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Nick Bockwinkel vs Jerry Lawler (Memphis 11/08/82)

Memphis Nick Bockwinkel Jerry Lawler November 8

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#1 Superstar Sleeze

Superstar Sleeze
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Posted 25 April 2015 - 08:05 PM

AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel vs Jerry Lawler - Mid-South Coliseum 11/8/82 Title vs Hair No DQ match


Nick Bockwinkel is at his sadistic best in this No Disqualification bout where Lawler has put his hair on the line against Nick Bockwinkel's Southern Heavyweight Championship. Lance Russell always lets us know that Lawler is a slow starter, but he picked one helluva night to have an ultra slow start. Bockwinkel absolutely creamed him in the first five minutes. It all began with Bock using the hair to maneuver Lawler into the and hitting him with a huge forearm sledge. After that, he just teed off at will and was getting in some great shots. One palm strike really messed up Lawler's vision and had him rolling to the outside. Bockwinkel was so relentless the ref had to pull him off. It is No DQ, but within reason and the ref needs to ensure the safety of both men. Just when you think, Lawler is going to lose his hair, he comes back with a headbutt that may have been a bit south of the border. Lawler does what he does best punch himself out of trouble. When he goes for some more testicular violence, the ref won't allow it. Lawler has to settle for the piledriver, but Bock puts his foot on the rope. Bockwinkel retaliates with his own punch to the netheregions. Bockwinkel works one helluva heat segment. He busts Lawler open underneath the eye according to Lance and his punches look great. He throws Lawler to the outside and bounces his head off the table and punches him so hard it sends him back into the third row. Everybody deserves a front row seat. Bock is the man! He tosses Lawler over the top rope on the other side. He sends Lawler face first into the metal post, which draws an audible gasp. It has to be mentioned Lawler is giving one of helluva selling performance. Bock wants the piledriver now that would be something. Lawler reverses and sends Bock into the ref. That weasel, Jimmy Hart, blasts Lawler with a foreign object, but no ref. Lawler kicks out at two. Lawler is absorbing Bock's punches and Lawler pulls the strap down. The crowd goes wild as Lawler starts rocking. Bock takes some huge bumps and Lawler looks great. It takes three flying fist drops for Lawler to get his first pinfall victory over the World Champion in five attempts! A little abrupt on the finish, but this an awesome fight. Bockwinkel checks the holds at the door and matches Lawler blow for blow. Lawler is a great seller and when it comes time to make that comeback, I am thinking there may be few better. ****1/2

#2 ...TG

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Posted 26 March 2016 - 05:51 PM

Loved this the best of the three Lawler/Bock matches on the DVDVR disc 3. Just a super-intense, stiff brawl from start to finish. Is there a better sound in wrestling than a packed crowd in the Mid-South Coliseum doing the "hoo!" in unison with each punch during a King comeback?

#3 zep81

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Posted 10 January 2018 - 04:33 AM

More glorious Jerry fucking Lawler.
Lawler puts his hair on the line here and from the first minute I bet Lawler is regretting it as he takes a complete shit kicking from Bock. 3/4 of the match is Nick being a sadistic, violent bastard, who's intent on killing Lawler.
From the first minute they lock up and Nick gives Lawler a thunderous punch that sends Jerry crashing into the corner. Bock nails Lawler in the throat and knees him in the stomach  and Jerry doesn't know what's going on. No idea which side of bed Bock woke up from that morning, but I wouldn't want to be in the opposite corner like Jerry is.
He doesn't let up as he gobrs Lawler a hefty palm strike to the eyes that damn nearly blinds Jerry, who says fuck this shit and bails to the outside to try and get some rest from this. Bock stays in the ring but is still stalking Lawler, just waiting for him to get back within his graap.
Lawler tries to brawl but is quickly swatted away and Bock again targets the eye. Lawler's selling as usual is great here. Bock unloads with more relentless punching to the midsection and the face and Jerry is already in big trouble. Bock just won't stop kicking the shit out of him. He even rotatrs his hand to signify the punching is wearing it out!!!
Lawler is trapped in the corner and Bock just stamps on him and is choking him out with his foot. The ref tries to pull Bock back, but he just don't let go. The ref ends up grabbing Bock's hair and physically pulls him off Lawler. It's a no DQ match, but there's still safety to consider. Lawler continues to take a shit kicking as Bock punches, chokes, kicks and dismantles poor Jerry.
He manages to kick out of a pinball at 2. 5 minutes gone and Lawler hasn't had a single offensive move on Bock. He hasn't had the chance to, Bock is on a mission to destroy him and don't let up. Just as Bock bends down though over him, Jerry nuts him in the old gonads ~~!!!!
Bet that felt good. Don't rub em Bock, count em ~~~~!!!
Crowd go ape as they sense a Lawler comeback now, finally. He gets up and starts pounding away at Bock with dome of his own heavy punches right to the face.
Hey Bock, how do you like it Son?????
Bock starts to beg off but Lawler is obviously having none of it and continues to punch and kick him in the corner. Bock is dazed and confused now as he takes a wild swing at Jerry but misses by a mile. Lawler nails him with some great looking boxing esque left handers before sending him down to the mat with s right.
He starts choking Bock with his own towell as the ref tries to pull him back. Lawler stamps on his head and punches him some more before hitting a PILEDRIVER!!!! He covers......but Bock gets a lucky foot on the ropes. Lawler hits a very nasty looking knee right to the back of Bock's head to signify "This shit ain't over yet".
Bock rolls to the outside and the ref, Lawler and the crowd start counting him out in unison. He gets back in the hits Lawler in the midriff with a punch and now it's Bock back on offense. He's right back where he started as he gives Lawler s punch with such thunder, it knocks him flying down to the mat and busts him open. So Bock kicks him full force right in the face for good measure. He sends Lawler to the outside and dumps him on the timers table. He does it s second time as Lawler is now heavily bleeding from his right eye as Bock leaves him and gets back in the ring.
Lawler is trying to get up but Bock slams him into some chairs. He continues to punch him to death. He sends him back into the ring........then immediately sends him flying over the top rope and back to the outside.
Fuck Bock has been an absolute animal throughout this match.
Bock goes out and slams Jerry's face off the top of s rope stand. Lawler selling here is really tremendous. It was a brutal spot considering the state of Lawler's eye at this point.  Lawler is a mess but Bock couldn't give two shits and continues to pound on Lawler with right hands and kicks. Bock tries for a PILEDRIVER, but Lawler reverses it and dumps him backwards into the corner straight into the referee.
Ref bump ~~~!!!!
Jimmy Hart them comes running in and nails Jerry in the back of the head with an object and flattens Lawler. Bock goes for a bridge pin but the ref can just about make a count.....1, 2....LAWLER KICKS OUT!!!
Bock starts punching him again but this time; Lawler is having none of it. He's like "Yeah, that all you got you SOB". Straps come down and he starts giving Bock a heavy dose of his own medicine by landing heavy punch after heavy punch as the crowd shout at every punch landed.
Crowd is loving this as Lawler continues to dish out his revenge after all the shit he's took in the match. Bock takes some great bumps and Lawler is so great at a comeback. It takes three flying fist drops off the top rope for Lawler to get the pinfall and to finally finish Bock off.
What a fucking match. Lawler took an absolute shit kicking here but kept hanging in there best he could. His selling was as always fantastic as he sold his eye and getting best up as bad as he did. Bock though was equally as great as the sadistic mofo who was intent on destroying and punishing Lawler throughout. He just wouldn't stop and even the ref had to hold him back. Even I wanted to go back in time and tell him to back the fuck off Lawler.
Lawler's comeback of course ruled and i liked what it took to finally pin Bock at the end. Great, great match and a special look at Bockwinkel being a vicious bastard.
HIGHLY recommended.

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