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Ageism in pro wrestling

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#181 Parties

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Posted 24 August 2016 - 10:01 PM

Jericho-Michaels sucked, while Jericho-Mysterio from roughly the same time was great to the point where they were having MOTYCs on random Smackdowns. I remember not even understanding how slow botch magnet Y2J was having these matches, which to this day are the best of his career. It's tempting to say Rey carried him based on how bad Jericho was directly before and after, but I always think it's weird and tricky to say someone "carried" someone else unless its an injury situation. Some guys just have good chemistry, or find their athletic groove for a limited time in the same way that in baseball, career .250 hitters will get red-hot for some random month.

#182 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 25 August 2016 - 12:56 AM

Smarky crowds existed before I got online and before I started writing for the Torch, both of which happened in 1996. It's not hard to find a specific smarky crowd prior to that.

Even you can recognise the difference. Even you.

#183 Loss

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Posted 25 August 2016 - 05:27 AM

jdw, I think the argument is that we've shifted from smarky crowds as occasional anomalies to smarky crowds as the general norm.

#184 Laz

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Posted 25 August 2016 - 08:13 AM

Which makes sense given the crowd shift (pro wrestling has become an accepted part of nerd culture, notorious for over analyzation and general snark). It's pretty hard to blame Meltzer for that when half the media surrounding [insert superhero movie here] is a tongue-in-cheek analysis of it.

If you really want to pinpoint when the overall tone of fandom changed, there's probably going to be something meaty with the James Rolfe/Doug Walker growth in popularity. However, as has been said, good booking/writing can overcome a jaded and cynical audience.

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