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Generation Me vs. the Motor City Machine Guns (Full Metal Mayhem match, Final Resolution, 12/5).

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#1 Bierschwale

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Posted 24 May 2016 - 10:53 AM

This is an awesome breathless spotfest, even accounting for the occasional moment of in-ring interior decorating. My favorite Young Bucks are the Scumbag Garbage Match Psycho Young Bucks, and without any of their Kliq schtick they just find new and both increasingly elaborate and brutal ways ways to hit people with chairs and ladders. And Sabin/Shelley are far from slouches in this environment, either.


Only two table spots, neither of which is superlatively great but both very effective within the context of the match and are both as organic as such things can be, with both teams using the right strategy for a TLC match (you have to get the spots in, so make them seem like they have a point). I admittedly love two team ladder match tags but this felt particularly strong even for the genre. You might be surprised to learn that Mike Tenay & Taz are dogshit on commentary by late 2010, but oh well. 

#2 G. Badger

G. Badger

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Posted 16 December 2017 - 04:09 PM

This is up online:


I have this in the MCMG topic in the GWE tag teams folder too.

This is a recommended TLC match which I'm a little down on as a gimmick. Oh excuse me...Full Metal Mayhem® match! Duh!

I liked this mainly because they keep the action moving despite the death trap made in the middle of the ring. The MCMG provide some psych in building this too. "Oh man, I can't get both belts! Its too tall for these ladders!"

The Bucks are restrained in their shenanigans but, bring the Indy wackiness. The Guns wisely abstain from their combos (either due to age/injury or a stylistic choice). They still go off the turnbuckles and stuff but, it wasn't a Junior acrobatic type train wreck. And it wasn't a plodding "set up the high spots" match either. I liked it a lot actually.

Should mention: Sabin damn near fell off the contraption after the match.

#3 Superstar Sleeze

Superstar Sleeze
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Posted 19 May 2018 - 12:15 PM

TNA World Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me - TNA Final Resolution 2010 Full Metal Mayhem (TLC)


Taz's concern over these guys being able to balance on the "tippy top" of the ladder was the best part of this match.


This did not do much for me. I liked their previous two PPV outings. I hate to poo poo a match where so much stuff looks painful, but I thought this was boring with long stretches of nothing happening. I thought the spots were pretty ok. Nothing really grabbed me. Shit like Sabin holding Matt Jackson in a wheelbarrow position, Shelley throwing a chair, Matt catching it and Matt holding it for Shelley to do a backstabber but to his front is such a huge turn off. It was just a lot of spots like that. Honestly, the most interesting spot was the dragon leg screw on Matt Jackson inside the ladder. That actually looked violent. The rest was very meh. Thumbs down! 

#4 Migs

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Posted 07 June 2018 - 07:22 PM

This was set up by an empty arena "match" (it doesn't have a finish) that I really loved - surprisingly violent and gritty for these two teams, shot and lit in a really cool way, and evidencing that the Bucks were bringing something unique out of the Guns. 


The match continues the violent, hateful feel (within the context that these are junior tag teams that operate in a certain way). Matt's chairshot on Shelley's leg looked great. I like the amount of simple ladder violence. The Codebreaker with a chair spot was contrived, though. There's a lot of lost momentum as they set up the contraption. I liked the idea of the chair fight on top better than the execution. Good first half, but the second part of the match kinda ruined it for me - the spots weren't impressive enough to justify all the setup.

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