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Posted 31 January 2017 - 01:54 PM


-Word out of the WWF right now is that Sam Houston's time may be coming to an end. He was brought in as a favor for Jake Roberts but Houston isn't what the WWF is looking for, hence the arrival of Blackjack Mulligan. Mulligan fits the mold if you will and he has also been linked to the "machines" team that has been on house shows but yet to appear on television.


-The call for the machines come from Japan as they have been prominent in New Japan and the WWF has decided to keep the gimmick going.


-There is talk of about big card after this weekend's King of the Ring. The WWF will be hosting a televised event in cooperation with NBC called "The Main Event" and on that card, there is talk of a Piper vs Hogan or Orton vs Hogan World Title contest with Piper being involved in some way. This is being used as a way to promote "WrestleMania" which will be held on March the 31st, 1985, the next time the WWF tours the North East. No word on what "WrestleMania" is going to be yet, but there has already been talks of using Antonio Inoki on the show along with some other very big names.


-The WWF is looking to bolster their tag team division in the coming months. With the Russians firmly at the top and the Bulldogs right behind them. Look for some more additions to the ranks as seen with the rise of the Youngbloods and the arrival of the Machines. 


-Speaking of tag teams, there is talk that Gino Hernandez may be headed back to the WWF after his time in Mexico is done... no word on if Chris Adams will be with him or not. 


- The Barbarian suffered an injury this week on the road, not sure if he will be good to go for the King of the Ring or if there will be a last minute replacement. 

#142 gordi

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Posted 31 January 2017 - 07:30 PM

Inoki at WrestleMania! Looking forward to reading about that.

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Posted 05 March 2017 - 05:57 PM

NWA Lutte Internationale News


-The biggest news coming from the recent live events is the crowning of Terry Funk as the new NWA International Heavyweight Champion on the March 1st event in Sherbrooke. This move is said to be a return of favor to Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling for giving The Rougeau Brothers an NWA World Tag Team Championship run. There's no word out yet as to how long Funk will reign as NWA International Heavyweight Champion but there isn't any plan to have him drop the title quickly. The negotiations to make this happen were said to have gone quite smoothly but Lutte Internationale had a back up plan with Billy Robinson winning the title if discussions with Terry Funk had fallen through. So, it looks like Rick Martel dropping the title was the plan all along, especially since he & Gino Brito won the NWA International Tag Team Championships. Frank Valois wants Martel to focus on that in the meantime, to give him a break from the rigorous schedule.


-The 2nd annual Johnny Rougeau Memorial Cup is coming at the beginning of May and promoter Frank Valois wants to promote it across the United States and it's the reason behind his decision to hold a weekend of live events in the United States in the first weekend of April. The first event will take place in Los Angeles on April 5 with Terry Funk headlining the card in an NWA International Heavyweight Title defense. The following show will take place the next night in Orlando, Florida with Nick Bockwinkel facing Bob Backlund in the main event. Finally, the April 7th show will take place closer to their stomping grounds in Brattleboro, Vermont with a Gauntlet Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship as the main event. The April 5 show will be a matinee event while the 2 other shows will take place at the usual starting time of 8 PM.


-Speaking of the Johnny Rougeau Memorial Cup, the dates will be announced soon but we already know it will take place at the Montreal Forum like last year on the span of 3 nights. Other than Lutte Internationale, invitations will be extended to Mid-Atlantic, the AWA, USWA, Continental, New Japan & CMLL to participate. The spots originally planned for the WWF in the tournament will be filled by freelancers yet to be determined. Each territory will have 4 wrestlers, like last year, representing them in the tournament. As mentioned before, the only WWF star allowed to participate will be Andre the Giant because of his freelancing status


-Frank Valois is hopeful to bring in the Rock N' Roll Express for a series of shows in the month of April and is working on reshuffling his schedule to allow them to be brought in. Right now, they're mostly engaged with the USWA on a permanent basis but negotiations seem to be also going well.


-On a more disappointing side, it seems like Fatu is struggling to get over, even if being paired with his cousin Samu in the Creatchman Family. There is now talks of sending him in another territory to allow him to shine on his own.


-Finally, NWA Lutte Internationale have set two dates for their 2 biggest events of 1985: August 16th and November 30th, both Saturday nights. Frank Valois wants those to be some sort of complements to Mid-Atlantic's Great American Bash and Starrcade events, in which he wants to feature stars of both territories and maybe 1 or 2 special guests. The locations haven't been disclosed yet.

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Posted 09 March 2017 - 12:00 PM

Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling News & Notes


The Crockett family are pleased with the partnership with Lutte Internationale. The talent exchanges have been accepted by both talents and the fans. Talks of doing another combined show are already underway.  There is also some discussion about running the Great American Bash tour north of the border as well. The Crockett's have been doing some intense research for venues for this summer tour. All ideas are in the early stages of planning, but they want to make this a really memorable tour. Last year was the first ever Summer Games event, and we hear something like that could be a special attraction to the arena shows, if the stadium venues are added to the tour.


Speaking of working relationships, MACW is also working closely with New Japan Pro Wrestling to bring some talents over on tours. In February, The Windham's and The Grappler's were sent for the tag team tournament.  In March, youngsters 2 Cold Scorpio and Owen Hart on participating in a Young Lion's Cup.


This year MACW is going to keep on the four major shows to be televised live. The idea is to run a show live on WTBS in March with Clash of the Champions. The other three shows this year will be on closed circuit like was done last year. The Clash special is a try-out for maybe a potential series of live events on the cable station.


A few roster changes are ongoing, bringing in some fresher talent, and letting other talents get over in other territories.


More news and notes to come as we get closer to Clash of the Champions.

#145 gordi

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Posted 11 March 2017 - 07:31 AM

Some very intriguing news from overseas for those who are fans of Japanese Pro Wrestling:


Antonio Inoki, who is arguably the biggest name and the biggest draw in all of Japanese wrestling, has been seen in several locations in Tokyo talking with Akira Maeda.


Maeda left NJPW in 1984 to form a "Shoot Style" promotion, called the Universal Wrestling Federation, with Fujiwara, Sayama (the original Tiger Mask), and others. Rumor has it that Maeda and Sayama have been feuding over the direction of the UWF. It's also been rumored in the past that Maeda refused to work a potential big-money program with Inoki, so the two of them being seen in discussion now is big news indeed. 


Furthermore, it has been reported by reliable sources that Shohei "Giant" Baba (the other major superstar of Japanese wrestling, and the founder of NJPW's rival promotion, All Japan Pro Wrestling) has been meeting with the current NJPW booker, "gordi." 


It's impossible to confirm what these men have been talking about, but it seems safe to say that these covert meetings could have a profound impact on the entire puroresu scene. 

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Posted 11 March 2017 - 11:05 PM



Continental Championship Wrestling kicked off March 4th with tv tapings, TV Station owner David Woods bought in as a partner with Ron Fuller to bring back the Southeastern Territory, it was decided that it would be named Continental Championship Wrestling to give it a bigger feel.  After the first set of tapings, there has been an adjustment made. The matches for television will be taped every two weeks in various locations with backstage interviews taped on location with Charlie Platt, however the host segments and commentary will be recorded in the studio in Dothan with Gordon Solie and Joe Pedicino as a way to both make travel easier on Solie and Pedicino and to make it easier for them to push storylines on tv, that might be spoilers to the live crowd.


There's also been talk that Fuller/CCW has entered into an agreement with Bill Watts and Fritz Von Erich to join the UWF, and Watts is scheduled to appeared at the March 18th tapings in Birmingham, either live or via video tape to discuss CCW joining the UWF.



#147 kevinmcfl

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Posted 12 March 2017 - 07:00 AM

The UWF officially welcomes the CCW into their wrestling family.

#148 SirEdger


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Posted 12 March 2017 - 12:12 PM

Love that partnership between you two. Everyone seems to be getting their ducks in row to be as competitive as they can. Looking very much forward to your work together, guys!

#149 gordi

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Posted 20 March 2017 - 08:38 PM

Tatsumi Fujinami's regular partner, Kengo Kimura, has been sidelined with a shoulder injury. Fujinami and Kimura had been set to face Canek and Dos Caras for the IWGP Tag Team belts at the Young Lions Cup tour-ending show on March 23rd, at the Fukuoka Sports Center.


Their place in that match has been taken by Antoinio Inoki and a "Mystery Partner." As previously reported in these pages, Inoki has recently been seen around Tokyo in talks with "Shoot Style" pioneer Akira Maeda. There are also rumours that Blade Runner Sting, a muscular youngster working out of Montreal, could be the mystery partner, as he will be staying in Japan for 3 ore months after participating in the Young Lions Cup.


Speaking of the YLC, the final match will be between two recent NJPW dojo graduates: Shinya Hashimoto and Keiji Mutoh. Will these young boys some day step up to fill the giant boots of Inoki and Fujinami? Only time will tell! 


Finally, after Rick Steiner and Naoki Sano vs Masakatsu Funaki and Steven Regal broke down into chaos at their last big show, Inoki promised to appoint a special guest referee who could keep order for the rematch. Word out of Japan has it that former Karl Gotch Cup winner Yoshiaki Fujiwara has agreed to fill that role. 



#150 Boon

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Posted 21 March 2017 - 03:23 AM

East Tennessee (Wright/Thatcher)


- After their mini revival last summer, Smoky Mountain Wrestling looks to be making a return to the Tri-Cities area (Johnson City, Kingsport and lesser so Bristol), West Virginia and Knoxville which will be their base. Its believed Ron Wright and Les Thatcher have found the funding to re-launch, and negotiations are on going with local promoters and arena's. In line with the promotion re-opening Les Thatcher will be opening a wrestling school to help fill out cards with younger talent.


- The promotion is still in negotiations with several lead announcers as Rick Stewart is now back working with David Woods in Alabama promotion. They have even reached out to commentating duo Lance Russell and Dave Brown of Memphis fame, although unlikely it shows ambition from the Knoxville promotion. To keep cost's low, its expected Ron Wright and Les Thatcher will be the announcers for TV. Bill Mercer is also another name flowing about. Television will be taped on Saturday mornings at the Knoxville Civic Ballroom.

- The territory loop will be Friday nights in Johnson City, TV tapings Saturday mornings in Knoxville, Kingsports Saturday night and the weekly big show back in Knoxville at the Civic Auditorium on Mondays, with a double header of smaller shows on Sunday in Hazard and Harlan Kentucky. The rest of the week will be filled out with spots shows. TV will not be on the road like last time, as this was felt to be one of the main cash issue.

- The roster is similar to the roster we last saw with the exception Tom Pritchard and Johnny Rich who have both moved on, so expect to see the likes of Ron Starr, The Flame, Don Bass and Dirty Rhodes, The Wild Hoggs with some new faces added into the mix. 

- We will have more updates as the week progress's towards the big return in Knoxville a week Monday.

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