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Posted 10 March 2016 - 10:28 AM

Mid Atlantic News and Notes


Earlier, NWA and Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling crowned new World 6-Man Tag Team Champions. There is talk that the rematch, scheduled for Coastal Clash, could have an interesting turn. Barry Windham is already scheduled to defend his TV Title that same night. Freebirds are already demanding the rematch be voided so they don't have to wrestle the Windham's and Houston again.  We'll see how this develops on TV next week.


A rumor going around the Mid Atlantic office is that there maybe a second, one-hour TV show added to syndication. Nothing has been finalized as of yet. Word is the TV's having been doing well and fans have been writing in to see more. With the limited one-hour slot, a second show could get over more of the talent each week, as the regular roster is 30+ and each week only 8-10 guys get on the show. Formats and touring schedule is being looked at to see if this added show would be worth the added cost. 


MACW will be heavily used in the upcoming Paul Boesch $200,000 Tag Team Tournament in Houston April 6th & 7th. Six teams and a Ricky Steamboat vs Ric Flair match already signed for that weekend. The Crockett's are extremely happy with this weekend. It will be a return to action for many of their stars as there is a small break in action after Coastal Clash. With all of the cost involved in putting together a live Closed Circuit event all across the territory, they gave the boys a little over a week off. With this Tag Team Grand Prix, it gives some of their big names a chance to get their name out there in another market and continue to build relationships with other promoters all across the United States. MACW may run a few high school shows that weekend with the remaining talent, but nothing has been decided this week. There is also talk of sending all the Mid Atlantic crew to Houston, just in case some of them are needed, so one of those two plans will be finalized for the workers this week. 


We here there maybe a small change in the roster coming up. The Mexican team of Pierroth Jr and Blue Demon Jr. may return to Mexico for a while, and MACW will be looking for two new talents to come in and take their place. No names have been rumored as of yet.


Paul Jones is on the roster, but has been helping with locker room details in recent weeks. We've heard he will be debuting on TV soon, possibly at the Coastal Clash event. No word on who he is managing yet. 


That is all the news fit to print for this week. Thanks for reading. 



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Posted 11 March 2016 - 12:35 PM

-Seedings and pairings for the big Paul Boesch $200,000 invitational tournament have been released. In some late breaking news, Bill Watts was trying to close a deal to get the Von Erichs and Dusty Rhodes on the show, but ended up with no call backs from Florida. It is believe that Graham has plans for his men outside of those dates and with the death of David Von Erich still looming, there are other priorities for the Florida based promotion.


-Expect to see some changes in the pairings even as they were just released. Watts tried to get all the promoters to act as he is with teams losing their seeds if they lose their titles or lose to someone in a lower seed. Boesch says it is an asinine idea but will adhere to it with the Mid South teams... which only one of them was seeded. 


-Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch are finishing up a tour of Japan on the 22nd of March and should be on light duty when the tournament rolls around. They are expected to be a sleeper pick to go far.


-Bill Watts is doing everything in his power to get Bruiser Brody out of the tournament, even threatening to pull out of Houston all together and leave Boesch to find another promotion to run there. While that wouldn't be a problem for Mr. Boesch, he may have to make a decision on Brody sooner than later as he is in high demand and would want to be paid accordingly. Additionally, with that story, Stan Hansen would be left in the dark and needing someone to partner with. Some said he would pull someone from Japan since they would be off tour or he could even no show the tournament the day of leaving Boesch and Watts in a bad way, but that wouldn't be smart business for Hansen, who is used quite regularly by both men and makes quite a bit of money when he is around.


- In other news, Vince McMahon Jr was off the road this week as he was up in New York visiting with Gorilla Monsoon and his father Vince Sr. Vince Sr. has expressed some interest in reopening the WWF and Gorilla was excited about the opportunity but Vince Jr says he is locked in with Mid South and balked the talks.


- Ted Dibiase's return to Mid South on the 21st is expected to garner a big rating and should open the show. Watts is hoping that Dibiase will be 100% on return and that the match against Blanchard will be one of the highlights for Mid South Wrestling in 1984.

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Posted 20 March 2016 - 08:05 PM

-In a big move by Bill Watts, Power Pro will be pulled from the air this week and for the subsequent future. Word is that the financing of the show along with some negative reviews from seeing the wrestlers wrestling in the same venue as MSW has caused Bill Watts to pull the plug. While Mid South is doing good numbers, the price tag for some of the top talent is too high to continue to keep two television shows on the air.  There are some rumblings that issues in Oklahoma around the oil business may be cause for concern for Mid South, but Watts was quick to hush those rumors. Vince McMahon was especially irate due to this being the one way he was on television with Jim Ross hosting MSW. Watts is looking for McMahon to focus on contracts and building up the talent relations in the future and less about television. Watts was not impressed with Vince's ideas to get national coverage for Mid South. Negotiations were in the final stages to have Mid South syndicated in New York and Los Angeles and even Chicago due to McMahon's influence, but once Power Pro went down, so did the deals. There may be a chance down the line for MSW to be run on syndication, but that looks grim.


-Mid South is putting everything they've got into this week's edition of Mid South Wrestling with the return of Ted Dibiase and the defense against Tully Blanchard.


- Bill Watts was able to successfully veto Bruiser Brody's entrance into the big $200,000 tournament in Houston on April 6th and 7th. Boesch has no choice but to answer his demands as Mid South sent a lot of talent for the event. This may be the final days of Mid South in Houston if this relationship doesn't get better. No word on who Hansen will get as a partner. Ole Anderson was one name, but he isn't too high on Watt's list either. Another option could be someone from Japan... but that could come with a high price tag and booking concerns from Giant Baba as he works directly with Hansen. Dory Funk Jr was another name and even Terry Funk's name came up. His replacement is expected to be named in the coming days.


-Another name on the block is Kendall Windham who has been working through some nagging injuries as of late. This would leave Barry to find a partner... he wouldn't go with Hansen but could find someone else. Some have even said he would get the JYD to join him but JYD seems to be "off limits" due to his "contract status" with Mid South but anything could happen.


-There is talk of Mil Mascaras & Jose Lothario jumping into the tournament somehow. There are no openings, but if Hansen or Windham gets bumped, they could step right into that spot as Boesch wants to see them in the tournament.


-Don't expect to see the Masked Superstar around Mid South for a while as talks fell through with Bill Watts on his appearances and pay. He also has Japanese dates coming up so he may not return until mid summer if he even does at all.


-Watts is expected to run a Superdome show in late May and then two more this year. He wants to build up to a big show in September and then finish off the year in December.

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Posted 23 March 2016 - 08:01 PM



-Jerry Jarrett and Ted Turner had a meeting this week and decided to increase the number of House Shows.  The USWA will be running a show everyday in April except April 22 which is Easter Sunday.  In April alone, USWA Wrestling will be in Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, Michigan, Arkansas, Indiana,  Kentucky and Maryland.  They hope this exposure along with the two weekly TV shows will be able to cover expenses.  So far, USWA has been operating in the red.  This is not because of attendance or TV ratings which have both been very good.  It is just that the USWA may have to many high priced wrestlers on its roster.  To help with cost, the USWA Board of Directors has decided to sell quarterly highlight reels of its best matches on VHS.


The USWA is still looking for a partner and is somewhat surprised that they have not found one yet.  They have offered such things as control of the World Title and segments on a national TV Show.  Jarrett is now traveling to Puerto Rico and Canada still hoping to find a taker.  His other thought is to expand the travel loop to include both the Northeast and the West which are wrestling starved at this point.  He figures the more people who can see the show life, the higher the TV ratings and thus the profits.  


Jerry Lawler and some of the other wrestlers have expressed concerns about the current amount of travel but that was expected.  The King has always been down on travel and this might be one reason the AWA and NWA never looked at him as an option to be World Champion. To appease Lawler, the USWA has agreed that its next major show, Roundhouse Revival on April 23rd will be in the Mid-South Coliseum.  


Memphis fans are upset that Plowboy Frazier has been forced out but Ted Turner said that he didn't think that Hillbilly angle would play with a national audience.  He believes that Russians would outdraw Rednecks any day of the week.  Only time will tell especially since his Russian group is the bottom of the barrel. 

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Posted 25 March 2016 - 01:52 PM

We have some breaking news.

Stampede television is set to comeback to fruition. We have heard that the reason for the pulling was due to the attack of Jake Roberts to Stu Hart. Many of the higher ups were upset about the attack and demanded Stu Hart to take Jake off television. Stu though disagreed and instead of releasing Jake. He decided to stand his ground. Their was a stalemate for a couple months but an agreement was made and now Stampede is going to be coming back to television. As for the exact date we have heard it will be on April 1st.

So make sure to tune in for the revival of Stampede back to your local stations.

We have also heard that Stampede Wrestling has decided to retire the British Commonwealth middle weight championship. Instead they are going to debut a new title during their first live show back and we have heard that Bruce Hart will be in action for that title.

We have also heard The Nature Boy will be making an appearance soon on Stampede Wrestling. They are working on the details but we have heard that he will be there.

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Posted 27 March 2016 - 08:00 PM

It has finally happened!  After a few months of searching for a promotion to join USWA and striking out all over the country, Ted Turner and Jerry Jarrett have just struck gold.  While it is not an existing NWA or AWA territory that has decided to jump ship and join the USWA, it is one of the biggest names in the industry.  Fritz Von Erich is coming aboard.  He has had a tough couple of months.  First, his WCCW lost its television contract and then his sons, to better their careers, moved on to Championship Wrestling from Florida only to have David lose his life.  Fritz decied it was time to get back in the wrestling game and decided to begin a brand new promotion which he was going to call TNT WRESTLING as it was to be centered in Texas N Tennessee.  TNT wrestling will host a weekly show in the Dallas, Texas at the Sportatorium.  Who is to announce the TV show is yet to be determined as is most of the roster for TNT.


Jerry Jarrett got wind of this are went to Fritz to see if he would be willing to partner with USWA.  Fritz was very hesitant at first but Jarrett and his partner, Ted Turner, basically gave him everything he could every ask for.

  1.   a 1 hour national TV show on WTBS that will begin airing late Tuesday nights so not to interfere with the Braves games and maybe move to the Sunday night show that airs from 6:05-7:05.  This will be determined by the ratings that TNT is getting.  This show will begin almost right away with hopes to have a show by the first week of April.
  2. Fritz will be able to control his own champions which will include the TNT Heavyweight Champion and the TNT Tag Team Champions.  The USWA will also use these champions in their major events to give TNT more exposure.
  3. As compensation for recognizing the USWA World Champions as the true "World" Champions, Fritz will get the use of those champions on 2 TV shows a month plus use of them at any major show he runs.
  4. Fritz will be responsible for his own roster and needs to find his own talent with the following exceptions:  Jarrett has given Fritz the use of some of his lesser talent who will be on active in both promotions.  Fritz is still negotiating with other companies for talent and he is also in the process of buying a few of the contracts from Jarrett of wrestlers Jarrett does not deem necessary for the continued success of his side of USWA.  

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Posted 01 April 2016 - 01:30 PM

-Huge news out of Mid South this week as Tully Blanchard and Gino Hernandez have captured the Mid South tag team titles to go along with the Mid South North American (Blanchard) and Television (Hernandez) titles. There are a lot of unhappy members of the roster due to these happenings, however there are some who know it is good for business. The plan itself was Vince McMahon's who sold the idea to Watts. The problem is, that as of today (April 1st) Bill Dundee has been brought in to take the book from McMahon. There was a release of the top tier of Mid South's advisory board...


Bill Watts - Owner

Jim Ross - Producer, On Air Talent

Joel Watt - Producer, Head of Television

Vince McMahon - Head of Talent Relations

Bill Dundee - Head Booker

Grizzly Smith - Assistant Booker, Head Road Agent


There are some who have been behind Vince from day one, however, it was all due to loyalty to his father. When Bill Watts went up to the WWF to work for Vince Sr, Vince Jr impressed him and that led to him getting the position in Mid South. Some would say that his time has not been well spent as he has tried to change things from the inside, but there are many who feel he has done good work. With Dundee in the picture, McMahon's sole purpose is to work on contracts as he has been isolated from all other aspects of the business. Joel Watts and Jim Ross are in charge of television and getting it into more markets which could be good or bad for Mid South.


In terms of talent, Jim Duggan has had some injuries as of late and will be taking some time off. He is expected to return in a couple of weeks after his batteries are recharged.


Expect Ted Dibiase to be back with Mid South full time within the month with sporadic appearances throughout April.


Mid South is looking to jump start a new tag team with Norvelle Austin. They have signed Koko Ware to come in when his time is done in Detroit.


Vince McMahon was trying to get Bobby Heenan to come into Mid South after moving Jimmy Hart but nothing came of it as of this writing. With Dundee in the picture, he may stick with Hart who he's more comfortable with.


McMahon was also able to bring in the Barbarian and Dino Bravo along with Frenchy Martin. McMahon thinks that Bravo is going to be a huge draw for Mid South if they were to continue expansion plans as he's already spent time in the Territory. He is also very high on the Barbarian. The price was Scott Hall and Lord Humungous, two very hot commodities for different purposes.


Expect Wrestling II's days to be numbered. He hasn't fully healed from the knee injury and may be on the chopping block. He does have a longtime tenure in Mid South which may help him get into an executive position but it could also hurt him in the long run.


In another series of heated arguments, McMahon was adamant to keep JYD off television. Watts brought him in for the $200,000 and Dundee has already said he will be back before too long. We will see how this plays out...

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Posted 06 April 2016 - 08:27 PM

Jerry Jarrett and Fritz Von Erich spoke by phone this week and both were very excited by the success of the first TNT show last week from the Sporatorium.  To further their partnership and to save each promotion money, the two agreed to increase the relationship between the two.  This was evident when Jarrett agreed to send VonErich, Alexis Smirnoff, Chris Markov, Pvt. Kernode, Cpl. Kirchner, The Spoiler and in a surprising move, Bam Bam Bigelow.  The hope with Bigelow is that Fritz will give him a bit of a push and then he can return to the parent company down the road with a push to the top of the sport.  


Jarrett was also so impressed by VonErich's show that they agreed that the superstars of TNT will compete in USWA's monthly mega show and that Dallas, Texas will be the home to the JULY 4th Extravaganza at none other that the Cotton Bowl!


Fritz also announced that he has signed another star that will really bring nightmares to the fans in around the Memphis area because they last time he was in the area, he caused pure HAVOC!


USWA also announced that it has made an attempt to sure up its undercard  by signing such wrestlers as Ricky Gibson, Ken Timbs and Rick McGraw.


The wrestlers of mainstream USWA are still complaining about the amout of travel that is expected of them.  Their has been talks between the wrestlers and the Board of Directors about this situation.  One solution that has been discussed would keep about 12 wrestlers centered in Memphis loop and 12 centered in the Georgia loop.  The problem here is that while Jarrett, in Memphis, is completely able to run a wrestling promotion, there is nobody Ted Turner feels comfortable with to run the Atlanta side.  Ole Anderson's name has come up but he is locked into a contract in Big Time Wrestling in the Detroit area.  

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Posted 11 April 2016 - 08:23 PM

Mid South Wrestling is going through some serious changing on the booking side of things over the next couple of weeks. From the beginning of his tenure, Bill Dundee has been making some friends and enemies. The first shot was hired when Dundee publicly went to bat up against Hernandez and Blanchard. These two have built Mid South back up in the absence of Ted Dibiase and Junkyard Dog. Hernandez and Blanchard have been booked very strong as of late holding all the titles in Mid South but Dundee isn't too high on the matter. With him in control of the book, it seems like the only man who can stop him will be Bill Watts... but will he?


Bobby Heenan made his debut to Mid South this week on television. This was a deal brokered by Vince McMahon who is still in control of talent relations at this time. He (Heenan), like Hernandez and Blanchard are not in Dundee's camp though. Dundee isn't a fan of Heenan's comedy in the Mid South territory and wants to keep things serious. Heenan may end up being edgier or unemployed as Dundee has claimed. Heenan has aligned himself with Murdoch and Adonis who are between tours in Japan along with "buying" the contracts of Rick Rude and King Kong Bundy. Word has it that he was interested in bringing in Big John Studd but Dundee didn't think he would draw this side of Georgia so Big John has been accepting bookings throughou the country and may be in line for a tour of Japan.


No word on the Masked Superstar who hasn't been around since February. While he has got a big name and great skills, he hasn't been contacted for a renewal in Mid South.


Mr. Wrestling II is on the chopping block as he has been telling people that he is close to retiring due to some injuries and lack of bookings. He may end up joining Jim Ross on commentary but nothing is for sure yet.


On the brighter side of things, Ivan Koloff and Krusher Kruschev have been making waves in Mid South with perhaps the most profitable "Russian" angle in wrestling. Look for them to continue their reign of terror and even add in a third member in the next couple of months.


Jim Duggan is back full time after another small batch of injuries. He is expected to be the top face in the company along with Magnum TA and possibly Ted Dibiase if and when he returns.


Dundee has worked with McMahon on bringing in the Barbarian and Samu. Some have said they will be billed as the new Samoans but Watts wasn't big on the name. They may just be teamed with no specific gimmick but pickings are slim on a manager for them.


Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers have been gaining a lot of steam lately and are now set for another run with Adonis and Murdoch. The winners should get into a feud with the champions but there doesn't seem to be a big push in the tag team division.


Mid South continues its battle to get national television but with the lack of potential buyers, the market seems to be cornered. Their relationship with the NWA continues on, and Watts has even made claim to possibly run for President. On the other hand, USWA has reached out, and if Mid South were to join them, they could corner the southern states and perhaps eclipse the NWA in size and star power.

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Posted 11 April 2016 - 08:51 PM


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Posted 12 April 2016 - 07:54 AM

Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling News


MACW will be returning to a full time schedule this week. The promotion took a week off to give everyone a rest after Coastal Clash. A majority of wrestlers were sent to Houston last weekend for the big tag team tournament. 


Coastal Clash was a pretty big success in the eyes of the promoters. MACW officials were extremely happy with the presentation. NWA officials were happy with the quick title change from Flair to Steamboat back to Flair. It isn't something they plan on doing very often. The timing worked out well for the quick switch. 


Some roster movements will be taking place in the coming days. We've heard that a talent loan deal was reached and the Rock n' Roll Express are on their way in for a little while. 


Not much news this week, stay tuned for more. 

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Posted 17 April 2016 - 06:00 AM


- After several weeks of little or no news we have reviewed some updates from Southeastern. So we have a bit of a big update for you.

- The fall out of the WTBS deal has clearly hit the territory hard, with so much investment into talent, it's caused a major money issue and several top earners have left the territory, most notably Buddy Landell, The Rock n Roll Express, The Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette, Adrian Street, Bill Dundee and a few others. Over the pass few weeks they have all finished up there dates. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the guys all came back in at some point when money issues have passed as they all like the area and the travel schedule.

- Southeastern has also quietly left the AWA, there is no ill feeling between Verne Gagne and Ron Fuller, Fuller just felt he just needed a fresh start after the whole WTBS fiasco. It's believed with Crockett and the NWA going strong, Southeastern could be back with the NWA before long although they have had some interest showed from the newly formed USWA which they are mulling over. Fuller and Jarrett have a great working relationship.

- With the Heavenly Bodies being the tag champs they recently dropped the titles to the now face team of The Nightmares. Danny Davis and Ken Wayne have been having excellent matches with the relatively new team of Mike Davis and Tommy Lane over the titles in the past few weeks. Tommy Lane and Mike Davis are taking credit for Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton leaving the territory and are now calling themselves the Rock N Roll RPMs.

- Robert Fuller returned to avenge being put out of action by Buddy Landell and his stable by winning the National Heavyweight title and then a week later unifying it with the Southeastern title from "Bullet" Bob Armstrong, when a mystery masked man stopped Armstrong from cheating. These two have been feuding over this title (now simply known as the Southeastern Heavyweight Title) for the last month. The Masked Man hasn't been seen since.

- The top feud in the territory seems to be the face Studd Stable of Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden and The Monoglian Stomper versus "Bullet" Bob along with The Flame and Phil Hickerson.

- The Assassins have returned feuding with The Lightening Express Brad Armstrong and Tim Horner. These two teams along with the RPMs and Nightmares have been inter locking in matches around the horn.

- Roy Lee Welch has been left Big Bubba Lynch as he's bodyguard as he took out an injunction against Ken Lucas following their blood feud. Roy Lee Welch broke the terms of his injunction by attacking Lucas in a 2 on 1 attack. Only for a returning Eric Embry to save Lucas. These 4 man have been feuding.

- Eric Embry is the only one from the Landell Hollywood Blonde team left, he has since turned face and aligned himself with Alabama Legend Ken Lucas.

- Brad Armstrong managed to be the first wrestler to complete the "Beat the Champ" Television Champion only to just come up short against Buddy Landell. The current "Beat the Champ" Television Championship is held by Brads younger brother Scott Armstrong who has defeated The Masked Yankee and Assassin #2 and is 2/5 in his quest.

- The current format of television has been Charlie Platt and Rick Stewart with Les Thatcher being used as an onscreen match maker for the territory.

- With the exodus of stars a lot of young talent have had to up their position in the promotion, most notably Tracey Smothers and Steve Armstrong have been teaming, The Masked Midnights (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty), The Masked Yankee (Steve Lombardi), "Toy Boy" Tony Falk and the Devils Duo, Jeff Sword and Doug Vines.

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Posted 23 April 2016 - 07:47 PM

There are serious rumors coming out of USWA Wrestling that Jerry Jarrett and Ted Turner are having difficulty co-existing.  Jarrett is said to be furious about the lack of respect that some of his Memphis based wrestlers are getting, especially the King, Jerry Lawler who seems to be second fiddle to the "Hero of Georgia Championship Wrestling, Tommy Rich.


Jarrett also heard that Turner has been having meetings with Bill Watts in an attempt to grow USWA and maybe even to become the President of the Company.  Jarrett is the current President and believes that Turner's ego and his desire to run the first truly national program is clouding his vision.


Jarrett may also be jealous of Fritz Von Erich whose weekly show, TNT,  has opened to great ratings when you consider its small roster and small budget.  It has done so well that Fritz is looking to expand this roster and everyone knows he would love to find away to bring back his sons.  Fritz is also looking to expand out of the Dallas area.


Fritz knows that the easiest way to increase ratings is to bring back legendary World Class Championship Wrestling announcer Bill Mercer and he is in the process of doing exactly that.  This made Turner wonder why he has to pay for both Lance Russell and Gordon Solie.  Look for changes is the TV structure and the broadcast structure in the near future.  


In efforts to cut costs, Turner is also said to be looking for a new home base for his TV promotions.  He understands Atlanta is the center of his empire but he also knows their are cheaper venues around.  Turner said he will never give up the Omni as one of his major venues, but in terms of the weekly TV show, he says it is expensive going back and forth between Atlanta and Memphis.  

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Posted 25 April 2016 - 06:39 AM

WWA News


There are a lot of rumors taking place backstage as to the state of the company and how it will move forward in the future, and most of it is not clear.


After Shamrocks and Shenanigans, some issues with how things were handled backstage have led to the current hiatus of the WWA.  The contract with USA requires one special to air every month, so they have to run a show on Saturday (April 28) in order to keep the deal, but a lot of people are wondering if that show will even take place. WWA does have the International Ampitheatre in Chicago booked for Saturday and they have had a date on NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair booked for months, so I'd expect the show to go off in some form.  However, due to the turmoil and the hiatus (which came with no advance notice) there is no word as to whether anybody on the roster will be there.  Aside from those who worked the Paul Boesch tag tournament (and a handful taking limited dates outside WWA), nobody has worked, which means nobody's making money


What we do know for sure is that Arnold Skaaland has been removed as WWA's on-screen commissioner.  This was Skaaland's decision as he doesn't want to travel from White Plains, New York to Indianapolis every week.  A new commissioner is expected to be named on the USA special should it take place.  


There is a new manager coming in to replace Bobby Heenan.  The original plan was to debut him on the upcoming special but due to the hiatus, the angle to bring him in that was to be started a few weeks ago hasn't started, so it could be pushed back a month.

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Posted 25 April 2016 - 08:10 PM

The news and rumors are coming fast and furious for the USWA and it is hard to tell which is which.


Financially, the recent mega-show in the Mid-South Coliseum was a huge success and its TV ratings were through the roof but not everyone in the organizations seems thrilled.  In fact, Jerry Jarrett went nuts and was  furious at Tommy Rich for not being in shape enough to compete in the two matches that he had.  Jarrett had no problem allowing the World Title to go to Rich but then when he just quit in the tag team title match and threw in the towel, Jarrett couldn't believe it.


People who were around him said that he could not believe Rich allowed The King to lose his title in Memphis and that Rich deserved to be beaten by the wild mob that almost rushed the ring. Jarrett and Turner were already having problems.  Turner thinks that Jarrett is a one town hick who can only survive in Memphis while Jarrett believes Turner to be too egotistical and has no clue on how to run a wrestling business.


Turner seems in hurry to control all of the wrestling in the Deep South and believes that Jarrett can be replaced.  It is rumored that he has already spoken with Eddie Graham, Ron Fuller and Bill Watts who have a lot of connections in this industry.  Turner loves the attention TNT Wrestling is getting and believes growth for the USWA on the success of Fritz.  He is trying everything in his power to help expand the roster of TNT and bring back some hometown stars to the program.  


We will just have to wait to see what shakes out for the USWA!

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Posted 28 April 2016 - 06:56 PM

There has been another meeting of the minds in USWA and it appears that Ted Turner and Jerry Jarrett are at such odds that Jarrett may return to Memphis.  Turner admits that he does not know enough of the wrestling business and continues to meet with Bill Watts and Eddie Graham in search of a new USWA President in case Jarrett does bolt.


The most interesting name to come out of the USWA rumor mill today was Ron Fuller.  Fuller and Turner recently split over the idea that Turner wanted growth and a focus on Georgia while Fuller beliefs in a smaller homegrown roster with a focus on Alabama and the panhandle of Florida.  In the two months since Fuller left the USWA he has built a great roster and promotion in Alabama but has recently lost his television contract.  The reason for no TV is the rapid growth of USWA on TBS.


If the two could agree on a few things, they may be able to reunite.  Turner would have to accept Fuller's love of Alabama and Fuller would have to be able to accept the idea of a superstar stacked roster that appeals to all viewers.  


Again, we will have to wait and see.  Will the president of the USWA be Jerry Jarrett, Eddie Graham, Ron Fuller or Bill Watts?

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Posted 29 April 2016 - 12:49 PM

-Huge news out of Mid South this week as Hacksaw Duggan defeated Tully Blanchard for the Mid South North American Championship. Vince McMahon was said to be verbally going against the title change saying that Blanchard was the man to go behind. Duggan was interesting as he has a great relationship with Vince, but was visibly upset due to what went down. It is said that McMahon and Duggan met afterwords and were better but Dundee and McMahon are forming camps in Mid South and it isn't getting pretty. To top off the entire story, Bill Watts has been in Georgia as everything has gone down. He is lobbying to take control of the USWA and become president and bring in his entire roster to join the ranks. Watts had previously lobbied to get Dibiase a chance at the NWA World Title but faced some serious scrutiny. Watts feel as as though he can push Dibiase in the USWA with that great cast of wrestlers.


-Speaking of the USWA, as we saw the merger happen over the weekend, Bill Watts was said to be a catalyst in helping some of the deals go through for the USWA and then subsequently Memphis, Dallas, and Florida. Expect to see some USWA wrestlers in Mid South and possibly on the big Superdome card on Saturday the 26th of May.


-The Superdome card is expected to take shape over the next couple of weeks and should be headlined with the official return of Ted Dibiase.


-Bill Dundee has almost complete control of the roster right now and the booking... he is even doing it as a satellite as he is working with Memphis exclusively and working through Jim Ross and Joel Watts along with Grizzly Smith. The McMahon contingent is not on board with all the changes but no major issues have been seen in the work rate.


- Bobby Heenan is said to be doing well in Mid South walking the fine line of comedy vs serious. While McMahon feels some of his humor can help the overall cause, Dundee has said there is no room for it with the current attitude of Mid South.

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Posted 30 April 2016 - 08:03 AM

WWA News and Notes


USA officials were happy with the presentation of the special this past Saturday, but the rating was a disappointment as they couldn't advertise the show properly with so much turmoil in the back office.  The next special is tentatively scheduled for May 26, but between Mid-South's Superdome show and the Missouri Title tournament, WWA officials are trying to get it pushed back to June 9.  USA is claiming pushing the special back would be in violation of their contract and are insisting on changing the date to May 19.


Apparently there will be some roster turnover in the near future, which is the primary reason for the Missouri Title tournament.  Chris Adams and Nick Bockwinkel will be placed on opposite brackets to make people think they will be facing each other in the finals, but I'm told that's not necessarily the case.


At some point Dick the Bruiser will resign as commissioner to make an in-ring comeback, but they're waiting for the right angle and opponent.


The tournament for the Missouri Title will be 16 men and is expected to last 6 weeks.  There is talk of trying to do something that has never been done before the semifinals and finals, but at this point nobody is saying what that is.


Rumors that Brickhouse Brown might be on the way out.

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Posted 30 April 2016 - 04:03 PM

It would now appear that Jerry Jarrett was already in talks with WMC TV-5 in Memphis about bringing back the CWA for longer than the recent rumors would imply.  Apparently Jarrett had a deal in place before he went to Ted Turner and made his feelings known.   It can now be confirmed that CWA Championship Wrestling will back on the air on TV-5 in Memphis as early as next Saturday morning.  Jarrett says that he will still work with and share talent with the USWA even if he and Turner can't agree on a number of things.  He has managed to bring a number of key wrestlers with him back to Memphis as well as Lance Russell and Dave Brown.


It has also been confirmed that Memphis will recognize the NWA World Champion and will be part of the NWA. There will be a tournament held to crown a NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion, a tournament to crown NWA Southern Tag Team Champions, and an NWA TV-5 Television Champion will be crowned on the first television show on Saturday May 5th. 


More news and information to come from the CWA.

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Posted 30 April 2016 - 07:10 PM

Shocking rumor coming out of the AWA is that Hulk Hogan is not happy with his position in the company and may be seeking other opportunities. Word has it that his recent loss of AWA title was meant to head of the possibility of him jumping to another promotion with the belt. Hogan will shortly be heading out for a tour of Japan, apparently both sides will be taking that time to come to some sort of resolution.

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