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The importance of self promotion in the modern era

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Posted 14 July 2016 - 09:28 AM

It dawned on me when Bray Wyatt called out Matt Hardy on twitter that his plagiarism and subsequent tweets made me care about him more than anything he had done for years. But more importantly it made me think of a bigger point. I imagine the current world would have been a nightmare for many promoters 30/40 years ago. The internet doesn't forget. Every bad gimmick and mistake they've made is name preserved forever. But it turns out wrestling fans aren't such huge douchebags after all and are willing to give wrestlers another chance even with their previous misses not forgotten-like Husky Harris. But it's more than that that we are willing to forget and ignore. Remember Punk's shoot promo? Of course you do. Do you remember anyone complaining about how he wasn't a credible opponent for John Cena because he spent most of the previous year jobbing to everyone, sometimes even in handicap matches? I don't. Suddenly it didn't matter. Just like how Ospreay went from being someone not worth signing for because "we have enough guys like that on the roster already" to being a surefire grab once his New Japan contract expires due to all the drama he generated. With so many incredible tools at their disposal it would make sense for wrestlers to use them for more than retweeting fanart and whatnot. Wrestling is still about working. You may say "Brock Lesnar doesn't deserve what he gets paid". And there's truth in that. But in a world where no one else is willing to blackmail Vince and work him into thinking he's worth more than he is it's much easier for him to get what he wants. It's easy to complain about WWE and call the people in charge devils but at some point performers deserve blame as well for not managing to present themselves as valuable.

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