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World Wrestling Federation Thread

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Posted 24 August 2016 - 11:21 PM



The World Wrestling Federation is proud to announce return of 'Saturday Night's Main Event as a special event on Saturday, September 2nd, live on the USA Network at 10 PM Eastern and Pacific. In addition, there will be a special re-airing of the event on both Sunday and Monday afternoons on the USA Network. The event will be live from Brantford, Ontario and feature appearances from WWF Superstars such as the WWF World Champion 'Big Daddy Cool' Diesel, 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels, 'The Beast from the East' Bam Bam Bigelow, 'Psycho' Sid , 'The Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase, Yokozuna, Irwin R. Schyster, Doink,and other new and returning Superstars.


WWF President Gorilla Monsoon has stated that there will be also news on the future of the WWF World Tag Team Championships after the departure of Owen Hart from the World Wrestling Federation, more matches will be signed for the upcoming In Your House event, and aside from that, “anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation.”


In regards to future Saturday Night's Main Event's on USA, both the World Wrestling Federation and the USA Network simply stated that it depends on the response to this event, along with other openings in the schedule.  

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Posted 24 August 2016 - 11:23 PM

Really looking forward for what you got planned for WWF!

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Posted 27 August 2016 - 12:10 AM



[As you click on the link, it's proceded by 




A Special Online Edition of 'The Bite' with Vic Venom 


- At the 1st edition of Saturday Night's Main Event in three years, I can tell you, the fans "in the know" that you're going to see promotional footage for one of the most controversial, misunderstood, violent, and forward looking tag teams in the entire industry - The Gangstas! They've caused riots in the Smoky Mountains, so who knows what'll happen when they're in the World Wrestling Federation. 


- Also, in other news, former WWF star Curtis Hughes has told me exclusively that he's been brought back to the World Wrestling Federation with a partner by a man well known to World Wrestling Federation diehards, but someone who you wouldn't have known is still in the business unless you're willing to get a little Extreme


- Rumors are that along with adding new members to The Million Dollar Corporation, Ted DiBiase has a massive new signing that will send shockwaves all around the wrestling world, but especially to the boys in the back down South who will see what happens when a man with talent is allowed to show it off in the World Wrestling Federation. 


- Don't be surprised if you see some old school stars come back to the WWF - the grass isn't always greener on the other side and even WWF officials can sometimes learn from their mistake. 


- Finally, Vince won't say it because of legal agreements and the boys in the back won't say it because they've got respect for the family name, but let's be clear here - the World Wrestling Federation is better off without The Hart Family. The only one with a real future in this business didn't latch on to his big brother like a remora and float down South, but it's trying to prove himself in the Land of Extreme, but both Bret and Davey Boy will be happy in Turnertown. They'll be overpaid, surrounded by suits who won't know any better, and won't be asked to do anything that'll upset their 'innocent' pure Canadian wrestling view of wrestling even though anybody who's seen Bret or Davey Boy after the shows know neither of them are saints by any measure. With men like The Heartbreak Kid, Big Daddy Cool, and The Bad Guy, the future of the World Wrestling Federation is about embracing the culture instead of hanging on to a past that no longer exists. 

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Posted 27 August 2016 - 03:05 AM

This is excellent! An edgier product is just what I was hoping you'd go for, and I think it'll make for a very interesting US scene.

I, for one, can't wait for September!

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Posted 27 August 2016 - 06:22 AM

AOL... Vic Venom... The memories are overwhelming me. Good work!

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 04:36 PM

I love that AOL touch, that is fantastic!

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Posted 04 September 2016 - 05:24 AM



WWF Saturday's Night Main Event

September 3rd, 1995 (Taped September 2nd, 1995)

Brantford, Ontario - (2,700 - 2,400 paid)


From the opening WWF graphic, we cut straight into Shawn Michaels and Diesel standing together, belts on their shoulders in the backstage area as 'Animotion' by Obsession plays.


Champ, it's Saturday Night and we're all right for fightin' in the Great White North. The Bad Guy and I have never been the best of friends inside the ring, but all three of us agree on one thing – it doesn't matter if Jim Cornette, Ted DiBiase, Mr. Fuji, Harvey Wipplemen, or Lou Albano is in charge, flunkies like the taxman, the turncoat Indian, or even that diaper wearing fatty can never stand up to The Bad Guy, The Heartbreak Kid, or Big Daddy Cool. Right, big man?”

Diesel simply nods and Shawn responds with a grin, “Wise words as always.”


Cut to Bam Bam Bigelow who says, “Schyster, you can talk about audits, tax cheats, or write-offs all you want, but tonight, in the ring, you're not going to be facing off some scared family or an overstressed small business owner feeling the full brunt and power of the federal government. You're going to be taking on The Beast in the East, and my forms for kicking your tail all across this building are totally in order!”


Cut to Razor Ramon, who says, “Shawn Michaels and I have sent each to hell and back, man. Ladders, table, chairs, oh my. But tonight, we're fighting on the same side not because we're friends, but because scumbags are obvious sometimes and tonight, we start taking out the trash and that is a defintley a job for The Bad Guy!”


Cut to Ted DiBiase, flanked by Yokozuna with both WWF World Tag Team Championships over his shoulder, Tatanka, Irwin R. Schyster, and Psycho Sid flanking him who simply laughs for nearly thirty seconds before saying, “everybody has a price. Everybody. Very soon, you'll find out that The Million Dollar Corporation's resources are vast and extend even outside of the World Wrestling Federation. HA HA HA HA!


Finally, cue the metaphorical bagpipes because Oh My God, it's Roddy Piper who says, “Do not adjust your television sets, folks. The Rowdy Scot is back in the World Wrestling Federation, but for right now, don't you boys worry in the back, because I'm just here to sit beside Vinny Mac and keep him on the straight and narrow for this broadcast of Saturday Night's Main Event, but just remember – always be ready to Pay the Piper because I've been doing this since most of you were born from Portland to Georgia to right here in the Great White North, so go ahead and jump on me. It's a lot harder to get me off your back, jack!”


From there, cut to an opening video highlighting Diesel holding the WWF title high, various bits of carnage from past ladder matches, Bam Bam Bigelow facing off against Lawrence Taylor, Yokozuna dropping the leg on some poor jobber, and ending on Diesel in the ring at Wrestlemania 11 surrounded by “celebrities.”


Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and Roddy Piper welcome us to a very special return of Saturday Night's Main Event, only on the USA Network.

After going over the card, including the big six-man and the main event of Bam Bam versus IRS, the familiar refrains of Ted DiBiase's music hit as The Million Dollar Corporation, now looking a bit different heads down to ringside. McMahon and Ross put forth theories abou the current composition of the corporation as everyone heads down to ringside.


Well, well, well. As you can see, things certainly look a bit different tonight. As with any corporation, certain acquisitions are made, dead weight is cut, and our assets are leveraged to bring the greatest return for leadership. I simply made Jim Cornette an offer he couldn't refuse and as a result, he has returned to the Smoky Mountains that he love and I've acquired one of the most dangerous men in the World Wrestling Federation, a former World Champion, and most importantly, a 600 pound monster who will hold these tag belts for as long as he wants – partner or no partner.”


The crowd happily boos that statement while Yoko yells 'BANZAI' in the background.


In addition, even though World Wrestling Federation officials have run off the Hart Family because they're too worried about protecting their long haired pretty boy investments - “


McMahon breaks in to say, “the departure of Bret Hart, Owen Hart, and Davey Boy Smith was amicable and we wish them well in their future endeavors.”


- I still have the most powerful man in the WWF, Psycho Sid at my side, ready to powerbomb anyone who stands in his way of becoming WWF Champion. I still have Tatanka, a man who understands it's better off to take the money than fight for lost causes. I still have Irwin R. Schyster, who knows that even in Canada, there are tax cheats out there in this audience even though all of my affairs are in order. Finally, everybody has a price for the Million Dollar Man, even those not even in the World Wrestling Federation and that's why I'm happy to announce that at In Your House, my newest acquisition will be arriving in the WWF and will destroy any of the competition that decides to step up to the plate! HA HA HA!”


The Million Dollar Corporation heads to the back to the boos of the crowd while McMahon, Ross, and Piper muse about who could be DiBiase's newest client. Piper jokes that knowing 'Trillionaire Ted', maybe he's bringing Tonya Harding's ex husband in.


Cut to a video sent to kind of cheesy saxophone music with a Latin beat as we see a Hispanic man salsa dancing with various women, walking in the street with a beautiful Latina on his arm, playing with children, and in between that, shots of him in the gym working out and executing fluid technical wrestling manuevers in the ring. After about a minute, it finishes off with a graphic saying, “MEXICO'S HEARTHROB HECTOR GARZA COMIN TO THE WWF!”




Back from commercials, Ray Lloyd is already in the ring, when Doink's music hits. No Dink this time, but Roddy notes that, “every clown I've ever known is a little off his rocker, McMahon, and I'm saying that!”


1. Doink the Clown vs. Ray Lloyd – Ray Lloyd attempts a few martial art kicks and even gets a little offense in on Doink early, but the Jester of the WWF quickly shifts the momentum, throws Lloyd around and in the end nails him with a side suplex, short clothesline, and then goes to the top rope and nails the Whoopie Cushion for the pinfall victory.I


Doink the Clown p. Ray Lloyd -  (Whoopie Cushion – 3:33).


After the match, it looks like Doink might try to throw a pie in Roddy's face, but he quickly gets up and shakes his finger at Doink, who runs off, slapping the hands of the crowd as Piper states, “told ya, he's a clown. They're all off their rocker.”


Cut to backstage where Dok Hendrix is standing beside Bam Bam Bigelow who says, “Schyster, you're walking into the fire and the flames tonight. Whatever DiBiase is paying you to keep the rest of the taxmen off his back, you better double it and ask for hazard pay, because after tonight, you're going to feel the burn of The Beast of the East and after that, it doesn't matter if Sid, Yokozuna, or the Million Dollar Man's mystery man wants a shot at me, just come find me! After all, I'm not hard to find,” Bigelow finishes with a slight grin as he walks off.


Cut to some promos for WWF Live Events all around the world, some quick local promos for upcoming events, and then finally the Slam Jam Report with Dok Hendrix who announces that In Your House has been renamed Million Dollar Takeover and along with Ted DiBiase's new charge throwing out an open challenge, there will be a new main event involving The Two Dudes with Attitude and The Million Dollar Corporation announced tonight!




Coming back from commercial, we get an Ahmed Johnson hype video, where he looks all strong and such and it gets hyped he'll be coming to the WWF soon!


Then in the ring, Tony Williams and Brian Faulkner are in the ring being introduced and they take the mic from Finkel and say they signed for this match not caring who they have to face because they're rocketing to the top of the WWF starting right now! Now, wait for it – The Steiner Brother's theme music hits and their disposition changes just a wee bit.


2. The Steiner Brothers vs. Tony Williams and Brian Faulkner – What do you think happened? Steinerline. Suplexes galore. Some random double team move that almost killed one of the local talent. Top Rope Bulldog. Pinfall.


The Steiner Brothers p. Tony Williams and Brian Faulkner – (Top Rope Bulldog – 1:46)


After being announced the winners, Scott takes the mic and says, “now, we don't care who President Monsoon announces as the champions. If it's Yokozuna, we'll suplex him to hell and back. If he has a partner, we'll beat him. If we've got to fight somebody else for the WWF World Tag Team Titles, we'll walk down the aisle, me and the Dog Faced Gremlin and we'll remind them that we're the best tag team in the world today and that's why we're back in the World Wrestling Federation, daddy!”


McMahon, Ross, and Piper all put over the wrestling talent of The Steiner Brothers, saying that they're two of the best athletes in the World Wrestling Federation and that while either them have the talent and skill to become a singles c hampion, they're blood and as a result, focused on becoming the best tag team in the history of the World Wrestling Federation!


Cut to the ringside area where we see Paul Orndorff in a suit, flanked by two attractive older women. Seeing the camera, Orndorff simply smiles and wraps his arms around both women as Piper says that it's a surprise to see Orndorff, but everybody knows he's one tough SOB and Ross says that all of the best athletes in the world are coming to the World Wrestling Federation because they know this is where the future of sports entertainment is




Coming back from commercials, file footage from various riots in the 60's, civil rights marches, Malcolm X speeches, and Black Power salutes before 'Natural Born Killaz' (a highly edited version) cuts in as there's newer video footage of the L.A. Riots, various street gangs, cops busting down a door, high speed chases, and people arguing with cops in the streets during a protest before a graphic that says – 'THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED.' Then, another pops up the says 'THE GANGSTAS ARE COMING NO MATTER WHAT THE WWF WANTS'


McMahon makes a crypic comment stating that he doesn't always agree with all the actions taken by World Wrestling Federation officials which makes Piper chuckle, then Ross rolls into an announcement that WWF President Gorilla Monsoon will make a statement on WWF Superstars next week about the WWF World Tag Team Titles.


3. Diesel, Shawn Michaels, and Razor Ramon vs. The Million Dollar Corporation (Sid, Yokozuna, Tatanka) The Corporation all comes out together with DiBiase still holding the tag title belt formerly by Owen Hart. The fan favorites all get their own entrances including when Diesel coming out, Piper says, “that's right, kids. We've got a World Champion here in the World Wrestling Federation! He hasn't run off to Japan!”


Actually in the ring, all three fan favorites are playing to the crowd when the heels attack from behind, Pearl Harbor style with Sid booting Nash out of the ring, Tatanka clotheslining HBK out of the ring, while the 600 pounder drives Razor into the corner. From there, the big man drives in shots on the former Intercontinental Champion, then pulls him in the middle of the ring and slaps on a nerve hold on Razor to the boos of the crowd. Ramon slowly fights out of the hold, elbowing away at the mass of Yokozuna, getting loose and knocking him back with a solid series of elbows followed by a clothesline. Off his game, Yoko tags out to Sid who comes in the ring and goes right after Razor. The two men trade shots with Razor getting a big kneelift, then nailing big Sid with a clothesline, knocking him into the corner.


With a bit of breathing room, Ramon tags in the WWF World Champion, who goes right to work on Psycho Sid, drilling him with shots in the corner, before sending him in the ropes and hitting a big boot that sends Sid back stumbling into the corner. Diesel uses the momentum and hits a big running clothesline in the corner, then tags Ramon back in. Da Bad Guy goes for a slam on Sid, but the big man from West Memphis blocks it and drives the Miami native into the mat with a big back suplex. He then sends Razor into the corner and chokes him with the heel of his boot. As the referee's count reaches five, Sid backs off and tags out to the turncoat Native American, Tatanka.


Tatanka comes in and stomps and kicks at the fallen former Intercontinental champion, but when the man who sold Lex Luger out tries to pick Ramon up for a big slam, Razor cradles him to the pop from the crowd, then drops him with a big right hand. Tired, but still standing, Ramon tags in Shawn Michaels! The Heartbreak Kid is a house of fire, knocking Sid to the ringside area, dropping Tatanka with a series of hiptosses, punches, and it looks like he's about to hit Tatanka with the big flying forearm, but DiBiase trips him up and Tatanka goes back on offense as McMahon sends the audience at home to a commercial break.




Coming back from the commercial, we get a replay from 'During the Break' of Tatanka hitting a giant vertical suplex and almost getting the pinfall, but Diesel saves his friend while in live action, Tatanka has Shawn Michaels on the mat in a chinlock. Michaels slowly powers, then slips out of the hold, but the turncoat Native American drops the Intercontinental Champion again and goes for another move but HBK SLINGSHOTS HIM INTO THE CORNER!


Michaels goes to follow up with another hard hitting manuever – DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Both men are down, but as Shawn slowly gets up, Tatanka dives at his knees, then tags in Yokozuna to a heel pop from the crowd. Shawn gets a burst of energy and kips up and dives at the current possible co-holder of the World Tag Team Titles and the man who ended Hulk-A-Mania, but Yokozuna catches him and crushes Michaels with a massive powerslam. As the crowd booes, Yokozuna hits several big elbowdrops, but each time, Yokozuna is a little slower to get up. After the last elbow, Yoko goes to the corner, jogs out – BIG LEGDROP! NO! HBK ROLLS AWAY! Shawn uses the ropes to pull himself up while the 600 pounder slowly gets up and Yokozuna gets drilled with the flying forearm. Yokozuna is stumbling as DiBiase yells at his charge to get out of the way – SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Michaels knows one isn't going to do the job – A SECOND SUPERKICK! YOKO IS DOWN! ONE! TWO! THR – SID & TATANKA ARE IN THE RING! HERE COMES DIESEL & RAMON! The referee is trying to maintain order and he gets pushed off into the corner and as a result, calls for the bell.


Diesel, Shawn Michaels, and Razor Ramon NC The Million Dollar Corporation – (13:44 – No Contest when the referee lost control of the bout)


The brawl continues until WWF officials all come out to break things apart. The Million Dollar Corporation rolls outside, looking the worst for wear while Michaels grabs the mic.


Hey, hey, hey. Here's the thing. Razor, Diesel, and I could go ALL NIGHT LONG tonight, but we know you chumps aren't ready for the fight right now. After all, you signed away your nether regions to The Million Dollar Man and he controls you.”


At that, Sid looks to go after Shawn, but Ted holds him back and talks him down. “But, here's the thing. We've had some changes in the WWF roster lately as some folks have decided that the competition is lighter down South, so all of our dance cards are empty for In Your House! Now, I'd prefer to just get in the ring with the big man here so we can see just who the better man is on a level playing field, but Monsoon won't sign that with such short notice since he knows all the moolah that'd bring into the WWF coffers - “


Diesel looks at Michaels for a moment, then takes the mic, “- what ole' H-B-K is taking the scenic route to saying is pretty simple. DiBiase, we don't care who you've got to take us on. Yokozuna, Psycho Sid, Ted Bundy, the DOD, IRS, some mystery man, or another NFL player, it doesn't matter. You bring three guys to In Your House and when you face off against the three brightest stars of the World Wrestling Federation, your Million Dollar Takeover will be declared null and void by The Kliq!”


DiBiase simply nods as his crew backs away while the crowd favorites play to the crowd and the announcers talks about the big possible main event for In Your House.




Coming back from commercial, we get a vignette of The Undertaker in some sort of industrial area with some hot liquid in a vat in the background. He then says, “At Summerslam, I vanquished the Ultimate Fighter and regained my urn, but it has been defaced and degraded into a garish necklace. So, I've come here to rebuild and remake my urn and when it is ready, once again, all in the World Wrestling Federation who stands against me and my Creatures of the Night will REST...IN....PEACE.”


Back to the ringside area, where Piper says, “well, he didn't get any less creepy while I was gone, Vinny Mac” before McMahon throws it to the ring.


4. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Irwin R. Schyster – As both men make their entrances, Ross notes that WWF Official Pat Patterson banned the entire Million Dollar Corporation for this encounter. As the bell rings, IRS trash talks Bigelow, the big man from Asbury Park chest bumps IRS, then drops him to the mat with a big shoulderblock. The taxman immediately begs off in the corner, but as Bigelow stalks him, Schyster pokes Bigelow in the eye and the former WWF Tag Team Champion chop blocks Bigelow and locks in a chokehold to the boos of the crowd. For a bit, IRS repeatedly goes for the choke and breaks off at the count of four. He then pulls Bigelow up from the mat and sends Bam Bam into the ropes, but the big man reverses it and drops Irwin with a running shoulderblock to cheers from the Ontario crowd, then he picks Irwin up and nails him with a backbreaker!


Bam Bam picks up IRS by his tie, hit a nasty headbutt, then locks in the taxman for a suplex, but Irwin goes low on Bigelow, drills him with a kneelift, then takes Bigelow down to the mat with a quick amateur style legsweep. As the crowd continues to boo, the former member of Money Inc. then locks on the abdominal stretch, putting it on tight. As the referee checks on Bam Bam for the submission, IRS grabs the ropes, adding more leverage to the hold, causing Bigelow more pain and getting more heat from the fans of the World Wrestling Federation. IRS does this a few more times as Bam Bam tries to get out hold, but finally, the referee is a little too quick and actually catches Schyster in the act! IRS is surprised enough by this that The Beast from the East is able to power out of the hold, then grab Irwin and drop him with a massive clothesline. One bodyslam later and Bigelow heads up to the top – FLYING HEADBUTT! ONE! TWO! NO! TATANKA AND DIBIASE ENTER THE RING AND LAY THE BOOTS TO BIGELOW!


It looks like all is lost as The Million Dollar Corporation lays in the boots on Bigelow, but all of the sudden, cheers rise from a section of the crowd that only get louder as the rest of the crowd sees who is running through the audience, jumping the barrier and sliding in the ring -



- the crowd goes from loud to frenzied as The Macho Man grabs Tatanka by the hair, then drops him with a big right hand. In reaction to that, DiBiase and IRS turn around from their beatdown to see Savage and decide to get the hell out of town, only Irwin is too slow and gets grabbed by The Macho Man, who decides to send his tax return via airmail, sending IRS over the top rope to the floor. The Million Dollar Corporation scatters to the back as Savage ascends to all four corners to raise his arms to the cheering crowd while Vince McMahon says, “as you can see, anything can truly happen in the World Wrestling Federation. For Dox Hendrix, Jim Ross, and Rowdy Roddy Piper, we'll see you at Monday Night Raw in nine days.” As the WWF logo comes up in the corner, the last shot is Savage standing in the middle of the ring soaking in the cheers as Roddy says, “between Savage and I, you really decided to let us all the nutcases come back, Vinny Mac. It's going to be wild and wooly here in the WWF from now on!”


COPYRIGHT 1995 – Titan Sports






Diesel, Shawn Michaels, and Razor Ramon will face off against three members of The Million Dollar Corporation!

Ted DiBiase's New Signing Will Debut!




WWF Superstars Taping Results -


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Posted 04 September 2016 - 06:57 AM

Nicely done. You got the feel of a SNME very well. 


Can't wait to see the Macho Man go wild in the WWF agian!

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Posted 04 September 2016 - 02:07 PM

Wow, some really good stuff to get you started, man. Had that old SNME feeling of yesteryears. Awesome!

#10 dexstar

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Posted 04 September 2016 - 04:03 PM

The whole show was great and im super pumped to see macho in this era of the Fed. The opening was note for note perfect. Awesome job.

#11 LowBlowPodcast

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Posted 04 September 2016 - 06:46 PM

Very nice to see some of the old guard come back in the WWF. Everyone wanted to see how Savage would have fared in this setting of the WWF and now we get to see it. Savage vs HBK, Razor, Diesel, even Austin down the line... could be something special. I view Savage as being a man on his own here in this WWF and hopefully that will allow him to be built as the main dude on the block.

#12 Jesse Ewiak

Jesse Ewiak
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Posted 10 September 2016 - 02:51 AM

Observer News & Notes 


- SNME did a 2.3 rating in it's initial timeslot, which is seen as a success by both the USA Network and internally in the WWF. There may be more Saturday Night Main Event's in the future, if the USA Network has the available times slots. The rerun of SNMW on Monday Night at Midnight also did a 1.3 rating. 


- Backstage, it's widely assumed that Piper will return to the ring sooner than later, but for now, he'll be part of a three man booth on RAW with McMahon and Lawler. For now, Ross will do in-ring interviews and do shots for the weekend syndicated shows. 


- Jacques Rougeau returned on the Canadian house shows this weekend as a babyface, accepting an open challenge from IRS. It's thought that Rougeau will work as a heel when he returns to TV though. 


- Also, on the house show loop, Curtis Hughes and Rick Bogner worked under their real names purely as a way to get rid of their ring rust. 


- Initial reports are there are rumors of the WWF working with Viacom to possibly get more real music for various workers, especially new people coming in or for existing roster members with non-recognizable theme songs. 


- As you'd expect, there are several people very unhappy about The Hart's leaving as it nudges the locker room to be further dominated by Shawn Michaels and company. 




September 3rd - St. Johns - 

The Steiners d. Ray Lloyd & Harold Hogue

Tatanka d. Rick Bogner 

Yokozuna d. Curtis Hughes

Jacques Rougeau d. IRS after IRS made an open challenge

The Undertaker d. Sid by DQ when IRS ran in


September 3rd - Titusville, PA

Gangstas d. Doink & Fatu

BBB d. Hector Garza

Razor Ramon d. Paul Orndorff

Shawn Michaels © & Diesel DDQ Smoking Gunns - Earthquake attacked both teams

Shawn Michaels © CO Earthquake


September 7th - Oshawa, ON

Hector Garza p. Ray Lloyd

The Smoking Gunns d. Harold Hogue & Curtis Hughes

The Steiners d. Doink & Fatu 

Earthquake CO Paul Orndorff

Razor Ramon d. Rick Bogner

Jacques Rougeau d. IRS after IRS made an open challenge

Diesel © & Shawn Michaels © d. Tatanka & Yokozuna

The Undertaker DQ Sid when IRS & Tatanka ran in


September 8th - Peterborough, ON

Razor Ramon d. Ray Lloyd

Hector Garza d. Harold Hogue

Bam Bam Bigelow d. Rick Bogner

Earthquake & Paul Orndorff d. Doink & Fatu

Steiners d. Smoking Gunns

Jacques Rougeau d. IRS after IRS made an open challenge

Shawn Michaels & Razor Ramon d. Tatanka & Sid

Diesel © p. Yokozuna in a Cage Match


September 9th - Sudbury, ON 

Gangstas d. Harold Hogue & Ray Lloyd

Paul Orndorff d. Rick Bogner

Earthquake d. Curtis Hughes

Razor Ramon d. Doink

Bam Bam Bigelow d. Fatu

Jacques Rougeau d. IRS after IRS made an open challenge

Shawn Michaels & Razor Ramon d. Tatanka & Sid

Diesel © p. Yokozuna in Cage Match

#13 Jesse Ewiak

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Posted 13 September 2016 - 12:21 AM

Quickie WWF Superstars Results 


The Smoking Gunns d. local talent in 3:13 with the Sidewinder. During the match, there was an inset promo by The Gunns saying they didn't care who Monsoon said was or wasn't the champs, they wanted the belts. 


Backstage interview with The Steiners after Monday Night RAW, saying they're glad to be back in the WWF and that whatever Monsoon decides, they're ready for the top flight competition in the WWF. 


Slam Jam segment with Dox Hendrix who hypes up In Your House, talks about local events, and a promo from Doink the Clown about his match with Tatanka on Monday Night RAW this week. 


Tatanka d. local talent in 4:02 with the Renegade Drop. After the match, DiBiase stuffed money in the fallen talent's mouth. After the match, the Hector Garza hype video played. 


The Ahmed Johnson hype package aired as Superstars came back from commercial. Then, Fatu d. local talent with a flying headbutt in 3:03. 


Before the main event, a video from Gorilla Monsoon was shown where he announced the six man main event involving Diesel, Shawn Michaels, and Razor Ramon. Monsoon announced the only way to get DiBiase to agree to the match was to allow DiBiase to announce the members of the opposing team at the event. 


In addition, Monsoon announced, due to the departure of one of the holders of the belt, the WWF Tag Team Titles were declared vacant. Monsoon explained that in the past, the co-holder of the tag belts may be allowed to choose a replacement partner, but The Million Dollar Man didn't understand that when you don't compromise in one deal, you have to make sure you can't lose out on another. Monsoon then continued and said more about a tournament to crown new champions would be announced at In Your House. 


In the main event of the show, The Undertaker defeated IRS by DQ in 9:09 when Tatanka and Sid ran in to ringside. However Crush unexpectadely returned to the WWF to save Taker and chase away members of the Corporation.


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WWF Monday Night RAW – September 12th, 1995

LIVE from the Manhattan Center in New York, New York

September 12th, 1995 – New York, NY – (1,100 – 700 paid)


Straight from the opening WWF graphic, we get the famous 'roof' opening, except certain people (hello Hitman) have been already cut out from the video cut only weeks ago. After that, the actual show starts up with Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, and Jerry 'The King' Lawler ringside, with Vince announcing that Jim Ross will do special in-ring interviews with the superstars of the WWF while he's joined ringside by two of the most controversial Superstars in World Wrestling Federation history – 'The King' and the 'Rowdy Scot.' The announcers went over tonight's special main event – Diesel defending his WWF Championship against a returning WWF Superstar who will be revealed at the main event.


After some virtual jousting between Lawler and Piper over whether they could be the surprise return, ”Pomp and Circumstance” started up and the New York crowd goes wild as The Macho Man comes down to the ring, slapping hands and basking in the adoration of the Manhattan crowd.


Once in the ring, Savage simply stands and accepts the “MACHO MAN” chants from the RAW crowd for a moment before taking the mic and beginning to speak.


“Ohhhhhhh Yeahhhhhh! That's right, The Macho Man has come back to the WWF and I couldn't be happier. Ya' see, a little while ago, I had a little disagreement with the officials here about just exactly what The Macho Man should be doing here. I wanted to be in this ring, scrapping and crawling, fighting and brawling with anybody who'd step across the ring from the Madness!”


Big pop from the crowd as Savage continues by saying, “The brass though that my day was done and it was time for some new blood to rise to the top. That a better spot for the Macho Man would be right there in the announcing booth beside ole' Vinny Mac, but I had another idea. So, I walked away - “


Some boos from the Manhattanites, then Savage says, “ - but the truth is, sometimes the grass is not so green on the other side. There's the same old problems, the same old politics, the same old folks who get off and having all the power. If ya' get me, brother!”


Smart fan pop. “So, I walked out the doors from down South, called up Gorilla Monsoon and told him, you big SOB, the Macho Man wants back in the World Wrestling Federation, but he doesn't want to sit at ringside wearing a pair of headphones. He needs to be in that ring, against the best Superstars in the world, focusing on one thing – getting back to the top of the mountain and recapturing the WWF Championship!”




“But last week, as I was stalking backstage, I saw the Million Dollar Punk with the rest of his employees putting a beatdown on a man that didn't deserve, so I threw on some boots, ran into that ring and did the only thing I could and that was reminding Ted DiBiase that it doesn't matter if it's 1985, 1995, 2005, or the year 3000, he's always going to be a second rate wannabee compared to The Macho Man, so if anybody from that derelict Corporation wants to show up at In Your House, the Macho Man will be in the ring waiting for you. OHHHH YEAHHHH!”


As Savage gets up on all four turnbuckles and raises his arm to the crowd, McMahon wonders if any member of the Corporation will accept The Macho Man's challenge for In Your House, while Lawler responds that of course anybody The Million Dollar Man employs could easily take out an old fossil like The Macho Man!


From there, cut to another video of people protesting, police clashing with protestors, Malcolm X speaking, and athletes raising their arms in the Black Power salute as a cleaned up version of “Natural Born Killaz” plays before a graphic comes up that says, “THE GANGSTAS – COMING SOON!”




Coming back from commercials, Rich Myers is already in the ring, then Razor Ramon's music hits to a large response from the New York crowd.


1. Razor Ramon vs. Rich Myers – X tries to charge Ramon before the bell, but Ramon is ready for him and lets him run into the corner. A few shots later, Ramon hits the Fallaway Slam, then picks up his opponent for the evening and absolutely nails the Razor's Edge to pick up the pinfall victory.


Razor Ramon p. Rich Myers – (Razor's Edge – 1:50)


Razor then takes the mic after getting his arm raised and says, “Hey Yo! This one goes out to the punks in the back cowering behind Teddy DiBiase and all his dough. Ya' see, at In Your House, Diesel, HBK, and I will take out any three members of the Corporation that decide to get out from behind The Million Dollar Man's jacket and take us on! Because when you're taking on The Bad Guy, The Heartbreak Kid, and Big Daddy Cool, you don't go no change, mang!”


Another video is shown of Ahmed Johnson, running the stairs at a football stadium, doing more weightlifting, throwing tires around in a gym, and generally looking like a very strong man doing very impressive things.




Coming back from commercials, McMahon throws it to Superstars this past week and the end of the Undertaker vs. I.R.S. match, where Tatanka ran in to cause the DQ, then of all people. Crush ran in from the crowd to make the save and run off both members of the Corporation.


We then get a promo from Crush, dressed up like his 'Jailbird' persona from the RL WWF, but without the weird Manson-y tattoo on his forehead. He says, “I've made mistakes in my life. That's why I've had to serve my time. But, I've learned and now that I'm back in the World Wrestling Federation, I'm going to side against those taking advantage. That's why I saved The Undertaker, because I don't mind a fight, but it better be one on the level or I'm going to come up and Crush some folks!”


Back in the ring, McMahon hails Crush's change of heart while Piper responds, “I don't know, man. Crush is a guy like me who spent a lot of time in the forest of the Northwest and folks like us never really get all right in the head.”


2. Fatu vs. Earthquake – Fatu comes to the ring, trying to make a difference by slapping the hands at ringside before 'Quake's theme music hits and the former WWF Tag Team Champion comes down to the ring, looking as large and in charge as ever. Once the bell rings, Fatu tries to stick and move and even gets a few solid moves such as a dropkick and a couple of solid elbows in on the big man. However, Fatu risks everything by going up to the top rope and diving for a cross body block, but Earthquake catches him, and crushes the Samoan with a massive powerslam. A few dropped elbows and then Earthquake finishes things off with the Earthquake Splash!


Earthquake p. Fatu – (Earthquake Splash – 5:53)


After the match, as the crowd boos the result, 'Quake pushes the referee away and it looks like he's about to nail the fallen Fatu with another Earthquake Splash, but as he's going off the far rope, Crush rolls in the ring and stands over Fatu. Earthquake simply stares Crush down, before shrugging his shoulders and walking away to the boos of the Manhattan crowd.




Coming back from commercial, The Million Dollar Man is already in the ring, flanked by Psycho Sid and Yokozuna, who still has both WWF Tag belts draped over his expansive shoulders.


“It seems that the World Wrestling Federation will go to the ends of the Earth to stop The Million Dollar Corporation from taking their rightful spot at the top of this company. Because, despite the fact that this man, a former WWF Champion, never lost the WWF Tag Team Titles in the ring is being forced to go through a tournament to keep the title that he never lost. Unlike other champions, who have been given extensions on how often they needed to keep the titles or even given the chance to choose a different partner, they're too scared of Yokozuna continuing to destroy the tag team division. They think that they'll be able to get rid of him and as a result, the power of The Million Dollar Corporation by stacking the odds against him.”


A slight pause as DiBiase looks across the audience and sneers a bit before he says, “while, the WWF forgot that everybody has a price, so I've dug deep in my pockets and convinced one man to team up with Yokozuna to become the most dominant team in the history of the World Wrestling Federation and his name is PSYCHO SID!”


Big boos as Sid does Sid things in the ring while McMahon goes crazy, saying that the idea of any team stopping these two men seems impossible. Piper jokes to Lawler, “I don't know, we've both taken down some monsters in our time, King. How about it?” Lawler says, “I'm not crazy like you, Piper!”


As the crowd dies down, DiBiase finishes off by saying, “money can make men do dangerous things and that's why I've procured two opponents for Yokozuna & Sid – right now!” At that, Tony DeVito and Mike Bell come down to the ring to face off against Yoko & Sid.


3. Yokozuna & Psycho Sid vs. Tony DeVito & Mike Bell – Punches. Kicks. Slams. Splashes in the corner. Powerbomb. Legdrop. Goodnight.


Yokozuna & Psycho Sid w/ Ted DiBiase d. Tony DeVito & Mike Bell – (Legdrop – 1:55)


After the match, the other competitor tried to help his fallen partner, but Sid grabbed him, threw him in the corner, took him down with a big boot, then Yokozuna climbed to the 2nd rope – BANZAI DROP! While all three announcers all put over how tough it would be to survive a match against these two giant men, let alone defeat them, the camera focused once again on Paul Orndorff, still dressed well, clad by two beautiful women. Lawler said Orndorff might be Diesel's mystery opponent, but Piper responded, “pal, if I had those two ladies by my side, the last thing I'd be thinking about is getting in the ring.


Cut to another In Your House report with Jim Ross who hypes up the six man main event, then announces that WWF officials have confirmed with Ted DiBiase that Randy Savage in his return to the WWF rings will face off against IRS! There's some more hype for local Live Events, then we cut to commercial.




Another video with a Latin beat plays as we see Hector Garza in the streets playing soccer with teenagers, arriving to a club in a sports car and walking to the front of the line with two beautiful women on his arm, executing beautiful technical maneuvers in the ring, swimming laps in an Olympic sized swimming pool, and speaking to reporters in a tuxedo as graphics that say 'MEXICO'S MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR', 'THE HOTTEST ATHLETE IN LATIN AMERICA', 'THE NEXT GREAT LUCHADORE' come up before saying, “HECTOR GARZA – COMING TO THE WWF!”


Coming back from the video, a graphic is shown of Psycho Sid and The Underaker and Vince McMahon confirms that will be the main event for Monday Night RAW next week before throwing it to the ring. Lawler said maybe Diesel's mystery opponent tonight in The Undertaker, but Piper simply laughed him off.


4. Doink the Clown vs. Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase – Shockingly, the beginning of this match was relatively clean as Doink put on various holds and attempts at submissions, but Tatanka powered out of them and went on offense, clubbing the clown before tossing him in the corner. Doink got out of the way of the blind charge, then took the turncoat Native American down with a side suplex and hit a nasty kneedrop before getting a two count. Doink slapped on the Stump Puller, but Tatanka was too close to the ropes. As Doink broke the hold, Ted DiBiase argued with the referee that the clown was taking too long to break the hold. That allowed IRS to sneak out and drill Doink in the back with a running knee, then roll outside and head toward backstage once again. Back on offense, Tatanka hit a few big slams and a running leg drop before finishing with the Renegade Drop to gain the pinfall victory.


Tatanka p. Doink the Clown – (6:09 – Renegade Drop)


DiBiase stuffed some dollar bills in Doink's mouth as Lawler joked, “that's better pay than the children's parties Doink will have to work at once he leaves the WWF like the loser he is” which allowed Piper to come back, “at least children aren't afraid of Doink like they are of you, King!”


Backstage, Diesel is standing alone and says, “Ya' know, a lot of people say I don't deserve this belt. That I got lucky to be taking on an old man a few days after he wrestled for nearly thirty minutes against one of the toughest men to ever wrestle in this company. A lot of people say that because of how damn good looking I am and how tall I am, I got chances that other people wouldn't. A lot of people like to say that if I wasn't Shawn Michael's friend, I wouldn't even be in the World Wrestling Federation and I sure as hell wouldn't be standing here today as the champ.”


Diesel chuckles, then says, “well, people can say a lot of things. I appreciate the compliments, even if certain people try to act like they aren't. The truth is, I am the champ. I am the man. I am who everybody in this business has to measure themselves against. So, in the main event, I don't care who walks down that aisle – it could be a certain Canadian suddenly having second thoughts. It could be a former champion. Hell, it could be Buddy Rogers climbing out of his grave to take on Big Daddy Cool.


Doesn't matter, boys and girls. Because whoever it is, I just need one Jackknife to end it all because the World Wrestling Federation still runs on Diesel power.”




Coming back from commercials, Diesel hits the ring first with Shawn Michaels. Both men get cheers from the crowd, as Diesel raises the WWF title high in the air and the Heartbreak Kid dances with the I-C belt.


After a moment of silence, some very familiar music hits and the crowd pops surprisingly loud as Jacques Rougeau comes out to the ring, all by himself. As Diesel and Michaels confer in the ring, McMahon puts over Rougeau as one of the most successful tag team wrestlers in the history of the WWF, then throws it to Piper who talks about how winning the I-C belt from Rougeau was one of the toughest matches of his life.


As Rougeau gets in the ring, HBK takes the mic and says to a pop, “I thought we were done with whining Canadians. Ah, big man, let's make this a quick night,” before giving Diesel a high five.


5. Diesel © vs. Jacques RougeauWWF Championship – At first, even with his confidence, Diesel seems obviously thrown off as Rougeau is able to avoid the big man's power moves and hit a few quick shots in on the WWF Champion. The former member of one half of The Quebecers hit several big clotheslines and even a spinning back elbow that dropped Big Daddy Cool to the mat. However, Rougeau got a little greedy and went to the 2nd rope for an elbowdrop, but Diesel got his foot up and the former Mountie stumbled back into the corner. From there, the WWF Champion went on offense, tossing Rougeau all around the ring including absolutely nailing him with the Snake Eyes into the corner. However, as Diesel went for the Jackknife, Rougeau went low, forcing the big man down to his knees. Then, the former I-C champ hit several hard shots to the sides and back of Diesel before taking him down with a bulldog. Rougeau then went for the Quebec Crab (“via Boston” in the words of Piper), but Diesel powered out once again, sending Jacques into the corner. The French Canadian superstar stumbled out, right into a kick in the gut and a Jackknife to end things.


Diesel p. Jacques Rougeau – (7:30 – Jackknife Powerbomb)


After the match, Diesel & Michaels celebrated to the cheers of the New York crowd until the entire Million Dollar Corporation headed down to ringside. However, before the fivesome could get to the squared circle, Razor Ramon and Randy Savage came from the crowd to join Michaels and Diesel in the ring.


That didn't seem to stop the Corporation, but as the crowd buzzed, the lights went out – DONG! DONG! DONG! The purple smoke filled the entrance and The Undertaker's music played, but as RAW went off the air, the man from Death Valley did not show up!








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Yokozuna and Sid! Awesome heel combo.

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Oh man, Yoko and Sid will so be unstoppable!

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WWF Superstars - September 17th, 1995

From the Manhattan Center in New York, New York

Taped on September 12th, 1995


Superstars opens up with Jim Ross and Dok Hendrix hyping up matches tonight with Earthquake, Jacques Rougeau, Crush, and a big main event of Doink the Clown taking on Yokozuna!, then also go over the big six-man match for In Your House.


Jacques Rougeau vs. Rick Myers– Rougeau comes out to the old Quebecer theme and gets a healthy heel response and basically throws his opponent around. The overmatched competition tries to fight back a little with some punches and kicks, but to no avails as Jacques drops him with a big clotheslines in the corner, bulldogs him down, then locks on the Quebec Crab to pick up the win a little after three minutes.


After the match, Jacques keeps the hold on, when Fatu runs out from the back and knocks Rougeau out of the hold. Rougeau rolls to the outside, complaining to the ringkeeper and referee while Fatu helps [x] up from the mat.


We get a recap of The Undertaker defeating Kama at Summerslam, then a promo from Psycho Sid w/ Ted DiBiase who says that other employees of his may have failed, but now he has the the most vicious competitor in the World Wrestling Federation and that on Monday, the Undertaker will be the one to Rest in Peace, because everybody, even Psycho Sid has a price!


Coming back from commercials, we get the same Ahmed Johnson hype package from the last few weeks, including Ahmed looking strong, running up and down stairs at a football stadium, throwing large tires around, and being ripped.


Crush vs. Mike Bell – An absolute masscare as Crush's opponent tries to attack him from behind, only to get grabbed by the big Hawaiian, thrown around, and hit with a massive big boot. Crush hits a few more solid moves, including a side suplex before locking on the Cranium Crunch to get the submission win in about two minutes or so.


After the match, Crush grabs the mic and says that it doesn't matter who Ted DiBiase's new charge is, at In Your House, we'll take him on, then leaves the ring! Ross and Hendrix question whether DiBiase will answer Crush's challenge, then throws it to a hype package for upcoming house shows.


Before the commercial, it's a RAW Recap focusing on the big standoff to end RAW last week, including the Undertaker's dong hitting, but no Undertaker. Also, we get hype for Tatanka vs. Razor Ramon this week on RAW.


Out of the commercials, a replay of the Hector Garza hype package from this week's RAW plays, with some more video of Garza doing impressive things in lucha rings.


Earthquake vs. Ray Lloyd – 'Quake actually is a little slow out of the gate and that allows his opponent to hit a few moves, including a quick dropkick or three in a row on 'Quake, but then Lloyd backs up and goes for a savate style kick, but Quake grabs the leg and throws Ray into the corner. Lloyd stumbles out into a big belly to belly suplex from the former sumo and one Earthquake Splash later, the big man from Canada picks up the win after about three minutes.


From Earthquake's win, we go to a video shown in black 'n' white, where we see somebody who WCW fans would know as Van Hammer, dressed up like an OK imitation of a grunge rocker of the time. Let's call it .8 Raven. Hammer, still unnamed talks to an unseen interviewer about how with the recent breakup of his band, he's been thinking about what he's going to do with his life, especially with the fate of his record contract up in the air. He says that he still needs to hear the adoration of the crowd, but where else can you get that? The unseen interviewer says, “well, you're a big guy”, which Hammer laughs at and says that is a little odd for somebody in the music business, but it's never hurt him so far. He finishes off by saying maybe that's something for Stone McCready to think about before the camera fritzes to snow.


Doink the Clown vs. Yokozuna w/ Ted DiBiase – From the opening bell, Doink plays a little stick 'n' move, throwing a few shots in, but moving away from the former WWF Champion when he tries to go on the attack. The WWE's resident jester even is able to knock Yoko down with a quick kick to the knee, followed by a legsweep, but the big man powers out of a Doink attempt at a submission hold. Doink still tries to stay on offense with a dropkick, followed by a second rope bulldog attempt, but Yoko moves out of the way and from there, Doink is an appetizing target for the former champ and Yoko picks up Doink and absolutely kills him with a huge belly to belly suplex that flattens the clown. One big legdrop later, Doink is dragged over and falls to the Banzai Drop for the pinfall victory at around eight minutes.


After the mat, DiBiase calls for Doink to hit another Banzai Drop but once again, Crush runs out to the ring and blocks Yoko's way. For a minute, there's a staredown, but DiBiase calls for his charge to walk away as Superstars ends.






Diesel, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon face off against Tatanka & Two Members of the Million Dollar Corporation

Yokozuna & Sid Vicious will debut as a tag team!

Crush has made the challenge, but will Ted DiBiase allow the big Hawaiian to be his new signing's first opponent?

Randy Savage will take on a member of the Million Dollar Corporation!

Fatu will take on Jacques Rougeau!


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  • Before last weeks RAW, the WWF finalized a deal that will take them to a schedule that will tape only once every two weeks instead of the once a month that was happening prior to this. The McMahon's pointed to the turbulent RAW's they had to tape this past weeks as a reason for this to Viacom officials, who seem to be possibly helping out a bit with the extra costs.

  • At local house shows, Sid & Yokozuna are still not teaming up, as obviously, the Million Dollar Corporation were not set to be the top heels before the Hart's split town.

  • Expect a few more of the gimmicky workers in the company to get repackages. According to sources, Vince Russo who currently heads up the RAW Magazine has been getting in Vince's ear about how the WWF has to change and get more 'edgy' and without wrestlers like Bret defending 'old school' practices, it's possible Russo, along with the Clique may be able to get even more of Vince's ear than they already do.

  • Jacques Rougeau is coming back under his real name to fill out the numbers on the heel side. Expect him mostly to be somebody in the middle of shows during House Show tours and appearing on Superstars for now.

  • Ahmed Johnson, Hector Garza, Curtis Hughes, and Rick Bogner are all expected to be at In Your House, but it's unknown whether they'll be debuting or shooting more hype videos.


House Show Results - 


September 13th – Lakeland, FL

Doink the Clown d. Ray Lloyd

Smoking Gunns d. Harold Hogue & Curtis Hughes

Earthquake d. Rick Bogner

Psycho Sid d. Fatu

Bam Bam Bigelow d. Jacques Rougeau

Diesel, Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels d. IRS, Tatanka, Yokozuna when Diesel pinned IRS


September 14th – Palmetto, FL

The Steiners d. Curtis Hughes & Rick Bogner

Psycho Sid d. Rick Bogner

Razor Ramon d. Ray Lloyd

IRS & Tatanka d. Fatu & Doink

The Smoking Gunns d. Jacques Rougeau & Paul Orndorff

BBB DCO Earthquake

Diesel p. Yokozuna in a Cage Match with HBK & DiBiase handcuffed at ringside


September 15th – Montreal, Quebec

The Gangstas d. Rick Bogner & Ray Lloyd


Roddy Piper had a special edition of Piper's Pit with Randy Savage – Ted DiBiase came out to argue w/ The Macho Man and the segment ended with Savage KOing DiBiase with one punch


The Smoking Gunns d. Curtis Hughes & Harold Hogue

Crush d. Tatanka

Yokozuna d. Fatu

IRS d. Doink

BBB DCO Earthquake

Shawn Michaels & Razor Ramon fought The Steiners to a 20 minute draw

Jacques Rougeau CO Diesel © when Rougeau whalloped Diesel with the title belt on the outside


September 16th – Quebec City, Quebec

The Gangstas d. Ray Lloyd & Curtis Hughes

Rick Bogner d. Harold Hogue

Yokozuna d. Fatu

The Steiners d. The Smoking Gunns

Earthquake d. Doink

BBB d. Paul Orndorff

The Undertaker DQ Sid when Yoko interfered

Diesel & Razor Ramon d. IRS & Tatanka

Shawn Michaels © p. Jacques Rougeau after laying him out w/ the I-C belt


September 17th – Toronto, ON

The Gangstas d. Ray Lloyd & Curtis Hughes

Rick Bogner d. Harold Hogue

Yokozuna d. Fatu


Roddy Piper had a special edition of Piper's Pit with Randy Savage – Ted DiBiase came out to argue w/ The Macho Man and the segment ended with Savage KOing DiBiase with one punch


The Steiners d. The Smoking Gunns

Earthquake d. Doink

BBB d. Paul Orndorff

The Undertaker DQ Sid when Yoko interfered

Shawn Michaels & Razor Ramon d. IRS & Tatanka

Jacques Rougeau DQ Diesel © when Diesel nailed him with the WWF Title

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WWF Monday Night RAW - September 19th, 1995

Manhattan Center - New York, New York

Taped on September 12th, 1995


The rooftop opening kicks off, then we're to ringside with Vince McMahon, Jerry 'The King' Lawler and Roddy Piper as they go over the two huge matches tonight, plus other action. Lawler talks about how tonight we'll learn that “money always wins in the end – even over death” while Piper snarks “even the River Styx takes a coin at the end, King, so you better be ready when you're bloated belly is six feet under” before McMahon sends it to the ring.


The Smoking Gunns vs. Bert Centeno & Buck Quartermaine – Both Bert & Buck try some quick tags right at the start of the match to attempt to get some sort of advantage on the Gunns, but a double suplex is blocked by Bart who elbows out of it, then drops B with a big time side suplex. Billy comes in, hits a few big time moves of his own, including a body slam and big time lariat before both Gunns finish things off with the Sidewinder to pick up the victory.



The Smoking Gunns d. Bert Centeno & Buck Quartermaine – (Sidewinder – 2:47)



After the match, Billy Gunn picks up the mic and says, “ya' know, Ted DiBiase has been running his mouth about how Yokozuna deserves to keep the tag belts just because his fat kiester is still around. Well, the truth is, Bart and I don't care that Psycho Sid is Yokozuna's new partner. Sure, he's big, he's bad, and a little crazy, but we're blood and that'll always win out over two big guys thrown together by some rich SOB who thinks he should run things just because he has some cash to throw around.”


Bart takes the mic and says, “what my brother is saying, we know that you're looking for a team to fight at In Your House, Million Dollar Man. So, bring your sumo wrestler. Bring your psycho. We'll be your huckleberries!”


McMahon, Piper, and Lawler talk about the Gunn's challenge with Lawler saying it's some sort of suicide wish from the Gunns as he says, “this isn't a shootout at the OK Corral. You're not allowed to bring your six shooters in the ring with Psycho Sid or Yokozuna.” Piper responds, “well, it would be helpful. And I'm not going to criticize two young wrestlers for shooting rocks at some big targets. Would be kind of hypocritical from this galoot, don't ya' think?”


From there, we're backstage with Dok Hendrix who is standing beside Razor Ramon. Dok asks Razor if he's ready for the match tonight and Razor snatches the mic away from the former Freebird and says, “Mang, just walk away. Tatanka, you're nothing but a fraud. Yeah, I've been a bad guy in my life. I've done some pretty terrible things in my past. But, I was always upfront with who I was and what I did. Nobody could say I knifed them in the back.”


After a pause, Razor continues, “unlike you, ya' turncoat Injun. You took the money, thinking it'd fix all your problems, but let's be honest, mang. Da Bad Guy knows all the gold, all the women, all the riches in the world doesn't help you at night, when you're tossing and turning in your comfortable hotel bed. It doesn't get rid of that little voice in the back of your head, telling ya' what a sad sack you are. So, Tatanka, when you're going back to the hotel tonight in the back of Ted DiBiase's well acquainted limousine after getting your butt kicked from pillar to post by The Bad Guy, think if this is really the man you want to be, Jack. Or should I say Geronimo?”


At that, Razor simply walks away as McMahon throws it to commercial while talking about Razor Ramon looks very focused tonight.






Coming back from commercials, we get the same Ahmed Johnson video we've gotten for the past few weeks, involving Ahmed running up and down stairs, doing some work with the weights, tossing around tires, looking all buff 'n' strong and generally making Vince McMahon very, very happy.


Tatanka comes out first, with The Million Dollar Man as the crowd boos. Before Ramon can be introduced, DiBiase takes the mic and it looks like he has something to talk about. “Well, well, well, it seems like the little people of New York still don't understand that men such as myself will and always have ruled this city. So, just accept it!”


More boos as DiBiase says, “but, I'm not out here to point out the obvious. There is business to attend too. So, first of all, Smoking Dolts, you're on. You'll simply be the first victims among the tag team roster of the World Wrestling Federation for Psycho Sid and Yokozuna as they relcaim the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Titles that should still belong to them.”


Mixed reaction as the crowd is receptive to the match, but less receptive to Sid & Yoko. DiBiase waits a moment, then says, “also, over this past weekend, that jailbird Crush decided that he wants to get involved in corporate business. So, Crush, at In Your House, you will face off against the hottest free agent in professional wrestling, as he makes his debut in the World Wrestling Federation.”


Another mixed reaction, then DiBiase finishes off by saying, “Jailbird, you will see that everybody has a price for the Million Dollar Man, but Razor Ramon, you get to know that right now! HA HA HA HA!”


Razor Ramon vs. Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase – Ramon comes down to the ring, a house of fire, going right after Tatanka with forearms and kicks sending Tatanka into the corner. A quick Irish whip later and Tatanka's spine gets slammed into the turnbuckles, followed quickly by a running knee from Da Bad Guy. Razor waits for the turncoat Indian to stumble out and takes him down with a bulldog to a pop from the crowd but only gets a two count. Ramon tries to lock on an abdominal stretch, but Tatanka powers out of it, helped quite a bit by Tatanka going low on a kick. The big Indian then takes Ramon down with a big kick, then locks on a sleeperhold. Tatanka has Da Bad Guy in the center of the ring and the referee goes to check, but Ramon elbows out of the hold, but then the Million Dollar Man's charge drops him again with a few big Tomahawk chops followed by a huge high knee, then as Ramon slowly gets up, Tatanka dives off the second rope with a shoulderblock that gets a near fall again. While the crowd boos, Tatanka goes to lift Razor up for the Renegade drop, but the big man from South Beach nails Tatanka with an elbow, slips out and takes the big Native American down with a clothesline to the back of the head. Slowly, Tatanka gets up and walks straight into a scoop slam from the former I-C Champ, who then grabs Tatanka in posiiton for The Razor's Edge, but as he goes to pick Tatanka up, IRS runs in a clubs him from behind with a chair shot to the back and the referee calls for the bell!



Razor Ramon DQ Tatanka - (7:56 - Tatanka DQ's for IRS' interference)


Tatanka & IRS immediately begin the beatdown on Ramon as the crowd boos and Lawler congratulates the Million Dollar Corporation on softening up Ramon before In Your House. The boos turn to raucus cheer as Randy Savage and Shawn Michaels head out from the locker room to save Ramon, but it's just a moment too late as Tatanka nails Razor with a RENEGADE DROP ON THE CHAIR!


The Million Dollar Corporation clears out quickly, with DiBiase cackling like a madman as medical officials tend to Ramon, putting him on a stretcher as WWF Officials try to calm down HBK and Savage at ringside.


McMahon says they'll keep fans updated, then throws it to a repeat of the Hector Garza video from last week before we cut to commercials.






Coming back from commercials, we see video of Razor Ramon being loaded up on the ambulance, while Diesel, Shawn Michaels, and The Smoking Gunns watch on. Cut to the ring, where The King's Court has been built and Jerry Lawler is standing inside the ring with a pacing Macho Man. Piper says, “Lawler's a braver man than I thought if he's getting in that ring beside Savage while he's amped up like that.” McMahon cooly responds, “no, he just doesn't get paid for the segment if it doesn't happen.” Piper deadpans, “ah, that makes a lot more sense.”


Lawler starts off by saying, “Yes, yes, we're all sad about a guy with more gold around his neck than at a Brighton Beach community meeting is injured. But, it's on to the important matters now, which means The King's Court and my guest at this time – 'The Macho Man' Randy Savage!”


Big pop for Savage who looks less than enthused to be in the same ring as Lawler. “Now, last week, Macho Man, you explained to the WWF fans why you were back and who you wanted to face at In Your House. But, let's be honest here, Savage. Let's talk about the real reason you've come back, crawling, hat in hand, to the World Wrestling Federation.”


Savage, who has been pacing around the ring, immediately turns around and stares a hole through The King, who looks cool as a cucumber. Savage steps up right to the mic, and grabs it from Lawler and says, “Burger King, you better be careful. There may be a throne, you may have a scepter, but we both know brother, this isn't your Kingdom. So, say what you want to say, but ya' better walk carefully or else, Vinny Mac and Piper will have to get Lord Alfred out of cryogenic storage cause you'll be in traction. Dig it?”

Lawler seems momentarily taken aback, but then continues, saying, “you're right, Savage. But, this isn't your kingdom any more, either. You walked away, thinking you could claim fame and fortune somewhere else, but it didn't work out that way, did it? Because you ran into the same problem you always do and you always have, going way back from when you started in this business, Macho Man. That you always come up...just....that...short.”
'Oooohs' from the crowd as Savage gets right in Lawler's face and says, “Lawler, you think I've come up short. You think I came up short when I held the WWF Title in my hands? You think I came up short when I elbow dropped The Million Dollar Man in front of God and everyone? You think I came up short when I beat Ric Flair – yeah, I said his name – at Wrestlemania? Yeah, I walked away for a bit. Cleared my head. Took some time to wander around the grass that I thought eas greener. Because people in this company here thought The Macho Man should be put out to pasture. And oh yeahhhhh, I know in the back of their head, they still got that feeling. But until somebody stronger, faster, or smarter than myself comes around, the Madness will be in the World Wrestling and brother, that's a promise you can take to the bank.”
Lawler laughs and says, “I wonder what some people from your past would say about prom – UGHHHK!”
Then Savage tosses Lawler down to the mat and The King rolls out of the ring to safety as Savage kicks away the accoutrements of the King's Court and then says, “I got one more thing to say, then the Burger King can take back his fake set, his fake throne, and his fake teeth. Ted DiBiase, I know you're back there, feeling reallllllll goooooood about what you just did. Well, I can't get my hands on you yet, brother, because you decided to retire. But at In Your House, I'm sick 'n' tired of the games. Bring on the Taxman. Irwin, you're ass is about to pay a refund for all the crap the Corporation has been dishing out. OHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH!”
Savage slams down the mic and walks back to the locker room as Lawler complains about Savage's actions.


Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Avery – So, on another week, this would be the opportunity of a lifetime for Avery. Not tonight. For perhaps the first time in his World Wrestling Federation career, Shawn Michaels looked dangerous. Not talented. Not charismatic. Not flashy. But dangerous. Shawn, along with Diesel for the ride didn't allow his theme music to get thirty seconds in, as he ran in, dived into the ring and absolutely nailed C with a flying forearm. The I-C Champion's opponent slowly got up, only to get driven into the corner with a Slingshot Suplex, then as he stumbled out, absolutely drilled with a SWEET CHIN MUSIC that immediately KO'd Avery for the pinfall.

Shawn Michaels p. Chris Avery – (Sweet Chin Music – 1:40)

After the match, Shawn Michaels didn't even wait for The Fink to make the announcement of his victory, taking the mic from him and saying, “I'm sorry Finkmeister, but we'v got some business to attend too.”
The Heartbreak Kid then continued, saying, “Earlier tonight, Ted DiBiase, along with his little cronies thought they'd finished the job. Ooops, take out Razor Ramon, give him a back injury so that WWF Officials won't clear him for Sunday. Job finished. Easy victory on Sunday. After all, ole' HBK and Diesel aren't so crazy they'd show up a man down against three mystery members of the Million Dollar Corporation, right?”
Mixed cheers and confusion from the audience as Michaels continues, “I mean, it could be anybody being paid off by Ted DiBiase. Hell, he might be giving money to Vinny Mac under the table. Now, the truth is, of course we would. Diesel and I, we're the top dogs in this company for a reason. We're the main event. We're what everybody else in this business has to measure themselves against, whether they're wrestling in front of 100 folks in a high school gym or over on that 'other show' pretending to care about what happened with a bottled blonde and his chubby best friend.


“Ya' see, Big Daddy Cool and I would walk into the firing line on Sunday night, live on Pay Per View, against The Million Dollar Corporation, all by ourselves. Not because we're stupid, but because we're just that good. However, we aren't stupid, so thankfully, we're allowed a substitution. So, New York, give a warm welcome to our new third man, who will be every happy to help us eat the rich....BAM BAM BIGELOW!”
Bigelow's theme music hits to a pop as Bigelow comes out to the ring and joins Diesel and Michaels. As the crowd cheers, The Heartbreak Kid says, “that' right, you got The Beast from The East, Big Daddy Cool, and me, The Showstopper! Bring whoever you want, DiBiase, it won't be enough!”
Diesel raises his fist and Shawn does a little shimmy as his theme music plays again while the announcers react to Ramon's replacement. We then cut to


file footage from various riots in the 60's, civil rights marches, Malcolm X speeches, and Black Power salutes before 'Natural Born Killaz' (a highly edited version) cuts in as there's newer video footage of the L.A. Riots, various street gangs, cops busting down a door, high speed chases, and people arguing with cops in the streets during a protest before a graphic that says – 'THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED.' Then, another pops up the says 'THE GANGSTAS ARE COMING NO MATTER WHAT THE WWF WANTS'






Coming back from commercials, a graphic comes up that says 'MOMENTS AGO', showing Diesel, Savage, and Michaels leaving in an oversized truck to join Ramon at the hospital, while The Steiners are in the parking lot. As they turn to head back to the arena, the camera suddenly shudders and stumbles and when the video is steady again – THE NASTY BOYS ARE ATTACKING THE STEINERS IN THE PARKING LOT!


After they leave The Steiners laying, they come up to the camera and Sags says, “Steiners! We heard you talking about wanting some competition here in the WWF. Well, we didn't want you to be lonely all the way up here in New York, so we'rrrrrrreeeeeee baaaaaaaccccckkkkk!”


Knobbs then adds in, “Welcome back to Nastyville, WWF!”


Coming back from that video, McMahon says tonight has truly proved that anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation, then throws it to the ring for the introductions of the main event.


The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer vs. Psycho Sid w/ Ted DiBiase – Now, let's be honest here. This match would be no good. And it'd be really boring to write. So, let's pretend I did. We all know what would happen here – some chokes, some clubbering, a ropewalk by 'Taker, some blatant interference by DiBiase, Bearer getting involved, Sid going for a Powerbomb and failing, then a spot where 'Taker sat up and Sid freaked out. Sounds good? Good.


Anyway, after a commercial break, the finish of the match is The Undertaker hitting the big running clothesline on Psycho Sid and it beginning to look like he's going to go for the Tombstone. However, the moment he goes to lift Psycho Sid up for the finish, IRS, Tatanka, and Yokozuna head out to ringside...with a CASKET!


Seeing what's happening, The Undertaker drops Sid to the mat with a slam and readies himself for a fight. Tatanka comes in first, and gets some Soupbone's for his pleasure as the referee rings the bell and ends the match officially, but things are just getting started here on Monday Night RAW. As soon as Tatanka is laid out, IRS runs in, who also gets beatdown, but then Sid nails 'Taker from behind with an axehandle. The Man from the Darkside tries to fight off both men, but then Yokozuna hits the ring and well, it's not just fair. The numbers game overwhelms Death Valley's favorite son and he is quickly laid out on the mat, thanks to kicks, punches, stomps, and a big waistlock suplex from Yokozuna.


Ringside, McMahon explains to the thickest of fans that Ramon is injured, The Steiners are being looked at, and the trio of Savage, Diesel, and Michaels have left to join Ramon at a local medical facility. The boos from the crowd turn to cheers as The Smoking Gunns and Bam Bam Bigelow head out to ringside, but before they can get to the ring, the five evil SOB's beating down The Undertaker take the time to block their way, then take all three men down temporarily. Meanwhile, The Million Dollar Man has slapped Paul Bearer down and grabbed the urn from the pale faced mortician. While the Manhattan Center continues to boos, The Undertaker slowly sits up to a pop, only to get NAILED RIGHT IN THE SKULL BY THE URN!


The Deadman still slowly gets up, only for Psycho Sid to kick him in the gut - RING SHAKING POWERBOMB! Then, Psycho Sid drags 'Taker's body over – BANZAI DROP! DiBiase cackles at ringside as Yoko slowly climbs back to the 2nd rope – ANOTHER BANZAI DROP! While IRS, Tatanka, and Sid make sure neither The Gunns or Bigelow can get to the ring, Yokozuna slowly gets to the 2nd rope one more time – A THIRD BANZAI DROP!


The boos turn to a hush as the heels slowly drag 'Taker over to the side of the ring and deposit him into the casket. For a moment, the Million Dollar Corporation laughs and celebrates at their accomplishment, when suddenly the LIGHTS GO OUT IN THE ARENA!


The Undertaker's gong sounds and LIGHT COMES OUT OF THE URN FOR ONLY A MOMENT, then the arena is shrouded in darkness once again. After a second, the lights come back on. Immediately, almost sensing something, DiBiase goes over and opens up the casket – ONLY THE UNDERTAKER IS NO LONGER THERE!


As The Million Dollar Corporation question where 'Taker went, we get one final hard sell for In Your House, then the credits come up!










Diesel, Shawn Michaels, and Bam Bam Bigelow take on Three Members of The Million Dollar Corporation!


The Macho Man returns to the WWF ring and faces off against Irwin R. Schyster!


Crush will face Ted DiBiase's newest client!


The Smoking Gunns will face the challenge of Yokozuna & Psycho Sid!


The Nasty Boys return to the WWF and face off against The Steiners!


Fatu takes on Jacques Rougeau, only on the Free for All!





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