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Posted 15 April 2016 - 07:57 PM


4/17/1984:  WTBS







Dave Brown welcomes all the fans to TNT Wrestling from the World’s most Famous Wrestling Arena, the Sportatorium.  He introduces his co-commentator and President of TNT Wrestling, Fritz VonErich.



Fritz announces that tonight will be a mega show right here on TBS.  He talks about the Battle Royal and how the final four will meet in the semi-finals right for the TNT Heavyweight Title.  He continues by saying the winners of the two semifinals meet on April 23rd at Memphis Roundhouse Revival and the winner will become the first ever TNT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!    

Fritz continues by saying that the Battle Royal will have some new wrestlers to the TNT roster and the fans should be really excited. 


Dave Brown puts over the Battle Royal and goes on to remind fans that both the USWA World Champion and The USWA World Tag Team Champion will be here next week defending their titles right here on WTBS!  He continues by saying, “And speaking of the USWA World Champion, if you were watching USWA Wrestling Sunday night, you know that we have a new World Champ.  That’s right folks, Tommy Wildfire Rich defeated Austin Idol. Fritz talks a little about Rich and that he will make an excellent.  Fritz continues by thanking the USWA for giving TNT a second match at Memphis Roundhouse Revival and it will be to name the TNT #1 Contenders for the USWA World Tag Team Title.  He goes on to announce that The Bruise Brothers, The Dream Machine and Porkchop Cash will face Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen for that #1 contender’s spot. 


Dave Brown seems really excited and gives a great push for all that is happening in TNT Wrestling.








Dave Brown announces the contestants one by one as they come to the ring:

1.       Superstar Bill Dundee      with Baby Doll                        11.  Bruiser Brody

2.      Nightmare #1                                                                      12.  Stan Hansen

3.      Nightmare #2                                                                      13.  Ricky Gibson

4.      “Quick Draw” Rick McGraw                                              14.  Ox Baker

5.      Scott McGhee                                                                     15.  Bugsy McGraw

6.      The Dream Machine                                                          16.  Mil Mascaras

7.      Porkchop Cash                                                                    17.  King Cobra

8.      Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert with Sheri Martel                      18.  The Spoiler

9.      Steve Travis                                                                         19.  Abdullah The Butcher

10.   Wendell Cooley                                                                  20. DR. D DAVID SCHULTZ


            The fans are really excited with many of the names.  The loudest cheers are for Mil Mascaras, Bill Dundee and Bruiser Brody while they really let Eddie Gilbert and Ox Baker have it. The last two names really surprise them and bring out their ire.  Abdullah causes havoc wherever he goes and Dr. D is one of the toughest heels in all of professional wrestling.

            Dave Brown gives Fritz a lot of credit for building such a great roster in such a short period of time and is really surprised to see Dr. Death here in TNT.  They also go back and forth on some of the favorites.

            Dave announces that they will take a commercial break and then show the Battle Royal in its entirety. 










            As the Battle Royal begins, it is chaos from the beginning.  Those feuding with each other head right to their enemies. Tag teams try to work together while some people just run and try to hide but with 20 men in the ring there is nowhere to go.  As you would expect, some of the smaller men without an alliance are the first to be tossed over the top rope.  This group includes Steve Travis, Wendell Cooley, and Ricky Gibson.  Abdullah the Butcher is on a mission and he uses his size and nastiness to single handedly toss out the nightmares. 

            We are quickly down to 15 men and we see the Bruise Brothers battling Brody and Hansen.  Ox Baker and Bugsy are at each other’s throats and Eddie Gilbert and Bill Dundee are doing their best to toss each other to the floor.  It is also pretty hot on the floor as Baby Doll and Sheri Martel are next to each yelling to their men and also yelling at each other.  Surprisingly, Dr. D is just watching it all from the corner.  It seems like nobody wants to take him on and he doesn’t mind saving some energy.

            In a rather interesting maneuver, The Spoiler was trying to force Mil Mascaras to the floor but the Man of a Thousand Masks catches his opponent in a flying leg scissors and flips The Spoiler to the floor.  14 men left!

            Abdullah continues his reign of terror by just bull rushing Quick Draw McGraw and out he goes.  Down to 13! King Cobra and Scott McGhee decide they better act quickly and as a team.  They come up from behind a land a double drop kick to the back of The Butcher and he loses his balance and goes over the top rope!  One of the favorites is out and we are down to 12.

            The Cobra and Scott McGhee like their alliance and make a rather fatal decision as they try and take on Dr. D..  David Schultz is battling for his life but he ducks under an overhand chop by McGhee and turns and nails them both with a running clothesline.  10 to go!


            Eddie Gilbert has Bill Dundee on the verge of elimination as he is draped over the top rope.  Gilbert is pushing while Sheri comes over and tries to pull Dundee to the floor.  A mistake as WHAM!  She is nailed with the same right hand that knocked Rock Riddle. The 5’10. 190 pound Baby Doll will not let anyone bully her man, Bill Dundee.  Sheri goes down for a second and the two hotties of TNT are rolling on the floor in an all-out AMAZON CAT FIGHT.  Dundee is able to reset his feet and the battle is back on. 


            In a mass of humanity, The Bruise Brothers, Cash and The Dream Machine are all locked up with Brody and Hansen.  Each one is trying their best to knock someone over the ropes while remaining in the ring themselves.  Out of nowhere, Mascaras just runs full speed into the blob and nails them with some amazing Aerial Acrobatics and the 4 go over at the same time.  6 ARE LEFT!


            The two pairs, Dundee vs Gilbert and Baker vs Bugsy are fighting it out in opposite corners as Mil Mascaras and Dr. D seem to be taking a moment to catch their breath.  They seem to realize that all they need to do now is survive to the Final 4. Baker seems to have gotten the better of the action vs McGraw and whips him into the ropes.  As Bugsy comes off, he nails him with a Heart Punch and Bugsy is down.  Gilbert and Dundee are both now half out of the ring and are fighting tooth and nail to get their opponent over.  Baby Doll and Sheri have stopped their little rumble and are now trying to aid their man again.  Baker now has lifted McGraw up by the hair and is moving him towards the ropes.  As Baker gets McGraw to the ropes, Mil charges at Ox Baker and Dr. D charges at Bugsy.  Mil connects with a flying drop kick and Ox goes over the rope.  Schultz hits McGraw with a clothesline and he goes over.  Baby Doll gives a might yank on the head of Hot Stuff and he goes over while Sheri rakes the eyes of Dundee and as he grabs his eyes, he loses his balance and over he goes.  All 4 men hit the floor and what appears to be the same time. 

            Fritz and Dave Brown don’t know what to say.  They both say the obvious that Mil Mascaras and Dr. D David Schultz have advanced but they also include that they will have to go to the VTR during the upcoming break to see who the other two semifinalist are. 





            As we come out of break, the video is shown to the television audience and it shows that by like 1/10 of second, Ox Baker and Bugsy McGraw were eliminated.  Fritz now calls over Bill Dundee, Eddie Gilbert, Mil Mascaras and Dr. D and informs them that inside of the bag he is holding are two black balls and two red balls.  The two contestants that draw the black balls will wrestle immediately and the two who draw the red balls will be in tonight’s second match.  All 4 wrestlers reach in and make a selection.  When they are revealed, they show that Mil Mascaras and Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert will wrestle in the first match.


MATCH:  Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert with Sheri Martel vs Mil Mascaras


The fans are ecstatic as they are really rooting Mil Masaras who is one of their old Dallas heroes.  The match is a bit awkward and maybe it is because they are all tired from the battle royal or maybe it is because, as usual, Mil Mascaras refuses to sell any of Hot Stuff’s moves.  The match is a bit one sided and Gilbert is trying his best to carry the match.  He is selling each and every aerial attack by Mascaras and seems on the verge of losing.  Sheri seems to have had enough of this and trips Mascaras when the ref’s eyes were turned.  The Man of a Thousand Masks seems truly surprised and loses focus and almost goes after Sheri.  Hot Stuff sneaks up from behind and in a flash, nails Mascaras with a DDT for the 1…2...3.


Sheri and Gilbert seem really please with themselves and Dave Brown puts over how they are going to be in the finals for the first ever TNT Heavyweight Championship.










Now this is really a David and Goliath story.  Dr. D nearly has a foot on Dundee as well as a 60 pound weight advantage but as the fans of the Memphis area know, you can never count out the Superstar.  Baby Doll escorts him to the ring and David Schultz doesn’t even wait for the bell.  He attacks the Superstar and what appears to be the beating of Dundee’s life has begun.  Baby Doll yells encouragement but it is of no use.  Schultz punches, kicks and slams his was to complete control of the match.  Bodyslam after bodyslam and elbow after elbow make this one hard to watch for the fans.  Some of them remember when he was in the area last and recall his reign of terror.  He seems to have picked up right where he left off.  At one point, Dr. D goes over to the ropes and starts yelling at Baby Doll that she should join the team of Dr. D and be with a real man.  All of a sudden, Dr. D goes from looking down at the floor and Baby Doll to looking at the lights on the ceiling.  The referee is seen making a 3 count as Superstar Dundee caught Schultz be surprise with an inside cradle for the victory. 

Schultz is beside himself and starts to beat on Dundee again.  This time he really uses the heavy artillery.  He follows up a running bulldog with a piledriver.  Baby Doll is in the ring pleading with Dr. D to stop but he actually shoves her out of the way.  He picks up Dundee and wham!  Another Piledriver!  As time is running out, the camera sees Baby Doll jumping on the back of Schultz and clawing at his eyes.


Fritz is saying that he hopes Dundee will even make it Memphis and the title match with Eddie Gilbert.  Dave Brown is agreeing with Fritz and announces that they are out of time.  He finishes with “So long from the Sportatorium.  Don’t forget to tune in next week for another great show.”


As the credits roll and the screen fades to black, the camera sees Baby Doll doing everything she can to protect Dundee who is flat on his back and completely out!

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Posted 16 April 2016 - 04:43 PM

Kevin, great to see you got the hang of things and have put great effort into your work... Glad I pointed you in this direction. Enjoy reading your stuff my friend!

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Posted 19 April 2016 - 06:46 PM







APRIL 23, 1984




Tommy Rich & Jerry Lawler vs

Mr. Saito & Killer Khan




Austin Idol vs Jimmy Valiant




































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Posted 20 April 2016 - 07:15 PM







The show opens with a VTR of the end of last week’s match between Austin Idol and Tommy Rich.


Idol comes off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Rich ducks under the move and catches Idol in a Sleeper.  He has it locked in and is in the center of the ring.  Idol struggles to free himself but Rich will have nothing to do with it.  Idol collapses to one knee and then eventually down into a sitting position.  The ref raises Idol’s arm once and it drops effortlessly to his side.  1…..

Morton again lifts the arm of Idol and it falls down to the champ’s side.  2….

Morton lifts the arm a third time and……

From out of nowhere, Riddle rushes into the ring and drags Paul Morton to the outside.  The two struggle on the floor as Rich keeps the Sleeper hold on Idol.  As Riddle and Morton struggle on the floor, there is a cheer from the fans.  Idol is now completely out.  Rich releases the sleeper and covers Idol for the pin but there is still no ref.

From the back comes Ref Jerry Calhoun who slides into the ring.  He begins to make the count on Idol.







“Yello again everybody.  Welcome to USWA Wrestling here on WTBS.  I am Lance Russell along with Gordon Solie.  We have a jam packed show tonight but first we need to call in the President of the USWA, Mr. Jerry Jarrett.


Lance Russell and Gordon Solie welcome Jarrett to the set and he says it is great to be here. Jarrett then asks Tommy “Wildfire” Rich join him on set.  Rich comes to the set with the USWA World Championship as the fans go wild. 


Jarrett continues and says that he is sorry to inform M. Rich that he is not the current World Champion.  Gordon Solie is heard saying, Waitaminute Mr. Jarrett.  There is no question that we all saw Tommy defeat Austin Idol right here on TV last week.


Jarrett goes on to explain that there are actually two reasons that Tommy is not the champion.  First of all, Austin Idol should have been disqualified when Rock Riddle interfered in the match and pulled ref Paul Morton outside of the ring and second, while this was a sanctioned title match, the referee for this title match was Paul Morton.  When Jerry Calhoun came out to the ring and took over the referee duties, he had no right to do so. 


Tommy Rich is pleading his case but Jerry Jarrett is saying that he is sorry but rules are rules.  All of a sudden, Austin Idol and Rock Riddle strut out to the set and begin reaching for the World belt.  Rich tells them to hold on a minute and wants to get one thing straight.  “Mr. Jarrett, because this low life, Rock Riddle interferes in a title match and prevents this sorry excuse for a champion from losing, I am the one being punished.  Rich is really fiiiirrrrreeed up now but Jarrett says that is unfortunately correct. 


Riddle starts arguing that Rich has no right to insult the “Original Mr. Perfect or the Perfect Champion” and that he better watch his mouth.   Rich threatens to knock them both out right now and the fans go wild.


Jarrett continues that only due to the technicality, did Idol keep his championship and that they better be more careful in the future.  Rich reluctantly hands the title to Jarrett who returns it to the Perfect Stable.  Jarrett does continue by saying, if Idol survives Memphis Roundhouse Revival and his match with Jimmy Valiant, he will have to wrestle Tommy Rich right here next Saturday and that there will be two referees for the match.  Jarrett also adds that if Idol wins by disqualification, he will lose the title.  Riddle and Idol are now beside themselves.


The crowd pops as Jerry "the King" Lawler hits the set.  The fans think he is there to stand up for his buddy, Wildfire.  He begins by asking Lance Russell where they are and Lance replies “Memphis” but he has a puzzled look on his face by the strange question.


Lawler continues by asking as who is the King of Memphis?  This time Russell tries to be funny as says I guess there are two kings in Memphis.  Elvis and you, Jerry.


Lawler smirks and says that’s right.  He continues by asking Lance one more question.  “And Lance, who did Mr. Jarrett name the #1 for the World Title right here on TV just two weeks ago.  Lance now understands the pattern of the questions and answers, “Uh, it was you Jerry.


Lawler continues to say that right here in his hometown of Memphis, a town he runs, Jarrett has just taken his title match against Idol away and given it to his tag team partner, Tommy Rich.  Rich seems stunned at the jealousy and Jarrett just says that wrestling is an ever changing business and that Rich’s victory last week moved him into the #1 contender’s spot.


Jerry Lawler continues to complain, The Perfect Stable continue to argue that Rich should not have a math with special rules and Rich is still arguing that he should be the champion.  As they head to break, it is Gordon Solie who wonders if Lawler and Rich can get back on the same page for their tag title match Monday night against Mr. Saito and Killer Khan.








Gordon Solie gives a quick update on the wrestling spectacular to take place right here in Memphis on April 23rd.  The event is being billed as Memphis Roundhouse Revival and all USWA Champions will be in action.


Lance Russell continues to push USWA VOLUME #1 which is now available on VHS and is being offered for just $19.95.  This great video contains over 5 hours of non-stop action that includes matches with all your favorite superstars. 


Gordon Solie then “welcomes” in Sir Oliver Humperdink.  Humperdink is accompanied by Crusher Ottman.  Humperdink is talking very slowly and philosophically about the upcoming steel cage match between Ottman and Bam Bam Bigelow.  He is warning that there is no reason for Bigelow to even show up.  He says Bigelow is talented for a youngster but that is all he is and that Ottman is going to hurt him badly, real badly.  Humperdink tells Bigelow to watch the next match closely as Crusher is going to man handled two men at the same time and that taking on Bigelow alone will be no match for his monster.  Gordon Solie ends the interview with his normal, “Fair enough” as Humperdink and Ottman head to the ring.


MATCH:  Crusher Ottman vs Bruce Dean and Steve Travis.


This is a total squash match where Crusher Ottman just throws these two jobbers from pillar to post.  The end came after Crusher nailed Steve Travis with a running splash.  He then went over and flipped Bruce Dean into the ring.  He whipped Dean into the ropes and caught him in a massive Bearhug but then he quickly turned that into a Spinebuster.  He dragged Dean on top of Travis and pinned them both at the same time.  The match took a total of 1:48.

Gordon Solie was so impressed that he gave Ottman one of his “He is double tough” comments as they head to break.











This is a rather interesting match-up that showcased some of Cooley’s continued improvement.  He nailed Sweet Brown Sugar with a Superkick and almost gained a 3 count.  In the end, Sweet Brown Sugar aught Cooley on the chin with a lighting drop kick right to the chin and it was all over as ref Paul Morton made the three count. 


As the match ended, Ernie Ladd and Thunderbolt Patterson hit the ring and put a beating on Sweet Brown Sugar.  The hit him with everything but the kitchen sink including 3 hug Big Boots by Ernie Ladd.  Patterson than held Sugar as Ladd took off his boot and beat him over the head.  Sugar was busted wide open as officials and wrestlers rushed to his aid.  Sugar appeared to be hurt badly.  This was a similar beating to the one Ladd and Patterson gave to Hacksaw Reed last week.  Reed and Sugar are to face Ladd and Patterson at Memphis Roundhouse Revival on Monday.  That is, if they are able to.


Ladd and Patterson head to the interview desk where they get a scolding from Lance Russell.  Ladd quickly tells him to Shut Up and says that if weak dummies like Sweet Brown Sugar and Hacksaw Reed are stupid enough to get in the ring with them on Monday, it will result in more of the same.  Ladd and Patterson both take turns on the mic claiming that they are the ones on the right side of justice and that they are sick and tired of being kept down by the rednecks of Memphis like Jerry Jarrett and the Uncle Toms of the World like Sugar and Reed.  As they leave, the raise their fists in a sign of Black Power as the fans really let them half it.  Solie, who long ago had enough of this interview gives his uncaring, “Fair enough” as they head to break.  He also warns Ladd and Patterson that they better be careful.  They have had some success of late with their sneak attacks but they might have just stirred up a hornets nest with Reed and Sweet Brown Sugar.










Alexis Smirnoff and Kris Markov have no interest in winning this match.  Scott McGhee and Rick McGraw took the early advantage but then The Russians took complete control.  After Alexis Smirnoff connected with a Heart Punch on McGhee he could have gained the pin.  Instead, he just went to the corner and grabbed that steel chain that he brought to the ring.  He began to slam it into the back of McGhee over and over again as the ref called for the bell.  Markov also grabs the chain he brought to the ring and began to beat McGraw who had tried to help his partner.  The beating was so bad that TBS made the decision to censor the screen with a giant X.


The Russian Assassins head to the interview desk where they say that can’t believe how stupid Americans are and how do Buzz Sawyer and Hercules Hernandez expect to beat them in their own type of match, A Russian Chain Match.  They seem really confident and the fans seem concerned that they may be unstoppable.













Roddy Piper makes his way out to the set and sits in one of the two chairs that are there.  The Sheepherders follow Piper out and are standing behind him with their arms folded.  Piper calls out Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert and Sheri Martel and he fawns over Sheri for a few minutes.  Then he brings up the TNT Title Match at Memphis Roundhouse Revival where Gilbert will face Bill Dundee.  Gilbert says he can’t wait to get that little guy Dundee in the ring and it is going to be awesome to be the first ever TNT Champion.  Piper then brings up how the last time Dundee was in Memphis it was right here on the set up Piper’s Pit where he broke his leg.  He starts to laugh and recall how awesome that was.  He then turns the interview to Sherri and once again brings up here beauty but says Dundee has himself one fine babe also in that Amazon chick, Baby Doll.  Sherri goes nuts at this and says that Baby Doll better not get in the way Monday night.  Piper starts making Meow Sounds imitating a Cat fight.  Again Piper encourages Gilbert and too go out and finish off Dundee.











In a pretty long match, both wrestlers had their moments but in the end it Rock Riddle was the difference.  He distracted ref Paul Morton just long enough for Dirty Dutch to pull out some foreign object from his trunks and nail Kernodle.  He finished it up with a flying elbow smash as the ref turned back to the action and made the 3 count.  The crowd yelled and screamed about the dirty tactics but when the ref asked Dutch he denied it which left the ref with no choice but to raise his hand in victory.  Cpl. Kirchner came out to protect his Ft. Bragg Brother and confronted Dutch but cooler heads prevailed even though the crowd was hoping Kirchner would let Mantell have it.








“The Boy from New York City” comes dancing to the ring and high fifing everyone in sight.  He is on fire tonight and makes quick work of Steve Simpson after he connected with back to back bodyslams and followed that up with a running elbow drop. 

He goes to the interview desk where he is jiving about his upcoming World Title match with Austin Idol.  He is talking so fast and with so much energy that Gordon Solie begins to smile and seems like he knows Valiant is just a little crazy.  Solie asks him about the possible trouble between his two friends, Jerry Lawler and Tommy Rich and Valiant just says that they are family and everything will work itself out and he can’t wait to watch them make Sushi out of the Shogunate!  Again, Solie laughs and takes us to break.












This match combines two of the title matches in the upcoming Memphis Roundhouse Revival where the Fabulous Ones will challenge the Sheepherders for the USWA National Tag Championship and Piper will take on Atlas for the USWA National Heavyweight Title.  The heels enter the ring first to a chorus of boos but they don’t seem to care.  The Fabulous Ones dance their way to the ring and as the bell sounds, the brawl is on.  The match is wild from the get go and the Fabulous Ones and Atlas seem to be carrying the tempo.  It is hard for the Sheepherders to deal with the power of Atlas.  The Sheepherders are eventually able to use their quick tags and devious tactics to take control of the situation.  They have Atlas pinned in the corner but somehow he escapes and tags in Lane.  Next, we have a Pier 6 Brawl on hand where Ref jerry Calhoun has lost control.  He calls for the bell and disqualifies both teams but that does nothing to stop the fight.  Piper, once again, uses a low blow on Atlas and follows it up with a high knee life and a running bull dog on Atlas.  He then goes for the towel he has in the corner and then scurries out of the ring and is looking for something underneath the ring.  Again, he comes up with a spray bottle of some sort and sprays the towel.  Lane Russell is heard saying Piper is again spraying the white towel with ether.  Solie says that this is a bad situation but unfortunately we are out of time.  We will inform you of what happens here tomorrow night right here on WTBS at 5:05.  So long from Memphis, Tennessee.


The credits roll and the screen fades to black.

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Posted 21 April 2016 - 07:33 PM







The show opens with a VTR of last night’s Main Event that was not quite over before the show ended: 


Piper, once again, uses a low blow on Atlas and follows it up with a high knee life and a running bull dog on Atlas.  He then goes for the towel he has in the corner and then scurries out of the ring and is looking for something underneath.  Again, he comes up with a spray bottle of some sort and sprays the towel.  Lane Russell is heard saying Piper is again spraying the white towel with either.  Solie says that this is a bad situation but unfortunately we are out of time. 


The tape continues to show Piper about to place the towel over the face of Atlas as the Fab Ones and the Sheepherders brawl on the outside.  At the last second, Jerry Calhoun sees what is going on and grabs the towel from the hands of Piper.  Piper now argues with the ref and this gives Atlas time to recover.  He clocks Piper with a huge right hand and then whips him into the ropes and connects with a powerslam for the victory. 




“Yello again everybody.  Welcome to USWA Wrestling here on WTBS.  I am Lance Russell along with Gordon Solie. We are just one night away from Memphis Roundhouse Revival and tonight should be a wild ride. 


Lance Russell and Gordon Solie welcome fans to the Sunday night show on WTBS and they both put over the ending to the match we just saw.  Next, they give a rundown of what’s instore for the fans tonight and they head right to the ring for the night’s first match.





Solie discusses the upcoming match between these members of the House of Humperdink and the Russian Assassins, Alexis Smirnoff and Chris Markov on Monday night. Lance Russell pushes the idea of how dangerous this could be for all men as it is a Russian Chain Match. 


As for the match it is one sided and comes to an end when Buzz Sawyer nails Bruce Dean with a monster powerslam. 


Sir Oliver Humperdink and his men head to the interview desk were it is obvious that they are all crazy.  Hercules Hernandez starts to hit Buzz Sawyer with his steel chain and all the Mad Dog can do is laugh.  Humperdink is telling the Russian Assassins that they better watch this and think again about showing up Monday night.  He continues to push the idea how his men love pain.  They love to feel it and love to inflict it even more.  Gordon is looking at them like they are completely nuts.  It is the one time that the House of Humperdink has the backing of the crowd but even they seem to wonder how stable these guys are. 










As for the match, Hacksaw Reed just destroys the Nightmare.  The end came when Reed nearly took off the Nightmare’s head with a Short-Armed Clothesline.  Reed heads right to the interview desk but he is looking very angry.


He begins by asking Solie to replay the incident from last night where Ladd and Patterson beat his partner, Sweet Brown Sugar with a boot.  Solie obliges as the fans watch the tape from last night’s show.

Reed continues to talk about how last week, it was he who Ladd and Patterson attacked and now it was his partner.  He goes on to say that Sweet Brown Sugar spent last night in the hospital and his ability to wrestle on Monday is in question.

This brings out Ladd and Patterson who are full of smiles. They seem really excited about their work on Sugar last night and the beating they gave Reed a week ago.  In fact, Reed still has the Band-Aids on his temple as a reminder. 


Ladd and Patterson begin by saying that it will be fun to beat Reed again on Monday night in their Handicap Match.

 Lance Russell wonders what they are talking about.  It is a tag team match and not a handicap match.  Ladd starts saying NO NO NO!  You must be as dumb as you look Russell.  This big dummy over to my left just said Sweet Brown Sugar might not be able to wrestle on Monday so that makes it a Handicap Match.  Gordon Solie says that due to the injury which they happened to cause, I am sure Butch Reed will be able to use a replacement.

Again Ladd begins, NO NO NO!  I have a copy of the contract right here and right here it says that there will be NO SUBSTITUTE WRESTLERS.  The muscle bound dope over here is in for the beating of his life on Monday.  Ladd and Patterson raise their fist in a sign of black power and laugh all the way back to the locker room.


Reed seems just a little concerned but he vows to honor the contract by himself if Sweet Brown Sugar is unable to wrestle on Monday.












This match gives us a glimpse of what is to come Monday night.  The World Champions, Rich and Lawler, will take on the Shogunate and Ft. Bragg Brotherhood will face The Kansas Jayhawks. This is a long and drawn out match that gives each wrestler and team a chance to showcase their talent and their signature moves but it is the World Champions who seem to be off their game.  Maybe this is caused by the friction between the two when Jerry Jarrett named Wildfire the #1 contender for the World Title and not Jerry Lawler.  The end came after some hectic moments of 4 on 4.  Rich and Saito were the legal men in the ring but Killer Khan blinded Rich with the Asian Green Mist.  This allowed Saito to hook in a Saito Suplex and went for the cover.  It appeared that Lawler saw this and could have easily made the save but turned his back and played to the crowd.  When the bell rang, signaling the defeat of his team, he turned around and looked surprised that Rich was just pinned. 

Solie and Russell wonder what that was all about but then push it off by saying Lawler must not have seen the suplex by Saito.  They hope the champs will get back on the same page by tomorrow night. 






The crowd explodes when we come out of the commercial break as one of their favorites, Superstar Dundee has returned to Memphis.  He has been wrestling in TNT but has a title match tomorrow night in the Mid-South Coliseum.  He is joined by the one and only Perfect 10, Baby Doll.


Lance Russell welcomes him back and tells him to listen to the crowd and says how much they really love you.  Dundee goes to say it is great to be back but he is really enjoying himself in TNT which he reminds everybody is part of the great USWA.  He spends the next few minutes talking about how he can’t wait for tomorrow night where he will face that punk Eddie Gilbert with the winner becoming the first ever TNT champion. 


He also says that he has a huge match on Tuesday night in the Sportatorium for the USWA World Title against either Austin Idol or his good friend Jimmy Valiant.  He reminds the fans that it can all be seen right here on WTBS.


The crowd begins to boo as Rowdy Roddy Piper comes out.  Piper begins, “Well, Well, well, the dwarf of Australia has come back to Memphis!  He goes on to ask Dundee how his leg is feeling and he reminds everyone that a few months ago on Piper’s Pit, he broke Dundee’s leg.  He then jokes that Dundee looks even shorter after it was broke. 


Dundee gets right in his face but Baby Doll tells him to relax.  She goes on to say that they should never let a guy in a SKIRT get to them!  Piper goes nuts screaming about how dumb they are and that is a Scottish kilt.  Now it is Baby Doll’s time to laugh and she comes back and says that with Piper’s puny legs he shouldn’t be wearing a skirt or a kilt.  Piper now gets in Baby Doll’s face but she is almost daring him to hit her.

All of a sudden, Sheri Martel and Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert come out and now everyone is jarring back and forth.  Tony Atlas now joins Dundee and gets right in the face of Piper.  From there the Sheepherders and the Fabulous Ones come out.  All of the combatants from Monday night are jarring with their opponents.  All of a sudden, Sheri hauls off and nails Baby Doll.  She turns and these two begin to go at it.  The crowd goes wild as the two beautiful, strong women are in the middle of an all-out cat fight.  Martel hold the skill advantage but Baby Doll is huge at 5’9, 190.  She just seems to overpower Martel and winds up with a huge haymaker.  Just then, the other 8 wrestlers stop what they are doing and quickly pull Martel and Baby Doll apart.


For once in Memphis, it looks like the show will end without a chaotic brawl but the tensions are really hot.  Again, Russell and Solie push Memphis Roundhouse Revival as Solie says, So long from Memphis.



The Credits roll as the wrestlers are still yelling back and forth.  The screen fades to black.

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Posted 23 April 2016 - 07:32 PM









“Yello again everybody.  Welcome to MEMPHIS ROUNDHOUSE REVIVAL and USWA Wrestling here on WTBS.  I am Lance Russell along with Gordon Solie. This is the second prime time special here on WTBS and it is going to be amazing.  We have a jam packed show tonight so let’s get right to the ring.”





Now these are two big men going out it as both Ottman and Bigelow are over 380 pounds.  This feud has been boiling for a few weeks now but so far Ottman has always come out on top.  The reason it is in a cage is of course, Sir Oliver Humperdink who can’t seem to not get involved.


As for the match, the crowd really loves to see these two throw each other into the steal and watch it buckle under their weight.  The match is full of huge moves that has the crowd excited from the get go.  After about 10 minutes, Ottman seemed to take control and caught Bigelow in a Bearhug and than ran him back first into the cage.  Bigelow was in trouble but somehow rolled out of the way of Ottman’s running splash.  As both men staggered to their feet, the crowd was awed at Bigelow’s agility as he caught Ottman with an Ensuiguri Kick.  Ottman was in serious trouble as Bigelow climbed to the top rope.  He looked up at the top of the cage and seemed to think for a moment and thought better of the climb.  Instead he connected with a Moonsault off the top rope.  The crowd went wild as Bigelow asked ref Jerry Calhoun to open the cage door.  With confidence and Ottman still out on the mat, Bigelow walked through the door for the victory. 


A great match that had the crowd going wild and Humperdink angry at his man.  The only problem was that this was the first match of the night and now there was a short break to take down the cage.  Bigelow did his best to entertain the crowd by doing an interview with Gordon Solie and then running laps around the ring and up and down the aisles giving high fives to the fans.  He actually got the crowd so into it that they started doing the wave!







(Winner will get a USWA Tag Title shot on Next TNT Show)


While these are not wrestlers who are part of the USWA roster, they are no strangers to Memphis.  The crowd is a bit torn as they are used to rooting for Brody and The Dream Machine but they are also used to hating Cash and Hansen. 

In terms of support both teams get about 50 percent but as for the match it is a wild brawl from beginning to end.  There seemed to be as much action outside the ring as there was in it.  Each team had their ups and downs and it was really entertaining for all involved.  The end came with Dream and Brody brawling on the outside and the legal men, Cash and Hansen going at it inside the ring.  Hansen ducked under a huge clothesline from Cash and came off the ropes with his own Lariat that nearly took the head off of Cash.  That was all that was probably needed but he scooped up Cash and slammed him to the mat with a powerbomb.  At the same time, Brody was able to catch Dream Machine with a Mauling Knee Smash that left Dream unable to make the save on his partner as Hansen got the three count. 

Lance Russell puts over the match and says, “This win guarantees Brody and Hansen a USWA Tag Title Match tomorrow night in the Sportatorium against the winners of Rich and Lawler against Saito and Khan.”  Brody and Hansen come over for a quick word and say it doesn’t matter, they will crush either team.







Pvt. Kernodle and Cpl. Kirchner recently took offense to Dirty Dutch and Bobby Jaggers saying that they are cowards are not worthy of the Army tags they have given themselves.  Riddle continued to say that if they were true heroes they would be still be in the Army and not hiding here pretending to be heroes.


As for the match, it was pretty even until “Dirty” Dutch lived up to his name and raked the eyes of Kernodle.  While ref Paul Morton was admonishing him for this, Riddle pulled the legs of Kirchner off the apron which caused him to hit his head on the concrete floor.  With Kirchner out, Jaggers and Dutch used some quick and dirty double team tactics to gain control.  Dutch thought he had Kernodle right where he wanted as he picked him up by his hair.  It looked like Dutch was going for a neckbreaker but Kernodle slipped out of it.  It was now his turn for an eye rake.  He quickly rolled up Dutch with an inside cradle for the 1…2..3.


Riddle was beside himself as he complaining about the eye rake.  Paul Morton just waved his hands at Riddle and was heard saying, “Are you kidding.   Did you watch the math at all?”  By now, Kirchner had recovered enough to join in the celebration with Kernodle.


In a quick interview with Solie, the Ft. Bragg Brotherhood said they take great pride in the time they spent in the service and that they would do anything for this country.  If the Kansas Jayhawks or anyone else has anything to say, they have no problem settling the dispute in the squared circle.









This match is to crown the first ever TNT Champion but the crowd is as interested in seeing if Baby Doll and Sheri Martel go at it again.  Hot Stuff by Donna Summers blares as Gilbert makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos.  These Memphis fans really love their Superstar.

The match is high energy with a lot of back and forth action.  Baby Doll and Sheri encourage their men but for the most part stay out of the match.  That is until Sheri tripped Dundee after an Irish Whip.  Baby Doll rushed over and got right on the face of Sheri and for some reason, ref Paul Morton got distracted.  Dundee was just getting to his feet from the trip when Gilbert reached into his trunks for something.  It looked like a roll of quarters and as Dundee turned, WHAM…….  Gilbert nailed him.  Gilbert covered Dundee as Paul Morton turned back to the action.  Morton slapped the mat for the count of three as Lance Russell announced, “We have our first ever TNT Champion….  Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert.







A great return match here in the Mid-South Coliseum.  Atlas won last month to unify the National and Southern Titles and Piper has been hounding Mr. USA all of the USWA ever sense.  As always, Piper gets the crowd going by just the site of his face.  The bagpipes, the kilt and the swagger set off the Mid-South Coliseum as he struts to the ring.

Those jeers quickly turn to cheers with the appearance of Tony Atlas who is wearing the belt around his waist.  As the match begins, Piper does everything to stay away from the powerful Atlas.  This hide and go seek game has the fans annoyed as they want to see Piper beaten to a pulp.  Atlas also seemed to lose some patients as he rushed in too quickly and got caught with a low blow.  Piper used this to his advantage for about the next 8 minutes.  Atlas then somehow became Super Human and nothing Piper did to him bothered him.  He shrugged off blow after blow until he just went wild and gave the fans the beating that they were waiting for.  After a few minutes of this, Piper threw Atlas into ref Jerry Calhoun and they banged heads and each went down. 

Piper now took the opportunity to get his white towel and again, he went under the ring to pull out the ether bottle.  He gave it a big spray as Atlas started to make his way to his feet.  Atlas again saw what was going on as he did on TV the other day.  As Piper came after him with the ether soaked towel, Atlas ducked away and wound up for a wild haymaker.  This time it was Piper who was ready.  He blocked the punch, hit Atlas with another low blow and now wrapped the towel around the mouth and nose of Atlas.  It was only seconds before Atlas was out.  Piper now helped ref Jerry Calhoun to his feet and covered Atlas for the pin attempt.


Piper jumped wildly around the ring as Calhoun handed him the belt as Lance Russell announced “the winner and new USWA National Heavyweight Champion…..  Rowdy Roddy Piper.  Piper grabs the belt as heads over to Russel and Solie where they both admonish his tactics and say that was completely unfair.  Piper plays dumb and says he won the match fair and square and that everyone in Memphis is just jealous of his superior ability.  The boos rained down in the Mid-South Coliseum as Piper begins his long night of celebration. 








Lance Russell says that the next match shows you that in 1984 anyone who wrestles the Russians are the fan favorites.  He continues to say that this will be the first time that the crowd has ever been behind the House of Humperdink.


Gordon Solie goes through what led up to this match and how another Russian, Korstia Korchenko used to be a member of the House of Humperdink but that he and Sir Oliver did not get along and this brutal Russian Chain match is the result of the animosity between the two groups.  Solie continues by explaining the rules of the match are that all 4 men will be chained together by a 15 foot steel chain and they only way you win is by dragging your opponents to all four corners of the ring.


As the Russians hit the ring in their red singlets with the Hammer and Sickle on it and waving the Russian flag, the fans are out for blood.  Just the opposite occurs as Humperdink leads Buzz Sawyer and Hercules Hernandez to the ring.  Sawyer and Hernandez could care less about the fans but are ready for a wild match.


Ref Jerry Calhoun locks the 4 men into the chain and the War is on!  Just as you would expect in such a match, all 4 men are using the chain with reckless abandon and all 4 are wearing a Crimson Mask of blood soon after the start.  The end comes after Hercules Hernandez nails Kris Markov with the chain and he is down.  Sawyer and Hernandez than double team Smirnoff for a few minutes until Hernandez puts him in the Backbreaker Rack.  Sawyer then wraps the chain around his face and climbs to the top rope.  He connects with a Frog Splash on Smirnoff who in a wild move is flipped out of the Backbreaker Rack onto the matt and his face is teaming blood.  Hernandez and Sawyer copy the same double team move on Markov and then they each drag a member of the Iron Curtain around the ring as ref Jerry Calhoun counts.






The crowd goes wild as the Russians have taken the beating of a lifetime!  Sawyer actually looks at the crowd like this is something he could get used to.








This match has turned into a handicap match as Sweet Brown Sugar is still in the hospital due to the beating he receive by Ladd and Cash this week.  Hacksaw Reed is going to give it his best shot but a 2-1 match against the likes Ernie Ladd and Thunderbolt Patterson seems like a tall task.

As for the match, Reed gives it all he has and is in control of the match for the first 5 or 6 minutes and even came close to a pin after a short armed clothesline nearly took off Ladd’s head.  Eventually the numbers game got to Reed and he was in serious trouble.  Reed was taking some serious damage including a few Big Boots from Ladd.  Reed was so delirious at one point he seemed to go to his corner and reach for a tag even though nobody was there.  He then just fall flat on his face.  Ladd and Patterson punished Reed really badly.


All of a sudden the crowd erupts as Sweet Brown Sugar, with his head bandaged and with a crutch hits the ring and starts swinging like a wild man.  Ref Jerry Calhoun immediately calls for the bell and DQ’s Reed and Sugar but Ladd and Patterson beat a hasty retreat.  Sugar helps Reed to his feet and the two embrace.  Sweet Brown Sugar has truly endeared himself to the USWA fans.


Reed and Sugar head to the interview desk where Reed says he can’t believe the courage of the man to his right.  He goes on to say that he was in the hospital and under doctor’s orders not to wrestle but he saved my butt tonight without any thought of his own health.  He goes on to tell Sweet Brown Sugar that he owes him one and again they embrace.







This was everything that was expected of this match.  From the wild entrances of both teams to the action inside and outside of the ring.  You could just feel the hatred between these teams.  After about 25 minutes of craziness, the Sheepherders had Stan Lane trapped in their corner and were really working him over good.  Steve Keirn couldn’t take it anymore and rushed the ring but ref Paul Morton stopped him and forced him back to his corner. This gave Butch Williams the chance to grab the New Zealand flag and ram the butt of the pole into the throat of Lane.  Keirn saw this and rushed back in but again, Morton pushed him back out.  Williams continued to use the flag pole as a weapon as he saw that Morton was still distracted. Lane was writhing in pain as Morton turned around and Williams pretended to be only waving the flag pole.  Morton now admonished him and got rid of the “weapon.”  While this was going on, Keirn crawled on the outside of the ring to Lane and pulled him out and rolled himself, face down,  into the ring. Butch Williams and Ref Paul Morton never saw this and when Miller went to pick up Lane he was surprised by Keirn and an inside cradle for the 3 count.  He quickly rolled out of the ring to Lane and begin to celebrate before anyone could figure it out.


The fans and the Fab Ones celebrate the victory as again, Lance Russell announces we have new champions.  The Fabulous Ones are the new USWA National Tag Team Champions.


They both head over to Gordon Solie who asks Keirn about that last move and Keirn kind of just smiled at him.  Solie finished with “Fair enough” as the Fabulous Ones walk off set.


Lance Solie puts over the next upcoming World Title Match between the champ, Austin Idol and Jimmy Valiant.







As we have come out of break, Jerry Jarrett is on set as Lance Russell welcomes him to show.  Lance Russell informs the audience that Mr. Jarrett has a very important announcement.


Jarrett thanks Lance and informs the fans that unfortunately due to circumstances out of his control, Jimmy Valiant is not in the arena.  The fans start to moan as Austin Idol and Rock Riddle now appear on set.  They go on about how they knew Valiant was a coward and they knew he wouldn’t show up to face the Perfect Champion.  Riddle says well Idol will enjoy a night off and they start to walk off set. 


Jarrett announces that Valiant was in a minor car accident and was sent to the hospital but he will be fine in a day or two. He then asks Idol and Riddle to hold a minute and that it will not be a night off.  In fact, he says that he has found the “Perfect” replacement for Valiant.  He goes on to say that this person is an icon to the wrestling industry here in Tennessee.


The crowd begins to chant, “Law-ler, Law-ler, Law-ler.


Jarrett informs the crowd that Lawler would be a wonderful replacement but that there are rules to this procedure.  He informs Idol, Riddle and the crowd that it is none other than Henderson, Tennessee Native and #1 Contender, Tommy “Wildfire” Rich who will replace Jimmy Valiant.


Riddle and Idol begin to protest but it is the crowd at the Mid-South Coliseum who are really upset and they let Jarrett have it.  Lawler comes out to a huge ovation and he can’t believe that Rich has accepted the match.  He goes on to say that Rich and I have a World Tag Title Defense tonight against Mr. Saito and Killer Khan and how can Rich do both.  Jarrett guarantees Lawler that he spoke to Tommy and that Tommy ensured him he could do both and that you would be okay with it.  Lawler just shakes his head and walks off set.  Jarrett orders Idol and Riddle to the ring and the ring announcer calls out Wildfire.


The fans are really letting Rich have it and he seems really surprised.  As for the match it is a long and drawn out match that almost goes the 30 minute time limit.  Both wrestlers have given everything they have.  The legs of Rich really took a beating as he was trapped in the Las Vegas Leglock for about 5 minutes and Idol and Riddle used the ropes and each other for extra leverage.  Rich refused to submit.  He was finally able to break the hold broken as he reached the ropes.  He stumbles around for a few more minutes as he tried to get his legs under him but you could tell he was in trouble.  Idol backs him into the corner and starts throwing haymakers. Somehow Rich answers each blow with a blow of his own.  His heart has won back some of the crowd. The end came when Rich ducks under a clothesline and comes off the ropes and nails Idol with a Lou Thesz Press.  Ref Jerry Calhoun makes the 3 count as Riddle and Idol and in shock.  The camera closes in on Idol’s face and you can almost see a smirk of admiration for what Rich just accomplished.  Fans need to remember that these two have a long history and most of that was as allies.  Idol seems almost happy that if he had to lose, that it was to Rich.


For the fourth time tonight, Lance Russell is announcing a new champion.  This time it is for the USWA World Title!


Rich goes over to Gordon Solie who really seems excited and Rich thanks him and then he guarantees the fans that he is ready for his next match but they seem concerned as he is still having trouble walking.








It is right back to the ring for Wildfire as Gordon Solie wonders if he and Lawler can get back on the same page.  The Memphis fans are really angry with Rich but he can be forgiven with a good showing here.  It is quickly apparent that they will not be the case.  Rich is so worn out from the match with Idol that he has nothing in the tank.  Lawler did his best to carry the match but he also begins to be worn out by Saito and Khan. 

When Lawler tagged Rich into the match, he had nothing.  He was being beaten from pillar to post and was lucky that Lawler made save after save.  Lawler finally had enough and went wild clearing the ring by himself but he was soon forced out of the ring by ref Paul Morton. 

Somehow Wildfire made a tag and again Lawler carried the match.  He came close to pinning Killer Khan after a top rope fist drop but Saito made the save.  Khan and Lawler began to double team The King and Rich never even made it into the ring to help his partner.  He was draped over the ropes with his head down.  Khan chopped away at Lawler and finally Saito came in and connected with 3 straight Suplexes.  Lawler managed to kick out at 2 ½ each time

Saito became frustrated that Lawler kept kicking out so he began to fire away with huge Judo chops followed by the Prison Lock which is a Kneeling Figure 4.  Lawler refused to submit and the fans kept trying to encourage him but he was trapped in the center of the ring.  He was trapped for about 5 minutes and the fans began to worry of permanent damage to their hero.  The fans were screaming at Rich to get in there but Rich was unable to do anything.  Next, he made a decision that will make him a heel in Memphis for a long time.  He decided to throw in the white towel.  The ref took a moment to understand what had happened and so did Saito.  Finally the ref called for the bell and raised the hand of Saito.  Saito finally realized they had won and released the hold.  Rich wobbles into the ring and tries to help Lawler but Lawler wants nothing of it. He is furious.  

Khan and Saito celebrate in the ring as Lance Russell announces for the 5th time tonight we have new champions.  Saito and Khan are the new USWA World Tag Team Champions but it is not them who the fans are upset with.  It is Wildfire Rich who needs security to help him get back to the locker room as the fans are belting him with anything they can launch.


The crowd is really becoming unruly and looks to be on the verge of rioting as Gordon Sole says so long from the Mid-South Coliseum.  Rich is seen smiling and pointing to his new World Title.



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Posted 24 April 2016 - 03:04 PM

Two things...


1. I think I have your roster up to date. I know there will be more changes over the next week, but I think it is where it needs to be right now...


2. I have to give you MAJOR UPS for what you have done here. You are doing a LOT of work and it is coming together great. I like what you have done with the stars and I look forward to where it will go in the future.  I have my USWA favorites and they still do some serious work in an ocean of talent. I know you and I have talked about some joint plans and I think that what you have done is a great benchmark.


I want to relate it to real life. In our world, the USWA has taken over the "WWF" role in the world of wrestling. The rest of us are doing our Territory thing while you have the one promotion trying to do the national thing. You are making great strides like the rest of us and I sincerely applaud you hard work!

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Posted 26 April 2016 - 01:15 PM

I agree with the statements above. The expansion has been working really well, and the amount of effort can be seen in everything you've been doing. The angle's have been super fun to read and the major events that happen on the bigger shows give those a special feeling. I've really enjoyed seeing the rise of the USWA, and it's continuing expansion. 

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Posted 26 April 2016 - 01:54 PM

Thank you guys for the kind words.  I am really enjoying this on all fronts especially reading what you guys produce.

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The show opens with a VTR Tommy Rich winning the World Title over Austin Idol and then a second tape of Rich and Lawler losing the World Titles to the Shogunate. 


“Hello again everybody.  Welcome to USWA Wrestling here on WTBS.  I am Gordon Solie and we have a jam packed show tonight.


Gordon Solie welcome Wildfire Rich to the set and as Tommy comes to the set, it is obvious that he has something on his mind.  Gordon congratulations him on winning the World Title but he goes on and also reminds the fans that just after that victory, Tommy and Jerry the King Lawler lost the World Tag Titles to Mr. Saito and Killer Khan.  Tommy shakes his head and is obviously upset.  He is talking low and dejectedly.  He goes on to say he would just like to say he is sorry to the fans of Memphis and to his great buddy Jerry Lawler.  He takes full blame for losing the Tag titles and says he hopes Jerry Lawler can forgive him.


Gordon Solie makes the fans day when he says “tonight our Main Event will be the rematch for the USWA World Tag Team Titles.  It will be Jerry Lawler and Wildfire Rich vs Mr. Saito and Killer Khan.  Tommy Rich is still just shaking his head and says he doesn’t think Lawler is even going to show up tonight.


The fans in Atlanta notice that Lawler is now coming to the set and they erupt because they know that there main event will now take place.  Lawler begins by saying “How big it is of you to take responsibility for the tag lose.”  Wildfire again says he is sorry and he will do everything in his power to regain those tag titles.  Lawler just shakes his head.  “You dumb hick!  Can’t you tell sarcasm when you hear it.  What you did last Monday night was the most selfish act I have ever seen.  I will NEVER be your partner again.  Last week I was upset that you were named the #1 contender to the World Title because I knew you were going to beat Idol and then it would bother me when I took the title from you because we were friends.  Now it is going to my pleasure taking that belt from a punk like you.  Wildfire now begins to fight back as Solie tries to keep order.  Rich continues about how he made a mistake but if you can’t get over one mistake then you’re not half the man I thought you were.  He continues by saying that you might be the King of Memphis but here in Atlanta GA, I am the King and if you think I am just going to bow down and kiss your stinking feet, you got another thing coming. 


Lawler responds, “There is just one more thing.”  WHAM!


Lawler sucker punches Rich and walks off set.  Rich looks dejectedly at the ground. As they head to break, it is Gordon Solie who wonders if Lawler and Rich can get back on the same page for tonight’s main event.


------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------


Gordon Solie gives a rundown of tonight’s show and gives a quick review on the wrestling spectacular that took place in Memphis on April 23rd  before welcoming in the Sir Oliver Humperdink and his “House.”  Solie notices that Humperdink is joined by Buzz Sawyer and Hercules Hernandez but not Crusher Ottman who was beaten last Monday by Bam Bam Bigelow.  Solie mentions this to Humperdink who goes on the tell Solie “How smart you must be to state the obvious.”  He goes on to say that he is done with the fat tube of garbage Ottman.  How can he allow some worthless piece of garbage that can’t even beat Bigelow in his stable.   He continues on by saying that he is in search of new stable members and has a mega deal in the works.  He tells Solie to watch the destruction that is about to take place in the ring. 


MATCH:  Hercules Hernandez with Sir Oliver Humperdink vs Brett Wayne


This is a total squash match where Hercules just throws Wayne from pillar to post.  The end comes after Wayne frantically submits after being tortured in the Backbreaker Rack.  The ref continues to call for the bell but Hernandez refuses to release the hold.  It goes on and on until finally the ref reverses his decision and declares Wayne the winner.  This means little to Hernandez and Humperdink.  Humperdink is heard screaming “break him in half.”


Buzz Sawyer hits the ring and the fans think that Wayne is in for more torture but Mad Dog goes completely berserk on Hernandez.  Crusher Ottman hits the scene and does the same to Humperdink.  The beatings go on for quite some time until Hernandez and Humperdink escape to the locker room.

Sawyer helps Wayne to his feet and gives him an embrace.  The crowd is confused.  Ottman puts his hand out to Sawyer who looks at it for a minute before shaking it.  The three then head to the interview desk.


Sawyer grabs the mic and just begins screaming, “I told you.  I told you.  Anybody else!  Anybody else.”  Solie asks Sawyer to explain.  Sawyer goes on to say that family is family and he told Humperdink not to do what he just did.  Solie again seems confused and asks for more information.  Buzz goes on to say that this is his younger brother and that Humperdink was told to go easy on him.  Solie and the fans are in shock and they feel sorry for Sawyer and his brother.  Ottman goes on to say that if the Sawyers will allow it, he would like to help them rid wrestling of Humperdink.  They all shake hands as the Atlanta fans can’t believe that Sawyer is on their side now.  WOW!  What will the champ think about this one?


------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------



As we come out of break, we again see Tommy Rich at the interview desk.  Tommy informs us that we he went back to the locker room to again try and patch things up with Lawler but Lawler had already left the building. 


All of a sudden, Eddie Graham walks on to the set.   Gordon Solie welcomes Graham to the USWA.  These two have a great working relationship due to Solie’s time in Championship Wrestling from Florida.  Eddie thanks Gordon and says he has two huge announcements.  First, he tells everyone that Jerry Jarrett and the USWA have parted ways.  He then goes on to announce that he will be the new temporary President of the USWA and that he is so excited to be a part of the newest and brightest wrestling organization around.


Gordon Solie seems surprised but is excited.  He then asks if that is why he is solo tonight and that Lance Russell is not here.  Graham informs him that there will be a lot of changes here in the USWA.  Those changes will include roster changes, personal changes and venue changes.  He tells the fans throughout Florida, Alabama and Georgia to get ready for the best wrestling show in the business.  He says the USWA has nothing but respect for Mr. Jerry Jarrett and they wish him well and hope that they can continue together in some form of a working relationship.


Graham goes on and talks about the second big announcement.  He says he heard that Jerry Lawler has left the studio and that Tommy Rich should not be punished for Lawler’s actions and neither should the fans in studio or at home be punished.  He says there will be a WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH RIGHT HERE TONIGHT!


Rich asks Graham who his partner will be and Graham goes over to Wildfire and whispers into his ear and a smile from ear to ear comes across Rich’s face.


The fans are all a buzz and these announcements and wonder who Tommy will be partner with tonight.


------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------




Gordon Solie is excited and puts over newcomer Mike Graham in a big way and says he knows Mike well from his days announcing in Florida and tells the fans they are in for a treat.

As for the match it is pretty long and drawn out with a lot of technical moves.  After a while, Ted Allen tired of this style and tried surprising Mike with an uppercut in the corner.  Graham ducked under this and then decided what was good for the goose was good for the gander and went wild on Allen.  The end comes when Graham put Allen into the Figure 4 and forced the submission.

Graham went over to Solie and said how wonderful it was to be here in the USWA.

------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------



Piper’s Pit with Special Guests:  Eddie Graham





Roddy Piper makes his way out to the set and sits in one of the two chairs that are there.  The Sheepherders follow Piper out and are standing behind him with their arms folded.  Piper has his USWA NATIONAL TITLE around his waist as a VTR begins to play.  It is of Piper winning the belt last week over Tony Atlas but it is a doctored tape and only shows the legal things Piper did and the ref making the 3 count.  It leaves out him using the ether soaked towel to knock out Atlas. 

Piper then goes on to say that this next guest was not scheduled but has demanded that he come on to Piper’s Pit tonight.  Piper continues by saying once you win the title everyone wants to come up to you and shake your hand.


Eddie Graham comes out and Piper is being phony to his new boss right away.  Graham tells Piper to pipe down and this will be quick.  First of all, Eddie says that he disagrees with the tactics Piper is using and he better change his ways.  Graham also demands that Piper wrestle Tony Atlas right here on WTBS tomorrow night and if Piper is disqualified for any reason, he will lose the belt.  Graham than proceeds to walk of set and Piper is furious and is muttering to himself.  It is the first time Piper has been at a loss for words and is duped on his own Piper’s Pit.


------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------



MATCH:  Hacksaw Butch Reed s Wendell Cooley


While the fans are really behind Reed, by the end of this one the crowd almost felt sorry for the rookie Wendell Cooley.  Reed hit him with ever major move you could think of before ending it was a Gorilla Press Slam. The match took less than 3 minutes but it must have felt like an eternity to Cooley. 


Reed makes his way to Solie and he is in a foul mood.  He is yelling about how he is sick and tired of Ernie Ladd and anyone stupid enough to follow him.  He demands a match against Ladd right here tomorrow night with Ladd.  All of a sudden Ron Fuller appears and agrees with Reed and tells him that he will sanction any type of match for tonight and asks Reed what he wants. 



Reed thinks a minute before shooting out…. Taped Fist Match! 


The crowd begins to stir as Ernie Ladd comes to the set.


“So punk, you want a taped fist match!  You got it you big dumb muscled bound nothing.  I am 6’9 and I will pound you into the ground.  The two get into each other’s faces but cooler heads prevail. 



------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------


Match: The Sheepherders vs Ricky Gibson and Rick McGraw


The Sheepherders, fresh off of losing the National Tag Titles, really put it on Gibson and McGraw.  The match is brutal from beginning to end and the fans are amazed that the Fabulous Ones beat them.


After the match, the Sheepherders head to the interview desk where they are pacing and screaming about how the Fabulous Ones cheated and they don’t know who they messed with.  Solie takes a risk here and asks the Sheepherders if they have ever broken the rules.  Both Williams and Miller threaten Solie and really let him have it verbally.


------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------







Mr. Saito & Killer Khan vs Tommy Wildfire Rich & A Mystery Partner


The champs are first to enter the ring and they are very confident and let the fans have it on the way to the ring.  The fans seem really excited for this one and give it right back to them. 


Wildfire comes to the ring next and he is alone.  The Shogunate begin to close in before the bell but all of a sudden there is a ROAR form the crowd.  Gordon Solie is hear saying, And it looks like… yes…. It is indeed… “THE AMERICAN DREAM DUSTY” RHODES!


The Shogunate quickly back pedal to the corner and are in complete shock!  The bell sounds and it is Wildfire and Saito who are the legal men as Dusty stomps on the apron to get the crowd going even more.  It was this energy that carried Rich and Dusty to have most of the momentum in the early part of the match. 


This momentum changed as Saito was able to catch Dusty off guard with a huge chop to the forehead.  It was now the villains turn to take control.  They used some nasty double team moves to put Dusty in a bad way.  Khan tagged in Saito and Saito grabbed Dusty by the arms.  Khan spins around and goes to spray The Asian Green Mist into the eyes of Dusty but he ducks under and Khan actually sprays Saito.  Dusty turns and nails Saito with a Bionic Elbow which had Saito stumbling.  Dusty leans out and tags in Rich who hits the ropes and nails Saito with a Lou Thesz Press and goes for the cover.  As the ref begins the count Khan rushes over.


WHAM…… Dusty hits Khan with another Bionic Elbow as the ref counts 3!



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The show opens with a VTR of last night’s Main Event that shows Dusty Rhodes and Tommy Rich winning the USWA World Tag Team Titles. 



“Hello again everybody.  Welcome to USWA Wrestling here on WTBS.  I am Gordon Solie and we have a jammed packed hour so let’s get right to it. 


 Solie goes on to explain that on last night’s show, Lawler sucker punched Tommy Rich and stormed off.  Solie continues to say that Lawler has returned to Memphis and will once again be working for Jerry Jarrett but that he also has unfinished business here.  Solie explains that he is about to show a videotaped message sent by Lawler to USWA wrestling from his home in Memphis, Tennessee.






Lawler goes on to say that how wonderful it is to be back to the real home of Professional Wrestling.  Memphis, Tennessee!  He goes on to say that he doesn’t wish to return to any of those hick towns that Eddie Graham has planned for USWA Wrestling.  He goes on to make jokes about Lakeland, Florida, Marietta, Georgia and Dothan, Alabama.


He really gets going on Dothan and the Arena there, The Farm Center! The Farm Center were men are men and the farm animals are afraid! 


He then turns his attention to that insecure coward, Tommy Rich!  What a baby.  What a quitter.  Lawler goes on to call Rich every name in the book.  He ends by announcing that he has no real interest to return to USWA but of course he is the King of Wrestling and oh by the way, he is still the #1 contender for the World Championship so he will be back to claim what is rightfully his. 


Solie announces that he will be joined by the American Dream Dusty Rhodes and Tommy Wildfire Rich right after this break.


----------------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK ---------------------------------------





Rhodes and Rich walk out to huge applause.  Rhodes has the Tag Belt around his waist while Rich has both the Tag Title and World Title over his shoulders. 


Gordon begins by first welcoming The American Dream back to Atlanta and to USWA Wrestling and then he congratulated them both on their victory over Saito and Khan.


Rhodes thanks Gordon and says how wonderful it is to back in HOTLANTA BABY!  He goes on to thank Eddie Graham for bringing him in and talks about how excited he is to be teaming up with Wildfire!


Gordon smiles at Dusty’s excitement and turns the attention to Rich and asks him what he thinks about the message they just saw from Jerry Lawler.  Rich says that it is unfortunate but it is Lawler’s decision to run away.  It is Lawler’s fault for being jealous and Rich explains that Dusty has brought new life into him and he is so excited to be teaming with The AMERICAN DREAM and that he will deal with Lawler later.


Rich is now firrrreeed UP!  He says Lawler is the baby and a coward.  He is the one who has run away. King?  Seems more like a big Queen to me and he can’t wait to meet Lawler in the ring.


Rhodes finishes by telling Rich that “I got your back and that I have dealt with Lawler for a long time baby!  When Lawler is the champ, everything is good.  When anyone else is the champ, he can’t handle that.  It’s the Silver Spoon Syndrome Baby! Never had to work a day in his spoiled life.  If Memphis wants him, they can keep him.”


Solie goes on to say that Memphis is not keeping him.  He is the #1 contender and Eddie Graham has already signed a World Title Match between Lawler and Rich  for May 27th at a card being billed as Don’t Tread On Me and will be a salute to our troops.  Gordon goes on to say this event will be held in the Houston County Farm Center in Dothan Alabama.  Solie finished by saying Lawler is going to love that.  Ha! 


Solie announces that it is time to get to the ring for a tag match which is of great interest to Tommy Rich and Dusty Rhodes.  The winner will become the New #1 Contenders for the USWA World Tag Team Title.



The Sheepherders vs The Fort Bragg Brotherhood


The match begins before the bell sounds as the Sheepherders attack Pvt. Kernodle and Cpl. Kirchner.  It is a brutal match that is back and forth but in the end The Sheepherders are put over The Brotherhood as the end comes from a Battering Ram for a clean victory. 


Gordon Solie wonders if Tommy Rich knows what he is in store for.  He has The Sheepherders breathing down his throat as well as Jerry the King Lawler. Solie says he better have eyes in the back of his head.


----------------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK ---------------------------------------



Gordon Solie is joined at the interview desk by Sir Oliver Humperdink who says that Buzz Sawyer and his brother Brett have no idea what they have started last night when they betrayed the House of Humperdink.  Humperdink challenges Sawyer and his brother to a match right now against the House of Humperdink.

Solie goes on to ask Humperdink who is his “House” now that Sawyer and Crusher Ottman have left.  Humperdink tells Solie to shut up and that is House has ever reaching connections and if Sawyer and Brett Wayne dare to enter the ring, they will find that out.


The Sawyers rush out and quickly accept the challenge and are they are really amped up!




The Sawyers are already in the ring as Humperdink announces his new and improved House of Humperdink.  Hercules Hernandez comes out first as was expected.  He is bouncing around the ring and flexing his muscles.  All of a sudden The Wild Man from the Sudan hits the ring.  Abdullah and Hernandez attack the Sawyer and the beating is on.  The bell never sounded so this is not an official match but that makes no difference to Humperdink’s stable. 

Somehow the Sawyers regroup and take back the momentum.

Humperdink grabs the microphone from Solie and yells one word, “NOW”




Gordon Solie is heard saying, “No, Oh No, I can’t be.  Oh My God it is.  It’s Kevin Sullivan, the Purple Haze and a huge black man with African war paint on his stomach on face.  .  It is now 5-2 and the Sawyers are being brutally attacked.  Never have these fans seen the brutality of Sullivan and his army.  Throw in Humperdink and Hercules Hernandez and this is really ugly.


The fans roar as Solie announces the cavalry that is coming to the rescue.  It is Crusher Ottman, Dusty Rhodes, Tommy Rich and Eddie Graham’s son, Mike Graham.  Solie announces that “A Pier 6 Brawl has broken out.” 

After about 3 wild minutes, the favorites are spread out all over the arena floor and have been beaten to a pulp.  Humperdink calls off his “House” and they return to the locker room.  The fan favorites slowly make their way to their feet.  It is a rather strange moment when Tommy Rich and Buzz Sawyer look at each other and realize they are on the same side.  Rich slowly extends his hand and Sawyer hesitates but then shook it.

Solie is in shock at this new alliance and says “who would have ever thought this would be possible just a short time ago.  Wildfire and The Mad Dog on the same side.  Bro-ther!”


--------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK---------------------------------------


Gordon Solie takes a moment to put over our next match which is A Tapped Fist Match between Hacksaw Reed and Ernie Ladd





The crowd explodes when Reed hits the ring but those cheers quickly change to boos as Ladd makes his way to the ring.  Ladd gives it right back to them as Solie says this is the hottest feud in the history of the USWA. 


As for the match it is a brawl from beginning to end.  Ladd use his 6’9 frame and reach advantage to hit Reed over and over again with his huge taped right hands but Reed never backs down and returns each and every blow with one of his own.  These two go toe to toe as the ref tries to separate them but they will have none of it. 

The two just keep punching and punching each other until Reed accidently punches ref Paul Morton who goes down like a ton of bricks.  When he finally comes to, Morton calls for the bell and disqualifies Reed.  The fans are furious but the fight continues until wrestlers pour out from the back to separate these two.


Gordon Solie wonders if it is safe to keep these two in the same company and says that something has got to give.  After order is restored, Solie takes us right back to the ring for tonight’s Main Event





Last night, Eddie Graham demanded this match take place and if Piper is disqualified Atlas wins the match.  From the get go, it is obvious that Piper wants no part of Atlas.  When they finally do tie up, Piper goes right for the eyes.  This gives him the advantage for a few minutes but then Atlas goes wild.  After a huge bodyslam, Piper scurries out of the ring.  Ref Jerry Calhoun starts his count and Piper looks like his back is hurt.  As Calhoun gets to 6 Piper gets up on the apron.


On the count of 7, Piper jumps down.


On the count of 9, Piper waves his arms at Atlas as he grabs his belt and walks away.


The ref raises the hand of Tony Atlas as the fans go wild. 


Gordon Solie announces that your winner by count-out is Mr. USA Tony Atlas but then he goes on to say that according to the ref, Roddy Piper is still your USWA National Champion.  The fans are outraged and even Atlas seems surprised.


Atlas goes to Solie and says that the stipulations of the match said if Piper got disqualified he would lose the belt.  Gordon Solie says that they will all have to wait until next week to get an answer to this situation as they are out of time.  “So long from Atlanta.”

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5/1/1984:  WTBS








BILL MERCER welcomes all the fans to TNT Wrestling from the World’s most Famous Wrestling Arena, the Sportatorium in downtown Dallas.  He goes on to say how wonderful it is to be back announcing the great sport of wrestling here in the greatest state in all the land, Texas.  He then introduces his co-commentator and President of TNT Wrestling, Fritz VonErich.  Fritz quickly welcomes Mercer back and then goes into how tonight will be the greatest night in TNT history.  He announces that there will be a USWA World Tag Team Title Match, an interview with the New TNT Heavyweight Champion and few huge surprises.  Fritz then informs the audience that after the first match, he will be turning the show completely over to Bill Mercer and he ensures us that we are in good hands.


Bill Mercer says that they need to get right to the ring for tonight’s first match and a huge grin comes across the face of Fritz.


All of a sudden “Tom Sawyer” by Rush blares from the speakers and for a second, the fans think, “Could it be.” 


When Kerry VonErich walks out the Sportatorium explodes!








In a quick squash match, VonErich completely reeves up the fans.  They love every moment of it and go wild when his lifts up the right hand to signify the Iron Claw is coming.  Cooley quickly submits as VonErich plays to the crowd.


Kerry quickly goes over to Bill Mercer and his father.  Bill Mercer welcomes Kerry back to Texas and asks how he is doing.  Kerry says it’s been a tough few months with David passing away and all but he is feeling much better now that he is back in Texas.




A bull rope snaps on the floor as Ron Bass, Black Bart ad Bobby Jaggers come out to the interview.  They are all dressed in black cowboy attire and are drooling tobacco out of their mouths. 


4i7KW2g.jpg?2   5RppPy9.jpg?3    MJeDx1X.jpg?1


Bass seems to be the mouth piece for these Outlaws and he begins by saying, “Well, Well, Well.  If it is not the prodigal son returning to save his Father!  Well you are not the only one to return to the Lone Star State tonight.  Black Bart, Bobby Jagger and I are here to stay.  We are here to make a name for ourselves and the best way to that is to beat us some Von Erich butt!  The wrestlers all heard the rumors that you were coming back to work for Daddy’s new company.


Ox Baker heard it.

The Bruise Brothers heard it.

That nut Bugsy McGraw heard it.

Even that midget, Bill Dundee heard it.


Guess what.  They all left the company.  They knew that there was no more equal treatment around here.  It would be Kerry getting the main events, the title shots and the special treatment from the refs. 


Well let me tell you two something Kerry and Fritz VonErich.  It doesn’t matter how much help you get.  You can’t stop us from taking over TNT. 


All 3 spit a wad of tobacco on the shoes of Fritz as they walk off.


Bill Mercer shakes his head as he takes us to the first break.








When they come out of break, it is the New TNT Heavyweight Champion and Sherri Martel at the desk.  Mercer congratulations them on their victory over Bill Dundee at Memphis Roundhouse Revival and on becoming the first champion in TNT history.


Sherri takes control saying that there was nothing Dundee could have done about it.  He knew that he couldn’t beat Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert and now he has run for the hills.  She continues on about how Baby Doll is lucky not to be in TNT anymore or she would have gotten the same beating her “little” man got.



The crowd begins to roar as Baby Doll walks out.  She goes right face to face with Martel and says she isn’t going anywhere.  Texas is her home and she is her to stay.  She goes on to say Eddie Gilbert better not get to use to having that title because her man is the Perfect Wrestler.


Gilbert laughs and says that Dundee is everything but perfect and he isn’t even in TNT anymore.


Baby Doll says it is true Dundee decided to stay in Memphis but when you are the Perfect 10, it doesn’t take long to find a new man and let me interest you to him. 


The crowd roars as none other than Curt Hennig joins her.  He gets right in the face of Gilbert and Baby Doll gets right in the face of Sherri.  On the count of three, Hennig and Baby Doll smack them in the face and the brawl is on.  It takes a bunch of wrestlers and officials to break this one. 







Poor Ricky Gibson is all Bill Mercer can say.  Dr. D makes an example out of him and beats him from pillar to post.  The match comes to a merciful end after Schultz followed up a running bulldog with a piledriver as ref Bronco Lubich made the 3 count.


Schultz heads over to Bill Mercer and starts yelling and screaming that Fritz better be thinking real hard about giving him a title shot.  He goes on to say that no one here in TNT has the guts to stand up to him.  Mercer is honest and says that after that last match I am sure Fritz is thinking about a title shot down the road.  The 6’6 270 pound monster is real intimidating and Mercer warns the rest of TNT that he is double tough.


All of a sudden Schultz doesn’t look quite as big as the flamed tattooed head of Bam Bam Bigelow appears.  He starts yelling that he is the Beast from the East and that he may be young and he may be dumb but he is ready to stand up to Schultz.  He goes on to say that he respects Schultz but that he is ready to play with the big boys.


Schultz grins and pokes Bigelow in the chest and says “Boy, you are not worth my time.”


Bigelow responds.  “I am going to tell you two things.  First don’t ever touch me again and second don’t ever call me boy.


Schultz actually takes his finger off of Bigelow and the two glare at each other.  Cooler heads do prevail and Mercer calls for peace.








The fans are expecting a lot from Rick McGraw as he has wrestled well in recent weeks but from the get go it is all Kabuki.  He is one dangerous dude and his martial arts almost take of McGraw’s head on numerous occasions.  The end comes after a perfectly timed thrust kick to the temple.


Bill Mercer really puts over Kabuki and how dangerous he is and that TNT better tread lightly.  Mercer then gets right into talking about tonight’s main event. The USWA World Tag Team Title Match between the New Champions, Dusty Rhodes and Tommy Rich against the number one contenders, Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen.








All four men enter the ring to the loud ovations but is Hansen and Brody who seem to have a majority of the fans on their side and even though these two teams respect each other, it is a brawl from beginning to end.  Brody doesn’t know any other way and the other three kind of enjoy it. 

All 4 men had their moments but it was Hansen who took control late by connecting with a huge lariat on Rich.  It was only due to Rhodes making the save that we did not have new champions.  Bill Mercer announced that we only have about 1 minute left and after the interference by Rhodes all 4 men were in the ring.  Chaos was the only rule being followed now.  From out of nowhere, Bruiser Brody nailed Rhodes with a Maniacal Knee Smash and Rhodes fell through the middle ropes.  Hansen and Brody now turn to Rich.  Hansen scoops up Rich and slams him down with a thunderous Power Bomb.  Hansen covers Rich as Mercer predicts new champions but he might have wasted two much time as the credits start to roll.  Ref Rick Hazzard counts 1….


Mercer “So long from”


Hazzard counts 2…


Mercer, “Dallas.”


The screen fades to black, 

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The show opens with a VTR from TNT Wrestling in Dallas where Tommy Rich and Dusty Rhodes were defending the World Tag Team Titles against Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen.    


Bill Mercer announced that we only have about 1 minute left and after the interference by Rhodes all 4 men were in the ring.  Chaos was the only rule being followed now.  From out of nowhere, Bruiser Brody nailed Rhodes with a Maniacal Knee Smash and Rhodes fell through the middle ropes.  Hansen and Brody now turn to Rich.  Hansen scoops up Rich and slams him down with a thunderous Power Bomb.  Hansen covers Rich as Mercer predicts new champions but he might have wasted two much time as the credits start to roll.  Ref Rick Hazzard counts 1….


Mercer “So long from”


Hazzard counts 2…


Mercer, “Dallas.”


Even though the show ended, the tape continued to roll and the studio audience showed Tommy Rich kick out at 2 ¾.  The bell also sounded right away as ref Rick Hazzard declared the match a time limit draw.  Hansen and Brody were upset and Rich and Rhodes appeared relieved that they were able to get out of Dallas with their belts.



“Hello again everybody.  Welcome to USWA Wrestling here on WTBS.  I am Gordon Solie and we have a jam packed show tonight.


Gordon Solie puts over the match we just saw and announces that Fritz VonErich and TNT Wrestling has been on fire as of late and says that the USWA affiliate promotion will be moving its TV show to the Sunday night time slot.  He goes on to announce that Saturday mornings there will be a brand new wrestling show on WTBS.  He announces the show as “This Week in Pro Wrestling and that he will be the host.  The show will include highlights and interviews from all the USWA shows for the week including shows from TNT Wrestling.  He asked the fans to join him Saturday, May 12th at 9:05 for the first show.   Solie then gives a rundown of tonight’s show which includes a great main event between the Sawyers and the House of Humperdink.


4A00H0u.jpg?1  dGW1HY1.jpg?1


The fans go wild as Tommy Rich and Dusty Rhodes join Solie at the interview desk.  Tommy Rich and Dusty Rhodes really put over TNT and announce how they were lucky to get out of Dallas with their belts.  Solie moves on to all the trouble coming their way including the arrival of Kevin Sullivan, their upcoming battle with the Sheepherders, their struggles Brody and Hansen and he tells Tommy Rich not to forget about Jerry Lawler.


Just as Rhodes and Rich were about to respond.    CRACK!


Gordon Solie jumps.   “Uh, What was that?




What it was, was Kendo Nagasaki nailing Rhodes and Rich over and over again with a Kendo Stick.  He is using that stick like it was an extension of his arms and is cracking them over and over again.


Gordon Solie is again heard, “and it looks like, yes. It is indeed Buzz Sawyer and Brett Sawyer coming to the aid of Rhodes and Rich.”  Kendo escapes back to the locker room. 


The Sawyers help the champs up as they slowly hobble back to Solie holding various body parts.

Tommy Rich begins by saying he never thought he would say these words.  “Thank you Buzz.”  Dusty jumps in right away.  “HUMPERDINK!  KEEBIN SULLIVAN!  I THOUGHT THIS WAY DONE BABY! TWO WEEKS IN A ROW YOU COME AFTER US! KEEBIN HOW ABOUT YOU COME ON OUT HERE BY YOURSELF.  WE CAN TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS RIGHT NOW!


Gordon Solie asks Rhodes if he is sure Kendo Nagasaki is part of the House of Humperdink.  Rhodes responds that Humperdink and Kendo were friends down in Florida and I am sure Humperdink bought himself another hired hand.  “Well let me tell you one thing.  You got 4 men here who won’t stand for it.”


Solie thanks the Sawyers and seems happy that everything is ok as they go to their first break.







------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------


Gordon Solie announces that Eddie Graham has just been handed a video tape by an unidentified delivery man and that it must be aired right away.  Solie says he has no idea what is on the tape but here we go.


As the tape begins, we see Jerry Lawler





“Greeting Rednecks!  This is your King in Memphis, Tennessee.  I was just wondering how Tommy Rich and Dusty Rhodes enjoyed their Kendo Stick beating.  Oh you didn’t think I knew about that.  You stupid hicks.  I ordered it.  That’s right Wildfire.  I may be in Memphis but I am the King of all of Wrestling.  Whatever I want, whenever I want, I can make it happen.  I do not need to rush all the way down to Dirty Atlanta to beat you.  I can send anyone I want.  You better have eyes in the back of your heads boys as I really enjoyed this first message.  Don’t worry Tommy Rich.  I will see you in Dothan, Alabama at the end of the month to take my title back to Memphis.”


Gordon Solie is surprised as says that it was not Kevin Sullivan after all and Rich and Rhodes better be careful.  He goes on to say that Lawler is like the Godfather and it seems like he has put out a hit on Rich and Rhodes.  He goes on to announce that tonight is a jammed packed show and they need to get to the ring. 




Moondog Cujo comes out in overalls and carrying a dog bone.  It looks like he hasn’t shaved or bathed in years and he is a sight to be seen.  Atlas comes to the ring giving high fives to all when Cujo attacks him.  Big mistake as Atlas is in no mood.  Atlas makes quick work of Cujo as the end comes when Atlas forces the Moondog to submit with the Bearhug.


Atlas heads over to Gordon Solie and him demands that Eddie Graham come out to the desk.  Mr. Graham obliges and Gordon welcomes him to the stand.  Atlas goes on to ask how come he is not the USWA National Champion after his match last week with Roddy Piper.  He continues to say that the stipulations of the match said that if Piper was disqualified, he would lose the belt.  He went on to say that Piper just quit the match and walked away from the ring and was counted out. 


Graham responds by admitting the actions of Roddy Piper were classless but that he was not disqualified by the referee.  He was in fact counted out which is different than a DQ.  Atlas doesn’t like this answer and demands another match with Piper.


Eddie Graham said that he will have another shot at this title and that it will come at the next Super Card in Dothan, Alabama on May 26th.  Graham goes on to say whoever wins the match will be the champion.  If Piper is disqualified or counted out, there will be a title change.  Atlas seems satisfied with this answer.


------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------




The match is all Ernie Ladd.  His 6’9, 320 pound frame just crushes Travis.  Ladd starts with some huge overhand chops and finishes with a Big Boot.  After the ref Scrappy McGowan raises his hand.  Ladd pulls a way and raises his own hand in a sign of Black Power.  The fans really let him have it as he heads over to the interview desk.


Ladd asks what does Solie think of Hacksaw Reed now?   Solie begins to speak but Ladd cuts him off. “Let me tell you what I think about Butch Reed.  He is a Loser! Did you see me crush him last week in that taped fist match?  He is lucky he is still able to eat.


Gordon Solie interrupts with “Well I believe he was disqualified for accidentally hitting the ref but he was taking you to the wood shed.  Ladd is angry and goes on to explain that every time Reed does something wrong it was an accident but when I do it, it is disgusting behavior.


The crowd roars as Reed comes out.  Solie begs for everyone to be calm as Ladd says that Reed has no business being out here as it is not his time.  Reed tells Ladd that if he is going to spend his time talking about him, then he is coming out to see if Ladd has the cuts to say it to his face.


One thing Ladd has is guts and he doesn’t back down.  The two go face to face and start to push each other.  About a dozen wrestlers and officials come out and try to separate these two.  It takes everything this mob has to achieve this goal.


As they go to break, Solie says the obvious.  “We have not seen the last of the one.”




------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------





Gordon Solie continues to put over Mike Graham and the fans are getting behind him.  As for the match it is a back and forth match that has a few momentum changes. Graham takes over and appears on the verge of victory after Graham put the Nightmare in the Figure 4.

Before Graham forces his opponent to submit, members of the House of Humperdink hit the ring.  It is Hercules Hernandez, The Purple Haze, Abdullah the Butcher and that huge black man with war paint on his face and stomach.  The just give Graham a beating from Hell!

Humperdink and Sullivan are at the interview desk where Sullivan is just saying over and over again “The SINS OF THE FATHER MUST BE PAID BY THE SON!

Finally it is the Sawyers, Dusty Rhodes, Crusher Ottman and Tommy Rich who hit the scene as Solie announces, “Here comes the Calvary.”  Sullivan yells at his minions to disperse and the all head to the locker room.


------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------


Piper’s Pit with Special Guests:  Kevin Sullivan






Roddy Piper makes his way out to the set and sits in one of the two chairs that are there.  The Sheepherders follow Piper out and are standing behind him with their arms folded.  Piper has his USWA NATIONAL TITLE around and he is as cocky as ever. 


Piper then goes on to say that this next guest is causing havoc in the USWA and seems to answer to a “different” calling.  He then introduces Kevin Sullivan who comes to the set with Humperdink and the Minions as he will call them, Even Piper seems a bit on edge.




Sullivan thanks Piper for the time but then takes over the interview like no one has ever done to Piper.  Piper is there but only as a microphone holder.  Sullivan begins to explain that when Sir Oliver Humperdink contacted him to come and lead “The House” that he asked Humperdink to give him some for time.  He goes on to explain that it takes time to travel the world to find the correct Minions who will listen without reservation.  He goes on to say that he has traveled to the far reaches of the World from Calcutta to the Gold Coast of Africa where cannibalism still thrives.  He mentions trips to Singapore and to the 7th Step of the 5th level of Dante’s Inferno.  He now has the proper “Army” to take out Eddie Graham and any of his puppets.  He goes on to mention how Graham tried to take away his right to earn a living in Florida by fining him and by suspending him.  He now has come to USWA Wrestling with a rock solid contract that he signed with Graham’s predecessor, Jerry Jarrett was here and there is nothing Graham can do about it.  Sullivan says he will get revenge on Graham by hurting his son and anyone else that gets in his way including that fat slob Dusty Rhodes.  He pauses then includes Buzz Sawyer and his brother.  He seems upset as he said he had high hopes for Buzz Sawyer but sometimes people make a wrong turn.  He ends by saying that he is the Task Master and the foundation of the House of Humperdink.  He admits that his Minions are only the Walls and that sometimes people change the color or tear them down.  He explains that this means that as long as Humperdink and Sullivan are on the same page, the rest of the Army can come and go but the destruction will be the same. 


While all this was going on Abdullah was slapping himself in the head.  The Purple Haze had his eyes rolling inside of his head and the 400 pound beast was patting his belly.  Sullivan gathers his Army and together they begin to chant.


Piper seems to be grateful that they are leaving and he just looks at the Sheepherders as if to say WHAT WAS THAT?



------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------



MATCH:  The Sheepherders vs Wendell Cooley and Steve Simpson


The Sheepherders continue their recent dominance here in the USWA with a brutal win over Cooley and Simpson.


The Sheepherders go over to the interview desk where they are as crazy as ever and the basically tell Rhodes and Wildfire to hand over the tag belts now. 

Gordon Solie agrees with them that they are on a roll and he hypes their match this week against the champs and reminds all the fans in the Bayfront Center in Saint Petersburgh, Florida of the upcoming card.



------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------


Match: Pvt. Don Kernodle vs Killer Khan


These two are no strangers to each other and the battle is long and drawn out.  Kernodle tries everything he can to take the monster off his feet and in the end Kernodle uses the Reverse Neckbreaker to gain the victory.  


------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------





Buzz Sawyer & Brett Sawyer vs Abdullah the Butcher and The Botswana Man Eater with SOH


Talk about brutality.  The newest members of the House of Humperdink are wild and unpredictable.  The match has no rules and the ref has no control.  After about 5 minutes, ref Mario Crumley calls for the bell and disqualifies both teams.  This is only the beginning as the rest of the House of Humperdink hit the ring just about the same time as Tommy Rich, Dusty Rhodes, Mike Graham and Crusher Ottman.  For the first time in weeks, the good guys out number Sullivan as his Army.  It is still a wild pier 6 brawl but as the show ends, the favorites can control.  The crowd loves Dusty getting the better of Sullivan as the Army hightails it back to the locker room with the fan favorites in hot pursuit.


The fans are cheering wildly as Gordon Solie says, “So long from Atlanta.”

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Posted 04 May 2016 - 06:50 PM

You have done a great job bringing in these new stars like Dusty Rhodes and Company into the uswa and pushing them to the Moon right off the bat. Without a doubt there's no question that Dusty vs. Sullivan is a hot Feud and you are giving it the right way and time to make sure that it goes over in a big way. The biggest question continues to be what happens when it's all said and done. Do you follow the way that history did it or do you do it differently I'm interested to see how it plays out as the dream and the devil could never coexist.

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Posted 05 May 2016 - 07:18 PM


5/8/1984:  WTBS









BILL MERCER welcomes all the fans to TNT Wrestling from the World’s most Famous Wrestling Arena, the Sportatorium in downtown Dallas. Mercer gives a rundown of tonight’s show and then welcomes Kerry Von Erich to the set. 


Mercer really puts over how big Kerry’s return last week was for the fans and for everybody in TNT Wrestling.


Kerry thanks Bill and says “I knew his father was down with the death of David and all the rest of us down in Florida.  For me, family comes first and I had to come back to help Dad out.”


All of a sudden the crowd starts to Boo as Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert and Sheri Martel come on set.  Gilbert starts belittling Kerry and says he couldn’t hack it without Daddy’s help.  Martel takes over and says “It’s too late Mr. Kerry Von Erich!  Eddie Gilbert is in control of TNT and the Heavyweight Title and there is nothing you or Papa Fritz can do about it.” 


Kerry just smiles and takes it.  Finally he responds by saying that he doesn’t want any favoritism and he knows that he has to climb the ranks here in TNT before there is even talk about a title shot.  Next, Kerry says to Gilbert, “if you’re so sure you can beat me, how about a little match tonight.  Non-title of course.”


Hot Stuff does a little back peddling and then  answers and says that as the champ he is way too busy for matches against the unranked.


The crowd cheers as Fritz comes out and begins by telling Edie Gilbert that he is the champ.


Gilbert smiles as if to say I knew that but then Fritz continues “but I am the one in charge of matches. I am the one in charge of your contract.  Due to your lack of respect for that, I am ordering you to wrestle Kerry tonight in a Non-Title match and if you don’t, I will strip you of the TNT Title and suspend you.”


Gilbert begins to complain but Fritz simply walks off.  Gilbert and Sheri trail him and complain all the way until there are off set.


Kerry simply smiles as Bill says, “Well Kerry, I guess you have a match to go and get ready for.”


Bill Mercer now turns it over to newly hired ring announcer Marc Lawrence for the first match.



Sweet Brown Sugar & Brickhouse Brown

Vs Steve Travis and Rick McGraw


Now this match is high paced and full energy to try and get the Sportatorium crowd going.  Sweet Brown Sugar and Brickhouse Brown dance their way to the ring and high five all the fans.  As for the match, Sugar and Brown take control after a few momentum changes and the end comes when they connect on a double drop kick on Steve Travis.


Brown and Sugar head over to Mercer who really puts over their first victory here in TNT.  Both Brickhouse Brown and Sweet Brown Sugar express how excited they are to be here and they know how great the fans here in Texas are.  






R2TtOOq.jpg?2  nDd45Zx.jpg?2


When they come out of break, Bill Mercer is really excited for the next match.  He believes that Hennig will have his first real challenge here in TNT against the unpredictable Missing Link.  Link comes out first with his face painted green and looking as freakish as ever.


Baby Doll leads out Curt Hennig and the fans are excited.  It is hard to tell if that is for Hennig or the scantily clad Baby Doll.  When they enter the ring, Link comes over to Baby Doll and is gawking at with wide eyes.  Baby Doll plays the game and this allows Hennig to get the jump on him as ref Bronco Lubich calls for the bell.


Hennig is nearly perfect in this match.  He shows power, technique and agility.  Except for a moment when Link gained control using a couple of huge forearms, this match was text book for Hennig.  The end came when Hennig followed up a dropkick with a Bridging Cradle Plex.


Henning and Baby Doll make their way to Mercer where he congratulates them on their victory.  The two thank him and Hennig talks real slow and philosophical about how Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert is inferior to him and that it is only a matter of time before the TNT Championship is around his waist.  Baby Doll isn’t so eloquent in her speech but basically calls Sheri Martel every name allowed on TV and says she can’t wait to slap her around.    







As the match is getting set to start, Bill Mercer is joined by Dr. D David Schultz.  Mercer asks what he is doing here and Schultz goes on to say that Fritz had made a mistake in the program tonight and did not give him a match and he knew that the fans here in Dallas couldn’t go a week without seeing him.




Mercer just says, “uh ok.”


As the match gets started, Bigelow sees Schultz so he puts on a show.  All Mercer can say is poor Ricky Gibson.  Bigelow makes an example out of Gibson and beats him from pillar to post.  Every move was better than the last one but Dr. D makes some point on how each move was done wrong or how if Gibson was better, Bigelow couldn’t have done that.  The match comes to a merciful end after the near 400 pound Bigelow followed up a diving head-butt with a nasty power bomb.  Ref David Manning made the 3 count.


When the match ends, Schultz makes his way to the ring where the two begin to scream at each other.  Bigelow dares Schultz to get into the ring.  He even sits on the middle rope to help him in but Shultz walks away.  Bigelow seems to be all fired up and the fans start to call Dr. D a chicken.  Bill Mercer knows better and warns that Bigleow better be careful.  “David Schultz is one tough character and he knows just how to get under someone’s skin.”  








Bill Mercer reminds us that last week we saw the extremely dangerous Kabuli in a singles match and now he is joined by equally dangerous Mr. Saito.  He goes on to say that if these two stay together as a team, the rest of the TNT tag teams better watch themselves. 


The match is a total squash match as both Kabuki and Saito are double tough.  The end comes after a huge thrust kick by Kabuki on Cooley who then followed up with a tag to Saito.  Saito finished it off with a Saito Suplex.


The victory was not enough as Saito and Kabuki stay on the attack.  Saito puts Cooley into the kneeling figure 4 while Kabuki catches Simpson with the Green Mist and then a thrust kick followed up by some nasty martial arts.  This attack goes on for a minute or two before the crowd goes wild.


Bill Mercer is heard saying, “Here comes the Calvary” as the fans see Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen hit the ring.


Well it was not exactly a rescue.  It was a wild brawl.   At one point, Bill Mercer was heard saying, “Look Out.  Saito’s got a chair and down goes Brody! 


Nobody was down for long and nobody had control for very long.  This was a wild one that only ended when wrestlers and refs poured out from the locker room.









Kerry Von Erich enters the ring with “Tom Sawyer” by Rush blaring from the speakers as Bill Mercer hypes it up a lot.  Just the opposite happens when “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summers begins to play and Sheri and Gilbert come to the ring.  Sheri tries her best to distract Kerry but he will have none of it.  Ref Rick Hazzard calls for the bell and it is on.


Kerry is just one step ahead of the champ and is in control for most of the opening minutes.  Sheri does find a way to impact the match when she trips VonErich when he was whipped into the ropes. Gilbert now plays real dirty for a while but Kerry ducked under the next Irish Whip and caught Gilbert with a flying forearm on the way back.  Kerry went wild and caught Gilbert with a huge Tornado Punch.   He shows the fans the big right hand symbolizing the Iron Claw is next.


Bill Mercer is heard saying, “Oh know, the devil has emerged in the Sportatorium:  The Outlaws have hit the ring.  It is now Jaggers, Ron Bass and Black Bart going after Kerry.


This lasts for less than 10 seconds when the crowd goes absolutely berserk! 


Bill Mercer screams, “The entire VonErch family is back in Dallas.”  It is Kevin and Mike to the rescue and to boot, Curt Hennig and Baby Doll have hit the arena floor.  It is now wild pandemonium here.  The Outlaws are paired with the VonErichs.  Hennig and Gilbert are going at it and the most exciting part is Baby Doll and Sheri are rolling round on the floor. 


Bill Mercer puts this brawl over in a big way and the show comes to a close with The VonErichs, Curt Hennig and Baby Doll in control of the ring.  The crowd loves this and Bill Mercer announces, “for once, the good guys have won.  So long from the Sportatorium. 



The screen fades to black, 

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Posted 06 May 2016 - 12:06 AM

I love the touch of inserting a few of Bill Mercer's comments in the match description. Gives us a good perspective of how it would feel like for real. It seems to me like Eddie Gilbert is making enemies left and right so it's gonna be interesting to see how long he's gonna last before losing his championship. Great work!

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Posted 10 May 2016 - 07:32 PM



5/12/1984:  WTBS


9:05 AM- 10:05 AM








“Hello again everybody.  Welcome to This Week in USWA Wrestling.  I am Gordon Solie joined this week by Bill Apter and together we will catch you up to date on all the comings and goings here in the USWA.


The show begins with Solie and Apter talking about how hot this feud between Tommy Rich and Jerry Lawler is getting.  They go over how Lawler seems to have a bounty on Rich and how he paid Kendo Nagasaki last week to attack Rich.




Solie then calls out Tommy Rich who is carrying both the World Title and the World Tag Title and Rich thanks Solie and Apter for having him on the show today.


Solie begins by saying that he would like to show Wildfire a short clip from the return show of CWA Wrestling on Ch. 5 in Memphis. 


The clip begins with Lance Russell and Jerry Lawler on the set of Ch. 5.




Lance: "I wanna welcome out the 'King' Jerry Lawler! Monday night you'll be competing for the NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship."




King: "That's right Lance, I want that Southern Heavyweight Championship because it will bring me one step closer to getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship….and I'm talking about the REAL World Championship held by Ric Flair, not the one held by that backstabber Tommy Rich."


Lance: "A lot of bad blood still between you two."


King: "There certainly is….and Rich has all those dopey USWA fans duped into thinking he's innocent in all this and somehow I'm to blame….but these great fans here in Memphis know the truth and that's all that matters….I'll hunt down that clown and deal with him in due time…even if it means going to crappy places like Georgia or Texas…I'll get my revenge on him and hopefully Tommy Rich will never darken the doors of TV-5 studios ever again!"


Well this really sets off Wildfire and he begins to go on a tirade. 


“Lawler, let me tell you a few things.  First of all you call Ric Flair and the NWA Champion the real champion.  Well that is all fine and daddy but remember this.  I was also the NWA World Champion.  I have been the World Champion in two different organizations while you have never been a World Champion. Next, Lawler called me a backstabber.  We all know that is not true. He was just jealous that I was given the World Title Shot and not him.  Maybe if he wasn’t such a Mama’s Boy and would have traveled and worked hard like Mr. Turner wanted him to, he could have been champ but all Lawler ever did was complain when he wasn’t in Memphis and sleeping in his mother’s house. I mean a grown man who can’t leave his Mother?  King…..  I don’t think so.  Lastly, he insults the USWA fans and says he doesn’t want to show up here anymore.  That is fine. I don’t mind going to Memphis and whooping him there.  I know he owns the refs.  I know he owns the fans because of his sleazy commercials and fast food dives.  I know the fans hate me because they are jealous that I am the champ but that will make it all the more fun when I enter the Mid-South Coliseum and take his TOY CROWN!”


Rich continues, “Lawler don’t forget, you are already signed for a title match with me in Dothan, Alabama at the Houston County Farm Center.  The more you send people like Kendo Nagasaki after me to do your dirty work, the worse I am going to but your Royal Backside.


Gordon thanks Wildfire for his time as Rich walks off set.


Bill Apter and Solie say that Rich is really fired up and this feud is going to be one to watch.  The two continue to talk about some of the feuds in the USWA including Hacksaw Reed vs Ernie Ladd and Dusty Rhodes vs Kevin Sullivan and the House of Humperdink.


Solie really puts over the Rhodes/Sullivan issue and says that when they come back they have footage from this week’s card from the Bayfront Center in St. Petersburg, Florida where this feud became white hot.


----------------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK ------------------------------


rlUMrKm.jpg?2     IAiQGPW.jpg?4


Apter and Solie review and show some highlights from this week’s major card from the Bayfront Center.


·         Hercules Hernandez with Sir Oliver Humperdink defeated Rick “Quick Draw” McGraw


·         Ernie Ladd defeated Pvt. Don Kernodle with the Big Boot.


·         Kevin Sullivan defeated Mike Graham with the Tree of Woe followed up by Golden Spike. 


·         Hacksaw Butch Reed defeated Hercules Hernandez with a Gorilla Press Slam



            Roddy Piper defeated Crusher Ottman after using a foreign object.



          The Fabulous Ones defeated The Missing Link & Killer Khan when Keirn caught Link in a reverse DDT.


·         Buzz & Brett Sawyer defeated The House of Humperdink (Botswana Beast and Purple Haze) by DQ when Sullivan entered the ring and the House really put a           beating on the Sawyers.



          Tommy Rich & Dusty Rhodes defeated the Sheepherders when Rhodes hit Williams with a Bionic Elbow.


Solie and Apter really spend some time with the chaos the House of Humperdink is causing and also both agree that Rich and Rhodes were lucky to escape with their belts and they announce that they have a bunch of more matches already signed with the Sheepherders who are the #1 contenders.



As they go to break, Solie and Apter really wonder if Tommy Rich can keep up the schedule of having to defend two world titles at the same time.


Solie really puts over the p and coming promotion and says that when they come back they have footage from this week’s card from the Abrahams Center in Fort Hood, Texas.


----------------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK ------------------------------



Solie and Apter turn their attention to USWA territory, TNT Wrestling. They discuss the champion Eddie Gilbert and review all the people coming after his title including Curt Hennig and Kerry VonErich.  They continue with the apparent feud between the VonErichs and the Ron Bass led Outlaws.  They also discuss how TNT is becoming a hot bed of tag team action.  They again mention the VonErichs, The Outlaws but this time include Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody, Mr. Saito and the Great Kabuki and the new team of Sweet Brown Sugar and Brickhouse Brown.  They both agree that they would not be surprised if one of the two USWA Tag Titles finds a new home in Dallas soon.

Apter and Solie now review and show some highlights from this week’s major card from the Fort Hood, Texas.




·         Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Lanny Kean with a power slam.


·         Sweet Brown Sugar & Brickhouse Brown defeated The Nightmares with a double dropkick on Nightmare #1



            The Fabulous Ones and Mr. Saito and The Great Kabuki wrestled to a 30 minute draw as the Fabulous Ones were lucky to escape Fort Hood with their belts.


·         The Outlaws (Bobby Jaggers and Black Bart) defeated Kevin and Mike VonErich when the ref was distracted by Ron Bass which allowed Black Bart to hit Mike VonErich with a cow bell.


·         Kerry VonErich defeated Ron Bass when he followed up a Tornado Punch with the Iron Claw.  Before Bass submitted, the other Outlaws hit the ring and attacked Kerry causing the DQ.  Kevin and Mike rushed to the ring and the brawl was on.




           Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert with Sherri Martel and challenger, Curt Hennig with Baby Doll wrestled to a double count-out as the brawl was all over the floor and don’t think for a minute that the ladies didn’t get involved.



          Tommy Rich defeated Dr. D David Schultz with the Sleeper at 27:37 


Gordon Solie and Bill Apter really put over how exciting the USWA and TNT is and then they start to push the next major show which is May 26th in Dothan, Alabama at the Farm Center

Solie reminds everyone to join them on TBS tonight at 6:05 for the next USWA show as the credits roll and the screen turns to black.

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Posted 10 May 2016 - 09:11 PM

Great show, seeing the Lawler/Rich angle being presented two different ways in the different territories is fun and leaves a lot of possibilities.

I like how you manage to capture the unique feel of each area of the USWA.

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Posted 11 May 2016 - 07:35 PM









“Hello again everybody.  Welcome to USWA Wrestling here on WTBS.  I am Gordon Solie and we have a jam packed show tonight.


Gordon Solie gives a quick rundown of tonight’s show before bringing us to the ring for our first match.




The fans go wild as Tommy Rich hits the ring.  He might have given them a little too much attention because The Nightmare attacks before the bells sounds and took Wildfire by complete surprise. Solie makes the point that the masked Nightmare is more aggressive and nasty than normal.  He also questions he training of late as he says “he appears a little on the larger side.”


The Nightmare had remained in control for the first few minutes and then he tossed Rich through the middle rope.  Rich landed hard and The Nightmare followed him right out.  He quickly tossed him into the ring post.  He ignores the words of ref Scrappy McGowan to get back in the ring and picks Rich up by the hair and starts to bite his forehead.  Rich is flailing in agony.  The Nightmare once again holds the hair and hits Wildfire with 3 leaping head butts.  Rich appears out on his feet as McGowan calls for the bell and declares the match a double count out.


To Solie’s surprise, the Nightmare begins to untie his mask and pulls it off.  Solie is heard saying, “I don’t believe that is Nightmare #1. It looks like….yes…. it is world famous Carlos Colon.” 



Colon just continues on the rampage and now hits Rich over the back with a steel pipe.  The fans are stunned as Dusty Rhodes and Tony Atlas hit the scene and chase Colon away.  Rich is in a bad way as we go to break.  


------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------


Gordon Solie announces that for the second week in a row, Eddie Graham has just been handed a video tape by an unidentified delivery man and that it must be aired right away.  Solie says he is not sure what is on the tape but he has an idea. 


As the tape begins, we again see Jerry Lawler.





“Greeting again Rednecks!  This is your King in Memphis, Tennessee.  I was just wondering how Tommy Rich enjoyed the beating from the greatest wrestler in Puerto Rico, Carlos Colon.  I think you are finding out my power in this industry and that my wealth can buy a lot of people.  I enjoyed paying Kendo Nagasaki last week and enjoyed paying Carlos Colon even more this week.  Oh, don’t forget.  I also had to pay the real Nightmare a fee for letting us borrow his mask.  Wow, this is really fun and a great use of my money from all my restaurants the Rich complained about last week.  Rich and the rest of you stupid hicks better be ready for anything.  Whatever I want, whenever I want, I can make it happen.  Again, I stay at home and watch Rich get beat on the Stupidstation each and every week.  Don’t worry Rich.  You will get your chance at revenge in Dothan, Alabama at the end of the month. That is if there is anything left of you by then. 


As the tape comes to an end, Gordon Solie is joined by Eddie Graham who announces that Rich is a little banged up but is okay.  He goes on to announce that against his better judgement, he has given into Rich’s request for a match this week at the Richmond County Coliseum in Augusta, Georgia for the World Tag Team Titles between himself and Rhodes against Kendo Nagasaki and Carlos Colon.  Solie goes on to say that Wildfire and Rhodes are in for a tough week as they are also facing the #1 contenders, the Sheepherders in the Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham, Alabama.


Graham continues that he is disgusted by the actions of Jerry Lawler, Kendo Nagasaki and Carlos Colon.  He goes on to say that placing bounties on people or trying to collect them has no place in this industry.  Gordon Solie completely agrees.


Solie responds by saying that Rich might just be falling into the trap set by Lawler.  He goes on to thank Eddie Graham for the announcement and gets the fans back to the ring for the next match.    




A great match that puts together two of the bigger feuds in the USWA.  The end came with all six men are involved at the same time.  The Sheepherders and The Fab Ones were on the outside while the legal men where Atlas and Piper. With the ref distracted, Piper reached into his trunks and pulled out a foreign object.  With the object in his right hand, he threw a wild punch that Atlas ducked under.  Atlas followed it with a huge right hand of his own which caused the object to fly out of his hand.  Piper laid sprawled out on the floor when the ref turned back around.  Atlas went for the cover but it was then that the ref saw the object.  He put two and two together and disqualified the fan favorites.  The result  really set the fans off and Atlas almost lost it and hit the official.


Gordon Solie was warning Atlas that would not be a good idea and might cost him some money or maybe even a suspension


------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------



The match is all Hacksaw.  His huge, powerful body just throws the Moondog all around the ring with the end coming with the Gorilla Press Slam.

Reed is furious at the comments last week by Ernie Ladd that he is a cheater.  Reed says he is getting tired of wasting so much of his time dealing with Ladd and he wants to put an end to Ladd and once and for all. 

For the second time tonight, Eddie Graham comes to the set and announces that the feud between Reed and Ladd has been so hot that he fears for the safety of both men.  He goes on to say that Ladd and Reed will face each other again in Dothan, Alabama on March 26th

Reed seems satisfied as Graham continues with the stipulations of the match.  The match will be in a steel cage and the loser of the match cannot wrestle in the USWA for one month to allow this to cool off.

Reed is now really excited and Solie puts this over in a big way as they head to break.


------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------




This is a match of two of the larger men in the CWA and in the end Crusher Ottman gains the win after he broke free of a Cobra Clutch attempt by Khan by back peddling and squashing Khan into the turnbuckle.  Ottman followed this up by turning a Bearhug into a Spinebuster for the count.

Solie puts over Ottman and his ability and as they go to break he says, “Ottman is double wide and double tough!”

------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------


Piper’s Pit with Special Guests:  Rick “Quickdraw” McGraw





Roddy Piper makes his way out to the set and sits in one of the two chairs that are there.  The Sheepherders follow Piper out and are standing behind him with their arms folded.  Piper has his USWA NATIONAL TITLE around and he is as cocky as ever. 


Piper then goes on to talk about his match earlier and how dirty a wrestler Tony Atlas is and that he doesn’t deserve anymore chances at the National Title.  He thanked the ref for making the correct decision and he asked Eddie Graham to really think about suspending Tony Atlas.  He then goes on to welcome Rick McGraw. 


Piper goes on to really put over McGraw’s strength and how he must spend a lot of time in the hitting the weights.  McGraw thanks him but is cautious. 


Piper then goes on to tell McGraw “Maybe you should spend less time in the gym and more time learning how to wrestle.  I mean I don’t think I have ever seen you win one match!  What are you 0-100?


McGraw angrily stands up and gets in Piper’s face. 


Piper responds, “Wait, Wait, Wait a minute.  NOW!


The Sheepherders both attack McGraw and the beating is on.  The 3-0 beatings goes on for three or four before Piper and the Sheepherders walk off a destroyed set and McGraw is just face down and not moving. 



------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------



MATCH:  Buzz & Brett Sawyer vs Wendell Cooley and Steve Simpson


The Sawyers are getting better and better as a tag team and this match was rather one sided with the end coming with a Power Slam by Buzz Sawyer on Steve Simpson. 


The Sawyers go over to Gordon Solie and rant about how they want the House of Humperdink and that demon Kevin Sullivan.


Solie reminds them that the line to get to Sullivan is pretty long but hopefully someone will put an end to his reign of terror.


------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK/PROMOS------------------------------------------


Sir Oliver Humperdink and Kevin Sullivan are at the interview desk and they are really in the face of Solie and demand an apology.  They say that an announcer is supposed to be impartial but they just heard him say that he hopes that someone puts an end to Sullivan.


Solie, out of fear, does a little back tracking to try at set things right in the eyes of the House of Humperdink.  Sullivan goes on to say that in the upcoming match his Minions have with Don Kernodle and Mike Graham that they will continue their revenge on that low life Eddie Graham by taking it out on his son. 


Mike Graham can’t take anymore and comes out and attacks Kevin Sullivan.  His partner in the match, Pvt Don Kernodle is there also.  As Sullivan is struggling in this brutal two on one attack he is smiling and laughing.  He seems to be enjoying getting hit. 


As everyone knew was coming, the rest of the House attacks.  It is Abdullah the Butcher, Purple Haze, Hercules Hernandez and the huge Botswana Man-eater throwing Graham and Kernodle into ring posts, walls, tables and barricades.  With the House in complete control, Sullivan is back on the microphone screaming over and over again that “The sins of the father are the sins of the son.” 


Gordon Solie seems relieved when help comes to aid Graham and Kernodle as he is heard saying, “Waitaminute…... Katie bar the door….it’s Dusty Rhodes, Tommy Rich and the Sawyers.  The Calvary is here as the Minions and Sullivan scamper back to the locker room.”


Dusty Rhodes and Wildfire and furious again and head over to Solie.  Rhodes begins screaming, “Keebin!  Keebin Sullivan!  This is a battle between right and wrong and you are wrong baby!  All these great people here tonight work hard all week to do what is right.  Working 60 hours a week.  Spending time praying to the Almighty one and then they tune in out there in TV land and in just 5 minutes you take away all the right in their lives.  Keebin let me tell you something.  You are the Devil and The American Dream here is the Angel and this place aint big enough for the Devil and the Angel.  Every time I run out here, you run away.  You keep saying this about you and Eddie Graham.  We all know it is me you are after.  Well why don’t you come and get some.  Stop hiding between your ignorant Minions.  Let’s finish this war once and for all.”


Gordon Solie ends the show with “Indeed, Dusty.  We are all tiring of Sullivan’s tactics.  “So long from Atlanta.”

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Posted 12 May 2016 - 10:20 AM

Love the Piper's Pit segments!

Carlos as the Nightmare is a great way to incorporate the bounty angle with Lawler, Rich is getting pulled in many directions having both belts....will be interesting to see how he holds up.

I love smoothly you've worked in all the new characters from Florida and made their presence felt right out of the chute. Awesome job!

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