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Your Wrestling Pet Peeves/Utter Hatreds

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#41 Seej

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Posted 07 April 2015 - 07:13 PM

CM Punk chants happening during AJ Lee's matches, or any matches, actually. Now that she's gone, maybe that will stop.


Also, wrestling podcast hosts who come off as virtually clueless about the subject of pro wrestling. Alice Radley is a prime example of this. 

#42 BillThompson

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Posted 07 April 2015 - 07:18 PM




The seeming acceptance of  moves that lack impact. This should lead into a big rant about why I think Hiroshi Tanhashi is a terrible wrestler, but I'm not going to do that. It's just, throw some fucking strikes that look like they actually hurt. Hit a German Suplex where it doesn't look like your gently setting your opponent down on a pillow. The concept is supposed to be that we're watching people compete against one another; when every move you execute is light as a feather and looks like it wouldn't hurt a fly you're really just making the business look bad. Yet people seem to accept this crap as being great.
Number one though would be shitty gymnastics that expose the business. Johnny Gargano is one of the worst offenders when it comes to this, and AR Fox is catching up to him. I should never have to watch a sequence where you hold a Wristlock on a guy, walk the ropes, and then proceed to jump back and forth between the middle and top rope for a minute while the idiot in the Wristlock just stares at you. And people cheer for this shit, and think it's exciting. It's embarrassing, and watching it I want to throw up in my mouth at how wretched it is.

You have made this point before about Tanahasi German , but I kept forgetting to respond.

First off the German is Human Capture style with his arms not just waist locking but also locking the arms of his opponent at their side. This is key for two reasons. This suplex is in response to a person breaking free of the Dragon Suplex. This is a key set up move for High Fly Flow. If you are hit with a Dragon Suplex by Tanahashi your prospects of winning go down considerably. Thus it is reasonable for the opponent to struggle hard to break free of the Dragon Suplex. Since Tanahasi is the one of best modern wrestling strategists (DaWho5 would you back me up on that?) he counters with the Human Capture Suplex. Moving onto reason number two, the objective if pro wrestling is to pin a mans shoulders down for three. Knocking him out is just one way. A tight cradle or a bridging Suplex with your arms clasped to their side is also a great way. If you think about the chances of kicking out of Tanahashi Human Capture in reality is damn near impossible. The whole point of the move is not knock someone out, it is to pin him! The problem is he does not win any matches with it. That's a New Japan problem. Tanahashi's human capture Suplex is a brilliant counter that stays true to the spirit of pro wrestling.

My wrestling pet peeve right now is people backlashing against Tanahashi because he is overpraised. Dave Meltzer & Co. can you please chill out so  we don't have such a severe backlash against a great wrestler. Thanks in advance, brutha. :D



The issue isn't him knocking a guy out, it's that he places a guy down like he's setting a glass of soda down on the table. Plenty of guys have used the Dragon Suplex, German Suplex, Straightjacket Suplex, etc. and managed to both hold a pinning position and make the move look like it carries impact. It goes beyond that though, because you have moves like his Moonsault where again, he floats onto the opponent in such a way that there's zero believability of that move causing any damage. I've already covered the strikes, but really when he throws his shitty Forearm strikes it's about as convincing as me winning a beauty contest. There needs to be some impact present, not knockout impact, but some impact so that I don't immediately think, "Well, that guy is a really shitty play actor."


I'd also contest the whole Tanahashi being a great wrestling strategist, or him being great at anything really. I've actively disliked the guy since the moment I first watched him wrestle and find him to be an actively terrible professional wrestler. But, those are points for another topic.


The objective is to pin the man. I have no idea why it matters how forceful the throw is in this situation. Does La Magistral Cradle have to be executed to wrench a person into place? I agree with you 100% that shitty or light strikes are awful and work against the match. I honestly can't think of a Tanahashi moonsault. If you are talking High Fly Flow, I think he hits that with pretty good impact, I love the urgency with which he gets into position for the move and how he doubles it up. What about his somersault from the middle rope, he fucking slams down on the opponent! I happen to not find his forearms as offensive as you do. They are not Misawa's but they connect. The only time I was taken out of a match of his was against Nakanishi and it was his stomps to the knee that clearly were not connecting.

The fact you could immediately evaluate a wrestler on first sight is totally foreign to me, but more power to you, brutha.  I'll post in Tanahashi microscope or GWE thread from now on. 



I've seen plenty of Tanahashi matches, and from the get go I didn't like what I saw. But, I gave him chnaces, and he kept bringing the same light as a father no impact offense. Add in his lackluster selling, bad timing, and inability to engage me and you have a guy who I feel comfortable in my assessment of.

#43 rzombie1988

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Posted 07 April 2015 - 07:21 PM

Tanahashi was always like Cena on impact moves and believeable offense. He just gets away with it because he's a good wrestler otherwise and it's been so long that it's a moot point. Neither of them are going to change so I just gave up being angry about it and accepted it.

#44 fakeplastictrees

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Posted 07 April 2015 - 09:59 PM

Pet Peeves eh? Some of mine have already been mentioned in the thread (i.e. tons of guys laying outside the ring during a multi-man match).




I don't mind someone like Sid coming out drenched in water as it makes him look 'Psycho' (which is his gimmick), nor do I mind Lesnar coming to the ring drenched in water as it looks like he just finished lifting weights and is ready to kick ass. But what is Bo Dallas's excuse? The guy looks like he just took a lap in the pool before coming to the ring to cut a promo (I am surprised he hasn't been electrocuted ). Seth Rollins comes out in his pleather-spandex getup SOAKED in water! Why? It doesn't make him look tough or sleazy or like an architect, but rather someone just coming out a dunk tank. Its time for this to drastically be scaled back. Every Rock, more or less, is him coming out in a super-soaked top as if he is auditioning for Magic Mike III.




This is WWE specific. EVERYTIME Bray Wyatt makes his entrance SOMEONE on the announce team says "He calls them his fireflies!". Every damn time. There is some variation of it. This is the same with the announcers going over certain points about a character time and time again. Ignoring recent events, the announcers make a wrestler's history to be A, B, and C. Nothing more and nothing less. Oh the current stuff is happening and that's reported- but the character is the ring is A, B, and C, and NOTHING MORE. It annoying as its the same narrative. EVERY week for the majority of guys.




WWE will run a graphic to talk about how many Twitter and Facebook followers the company has. WWE will also release a graphic touting how socially interactive WM 31 was. WWE will make trips to Google, Facebook, and Twitter HQ and then after all of this will have one or more personalities cut a promo about how STUPID the internet fans are and how the internet doesn't matter. This is not said or done in a cheeky way- everyone tossing out this opinion is dead serious. But then again if you are not subscribed to The Network (no fiber in your area, etc.) then you are a moron and are laughed at by the lead commentators every week.




I am tired of seeing this on t-shirts that come out. Its okay to have a classic and timeless t-shirt. The Axelmania shirt would have been so much better with the hashtag.




WM has become (in large part) a glorified Raw. Plain and simple. Outside of a few instances, Mania is just Raw held in a bigger arena on a Sunday. John Cena hugging his dad, Paige lipping the words to her theme song and then give her mother a post match hug, Seth Rollins thanking Roman Reigns...all of this stuff doesn't jive with me. This all goes hand-in-hand with the 'WrestleMania Moment', JBL's gunslinger commentary (as mentioned earlier), and retirement matches out-the-ass. Its all too much and feels unauthentic.





WWE is terrible when it comes to this. WWE has a new Flinstones movie and a commercial runs for it. CUT BACK TO THE ARENA and Brie and Nikki are watching the monitors and talking about something (I cannot remember what), and one of them decides to end the promo with Fred Flintstone's catchphrase. Its all just too forced and unnatural.

#45 Strummer

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Posted 07 April 2015 - 10:33 PM

the constant replays of earlier segments on Raw.  Constant cuts to the announce booth in general


Triple H and Stephanie are starting to garner "Change the Channel" heat with me.  The Authority angle should have been blown off at Survivor Series.  This is just a pure ego trip for both of them now.  Nothing more.


Vince McMahon saying anything was fair game in the Austin interviews and then getting mad at him for asking tough questions.  Pretty much anything Vince says in public now pisses me off.


Kane and Big Show still being protected in the booking


and um pretty much any non-Keith commentary at Cageside Seats <_<

#46 jackwebb

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Posted 07 April 2015 - 11:41 PM

One pet peeve. Tag matches when a partner breaks up a pin fall. The one getting pinned doesn't lift a shoulder and his opponent is still on him after the break. Made worse by how often the guy breaking it up arrives late. Such an easy fix. 


One other. Bret Hart almost always having his mouth open. Wish I wasn't aware of it. Like his matches and sometimes get fixated on it.

#47 BigBadMick

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Posted 08 April 2015 - 01:11 AM

'Speaking of ratings, another pet peeve is fans acting like ratings/ppv buys/network subs affect them directly. Unless you own stock or are directly related to the McMahons it doesn't make a bit of difference.'


That's a really good one. Generally, I'm all for anything that involves wrestling being a part of your life, but not pretending that you live or die by it. A little distance/perspective is healthy.

#48 ButchReedMark



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Posted 08 April 2015 - 06:19 AM

Trunks with no knee pads. It makes their legs look silly. Skinny often.

#49 Steenalized

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Posted 08 April 2015 - 07:12 AM

It's something of a pet peeve that I've learned to ignore because it's so common, but like jackwebb said, breaking up pinfalls in a tag (or triple threat, etc.) match is usually awful. Not just that the guy doesn't get his shoulder up, but that the partner/other opponent doesn't really break up the pin. Just slapping a guy's back or giving him a boot shouldn't break the pin, you should have to move the pinner off of the down guy or, like jack said, the pinned guy needs to get his shoulder up. Always bothers me. I always justified it in the three way matches as 'well, now both guys are pinning him even for that instant so the ref has to stop even if the pinned wrestler doesn't get his shoulders up.' Tag matches don't have that defense.

#50 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 08 April 2015 - 07:49 AM

The sheer stupidity of a seven-man ladder match and numerous PWOers more or less chanting "this is awesome" at it.

#51 Downend2005

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Posted 08 April 2015 - 08:56 AM

Still having a program named 'Raw' when WWE is at its most overproduced

Jerry Lawler doing that choking sound on commentary when someone is grabbed by the throat.

JBL shitting all over the product on commentary

Over reliance and deference to part timers/attitude era stars over current stars, also WWE going out of their way to devalue current wrestlers

chris jerichos podcast before the interview section

Losing streaks after winning a title

#52 kjh

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Posted 08 April 2015 - 09:14 AM

The sheer stupidity of a seven-man ladder match and numerous PWOers more or less chanting "this is awesome" at it.


Multiman ladder matches are a well established trope of modern WWE and at least leads to fun spotfests, even though it's under utilising a marketable gimmick match. As tropes go, I don't see how it's anymore stupid than the played out gimmick of the Money In The Bank briefcase cash-in, which has led to a succession of champions (including babyfaces) that win World titles in cheap fashion and rarely helps to get people over.

#53 BigBadMick

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Posted 08 April 2015 - 10:42 AM

I'll just lift this from the 'Austin and WWE' thread and say general pettiness in wrestling -


'This is the impression I get. I feel like passive aggression from WWE is pretty likely here, but Austin is too generally content and busy to keep up with the gamesmanship. They need him more than he needs them at this point. 


Edit: And I don't think anything bugs the WWE more than individuals who can be bigger than the company'

#54 efrim

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Posted 08 April 2015 - 10:56 AM

WWE's spastic sense of when to cut to another camera. If you ever sit and try to count the number of camera cuts in a single 10 minute plus WWE match, I can almost assure you you'll lose count at some point. They allow absolutely nothing to breath. 


Wrestlers consistently lining up signature moves or finishes to cater to the hard camera is also annoying, but I can hardly blame them when they're otherwise at the mercy of the million and one camera cuts. 

#55 funkdoc


    free si oem

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Posted 08 April 2015 - 11:34 AM

lots of good ones here.  one modern trope i haven't seen mentioned: always having to do your video-game taunt before your finisher, even if that involves an injured limb


we don't have many examples for older wrestling, so let me take a shot there...


- nobody doing clean jobs in the 80s, even midcard gatekeepers (hacksaw & bad news, i'm lookin at you!)


- blatantly racist gimmicks getting onto national TV.  though we do have cryme tyme & the mexicools from a more recent period...


- bad jim ross commentary. awfully similar to modern WWE between the forced cliches and burying the product


- the general culture of ECW.  the product itself delivered some cool shit but the fans, the presentation after the first couple years or so...bah

#56 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 08 April 2015 - 11:49 AM

- People trying to stick up for or justify the seven-man ladder match.

#57 Steenalized

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Posted 08 April 2015 - 12:52 PM

-Curmudgeonly fans

-When a nonwrestler gets the better of a wrestler, like when some bandmember pushes over someone on the roster and makes them look like a total non-factor.

#58 BillThompson

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Posted 08 April 2015 - 01:28 PM

People thinking that the standards in what makes for a quality pro wrestling match have changed.

#59 Moonsault Marvin

Moonsault Marvin
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Posted 08 April 2015 - 01:46 PM

When wrestlers are being put into the surfboard, way too many wrestlers raise their arms up before the guy putting it on even reaches for the arms. In watching matches for the GWE, I've seen every major luchador do it, with the exception of Hijo del Santo.

#60 goc


    A disgrace to Joe Blanchard

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Posted 08 April 2015 - 03:32 PM

-People hating on multi-man ladder matches but acting like a MITB cash in to ruin the main event of the biggest show of the year (and one of the best Mania matches ever) was the greatest idea of all time.

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