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Clive Myers VS Steve Grey (Joint Promotions 11/22/1975)

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#1 Clayton Jones

Clayton Jones
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Posted 16 July 2016 - 07:23 PM

I just watched this for the second time and while this feud probably gets a lot of attention for the impressively athletic exchanges these two innovated, on second viewing the psychology of the match was what really impressed me. What starts out as a friendly game of one-upmanship gets increasingly competitive and snug as the lower weight class underdog Grey continuously gets the better of Myers. In the first round or so Myers almost seems a little dismissive of Grey in a good natured way but that doesn't last long. As we get into the later rounds Myers becomes increasingly aggressive, taking a handshake opportunity to almost attack Grey, landing some tight shots and throws. He also eventually turns the tide decisively in his favor which leads to Grey opening up late throwing caution to the wind in the attempt of victory. This is a beautiful match and among the best I've seen from Britain.

#2 CapitalTTruth

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Posted 10 January 2018 - 10:07 AM

So Secret Santo brings mere here as I was given this match by PeteF3 because I was hoping to finally get into some WOS this year. 


Damn... what a start. I have caught some WOS sporadically before this, mostly Regal and Finlay stuff from various comps or dives on each guy in the past. This is sort of something else all together. 


I loved this match. I think WOS - at this point for me - is this sort of beautiful spectacle. I can find myself distracted when watching even the pacy offense-heavy indie stuff from today, and I really enjoy a lot of modern indies. This had me glued to the TV. The way they moved was incredible. They were so fluid and athletic. I loved the dynamic between the heavier, stronger Myers against the smaller, tactical Grey, who has a chip on his shoulders in the match.  They dynamic took me a second to get into. I came away appreciating the mix of showboating, feeling out, and bursts of intensity where each sees an opening. Grey frustrating Myers to the point of making mistakes or letting his guard down was great. Myers looking like he was sort of taking things lightly only to get frustrated with Grey in places and come out with a little bit more of an edge after nearly every exchange gave the match a really cool story. The ebbs and flows of intensity are somewhat different than what I am obviously used to coming into this somewhat cold - esp since I was watching PR brawls right before this - but they really tell a compelling story that I think is pretty easy to get into. 


This feels like some world class stuff to me. I am looking forward to getting more into WOS and then taking another look at this after I start to pick up a more nuanced picture of the style. 


Fantastic Stuff

#3 Microstatistics

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Posted 23 April 2018 - 06:24 PM

My pick for the best match of the 70s. A great mix of superb technical skill, high end storytelling and character work and some nice comedy. Narrative wise, builds off their 10/75 flawlessly. Not really hateful or violent but still manages to be very hard fought, struggle filled and intense. ****3/4


Also 11/20 is the date, 11/22 is the air date


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