final matches left before the big one next week.

Jesse: Yes, McMahon, it's coming down to crunch time. And my contacts tell me that that ... chump Superstar Billy Graham has a special interview with Bruno tonight before his big match with Sgt. Slaughter. I don't know if I was Bruno, but I wouldn't want that sort of distraction so close to a big match.

Vince: Well, Jesse, I will be interviewing Ted DiBiase myself personally. The world wants to see who is going to be in the final match-up at Wrestlemania. It's come down to four men: Sgt. Slaughter, Jimmy Snuka, Bruno Sammartino and Ted DiBiase! It's WHAT THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!!

Jesse: I ought to stop hanging around with you, you cramp my style.

Graham: And welcome brothers, to the Superstar's Supershow right here on WWF Superstars! And today it's my honour to introduce to you, The Living Legend, Bruno Sammartino! And Andre the Giant!

*Bruno and Andre are sitting on the sofa, neither of them look very happy*

Graham: Well, Bruno Sammartino. We go back a long ways don't we brother. But I've been as unhappy as anyone the way Ted DiBiase has been coming out here and running his mouth. We saw him last week run you down to Allentown, brother. Him and his cronies, The Elite, we've seen em do a lot of terrible things now. I just wanna run through them things to remind everyone. We're going to show you, Bruno, and you Andre some clips now. And I apologise if this footage is distressing to rewatch.

Graham: It all started back at the Royal Rumble. You, brother Andre, won that and the Royal Rumble trophy. Look at what happened.

*VT of Andre being attacked by The Elite at the Royal Rumble (Week 3 [Jan, Week 3])*

Graham: Then, just a couple of weeks later, you, brother Bruno, you came back brother. You came back to talk to these fans about your life outside of the ring, brother. And look at what happened.

*VT of Bruno being attacked by The Elite*

Graham: Then, Ted DiBiase, Randy Savage and the rest of em came on this very show, brother, on the Superstar's Supershow! And they all ran their mouths about everyone.

*VT clips of DiBiase's promo from Week 5 (Feb, Week 1)

"It was all 'Bruno Sammartino this, Andre the Giant that'. And everywhere you turn there's a stooge" ...

"Wherever you go it's 'Bruno Sammartino' ... Who did Bruno ever beat? Some Greek guy no ones ever heard of? He stayed up here and never faced any of the REAL wrestlers from all over this country because Bruno was scared he was going to be FOUND out ...*

Graham: And then on the week after that, brothers, the legendary Buddy Rogers, the first WWF champion! He came on this show and look what these punks done ...

*VT of The Elite ambushing Buddy Rogers and Bruno coming out and roaring in pain (Week 6 [Feb, Week 2]*

Graham: And you, Bruno, you couldn't take it no more, brother.

*VT of Bruno's promo from Week 7 (Feb, Week 3)

"Well LET ME TELL YA, DIBIASE! You've made ONE old guy VERY angry. And that's ME. ... Come at me DiBiase. Where are you Savage? Blanchard! Anderson! Come out here and face me you little cowards! You'll wish you'd never been born, wrestling business or no wrestling business. You're going to be fighting for your lives!"

Shots of Bruno posing with his allies*

Graham: And then, brother, they put Bob Backlund out of wrestling for good. And the President, Vincent McMahon Sr announced a tournament for the title!

*VT with clips of Savage breaking Backlund's leg and McMahon Sr announcing the tournament (Week 8 [Feb, Week 4]*

Graham: And then, Andre brother, as if these guys hadn't done enough already, The Macho Man Randy Savage attacked you after a match with Big John Studd, and this happened.

*VT clip of Savage attacking Andre, then throwing Elizabeth in his pass and Andre sending her flying. (Week 9 [Mar, Week 1])*

Graham: Andre, brother, you've been sitting there patient as a saint. You got anything you want to say?

Andre: Miss Elizabeth. Sorry to you. Randy Savage push you into me. And I ... I am a big man. Savage!! Me and you at Wrestlemania!! I coming to find you right now!!! ARGHHH!!!!!

*Andre gets up angrily and lumbers off the set looking for Savage*

Graham: I hope you find that pipsqueak brother ... (*Turns his attention back to Bruno*) And then you, Bruno came out of retirement to go in that tournament, you been winning, brother. Inching closer to the final at Wrestlemania. But then just last week Ted DiBiase came out here again and had this to say.

*VT clip of DiBiase promo from Superstars Week 12 (Mar, Week 4)

"Why don't you give it up Bruno? You're an old beaten man. Isn't it about time you went home and ate some pasta with your wife?! You're a NOTHING. You're a HAS BEEN. It's 1983 and it's my time now. MINE. It's the time of The Elite!"*

Graham: Gentlemen, you've been patient in sitting back and watching all of that. And now it's time to hear what you gotta say ...

Bruno: Well let me tell ya Superstar Billy Graham, Ted DiBiase, what do you think you are sayin' calling me a "has been"? You been in ...

*All of a sudden Bruno's mic cuts off. We hear a voice, it's ... Jesse Ventura*

Jesse: Cut the interview, cut the interview!

*Jesse has a big house mic, he's walked onto the set*

Jesse: I've been sitting here now, what? 10 minutes? 10 minutes and you've barely asked your guests any questions Graham! You're meant to be a journalist. You're meant to be INVESTIGATING what is going on in the mind's of these men.

Graham (furious): Jesse Ventura! What are you doing out here?! This is MY time, this is MY show! And these people want to hear what Bruno Sammartino has to say!

Jesse: Well you've screwed up Graham. This is TELEVISION! You've used all your time and now it's MY time. I'm the co-host of this show, see, WWF Superstars. This is MY show. And you've gone over time!

Graham: Put the microphone back on and let this man speak!

Jesse: These producers listen to me, you understand? Because I'M the broadcast journalist and you're just an old wrestler PRETENDING to be one.

Graham: You think I can't do what you do? Just sitting there and talking about the matches? That's an easy job! I'm trying to do some work here!

Jesse: Well you've made a mess of it Graham because you're time is up! Go on, scram, get off the set.

Graham: Security! We have another ten minutes at least here! Get this man off my set. Security!

Jesse: Don't you understand that these people listen to me? ME! I'm Mr. Superstars, I'm the host of this show!

Graham: There can be only ONE "Mr. Superstar", Jesse Ventura! And it's ME! SUPERSTAR Billy Graham! You understand?

Jesse: Well why don't we settle this in that ring?

Graham (tearing at his shirt): You want to go in there right now?!

Jesse: Where's your sense of style gone? I got a different proposition ... WRESTLEMANIA!

Graham: You want to face me at Wrestlemania?

Jesse: But I want to settle this the way they used to way back ... in an ARM WRESTLING CONTEST.

*Graham looks at one of his arms and flexes his bicep*

Graham: You're on brother!

Jesse: But just one thing, Graham ... If I win, I get this show. This slot is MINE!

Graham: Alright you got it, shake on it ...

*The shake hands, but as they are shaking hands, Graham tightens his grip and Jesse can't let go*

Graham: But you got to put something up too! YOU'RE SLOT!

*Jesse is taken aback. He tries to free his hand, but Graham's grasp is too right*

Jesse: Wait, whoaaa, wait, now ... you want to be the co-host of WWF Superstars? You want my job?!

Graham: That's right, your job vs. my job.

Jesse: Well, well ... wait, now ... we have to check the legality of the contract. This is television, you can't decide a job over an arm-wrestling contest!

Graham: A deal is a deal brother! And all these millions of people have seen it right here on TELEVISION!

*Graham turns to the camera, still crushing Ventura's hand*

Graham: We've got to go to a commercial break, ladies and gentlemen, and when we get back, this piece of work right here will be gone, and you WILL hear from Bruno Sammartino and Andre the Giant!

*commercial break, when we come back Jesse has gone and the interview with Bruno resumes*

Graham: So Bruno, we've seen all of what has happened. What do you have to say now?

Bruno: What I'll say is this Billy Graham. DiBiase comes out here calling me a "has been". He comes out here and runs down my career and runs down these tremendous fans who pay their money to see us. You know, I know I ain't a young man any more. I grew up in the World War. You know the stories. We was eating snow in the mountains to keep us from starving. And we came here, in America, for a new life. I everything I've ever had in this life I've had to WORK for. You understand that? I have WORKED. Blood and sweat and tears. And all the endless hours in the gym. And all the miles I travelled. Boston, New York, Toronto, Washington, St. Louis, Philadephia. I been up and down that road a thousand times. And every match I had that belt around my waist, I took every match the same. I gotta win, I gotta do my best so that I can be my best and feed my family! Just like all of these MEN here in this crowd tonight who go out every day, out on the docks, in the factories, down the mines, men who sweat and bleed to feed their families! And Ted DiBiase comes out here and runs those people down and says he's better than them? Well DiBiase let me tell you THIS! Those people, they are MEN. I'm a MAN. And you're just an arrogant, young punk with more money than sense! You told us all how you grew up in this business. Well think of your FATHER. He was a MAN. He knew what it was to put his body on the line and sacrifice himself for his family! You SICKEN me, DiBiase, with what you've been saying.

*Bruno has tears in his eyes*

Bruno: Now I gotta beat Sgt. Slaughter to get to that final in Wrestlemania. And you've got to beat Jimmy Snuka. But let me tell you something now. I want to say this and I want the WWF President to hear it! I don't CARE if Ted DiBiase doesn't reach the final, and I don't care if I do! At Wrestlemania, I WANT DIBIASE. And IN A CAGE so that all of your little punk friends can't run in and help you. You understand what I'm telling you?! I'd give up another shot at that belt, Bruno Sammartino's belt, because I want to destroy you. You need to be taught a lesson. And I am going to do it for ALL OF THESE MEN. I'm going to do it for the good of wrestling!

Graham: Now, now ... Bruno, I want to make this clear ... are you saying that you are withdrawing from the tournment?

Bruno: No what I'm saying is that whether I reach the final or whether he does, I want that cage match at Wrestlemania with him! I don't care if I have to wrestle TWO matches that night, that's the one I want!

Graham: So win or lose in the tournament, you're challenging DiBiase to a cage match at Wrestlemania?

Bruno: That's right. I'm issueing that challenge right now and if he's a MAN he will accept that.

Graham: Well that's an EXCLUSIVE here on Superstar's Supershow. Bruno Sammartino has challenged Ted DiBiase to a cage match at Wrestlemania!

Vince: Ted DiBiase, you heard it there, you've been challenged to a match inside of the steel cage by Bruno Sammartino at Wrestlemania, no matter what happens in tonight's matches? Do you accept?

DiBiase: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha! HAHAHAHAHA! I've heard it all now, McMahon, he wants to face me no matter what? He talks about working for a living and earning your way and he expects to face a member of THE ELITE just like that? Oh no, it doesn't work like that Bruno. When I beat Jimmy Snuka tonight, my next step is taking my rightful place on top of the mountain, as the new WWF champion! It doesn't matter if I have to beat you, or if I have to beat Sgt. Slaughter, THAT'S my match at Wrestlemania!

Vince: So you're declining the challenge?

DiBiase: I already have a challenge. It's to become the new WWF champion. I'm not wasting my time with an old man who is trying to hold me down! It's my time now whether Bruno likes it or not! Now ... (DiBiase looks shifty) ... if you'll excuse me I have some ... business to attend to.

*Vince looks at him quizzically*

DiBiase: What are you looking at? I've got a semi-final match to prepare for! I'm going.


DiBiase comes down to ringside and causes a count-out loss for Bruno, costing him a place in the final.


Bruno, in a fit of revenge, costs DiBiase his place in the final resulting in a break-out brawl to the back.



But now we're all set for Wrestlemania!!

New England Live Show:


Just another show, building who needs to be built.

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Posted 15 March 2015 - 07:47 PM

Wrestlemania I (April, Week 2)

Okay, so from the point of view of the live gate, this was a total fucking disaster. 6,715. That's right. 6,715. I made a $80k loss on the gate, failed to secure PPV, and for whatever reason these crowds in the North East keep dwindling. I tried cutting the number of house shows. I think this is going to remain a real problem until I can get a bigger TV slot. I don't think the problem is down to my booking. At least that's what I'm telling myself. Vince's "approval rating" for me is currently "Very Low". Oh dear.

In my mind ALL of these problems are going to go away when the New England rating goes from D to D+ and the WWF's status goes from "regional" to "cult". That will open so many doors it's unreal. But need patience. This show just came a month too early.

Anyway, here's the show. Ended up holding it at the Baltimore Civic Centre.



Okay, so what this doesn't tell you is that this pissed off more or less the entire roster. Mostly everyone was "very unhappy" or "furious" about Hennig being put over here. Dusty Rhodes flat out refused to take part in the match unless the booking was change, ditto Brisco, ditto Kamala. None of them are on the card. They are loaned-in talent anyway. The idea is that I want to start pushing Curt, but it may be that all I've succeeded in doing is turning the locker room against me.


The IC title scene is still totally dismal. I'll admit that my focus has been elsewhere, but something really needs to be done now. I'm thinking Slaughter.


I was going to keep going with Soul Patrol, but they were just so shitty that I had to do this switch now. Arn and Tully have gone from being an "F" in popularity in the Tri-State region to "C" under my booking so far, and with the straps they'll keep rising. Hopefully they will be at B+ or higher by Summerslam.


Decent match here. Of course Andre goes over. This feud really played second fiddle to the Bruno vs Ted one. In retrospect, I might have made a bigger deal of it.


The arm-wrestling match. Ventura wins cheap thereby winning Graham's "Superstar's Supershow" TV slot.



That's right, I went with Snuka in the end. He's a placeholder champ until Ted is ready, which might not even be until Wrestlemania 2 in a whole year's time. Way things are looking, I'm likely to get fired before then.


*DiBiase rolls out of the cage. He is bloodied and can barely raise an arm in victory. Bruno is left in the ring alone. He calls for a mic. He's out of breath. He's bloody and exhausted.*

Bruno: All you people, all you wonderful fans, I've give you everything. And I'm sorry. This was one match too many for me. I don't want to do it, but it's time for me to say goodbye. It's been 20 great, great years. I didn't want to go out like this. He ... he gave me everything out in here today and the better man won. I hate to say it, but he beat me fair and square. And it's my body telling me "Bruno, enough is enough". I'm happy for Jimmy Snuka. He'll be a great champion. And I'm grateful for everything this company has done. But the end of the road is the end of the road. So will you people do me the honour, just one last time, let me hear you cheer.

Bruno raises his battered arm in the air, tears in his eyes, and the crowd cheer. He leaves the cage.*

Bruno and Ted look like they worked that match a bit too stiff for the crowd. Seems like it was a decent match though.

So I thought with Snuka winning the title that Ted could beat Bruno clean (he wasn't that thrilled about doing the job). The plan is that moving forward, Ted will -- Larry Z-style -- claim to be the man who made Bruno retire and it will be something that people say about him for years. From the booking point of view, the idea of Bruno retiring at the first Wrestlemania has a kind of historical resonance, that hopefully would be talked about for years to come. In a way the loss is bigger news than a win would have been. And for the live crowd, we were going for "emotional". Anyone who was there would hopefully remember the speech he gave at the end.


Right, now that Mania is out of the way. It's time for some real changes.

Bruno retires and becomes a Road Agent.
Patterson retires and becomes a Road Agent.
Denucci retires and becomes a Road Agent.

Those three are done in the ring as far as I am concerned.

Jobber / JTTS crew:

Rene Goulet has a month on his contract and won't be coming back.

Tony Garea will slide down into being JTTS.

Frankie Williams has been generally awful and I think I might fire him soon and bring in a better jobber.


Arn and Tully desperately need some decent opponents who aren't fucking Soul Patrol.

In fact, I might see if I can sign 3-4 face tag teams.

IC level:

Pedro is just a fat disgrace at this point. It's sad. I've let him languish, it's true, but this needs shaking up.

Slaughter as IC champ and then I need 3-4 new faces to take him on. Curt Hennig might be elevated to be one of them.

World level:

Snuka has a ready-made opponent in DiBiase but I want to save that for now. Snuka can go over the Blassie guys (Sheik, Koloff and Kamala) in fairly quick succession, and I want maybe 3-4 heel challengers to come in.

Meanwhile, DiBiase can float around picking up wins while telling everyone he's better than them. I need to come up with some new angles for The Elite. Savage needs something to do as well.

Andre can go back to handicap matches and battle royales for a while.

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Posted 15 March 2015 - 08:42 PM

If I were Vince, you'd be fired after this Parv.


You downgraded the world title match to non main event status AND had the biggest star in the history of the promotion LOSE his big revenge angle and just fade away.


This isn't even the Crockett style booking I was concerned you were going with.   This is now HHH style ego run amok booking with your hero Ted Dibiase in that role.


Sorry, love your podcasts and posts but this just isn't good booking IMO.

#48 shoe

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Posted 16 March 2015 - 12:50 AM

Parv this is just bad booking. Are you going to introduce yourself as a new character as the Powers that be.

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Posted 16 March 2015 - 10:29 AM

I'm not trying to dog pile here on Parv but the show has some major issues and needs help stat.


Parv is suffering from fore site where he is expecting Ted Dibiase, Randy Savage and (now) Curt Hennig to be in 1988 form while it being 1983.  In doing so, he's sunk major time and energy into the future as he knows it to be ahead of the curve and its coming off as ignoring the present of the company.  He basically angered 1/2 the roster to give a job guy a WrestleMania battle royal win based on facts not based on current performance. 


The titles are in shambles with the World title getting given to Snuka as an afterthought after Backlund was stripped of the title, Pedro being unable to perform and a series of tag team champions that aren't working out.  They come off as afterthoughts in the promotion to the Ted Dibiase angle which isn't catching on. 


If I was Parv, I would circle the wagons and get the straps on the most over people he has and wide that wave while he moves the younger guys to the back of the line to develop in the background.  No one is 'too big' for the belt at this point, you need to move tickets anyway you can.

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Posted 16 March 2015 - 01:57 PM

I think the most damming thing was the "We want Bob" and " Fire Parv" chants throughout the show

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Posted 16 March 2015 - 02:51 PM

Where do you go from here? Greg Valentine? 

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Posted 16 March 2015 - 04:06 PM

Having played the game myself, its so easy to fall into the trap of going with guys on the basis of who they are to become rather than who they are at that point. Be interesting to see how the turn round takes place. 

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Posted 16 March 2015 - 07:36 PM

Fuck that Parv, I LOVE the chances you are taking, and if Vince is smart, and gives it some time, your stuff is gonna grow from here and with decent booking along the way, it can be good...just hope Vince sees it the same way...think of this as late 1997 WWF...putting the pieces in place to grow over 97 and into booming...most didnt like 97 in WWF (look at their ratings, no matter what people say today about how "great" it was, not many were watching outside their WWF loyalists), but look what happened when they got out of their comfort zone.


I know its 1983 and not 1997, but the same thing applies...taking a chance...when one of these things gets over, things will go from there...have fun with it...You have completely motivated me to do this game and take some chances with 2000 WCW...


In terms of the booking, doing the other "safe" things (Bruno over, Main Event title match last) are things that would be easy booking decisions and the game wouldnt be any fun at that point, and would just be doing the same thing others have done.  Would it work?  Maybe, but in they end, you've already seen those results in reality.


I like the chances you are taking and the risks, especially taking new guys and putting them up and seeing where it goes...are you gonna get fired?  Quite possibly, but at least you know you tried...If given time, this COULD work...stay with the plan..STAY THE COURSE..if you get fired...take your guys somewhere else and keep building...

#54 Jesse Ewiak

Jesse Ewiak
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Posted 17 March 2015 - 07:13 AM

I honestly think most of Parv's problems with the results are more of a result of the games limitations than what he actually did. After all, random heels coming in to main event programs are basically what the WWF was built on. So, Arn, Tully, Savage, and Ted coming in and wreaking havoc isn't totally out of the realm of possibility. 


However, TEW 13 doesn't allow for people to become immediately "stars" on their first night in the company and by the same token, really doesn't allow you to put on shows that would've sold out the Garden in 1983 because well, they sucked by 2013 standards and even though people have done a good job at kind of using TEW as a background, small problems like this build up and you either have to ignore/readjust the ratings you get for the story you're writing, or rewrite your story. 

#55 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 17 March 2015 - 07:48 AM

My all-purpose defense is as follows:

- The roster is old. My big stars were Andre, Bruno and Backlund. As I started, Bruno was working in the backroom, I brought him out of retirement. Andre is constantly being loaned out by Vince Sr and the NWA, and is missing for at least a third of the time. Backlund walked out. My plan, therefore, was to build the promotion around a Bruno comeback. Using his overness as a "rub" for my new heels.

- I had to bring in new talent. Steamboat wouldn't come. Martel, Flair, Valentine, none of them would come. Arn, Tully, Savage and DiBiase all agreed to come. Three of them were completely unknown in the North East and the fourth, Ted, was familiar to fans because of the 79 run. That's why Ted was pushed on top. Savage is a much longer term prospect. Arn and Tully are building nicely.

- If you look back to my booking from the Royal Rumble, my plan was always to headline Wrestlemania with Bruno vs. DiBiase. Then Backlund walked out and I had to throw in the tournament to the mix and it made sense for Bruno to win the title at the same time as he beat Ted in the big blow off. The plan was for Bruno to hold the strap from Mania to Summerslam while Ted kept being built up to the point he could run with the title. And long, long term Savage would get to the point where he could turn and you've got an instant Ted vs. Savage feud for the belt.

- That was the plan, but as I was executing it week-to-week, two things became clear: 1. Bruno couldn't perform in the ring and 2. Ted wasn't over enough to carry the strap. So I'd booked myself into a corner. I had this main even match for the title that no one could win.

- After Andre, Bruno and Backlund, the next most over people in the company are Billy Graham who can't work (and whose limitations I think I've worked well with) and Jimmy Snuka. Snuka is showing signs that he can't really work that well either, but of all the available options, he was the best. Yes, a last-minute change of plan and yes, if I known he was about to be champ, I'd have built him up more, but sometimes circumstances dictate things. There was no way I could make either Bruno or Ted champion. But that was clearly my number 1 match, so the title had to go in the semi-main slot.

- As for Ted over Bruno. I looked at it like this: Bruno is done. There's only so long I can try to carry the company through angles carried by his overness. And he stunk it up in every single match he had in the comeback run -- five matches in a row with the "Bruno was really off his game" road agent note. What that means is that Bruno is done in the ring. So what? Feed the heel I've been building for 3 months just to send the fans home happy one night? I've got the next 9 months to think about. So it's a choice between "give Bruno the fairytale ending" or "make the top heel a made man". Like I said Bruno is Undertaker in 2014 here, his sole use from a long-term stance is putting someone over.


None of these things are ideal and the situation has not been ideal. Half of the guys on the roster are 40+. I can't book looking back to 1975, I have to look forward. I get the idea of "foresight bias", but that's honestly not what is dictating who I'm pushing. DiBiase, Savage, Arn, Tully and Hennig all have tremendous stats within the game. None of them are that over at the moment, but no one gets over without being built. There is literally NO POINT in sacfricing any of them to put Chief Jay Strongbow or Ivan Putski over. The young guys need to start getting elevated. If you look back in history, Ole Anderson when he was booking WCW was massively criticised for putting the veterans over the young up and comers. He was criticised for burying Brian Pillman. For putting his old friends over time and again. I'm doing the opposite here and I'm getting criticised for it. But Dibiase in 1983 IS Brian Pillman in 1990. I have to push him. Hennig and Savage aren't there yet and it will take at least a year for those guys to rise up the card. Savage did fine in the side-feud with Andre, but in game-terms his overness rating is "E+", he's a long way from main eventing anything. But Savage's popularity will rise faster than most people's because he has that X-factor. To an extent, yes, knowing what happened in real-life is a benefit, but like Arn is great on the mic and we know that and the game knows that. So I want to get Arn to a point where he can cut money promos. What's the alternative? Arn and Tully jobbing out to the Samoans?

So I defend myself on the basis that I have to look forward and sometimes that means changing direction in the short-term. I'll admit, Wrestlemania was disappointing. I thought I'd built really well to that point, but I had to change the card for practical reasons. That's booking.


As for "what to do". At the moment I'm out of ideas. I'm still waiting for the territory to pop into being "cult", which will let me transfer the TV to a bigger cable network, get PPV and (hopefully) it will mean I can get guys like Steamboat or even Hulk Hogan to come in.

Bruno being past it and Backlund walking out has left me with no top babyfaces. Snuka can have his moment but you can tell I have no conviction behind that. I was thinking that him vs. Slaughter could be a feud, but Slaughter is looking like my answer for the ailing IC division.

Ideally I want to fire about half the roster and replace them with fresher faces. But it's tricky. Anyone who is anyone in the North East is kind of here already and I need those guys to get other guys over. I'm worried that it's all going to take too long and I'm going to get fired before I get to that point, but let's see.

I should also mention that I've been playing this game for years and years and before now have never been fired. It would be ironic that the only time I've shared this is the only time things go tits-up.

#56 Beast

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Posted 17 March 2015 - 04:39 PM

I'm still digging this. The key is that the game judges based on modern day expectations so Parv is correct to load up on guys with great stats rather than the old plodding roster of WWF 1983. 

#57 Bierschwale

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Posted 17 March 2015 - 05:45 PM

In terms of lower-level guys, what level of cachet do Gilbert and Santana have? Is Dino Bravo stuck in AWA limbo? Where the hell is Rick McGraw? Is a Soul Patrol split-and-feud worth trying? Not that any of that's gonna fill up Shea Stadium, I'm just curious as to how they're viewed by the game and if they can give you anything at all.

#58 Smack2k

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Posted 18 March 2015 - 08:12 AM

I dont know TEW13 that well as I am getting my feet wet, but what does the game usually need for the software to trigger you being fired?


Anyone that knows the software to know what triggers it usually?


Also, Parv has tried to get a TON of guys in and they are saying no, so he's going with what he has and having some fun with it..this thing will grow with these guys and get bigger.  Once he hits the next levet (Cult) a lot of those guys are gonna come in and you he will take off from there..


For now though, what is your entire current roster?  The Snuka / Slaughter World TItle feud sounds like something those crowds would come see and they could have some really good matches as both were rocking in 83...curious who else is there you could insert in a good IC feud with Pedro?


Can you put a list of your current roster?

#59 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 18 March 2015 - 10:10 AM

I dont know TEW13 that well as I am getting my feet wet, but what does the game usually need for the software to trigger you being fired?

Anyone that knows the software to know what triggers it usually?

Many of the program's algorithms are mysterious, and I've never been fired before, but then I've never worked for Vince before. I have booked Mid-South under Watts though, but he was a bit more patient.

Later on I'll provide a blow-by-blow account of who is on the roster together with some of their key stats and overness ratings. Post-Mania, I need to perform a stock taking exercise, because I currently have virtually no live storylines, feuds, or plans. The Bruno situation threw me for a loop.

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Posted 18 March 2015 - 02:49 PM

Okay here's the problem with your plan as I see it.


You had 4 young good workers who agreed to come work for you.


You brought them all in as heels


HUGE mistake.  You've admitted for years you don't like Bob Backlund and his style wouldn't work for you and he's gone.  You based a Bruno comeback that didn't work out as a short term plan.


Did Vince Jr have a short term plan once he got full control of the booking in early 84?  Nope he had a long term plan, strap that rocket to Hogan and let him run with it.


IMO you should have brought Savage and Liz in as faces.  The idea of "I can always turn Savage later and have him feud with Dibiase" is fundamentally flawed.  Hogan wasn't brought in as a mid card heel and then turned and went to main event status.  Austin was.........but that's 14 years later with a completely different society than in 1983.  


Right now you have a babyface world champion who's not really a main eventer and a top heel who just retired the fans hero and that didn't work either.


Parv I love Ted Dibiase a lot too.  But the fundamental truth is the man got as far in his real career as he SHOULD have reached.  There's a fundamental lack of the "it" factor in Dibiase to be the leading figure in a major national promotion.  Great worker, occasional main eventer, good promo but something's missing.  Hogan's critique of Ted in his awful bio (at least his WWF run) strikes me as fairly accurate to be honest.


You compare 83 Ted to 90 Pilman.  Fair enough.  But imagine if Starrcade 90 would have been heel Pillman RETIRING face Flair.  For good.  For real.  Now do you begin to see how far you went with this?  And Dibiase is not the star Savage is.  Nor the performer IMO but certainly NOT the star.


Your top faces right now are upper midcarder Snuka and non-factor Andre.


Your top heels are Dibiase, Savage, Arn, Tully, Slaughter.


That's heel overkill even by Kevin Sullivan booking standards.

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