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Smoky Mountain Wrestling Thread

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Posted 27 August 2016 - 09:05 AM




SMW Heavyweight Title: Unabom (since 9/17/95)


SMW Tag Titles: Public Enemy (since 10/20/95)







Brad Armstrong

Tom Prichard

Jimmy Del Ray

Ricky Morton

Robert Gibson

Hunter Hearst Helmsley 

Buddy Landel

Dutch Mantel

Rocco Rock

Johnny Grunge

Dirty White Boy

Brian Lee

Hawk Bradshaw


Jerry Lynn

Henry Godwinn

Phineas Godwinn

Bull Pain

Kendall Windham

Terry Gordy

Craig Pittman

James Stone

Matt Hardy

Jeff Hardy




Ron Wright

Robert Fuller

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Posted 04 September 2016 - 09:45 AM



Don't miss SMW TV tapings from our NEW studio in downtown Knoxville, TN, on the first and third Sunday afternoons of every month! The first taping is September 3!


Catch SMW TV every Saturday at noon, airing on WCYB-TV5 in the Tri-Cities, FOX43 in Knoxville and WNPX in Cookeville.


September 16, we return to Cookeville, TN for a huge event featuring all your favorite Smoky Mountain stars!



and, in late October, don't miss the Halloween Scream tour!

Night 1, 10/20, from the Civic Coliseum in Knoxville, TN

Night 2, 10/21, from the Talley Ward Rec Center in Morristown, TN

Night 3, 10/27, from Cookeville Community Center in Cookeville, TN

Night 4, 10/28, from Freedom Hall in Johnson City, TN

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Posted 16 September 2016 - 11:17 AM

After finishing up a massive work project, I am finally able to get rolling...




The show opens with a brand-new video showcasing the new-look roster in the promotion. Featured talents include the Heavenly Bodies, Brian Lee, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, the Godwinns, Unabom, Buddy Landell and Dutch Mantel before closing with a shot of Brad Armstrong holding up the SMW Heavyweight Title.


We then cut to the new SMW Studio. The fans are right on top of the action. The ring is well-illuminated by a seemingly state-of-the-art lighting system. Facing the hard camera is a set of steps leading up to a small stage where a black curtain apparently separates the arena from the locker room.


Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantel are together at the broadcast position, standing in front of a backdrop with a giant version of the SMW logo emblazoned upon it.


Caudle: Hello everyone, and welcome to a new era here in Smoky Mountain Wrestling! I'm Bob Caudle joined this week by Dirty Dutch Mantel, and Dutch, how about this great new studio we have, right here in downtown Knoxville!


Dutch: Bob Caudle, this is the type of quality environment that fits the amazing analysis I bring every single week. My sources tell me this studio was purchased by the new investor here in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and all I can say is, it's about time!


Caudle: You're absolutely right, Dutch, there is a new investor here in Smoky Mountain Wrestling but, as far as I know, NOBODY knows who it is! Maybe we'll have some news on that soon. But for now... let's, oh, hang on now...


The studio audience erupts in boos as Jim Cornette walks into the shot flanked by the Heavenly Bodies. 

Caudle: Jim Cornette, what exactly are you doing out here?


Cornette: Bob Caudle, maybe you can explain something to me! You see I was told that Smoky Mountain Wrestling was going to enter a new era! I was told that there would be a fresh start! New faces! And yet I walk into the building and who do I see? The same stinkin' long-haired bandana-draped idots I've been fighting for years, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, the Rock & Roll Express! [the crowd erupts into huge cheers at mention of them] See, Bob, I'm sick and tired of going against these two! How many times do my teams have to prove that they're better? Whether it's been Loverboy Dennis and Beautiful Bobby, or Beautiful Bobby and Sweet Stan, or Sweet Stan and Doctor Tom, or my current team, the GREATEST duo ever to lace up a pair of boots here in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, the greatest thing to come through Knoxville since the Florida Gators football team... Dr. Tom Prichard and Jimmy Del Ray, the Heavenly Bodies! Every single one of those teams has done the same thing, night... after night... and that's leave the Rock & Roll Express looking up at the lights! But these two keep showing up like cockroaches, don't they?! Well, boys, call us the exterminators, cause it's time to get rid of you... once and for all! And--


Suddenly Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson walk into the shot. Morton, Gibson, Prichard and Del Ray all are pointing at and jawing at one another.


Cornette: Oh, look at what we have here! What a surprise to see you two idiots out here trying to steal our spotlight. Well if you think I'm gonna let--


Cornette's tirade ends ABRUPTLY when Ricky Morton drills him with a huge roundhouse right to the face! As Cornette goes sprawling, the two teams start a WILD brawl. Caudle and Dutch bail out and a huge slugfest ensues. Gibson and Prichard are duking it out right at the broadcast position, while Morton and Del Ray battle their way towards the ring. After only a couple of minutes, Smoky Mountain referees come out to try and separate the combatants but the brawl rages on! Commissioner Bob Armstrong is out as well along with security staff in plain white polo shirts. As the action finally seems to calm down, a camera catches Cornette struggling to his feet. His glasses are broken and he has a HUGE gash under his right eye, blood pouring down his cheek! 



The show goes to a very abrupt commercial break.




Brian Lee vs. Sgt. Craig Pittman


Back from the break and Pittman is already in the ring as Lee makes his entrance. Despite his recent history, Lee wrestles this match right within the rules. Pittman takes shortcuts and tries to isolate and attack Lee's left arm, but "Primetime" is able to rally back with a couple of clotheslines, followed by two body-rattling slams and finishes him off with the Cancellation. 


WIN: Brian Lee by pin @7:17


After the match, Lee heads to the broadcast position for an interview with Bob Caudle.

Caudle: An impressive win there by a former SMW Heavyweignt and Tag Champion, Brian Lee!

Lee: Thanks Bob, but I've got something to say. You know, a lot of people here in this studio and watching at home may not think too much of me right now. I've been doing some things I'm not proud of... working with Sunny, with Chris Candido... and what happened? They had a chance to go somewhere else, and they left me high and dry! I've learned my lesson. I realize I made a mistake. And I want to promise all you people, right here and now, that the REAL "Primetime" Brian Lee... is BACK!

Cheers from the crowd in the studio as Lee walks off.

Caudle: Looks like the old Brian Lee has returned, Dutch!

Mantel: Oh, great...

Caudle: Well, fans, you saw what happened at the start of the program... a wild brawl between the Rock & Roll Express and the Heavenly Bodies that left Jim Cornette bloody! Let's get an update now from our Commissioner, Bob Armstrong.

Armstrong walks into the shot.

Bullet Bob: Thank you, Bob. Everyone knows the way I operate as the Commissioner. The type of actions we saw earlier tonight, I will not tolerate. I've fined Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, Tom Prichard and Jimmy Del Ray $500 apiece, and ejected them from the building. As for Jim Cornette, he's currently in the back getting medical attention from our training staff. 

Caudle: Now, Commissioner, what about this new investor we're hearing so much about?

Armstrong: You know, that's a good question. Frankly all I know for now is that this individual wants to stay anonymous. But, I received a note just before we went on the air today... that this investor will be here next week on the program!

Caudle: Big news from our Commissioner, but for now let's go back to the ring for more action.



Godwinns vs. Buddy Landel & Duane Gill


Tag team action and the Nature Boy seems less than pleased about who is his partner. Landel starts out in the ring going against Phineas, and gains the upper hand but the tide turns quickly once he makes the exchange to Gill. From there the hog farmers take over, battering Gill from pillar to post with brawling and power moves. Landel throws up his hands in disgust and leaves the ring apron. About 30 seconds later, the Godwinns hit their double Slop Drop to finish the overmatched Gill.


WIN: Godwinns by pin @4:19


Caudle: A nice win by the Godwinns, but boy did Buddy Landel leave his partner out to dry!

Dutch: I think you're giving Gill too much credit by calling him a partner for a man like my good friend Buddy Landel. The Nature Boy deserved better, that might as well have been a handicap match!

Caudle: Well, fans, as you know Smoky Mountain Wrestling added several exciting new talents to its roster last month. Right now, let's take a look at one of these individuals... Hunter Hearst Helmsley.


The picture fades into a shot of Helmsley, sitting in what appears to be a library or study in front of a fireplace. Rich mahogany and lush furniture are seen in the shot. Helmsley, sitting with one leg crossed, is sipping a cup of tea with his pinkie extended.

Helmsley: Ahhh... So it appears that my professional future is leading me to Smoky... Mountain... Wrestling. And quite frankly, I could not be more excited about it. You know, just the other day... at my country club... we were discussing my debut, and one of my squash partners said, "Hunter? How can you be excited about going to such a ghastly place?" Now, it might be true that the people in Smoky Mountain Wrestling crowds lack a certain... culture. You might call them crass. Uncouth. Unwashed, even. But all that is about to change. Because I am coming to show you people what a TRUE gentleman is. You are going to witness what true etiquette means, and you will learn it from, well, the best qualified teacher to do so, the Gentleman from Greenwich, Hunter Hearst Helmsley. And if anyone in the Smoky Mountain locker room gets in my way, well... he best prepare... for an etiquette lesson.

Helmsley goes back to sipping his tea as we go to another commercial break.



Back from the break, and it's time for our thrilling main event, a special tag team match.


Jerry Lynn & Kendall Windham vs. Dirty White Boy & Bull Pain (w/ Ron Wright)


Caudle: An interesting match here as I don't think any of these two teams have ever been partners before!

Indeed they haven't, and both teams have some communication issues early on. Lynn and Windham get the upper hand early as Mr. Ron Wright shouts instructions from ringside. Lynn really is showing off some fantastic moves during an extended stretch of the match against DWB, and when he clears out of the ring to try and huddle up with Bull Pain, Lynn scales to the top rope and FLIES with a huge cross body to obliterate both men! The impact leaves Lynn down and hurting, as well, and Pain and DWB are able to drive him into the ringpost before rolling his carcass back into the ring. From there, the two bruisers take control of the match, torturing Lynn with punches, kicks, eye gouges, chokes and generally bending every rule in the book. But Lynn won't go down for the 3 count. Finally, after several minutes of isolation, Lynn is able to roll through behind Pain on a belly to back suplex attempt, and makes a stumbling lunging tag to Windham! The second generation star comes in like a house afire, dropping both DWB and Pain with lariats, followed by a running dropkick to Pain! DWB and Pain attempt a double team, and Lynn comes rushing to his partner's aid, but is quickly dumped to the floor after the beating he received earlier. Pain and DWB double team Windham, and DWB holds Kendall as Pain rushes off the ropes going for a clothesline... but Windham moves and DWB gets laid out! Windham throws Pain out between the ropes, then hooks a woozy DWB and delivers a bulldog for the 1-2-3!


WIN: Jerry Lynn & Kendall Windham by pin @ 13:26


The studio audience erupts in cheers at the win by Windham and Lynn, who quickly leave in celebration. Meanwhile, Bull Pain is on his feet on the floor... and he's yelling at Dirty White Boy.

Caudle: Bull Pain is upset!

Dutch: He should be because the Dirty White Boy just cost them a win!

Ron Wright says something and now Bull turns and confronts Mr. Wright, still in his wheelchair. That brings DWB sliding out to the floor, and the partners start to duke it out! Dirty White Boy quickly starts lighting up Bull Pain with punches, until Bull catches DWB with a low knee. White Boy drops to his knees after the low blow, and Bull Pain delivers a measured kick to the head before stalking out of the studio to loud boos. 

Caudle: Well I've got a feeling we've seen the first and last time those two are a tag team! Fans, for--


There's a rustling sound, and some arguing off the microphone.


The camera cuts back to the broadcast position, where Jim Cornette is trying to wrestle the microphone away from Bob Caudle. Cornette grabs it. He has fresh stitches in his cheek and a huge bruise under his eye as well. 

Cornette: Morton and Gibson! You think you two can put your hands on me?!? ENOUGH! It's time we settle things, once and for all! Next Saturday, September 16, we come to Cookeville, Tennessee. That night, I say we finish this! I can't talk to my Heavenly Bodies right now, but I don't NEED to. That night, I'm laying down the challenge! Dr. Tom and Jimmy Del Ray against the Rock & Roll Express for the Smoky Mountain Tag Titles... one last time! Because the losing team? They agree NEVER to team together in Smoky Mountain ever again! One way, or another, Rock and Roll WILL DIE next Saturday in Cookeville!

Cornette stalks off.

Dutch: What a huge challenge laid down by the Louisville Slugger! Will the Rock & Roll Express accept? I guess we'll find out next week!

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Posted 16 September 2016 - 11:29 AM

Love it, keeps the SMW feel and brings in the new faces slowly. 

I'm really curious about the Rock'n'Rolls vs Bodies match, if one team breaks up that's quite a massive move.


Keep it up!

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Posted 16 September 2016 - 01:39 PM

I can't stress enough how much it's fun to write promos for Jim Cornette. You nailed Jimbo perfectly. Really good start.

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Posted 16 September 2016 - 08:39 PM

Great start!  Really had a SMW feel to it!

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Posted 19 September 2016 - 11:08 PM

Fun stuff - both the Godwinns and Hunter being in SMW make perfect sense, for opposite reasons. Honestly, somebody like Mark Canterbury was talented enough that he could be a top guy for you in the long run. 

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Posted 22 September 2016 - 09:12 AM

((Playing catch up, so quickie results only))


SEPTEMBER 16, 1995 TV 


The show opens with a recap video of the brawl between the Rock & Roll Express and Heavenly Bodies that left Cornette bleeding with his glasses broken. We then see Cornette issuing the challenge to a huge match TONIGHT in Cookeville where the losing team agrees to disband!



Bob Caudle, working solo on commentary, announces that the challenge has been accepted tonight in Cookeville at an event appropriately called Last Tango In Tennessee. Commissioner Bob Armstrong walks in, and announces that due to the huge stakes of the match, it will be contested under relaxed rules. The referee will use his discretion on countout or disqualification rulings. Before Armstrong can continue, a member of the SMW staff comes in to announce that he's heard from the new "secret investor" who is en route to the studio now.



VTR promo from Rock & Roll Express accepting the challenge. They promise to get rid of the Heavenly Bodies once and for all TONIGHT in Cookeville.


VTR from Jim Cornette, still bandaged. He rips off the bandage during the promo, re-opening the wound on his face and promises Rock and Roll will DIE.




Justin Hawk Bradshaw def. Mike Quackenbush


Huge size discrepancy between the two men, and Bradshaw ragdolls Quack. Kendall Windham comes out to watch the match, which Bradshaw wins with a leaping lariat off the ropes. 


After the match, Bradshaw goes to get interviewed by Caudle when Kendall Windham walks up. He says he wants to see what Bradshaw's made of and challenges him to a match tonight in Cookeville. Bradshaw accepts.




Dirty White Boy def. Joey Maggs


Accompanied by Mr. Ron Wright, DWB makes quick work of Maggs. After the match, Wright cuts a scathing promo challenging Bull Pain to a match tonight in Cookeville.



Another video of Hunter Hearst Helmsley, this time wearing all white while playing polo. He'll make his debut on SMW TV next week!




Bull Pain def. Duane Gill


Bull destroys Gill in less than a minute. He goes to Caudle and accepts the challenge from Dirty White Boy, then says why wait?! DWB comes running out and they engage in a brawl that takes referees and staff to separate the two men.



Caudle runs down the card for tonight in Cookeville, then brings out the SMW Heavyweight Champion, Brad Armstrong, who has issued an open challenge for tonight against any willing contender. Armstrong only says a few words before ROBERT FULLER walks into the studio!

HUGE shock from Caudle, Armstrong and the studio audience as Fuller strolls into the studio grinning like the cat who ate the canary! Fuller announces that he is now the minority owner in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and promises things are going to change. He's the money man and the secret investor, using money from "Uncle Ted" to create a new empire in SMW to make it bigger and better than ever before!

This brings Commissioner Bob Armstrong out. Commissioner Bullet Bob is SEETHING at seeing his arch nemesis with this power, but Fuller tells the Commissioner that if he lays a single finger on him, Bullet Bob will be fired!

Fuller then announces that he's already found a willing challenger for Brad Armstrong tonight, and introduces UNABOM! 

Unabom and Brad Armstrong have a staredown as the show comes to a close.

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Posted 22 September 2016 - 09:26 AM

((As sent in to the Wrestling Observer from a loyal subscriber))



September 17, 1995, from Cookeville, TN


Hey Dave,

Here are the results from the other night in Cookeville. It was a night full of surprises! 



Jerry Lynn vs. Mike Quackenbush *** 1/2

Lynn was making his SMW debut here, and these guys pulled off a lot of high-flying moves that fans in this area are not used to seeing. It took the crowd a while to warm up to this match but they really got into it. I was honestly surprised Cornette let these two do as much as they did.



Kendall Windham vs. Justin Hawk Bradshaw ** 1/2

More of a technical-style match, although Bradshaw did some heelish work midway through the match after Windham got the better of him. Good back-and-forth late, as Bradshaw hit his flying lariat, but Windham landed too close to the ropes for the pin. Then he recovered and hit Bradshaw with his bulldog for the win. Both men shook hands after the match.



Dirty White Boy vs. Bull Pain ***

This was more of a fight than a brawl. The match itself didn't last long before it spilled to the floor and both men were counted out but the action continued for a good 10 minutes after as they brawled all over the building. Bull Pain actually got the better of the fight, and left DWB down and bleeding as we went to intermission.



Brian Lee vs. Craig Pittman *

Pittman cut a promo after the intermission about how weak and spineless all the fans were, typical drill sergeant stuff. Lee came out and won quick with the Cancellation.



Unabom vs. Brad Armstrong ** 1/2

Robert Fuller accompanied Unabom to ringside and cut a promo before the match on how he was the "secret investor" in SMW now. He said he'd stay at ringside to make sure Brad Armstrong didn't cheat. Bullet Bob accompanied his son to ringside, but Fuller ordered him to leave. Standard big man vs. little man match, with Armstrong doing his best to make Unabom look like a million dollars. Armstrong made his comeback and hit Unabom with the Russian legsweep, but Fuller pulled the big man's foot under the bottom rope. Armstrong went after Fuller, allowing Unabom to recover and hit his big powerbomb for the 3 count. Big heat for the title change.



Rock & Roll Express vs. Heavenly Bodies ****


The losing team agreed never to team together in SMW again. This started out as a fight, then turned into more of a traditional Southern style match. The fans were living and dying on every near fall on Ricky Morton during the heat. The referee ejected Cornette from ringside halfway through for interfering. Finish was red hot. Jimmy Del Ray actually kicked out of the double dropkick. After a ref bump, Cornette came back out and gave the Bodies the tennis racket. They hit the double flapjack on Morton, onto the racket, but he kicked out after the ref made a woozy slow count. This built to a double superplex spot that left all four men down...

and then things got crazy as PUBLIC ENEMY hit the ring. Yes, you're reading that right. Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock came out and started brutalizing all four men! The referee called for the bell, then got tossed out over the top rope. Cornette came in to try and make the save and actually got a pop! But he got decked. They took the ringside announcer table, and brought it into the ring. They set up the table and put Cornette THROUGH THE TABLE on a crazy twisting legdrop off the top by Rocco Rock! Cornette was stretchered out of the ring. The match ended in a no contest. Great tag match, and even with the non finish this angle definitely had people talking. I'm sure they'll have video on TV in the coming weeks; I saw cameras there.

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Posted 22 September 2016 - 11:19 AM

Oh man no finish to the loser never teams match, but with a Public Enemy debut??? I forgot you had them!!

Fuller as the man in SMW is great too. Can't wait for this to continue.

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Posted 01 October 2016 - 09:03 AM

Smoky Mountain Wrestling tv currently is pre empted due to college football programming on Saturday's.
We return October 14

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Posted 03 October 2016 - 01:08 PM

Smoky Mountain Wrestling tv currently is pre empted due to college football programming on Saturday's.
We return October 14


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Posted 15 October 2016 - 08:00 AM

October 14 TV


We open the show with footage from Last Tango In Tennessee last month, and the SMW Tag Title match between Heavenly Bodies and Rock & Roll Express where the losing team must disband. It is the closing moments of the match, when Public Enemy storm the ring and lay waste to Prichard, Del Ray, Morton and Gibson. Jim Cornette comes into the ring to try and help fight them off, and is driven through a table. 


Into the studio, with Bob Caudle on commentary, joined by Dirty Dutch Mantel.

Caudle: Fans, you just saw the shocking footage from Last Tango In Tennessee, when Public Enemy interfered in our tag team title match... as well as the shocking violence on Jim Cornette when he got put through that table. Well, during our hiatus due to sports programming, Cornette had to have surgery to repair those injuries, Dutch, and we sitll don't know when the Louisville Slugger will return. We ALSO have yet to hear from our tag champions, the Heavenly Bodies. 

Mantel: That's right, Bob, and that 30-day time limit for the Bodies to defend their titles expires in just three days!

Caudle: This week on the program, fans, in a rematch from Last Tango In Tennessee, in this week's main event, Justin Hawk Bradshaw challenges Kendall Windham. Plus, we'll have all kinds of information on our Halloween Scream tour, which kicks off this coming Friday, right here in Knoxville. But right now, let's go to the ring!



Jerry Lynn vs. James Stone


Two wrestlers from out of the area making their TV debuts here. Lynn and Stone show a more fast-paced, athletic style than the SMW fans are used to. After Stone has the advantage in the early going, Lynn makes his comeback. Stone tries to powder out, and Lynn hits a diving crossbody out onto the floor! A couple of minutes later, Lynn finishes the match with a tornado DDT.




Back from the break, and Caudle is joined by Commissioner Armstrong, who announces a gauntlet match for the vacant TV Title next Saturday as part of the Halloween Scream tour, from Morristown. The participants will be announced that night. Armstrong also says that his son, Brad, will get his rematch for the SMW Heavyweight Title that night. 
Armstriong is then interrupted by Robert Fuller.

Fuller: If we're out here making matches and talking about championships, then I think it's only fair that the minority owner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling has his say! Brad Armstrong wants another shot at MY champion, Unabom? That's fine. He has no problem beating the hell out of your boy again! But we need to talk about the tag titles. As the best color commentator in wrestling, Dutch Mantel, noted earlier, the 30-days are almost up since the Heavenly Bodies defended the titles. You and I both know we haven't got hold of them. And so I'm declaring those titles vacant! And this Friday, we're gonna declare new champions... when the Godwinns take on Public Enemy!



Dirty White Boy (w/ Ron  Wright) vs. Craig Pittman


A hard-fought match here, with Pittman focusing on the left arm of DWB trying to set up for his Code Red armbar. Dirty White Boy rallies, and finishes the match with an inverted DDT. After the final bell, DWB has no time to celebrate as he's jumped by Bull Pain. Pain beats down Dirty White Boy and stands triumphant over his carcass. 


Another pre-taped promo from Hunter Hearst Helmsley, riding in the back of a limousine, sipping tea, pinky finger extended. 

Helmsley: The time has come. I'm on my way right now from my lovely estate in Greenwich, Connecticut to that... toilet... Knoxville, Tennessee. That's where I'm going to make my Smoky Mountain Wrestling debut, and I cannot wait to bring some much needed class to the proceedings there. By the time, I am done, and I have cemented my legacy as the greatest wrestler ever to step into a Smoky Mountain ring... there is going to be a complete culture change. Fans are going to be sipping tea and enjoying fine scones at ringside... no more beer and popcorn. People will begin wearing their finery to the wrestling matches again. So whether you like it, or whether you don't, be prepared, Smoky Mountain... for an etiquette lesson.

Helmsley goes back to sipping his tea as we go to another commercial break.


Bob Caudle runs down the confirmed matches for the first weekend of the Halloween Scream tour.


10/20, Knoxville

Public Enemy vs. the Godwinns for the vacant SMW Tag Titles

Just added... a rematch between Dirty White Boy and Bull Pain

Hunter Hearst Helmsley makes his SMW debut


10/21, Morristown

Unabom defends the SMW Heavyweight Title vs. former champion Brad Armstrong

A gauntlet match for the SMW TV Title

Hunter Hearst Helmsley in action

Plus more!



Justin Hawk Bradshaw vs. Kendall Windham


Bradshaw comes out especially aggressive after losing at Last Tango In Tennessee, but Windham keeps cutting him off. A completely 50/50 match until Windham starts stringing together offensive moves late. Windham goes for his bulldog, but Bradshaw throws him off to counter. As Windham stands, Bradshaw delivers a big boot. He then fires Windham off the ropes, and nails his flying lariat for the pin!


After the match, Windham gets on the mic and challenges Bradshaw to yet another match this Friday in Knoxville... this time, two out of three falls!

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Posted 15 October 2016 - 09:23 AM

Love that version of Helmsley:  Fans are going to be sipping tea and enjoying fine scones at ringside... :lol:

#15 dexstar

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Posted 15 October 2016 - 04:39 PM

HHH in SMW is a great move

#16 Jesse Ewiak

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Posted 16 October 2016 - 10:29 PM

Triple H in SMW could be Godly, especially if you let him go full blue blooded Yankee on the SMW folks. Unabomb as your champ is kind of iffy but I understand it'd work in the territory, at least for know, but as usual, the tag title is the actual top title around here. 

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Posted 22 October 2016 - 08:01 AM



Friday, October 20, 1995, in Knoxville, TN


Dirty White Boy comes out with his manager, Mr. Ron Wright, who cuts a fiery promo calling Bull Pain, among other things, "an egg sucking dog." Wright says his man doesn't want to wait any longer and challenges Bull Pain to come out for their match right now!



Jerry Lynn vs. Joey Maggs 


Lynn wins an athletic, competitive 8-minute opener with his tornado DDT.



Dirty White Boy vs. Bull Pain


More of a fight than a traditional wrestling match. Pain grabs the upper hand after a couple of minutes, before DWB makes his comeback, battering Pain from pillar to post. Bull Pain goes reeling back into the corner, and DWB opens up with a wicked series of closed fists to the head. He completely ignores the five count from the referee, who calls for the bell and disqualifies DWB, who has busted open Pain with the punches. The brawl continues for a few more minutes until Pain catches DWB with a thumb to the eye and rolls to the outside and makes his retreat, bleeding.



Brian Lee vs. Buddy Landell 


Lots of stalling in this one by Landell, who gets tossed around by Lee when he does try to wrestle. Landell gets the upper hand after a knee that looked low, and goes to work on the neck of Lee, who makes his comeback. Before Lee can hit the Cancellation, however, Landell bails out of the ring and leaves, taking the countout loss.



Two out of Three Falls: Justin Hawk Bradshaw vs. Kendall Windham


Bradshaw gets the best of Windham early, until the veteran runs Bradshaw shoulder first into the metal ringpost and then starts to go to work on his arm. Windham then takes the first fall after hitting a shoulder breaker. 


Windham keeps targeting the arm in fall 2, but Bradshaw makes a comeback. He hits his leaping lariat, with the opposite arm, and only gets a two count. Bradshaw then delivers a big boot that knocks Windham flat and gets the pin.


Both men showing serious signs of exhaustion as the third fall gets under way. Windham hits the bulldog, but Bradshaw rolls out of the ring to avoid getting pinned. Later, Bradshaw hits the lariat, instinctively with the bad arm, and is left writhing on the mat in pain. Windham applies a nasty looking arm submission and Bradshaw has to submit. 


Windham wins 2 falls to 1, and shakes hands with Bradshaw after the match.







Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Mike Quackenbush


The SMW debut for Helmsley, who comes out wearing a long nobleman's coat and does a curtsy as he enters the ring to huge boos from the Knoxville crowd. The match starts out with mat wrestling and hold for hold wrestling, but after Quackenbush hits a series of armdrags, Helmsley takes the first shortcut, poking Quack in the eye. From there, Helmsley starts using every dirty trick in the book -- gouging at the eyes and face, choking Quackenbush and pummeling him with punches and kicks in the ropes. Helmsley then positions Quack in a standing headscissors, hooks both arms, and drops to his knees, driving Quack facefirst to the mat and finishing the match.



For the vacant SMW Tag Titles

Public Enemy vs. Godwinns 


The ring announcer says, before the match, that this is a no countout, no DQ match under the orders of SMW minority owner Robert Fuller. Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge make their SMW debut. Huge boos from the Knoxville crowd. The Godwinns use their size and power advantage to throw around Public Enemy early. Grunge and Rocco then turn the match into a brawl that spills to the floor. They pair off and fight all around the ringside area as the fans scatter. Both Godwinns end up busted open, then make their comeback. After a few double team moves, the action spills out of the squared circle again. Grunge pulls out a pair of handcuffs and chains Phineas to the ringside rail! Back in the ring, Henry Godwinn hits the Slop Drop on Rocco Rock but Grunge comes running in and obliterates Henry with a steel chair, then covers Godwinn for the three count.


Public Enemy are the new SMW Tag Champions.

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Posted 22 October 2016 - 09:30 AM

Very fun promotion here.  Like seeing the mix of old timers and newcomers.

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Posted 23 October 2016 - 08:00 AM

HALOWEEN SCREAM RESULTS from October 21 in Morristown, TN



The Godwinns vs. Craig Pittman & Buddy Landell 


Classic Southern-style tag match, with Pittman and Landell stooging for the hog farmers early on, then Phineas gets isolated. When Phineas rallies and makes the hot tag to Henry, Landell quickly bails out on his partner, leaving Pittman to get hit with the Hog Slop reverse DDT.



Gauntlet Match for the SMW TV Title


The match begins with two wrestlers. When the singles match taking place ends, a new wrestler enters and a new match starts. The last man left standing is the new champion.


Justin Hawk Bradshaw vs. Brian Lee


Bradshaw comes out with his left arm heavily taped after last night's two out of three falls match, and is no match for the power and ferocity of Lee, who wins quickly.


Brian Lee vs. Kendall Windham


A more even match, although Windham also is nursing injuries after last night. Lee is able to block Windham's bulldog and score the win with the Cancellation.


Brian Lee vs. Bull Pain


Before the match "officially" begins, Pain sprints to the ring and nails Lee with a low blow. The referee protests, but Pain quickly puts away Lee before he can recover.


Bull Pain vs. Dirty White Boy


Pain doesn't bother waiting for DWB, instead meeting him in the aisle. They start slugging it out in a wild brawl. The referee heads out and tries to separate the two men, whose brawl spills into the crowd. Fans start to scatter and both men are bloodied. The referee has no choice but to throw the match out and disqualify BOTH wrestlers.


The ring announcer says there's still one man left in the gauntlet, who will now automatically become the TV Champion. It's Dirty Dutch Mantel! Dutch comes to the ring and does a victory lap, then gets in the ring with the belt and celebrates like he just won an Olympic gold medal, dropping to his knees and mock sobbing as the crowd boos mightily.




Public Enemy vs. jerry Lynn & Mike Quackenbush in a non-title match


Public Enemy come to the ring with their new SMW Tag Titles. Lynn and Quack actually get the early upper hand using their speed and athleticism to knock the new champs for a loop. But then the brutal tactics of Rock and Grunge take over. They isolate Quack, and get the win when Grunge launches Rocco for a somersault senton that comes crashing down on Quackenbush! After that the three count is academic. 


Public Enemy then go for a table under the ring. The referee starts to protest and gets dropped with a roundhouse right from Grunge. Jerry Lynn tries to help and gets knocked back to the floor, and Rocco comes flying off the top rope to put Quack through the table.







Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Joey Maggs


A similar effort from Helmsley, from the pre-match curtsy to the illegal tactics midway through the match, then finishing him with the double underhook facebuster.



SMW Heavyweight Title

Unabom (w/ Robert Fuller) vs. Brad Armstrong


A clash of styles, with Armstrong's speed and technique against the size and power of Unabom. Armstrong definitely has the advantage in mat wrestling and starts working over the left leg of the champion. Armstrong goes for the figure four, but Unabom kicks him off, sending Armstrong careening into the near corner. Unabom picks him up for a Snake Eyes type maneuver, headfirst into the post! Armstrong is busted open badly. Unabom goes to work on the cut, pounding Armstrong, who is quickly a bloody mess! However, Unabom is unable to put Armstrong away. Armstrong starts to make his comeback, when Unabom goes for his powerbomb finisher, but his leg buckles! Armstrong rolls behind into a sunset flip... only two and a half! From there Armstrong stands, dragging Unabom to the near corner and smashing his leg and knee against the ringpost multiple times. Armstrong now into the ring, and he hooks Unabom in the figure four! The champ seemingly has nowhere to go... but then Robert Fuller reaches into the ring, helping pull Unabom close enough to reach the ropes. Armstrong rolls out of the ring and confronts Fuller, who starts warning Armstrong not to touch him. Unabom crashes into Armstrong from behind, sending him headfirst into the ringpost and down! Unabom then rolls back into the ring... Armstrong is out after that impact! The referee continues his count until Armstrong is counted out.



SMW TV returns October 28!

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Posted 23 October 2016 - 08:45 AM

This really has a SMW feel.  Love how you wrote the Gauntlet Match with Dirty Dutch winning the way he did. Nice SMW Championship match also.

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