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JvK books AWA in 1991

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 04:55 AM

After getting fired from WCW less then two weeks after he started, Jerry von Kramer was awarded a nice compensation package from Turner broadcasting, and bought the rights to the old Mid-South Wrestling name, and re-launched the promotion. He has a starting capital of $2,000,000, and must act quickly to secure TV rights, and build a roster from scratch.

First things first, TV.



I've managed to get Mid-South Wrestling shown in a late-night Sunday slot on Sports Channel America, which gives some coverage across the entire USA, and on Omni Television in Canada, which will also show PPV events free-to-air.

In the USA, PPVs will be carried by Request TV. TV tapings will take place on Tuesdays, which currently only clashes with NJPW.

I've also moved quickly to making "working relationship" arrangements with a host of different companies: AJPW, NJPW, PNW, SWS, USWA, WCW, WWA, WWC, WWF. This means I can use trades to bring in guys who I'd never have a hope of booking otherwise on short term deals -- maybe enough to do an angle and a little mini-program. That flexibility is handy.




Ricky Steamboat - I don't know how but me getting fired seemed to cancel the negotiations WCW were having, and I swooped in, offered a big wedge of cash and promised to build the company around him. Steamer is going to be my ace.

Marcus Bagwell - greener than grass, but cheap and didn't have a job.

Ivan Putski - he was available ...

Scott Putski - cheaper than chips.


Mr. T - cost quite a bit, but he's there. I plan on giving him a talk show type slot. Maybe a match at some point as a special attraction type deal.

Tiger Mask - Sayama was "on haitus", but agreed to come in exclusively in exchange for some cash.

Non-exclusives (pay-per-appearance), these are guys who are working dates for other companies who will also work for me.

Bob Backlund - still working for UWFi. Will help give the face side of things the look of depth and experience.

Bobby Fulton - working for loads of different people, but can do a job somewhere on the card. Looking to sign Tommy Rogers also, but talks are stalling.

Hector Gurrero - likely will use low down the card, but he has some name value in Texas and the Mid-South region.

Rick Martel - still working for WWF, but strangely not on a written deal. Also works for GPW and WFWA.

Tito Santana - also still working for WWF, but while he's not exclusive he has agreed to work for me too.

Wahoo McDaniel - works for SAPW, at 52 I don't know how much I can expect from Wahoo, but he's a name.

Brian Pillman - well stupid WCW didn't have him tied down, so he can work for me also.

Bob Bradley - jobber

Skip Young - can tag with Brickhouse Brown like the good old days.

The Patriot - can fill out a card.

Curtis Thompson - aka Firebreaker Chip. Will be a jobber.


The Iron Sheik - guess he hadn't started his Col. Mustafa run yet in Jan 91, so I've swooped in.

Nikita Koloff - he was unemployed. Can see him as someone Steamer could bounce off.

Matt Borne - handy utility man to have.

Buddy Rose - 38 and overweight, he was available.

Brickhouse Brown - old MSW alumni.

Booker T - 25 years old. I am wondering if there's a place for him as a Mr. T sidekick ... let's see.

Non-exclusives (pay-per-appearance)

Abdullah the Butcher - what self-respecting indy doesn't have Abby on call?

Al Perez - sort of guy who can flesh out a card.

Bam Bam Bigelow - currently working for USWA and Herb Abrams UWF also.

Bill Irwin - can do a job, or lots of them.

Bob Orton Jr. - also working for UWF. 40 years old, so not too over the hill. Can see him having a great match with Steamer.

Butch Reed - not exclusive to WCW -- although he wouldn't leave WCW, I tried.

Dick Murdoch - also working WWC for Colon. Good MSW staple.

Dick Slater - bit of a journeyman at this point, but helps make any card more solid.

Doug Somers - can either stick him tagging with Buddy Rose, or use him as a heel jobber.

Greg Valentine - well he was winding down with WWF in 1991; seems to be contracted to every indy going.

Honky Tonk Man - just in case I want a Rhythmn 'n' Blues reunion. Also works for IWCCW.

Ivan Koloff - can manage and tag with Nikita.

Kamala - seemed like a logical sort of guy to bring in.

King Kong Bundy - also works for IWCCW.

Nikolai Volkoff - still working for WWF, among others, I am sensing a big evil foreigner stable.

One Man Gang - MSW stalwart, has pimped himself out for a lot of different indies.

Paul Orndorff - working for a pile of others, good name value.

Sid Vicious - when I was at WCW, I tried to tie him down to a written contract, but he was being difficult, so this was a no-brainer.

Steve Williams - what would Mid-South be without a bit of Steve Williams? Still working for AJPW.

Terry Gordy - Also still working for AJPW.


A lot of heels here, I might use Butch Reed and Booker T as faces. Maybe some sort of "black gang" with Mr. T as the figurehead. Dunno, but need some ideas fast.



Adnan Al-Kaissie - will head up the evil foreigner stable

Miss Elizabeth - I guess she wasn't around in Jan 1, so I've signed her up exclusively. She is going to be an on-air personality of some sort. I can also try to bring in Savage on trade deals.

Bill Watts - company president. I might also stick him on colour if I can't find anyone else.

David Manning - ref

Tommy Young - ref

Gordon Solie - he's a freelancer and so I know he'll never go exclusive. Can anchor my TV and brings both credibility and name value to wrestling fans.

Grizzly Smith - road agent, classic Mid-South guy also.


Kal Rudman - well, I saw him there and how could I not?

Lord Alfred Hayes - still working for WWF, has some history in the region, and can do a variety of on-screen roles.

Jerry von Kramer - It may be necessary to give myself an on-camera role, possibly on colour.

Superstar Graham - got to be some way to utilise his mic skills.

Jack Brisco - since he's active again, I've stolen him from WCW. Probably will use as a road agent, because at 49, it's doubtful he's getting back in the ring. Brings cred.


It's a skeleton TV crew, that needs beefing, but most of the key commentators are tied up on written deals with WWF and WCW -- if only I hadn't have given Jesse a massive 3-year contract.


Just one thing before going on ... Titles! I am going to see if there are any old titles I can buy. Older titles with history will have better prestige.


The AWA World title will do nicely ... $55,000 if you are wondering.


I'll take their old tag belts too. $30k, cha-ching.


What's this? It's an old WCCW belt that goes back to 1930. $45k, I'll take it as my secondary title.

Okay, well I'm set now to make a fist of making some money with this new promotion, at least I won't be fired! Onwards to the first TV, which will be in week 1 of Feb.

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 06:34 AM

So just another week of prep before the first TV starts. Here's the PPV schedule:


That gives me four fallow months in which to build stories towards PPVs: March, June, September, November. Eight PPVs is enough for any company.

This company is going to be sold on its TRADITIONAL values, so bringing back old Supercards from the NWA and AWA should appeal to older fans.

Some new signings to round out the roster:

Scott Hall - Will use as a face. I think he's got potential.

Shane Douglas - another midcard face.

Sal Bellomo - since he may well have cost me my WCW job, Bellomo is going to get properly buried now.

Tommy Rogers - Fantastics reunion alert.

Speaking of which, I've made some tagteams:


Jumbo is in on a 5-match loan from AJPW and Yatsu is in for 5 matches from NJPW. They are here to add an international flavour to upcoming title tournaments.

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 07:19 AM

I cannot wait for this to get going.

#4 soup23

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 08:04 AM

You signed Bellomo again???? Please be rid of these Titans WWF guys. 

#5 Karl

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 08:06 AM

Sal has pics of Parv...its the only explanation!

#6 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 08:41 AM

Ahead of week 1 of TV, I have established some backstage rules:


Let's get this show on the road:

Feb, Week 1, 91:


Solie getting over his own cred, and putting over Watts.


Watts: Thank you, Gordon, and can I just say it is our privilege to have our pro wrestling coverage fronted by THE VOICE of wrestling, the Dean of Wrestling, Mr. Gordon Solie. Come on Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for a true legend in our business.

Let me give a message to all of the millions of you true wrestling fans watching this on television across this great country and across Canada too over on our esteemed partner organisation, Omni Television ... if you are sick and tired of the cartoon characters that you might see from some of those other companies, if you remember the good ol' days when rasslin' was rasslin' and wrestlers were wrestlers who knew how to tie ya into a pretzel not these pretty boys and "superstars", but WRESTLERS who lived and breathed for one thing and one thing only: to be the best inside that ring ... Then THIS is your promotion.

We have a lot of great stars already under contract because they TOO want wrestling to be wrestling again. Like you remember, like your mom and pop remember, like you ol' granddaddy and grand momma remember.

Stars like Ivan and Nikita Koloff who bring exceptional training and experience from the former USSR.

Stars like Bob Backlund, who was an All-American in both football and wrestling, and a former NCAA Champion before climbing to the very highest ranks and becoming a world champion for six years.


*pauses for crowd to erupt*

Ricky Steamboat, one of the greatest pure athletes this sport has ever seen. I've been talking to Jack Brisco in the back, just now, THE Jack Brisco -- some of you kids ask ya daddy if he remembers the great battles Jack and I had over the years. And Jack said to me, "Bill, I've been all around the world and seen the best of the best ... and I don't think that there has EVER been a specimen like Ricky Steamboat." Coming from Jack Brisco -- one of our greatest ever champions -- that's the highest honour. And ladies and gentlemen, Ricky Steamboat loves pro wrestling. Ricky Steamboat loves pro wrestling so much -- the TRUE pro wrestling -- that when Vince McMahon and Ted Turner came calling, he said "no, sorry Vince, no sorry Mr. Turner. I don't like what you are doing to MY SPORT!"

He said, "Bill Watts is starting back up. And he's going to bring back wrestling. True wrestling. And I want to compete with the best in the world and so I am going to Mid-South!"

Come on out, Ricky, tell em yourself.

*Steamboat comes out to a big pop*

Steamboat: Mr. Watts, it is a privelege and an honour to compete for this great organisation. I believe in the traditions of wrestling. The great traditions of this sport. I can look you in the eyes and know that I see a wrestling man. I know you're not going to make me breath fire or put on a dragon costume. I know that you stand for what I stand for: excellence in that ring.

Watts: Thank you, Ricky, thank you.

*a tear forms in his eye*

I have lived my whole life to make wrestling great again, not some gimmick, some cartoon joke. And to hear that from a great wrestler like yourself, one of the greatest, means so much to me. And while we're standing here, I want to give the great people of this nation a promise: THIS IS GONNA BE A WRESTLING SHOW. And ya gonna see GREAT wrestling.

Let's hook em up!


Good traditional match to set the tone of this kick-started MSW with a good ol' team like Slater and Orton Jr.


Point taken, Jack.


Clean wrestling and clean finishes. On commentary Solie and Watts talked about Johnny Valentine, his great rivalry with Wahoo, and how Greg has wrestling in his blood.


Watts: I am holding here, guys and gals, a highly prestious title. The AWA World Heavyweight title.

The AWA world title has been kindly donated to Mid-South Wrestling by the great Verne Gagne. Verne was a two-time NCAA Champion, and a TEN time holder of this here belt. Verne Gagne, another one of the legendary people in this sport who support and believe in what I'm doing here.

This world title has been held by many people over the decades. People like Pat O'Connor. People like Gene Kiniski. People like Nick Bockwinkel. Wrestling people through and through. What some of the boys call "wrestler's wrestlers". That's because this belt is a symbol of excellence, and only the best in the world can hold it.

This title is currently vacant, and I would like to announce that there is going to be a TOURNAMENT. I have invited some of the best wrestlers from around the world to compete in this tournament. The final will be held at the Chi-Town Rumble.

Sixteen of the best of the best. Including former AWA world champion Jumbo Tsuruta. I spoke to Mr. Baba in Tokyo, another of the people with a real respect of the traditions of professional wrestling. And Mr. Baba said "Mr. Watts, of course, Jumbo Tsuruta would fly any distance to get his hands back on that belt". That's how much it means to him. That's how important this belt is.

Another former champion, Rick Martel, has come straight down here from New York. He said, "Mr. Watts, I'd do anything to stop doing this CARTOON NONSENSE and compete for a real title again." He said, "Mr. Watts, I'm not a model I'm a professional wrestler dammit."

You see, there's a revolution happening here. Wrestlers all over the world want to come back to be COMPETE in the highest level of competition.

People like WAHOO MCDANIEL, who played for the Denver Broncos (1961–1963), and the New York Jets (1964–1965) and the Miami Dolphins (1966–1968) but who turned his back on the glitz and the glamour cos Football just wasn't man enough for a stand up son on a gun like ol' Wahoo.

Let me show you the tournament brackets.


And we are not going to waste any time on this, let's get round 1 starts right now. It's gonna be King Kong Bundy taking on Butch Reed! Let's hook 'em up


The crowd were into it.


Hmmm, hurt by production values again. Going to have to pump those up. All-in-all, though, this TV needed to do what it needed to do.

#7 El Boricua

El Boricua
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Posted 28 August 2016 - 08:52 AM

Sal has pics of Parv...its the only explanation!

Or Parv loves model ships and Sal is his supplier.

If you needed titles with history, wouldn't it have saved you money just buying the AWA at this point. They were barely off TV (or just about) at that point, makes more sense I would think.

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 10:12 AM

Feb, Week 2, 91:


Watts: Ladies and gentlemen, last week I announced a tournament for the vacant AWA World Heavyweight title. The finals of which will be held at the Chi-Town Rumble in three weeks.

This week, I have another set of belts: The AWA World Tag titles, again kindly presented to me by Mr. Verne Gagne. These titles have been held by legendary teams such as Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens, The Crusher and Dick the Bruiser, and Harley Race and Larry "the Ax" Hennig.

There is going to be a tourna...

*A voice comes on the house speakers, and interrupts Watts*

"No, no no no no no. Absolutely not, no"*

*Out walks Buddy Rose with Doug Somers*

Watts: Buddy Rose and Doug Somers? What are YOU doing here?

Rose: Mr. Watts, I realise you are the President and all, but you see, those belts belong to us. Me and Mr. Somers here, WE are the rightful world tag champions.

Watts: You haven't been the champions since 1986, what is the meaning of this?

Rose: Bill, Mr. President sir, if you'd be so kind to hear us out ... Doug has a video, you see. Can we please get this played up on the big monitor there.

*Doug Somers gives a VHS tape to a runner at ringside*

Watts: This better be quick, Rose.

Rose: Now, let's study some video tape shall we? We're going to go back to January 27th, 1987.

Video: https://rutube.ru/vi...51e618ca2a8126/

Rose: Now, now, stop it there. Stop it there. Pause. Now look at Marty Jannetty's hand as he rolls up Doug there. Can you see it? He CLEARLY has a hand full of tights!

Watts: It's a pinfall, Rose, this is also ancient history, why are you showing me this?

Rose: Because, Mr. Watts, THAT pinfall was not legal. We never lost the belts that night, and therefore -- in fact -- have been the rightful world tag champions for the past four years. All of the title holders since that moment are illegitimate.

Watts: This is absurd!

*Rose goes to punch Watts, but he gets blocked. Somers sneaks round behind him however, and grabs Watts by both arms. Rose grabs one of the belts and lays out Watts with it.

*The Fantastics hit the ring to make the save, but it's too late, Rose and Somers have the tag belts and they run off with them as Fulton and Rogers check on the unconscious Watts.*


Douglas was double-booked, but the tournament needs to reach its final stages in two weeks, or I'll have to push the final back.


Liz is going to be doing this sort of thing for the foreseeable future.


Better match than expected.

Kal Rudman provided an update on the tournament brackets:



Pity the Fool

*Mr. T is sitting in a studio set in a golden chair. Behind him with his arms folded stands Booker T wearing gear reminiscent of the S1Ws from Public Enemy. During this segment he stays completely silent.*

Mr. T: Welcome to Pity the Fool, my new talk show. There ain't no place fo' no suckas here. Let me introduce my first guest. The Honky Tonk Man.

*Honky Tonk Man comes out to boos. He is carrying a belt. He wearily regards Booker T as he sits down.*

Honky Tonk Man: Why hello there, I'm a big fan.

Mr. T: Well I ain't no fan o' you, sucka, so let's keep this short. What's that belt you got?

Honky Tonk Man: This here is the Intercontinental Championship, and I am the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, yes siree. Ain't that right Peggy Sue? *sings* How'd do you do?*

Mr. T: Sh'up fool, cut off that jibber jabber. Let me take a look at this belt.

*Mr. T inspects the belt carefully*

Mr. T: Hey, sucka foo', this ain't no Intercontinental belt, this belt says, "Texas Heavyweight Wrestling Champion". What is this? You think I'm a fool, sucka?

Honky Tonk Man *affronted*: You need to get your eyes tested, Mister, this is the INTERCONTINENTAL title.

Mr. T: It's got a picture of TEXAS on it! Hey Booker, look at this.

*He shows Booker T the belt, who just glares menacingly at Honky*

Honky Tonk Man: I am the greatest Intercontinental Champion. And this belt proves it. Nobody can beat me for this title.

Mr. T: So you say that you are welcoming challengers for your Texas title?

Honky Tonk Man: INTERCONTINTAL title.

Mr. T: Get out off of my show. Go on. Booker!

*Booker T glares at Honky who is already half-way out of his seat and running off the set with his tail between his legs*



Here, Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie's stable, "Alliance Against America" hijacks the match because Iron Sheik is facing Steamer in the tournament, which Solie and Watts put over on commentary.

They also deck the ref, so Backlund comes in as an emergency ref, but also gets a beatdown for his trouble, because he faces Nikita Koloff in his match.

This is all just build towards those two tournament matches, and introducing a little bit of peril for our faces. Also getting the stable over.


Without the production notes, the show suffered much less.

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 11:11 AM

It has become obvious that I can't have all the matches I need every week with only an hour of TV -- not to mention make enough money to turn a profit, so I've introduced a weekly house show, held on Sundays. It can be bought on PPV or watched for free in Canada on Omni TV. Although I don't expect PPV buys for what is in effect just a house show, it should provide at least a trickle of extra money on top of the live gate.

MSW Tour, Feb, Week 2, 91:


Most of the time, with house shows, I'll just note key things. It won't be blow-by-blow like TV or PPVs.


Nikita signed with NJPW and essentially walked out. Well good riddance you useless lump!! Ivan takes the slot in the tournament.


Rose and Somers attack The Fantastics with their stolen belts.


Bellomo bleeds like a stuffed pig.


Wahoo wasn't happy about losing here, even by countout. However, he's said he's retiring in three months, so he hardly needs the win.

Here are the tournamnet standings after this:


Oh, and this happened:


I fined him. Next time, he'll be fired. The "two strikes" drugs policy.

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 11:36 AM

Are any of the upcoming ECW talent guys available to pick up? Still feels like these shows are more suited for 1985 than 1991. I know you can rebirth characters like Backlund in 1994 WWF but with him, Uncle Ivan, JYD, Valentine, etc all having pretty big roles, you are going to have to basically revive all these guys to make them seem relevant. 

#11 goc


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Posted 28 August 2016 - 11:44 AM

Are any of the upcoming ECW talent guys available to pick up? Still feels like these shows are more suited for 1985 than 1991. I know you can rebirth characters like Backlund in 1994 WWF but with him, Uncle Ivan, JYD, Valentine, etc all having pretty big roles, you are going to have to basically revive all these guys to make them seem relevant. 

Yea you should pick a young babyface and start grooming them to become Mid-South's man of the 90s. Sure Steamboat is a good top babyface starting out but you need someone that people will only think of your promotion when they hear his name and not "oh yea that guy used to wrestle somewhere else in the good ol' days." And preferably not someone who is on someone else's TV in a really unrealistic sharing agreement like Pillman.


The Patriot is a good fit for that and even if that's not what you want to do "guy who can fill out a card" is still way below what you can do with him. You have a freaking evil foreigner heel stable how can you NOT have Patriot get involved in that as a Steamboat ally?

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 01:22 PM

First thread I've read in this folder.  Fun stuff.  Love bringing in some Japanese names when possible.  Curious how they get over in that role, even as I can't believe myself writing those words!

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 01:26 PM

MSW TV, Feb, Week 3, 91:


I toned up the stiffness levels, perhaps I need to take them back down a notch.


Here's one of the PPV matches.



Pillman is out injured, so Jumbo faces Scott Hall instead.


Pity the Fool

*As per last time, Booker T stands behind Mr. T silent with his arms folded.*

Mr. T: My guests this week are another couple o' sucka fools, Buddy Rose and Doug Somers.

Rose: That's WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, Buddy Rose and Doug Somers to you.

Mr. T: Sh'up fool, you ain't no champion sucka. I know you was beaten for them belts years ago.

Rose: Now, first of all: manners. You should know you are speaking to an international man of class. You shouldn't be telling a world tag team champion to shut up OR calling him a "fool" or a "sucka".

Mr. T: I say, you ain't no champion! Cut your jibber jabber fat boy.

Rose: Now just you ...

*Rose pauses as he spots Booker T glaring at him.*

Mr. T: You better get yourself off my set Mister. And take this sucka with you.

*Rose and Somers leave the set sheepishly*


Disappointing match.


Just moving pieces into place for Chi-Town Rumble.

And this happened:


So he's history. Grizzly Smith wasn't happy with the decision.


Current tournament standings:



#14 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 02:16 PM

Tour, Feb, Week 3, 91:




Mainly a card to get through the rounds of this tournament before the PPV. Unfortunately, WCW were holding Superbrawl this evening so Sid is not available. And Gordon Solie was also not there. So commentary team was Lord Al, Watts, and Rudman. I need some more announcers I think.




Well, so much for the idea of these two putting on broadways in their 40s.





I thought Greg "took 15 minutes just to warm up."




Decent match from Steamer to get this out of Bam Bam.


Tournament standings:




I might have to pull some sort of angle to speed up the Jumbo / Sid part of the bracket.

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 02:33 PM

Valentine vs Backlund for an hour in 1991?

#16 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 02:50 PM

MSW TV: Feb, Week 4, 91:



Little match to shine Tito up before the PPV match with Honky Tonk Man.


Pity the Fool

Mr. T: I'd like to welcome my guests this week, neither one ain't no fool. The legendary Mr. Lou Thesz, and all the way from Japan, Jumbo Tsuruta. Lou, also been in Japan is that right?

Thesz: That's right. And can I just say, it's an honour to be a guest, and I love your other show.

Mr. T: Amen, brother. I never been to Japan because I ain't getting on no plane.

Thesz: Tha's right, of course, you don't fly.

Mr. T: So, Mr. Thesz, why are you in town?

Thesz: I'm here to present the world title to the winner of the tournament at the Chi-town Rumble.

Mr. T: We're all excited. Mr. Thesz, you speak some Japanese that right?

Thesz: As a matter of fact I do,  Mr. T. I'm happy to translate if you want to ask Jumbo Tsuruta some questions?

Mr. T: You're a great man. Jumbo: do you think you can win the tournament? You are still in the quarter-finals. If you win, you'll face Rick Martel.

*Thesz translates, and Jumbo answers calmly in Japanese, speaks for some time.*

Thesz: He says, "he has beaten Rick Martel before, and he will do so again. He does not fear Sid Vicious because he is all muscle and does not have a wrestling brain."

Mr. T: If you beat Martel, you'll have to fight either Bob Backlund or Ricky Steamboat ...

*Thesz translates again, Jumbo answers*

Thesz: Jumbo says that Bob Backlund and Ricky Steamboat are two of the very best wrestlers in the world, and he is excited by the prospect of facing them. But he would always back himself against any opponent.

Mr. T: Thanks for that Lou, and can I ask you, who do you think will win this tournament? We are down to just six men.

Thesz: I have seen Jumbo Tsuruta wrestle and he's a former Olympian, proficient both on the mat and he packs a wallop with his lariat. He has a lot to do though: he must beat Sid Vicious tonight AND then beat Rick Martel in Chicago. Of course, in the interests of fairness, his opponent -- whether it is Backlund or Steamboat -- will have had to have come through a difficult match as well. It is a game of strategy, endurance and cunning. I have wrestled over one hour many times, and I can tell you that you need to pace yourself, especially if you need to wrestle again. I saw Bob Backlund wrestle Greg Valentine for an hour in Texas, and let me tell you, even though the man isn't the youngest he's ever been, he still has tremendous stamina and strength. It will not be easy for Steamboat. But if I had to make a prediction -- even though it seems against the odds -- I would go with this man here, Jumbo Tsuruta. He has held the title before, he has his opponents very well scouted. But make no mistake the level of competition is very strong.

Mr. T: Thank you. And Gordon Solie, it's back to you sir.

Oh dear, that seems to have gone disasterously wrong ...


Sid wasn't very happy about doing this job.


I keep forgetting about that "storytelling" note. Next show ... Chi-Town Rumble '91.

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 03:02 PM

Man, if I weren't so tight on $ right now, I'd so upgrade to TEW 16.

#18 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 03:11 PM


#19 goc


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Posted 28 August 2016 - 03:58 PM

I guess Jumbo is a technically a heel (?) but your semi-finals seem really babyface heavy.

#20 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 05:43 PM

Chi-Town Rumble, Feb, Week 4, 91:




Solie: Fans, welcome to the Chi-Town Rumble. This historic event was last held here in this very arena, the UIC Pavillion two years ago. On that night, Ricky Steamboat became the world champion in a match that fans will remember for a long time. That night the real winner was professional wrestling, and we are hoping that history will repeat itself and pro wrestling will once again be the winner tonight.

Watts: You put it very eloquantly Gordon, but let me welcome a special guest for tonight, a man you spent many hours watching in your younger days, Mr. Lou Thesz.

Thesz: Thank you, Bill, and it's an honour to be here this evening. I really like what you've been doing here. As you know I've been in Japan where they have a deep respect for the traditions of this great sport, but now it feels like Professional Wrestling is coming home here in America. The marquee says wrestling and I look at tonight's matches and it's exactly what we're going to get.

Solie: I don't want to speak out of turn Mr. Thesz, but if I may just for a moment step aside from journalistic impartiality, and say that I 100% agree with what you just said. Some of the fans now are used to hearing rock music and seeing fireworks, but wouldn't know a hammerlock from ... "Hammer Time".

Thesz: If we look at these semi-finalists: Bob Backlund, Rick Martel, Ricky Steamboat, Jumbo Tsuruta. That's four of the best of the best in the business today. Four wrestling men. Not one of them is a rulebreaker. These are scientific wrestlers and I think we are going to see some technical match-ups this evening. If you are a fan of the pure sport of pro wrestling, this is going to be a night to remember

Watts: Yes, Lou, I was just talking with Jack Brisco, who is a judge tonight, and he was saying he can't remember the last time he was so excited for a set of matches.

Solie: So to explain to the viewers the state of play:

- The AWA World  Heavyweight Title is vacant.
- Four weeks ago, Mid-South President, Bill Watts, announced a 16-man tournament for the title.
- The first round and quarter finals have been competed across the country. And we are now down to four men in the semi-finals.
- The first semi-final will be Bob Backlund vs. Ricky Steamboat
- The second semi-final will be Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Rick Martel
- The two winners will face each other in the grand final in front of three judges.
- Those three judges are: the esteemed Mr. Lou Thesz, who held the AWA title in 1937; Mr. Jack Brisco, one of the all-time greats at amatuer and pro level; and, finally, from Japan, Mr. Yoshiaki Yatsu, an outstanding amatuer athlete who competed for his nation at the Olympic games, and who has won many titles in both All Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Mr. Thesz, if I can ask, what will you be looking for in the final if it should go down to points?

Thesz: We'll be looking for aggression, intent to win, and control. In such a match, it will be a war of attrition, and sometimes the man who makes the most mistakes will be the man who loses.

Solie: Thank you very much. We're all looking forward to it greatly. I will let you get on with your judge's preparations.

Watts: Let's hook 'em up!




Good, clean, technical match.




Looks like Tito picked up an injury, Vince will be happy ...


HTM with a cheap intentional DQ loss to hold on to the belt.




I'm not sure how long this HTM deal is going to last, but some legs in this feud yet, assuming Tito isn't out for a long time.




Martel was absolutely furious about doing this job.




This was a shit-break match really. Did its job. There will be a ruling on the tag belts soon.




"Respect the traditions of this great sport"




Perhaps not the stone-cold classic I was hoping for, but still a fine match.


Incidentally, of the judge's decisions: Yatsu gave it to Jumbo but Thesz and Brisco gave it to Steamboat, so he won two to one.




Incidentally, Jumbo was a babyface. All four of the semi-finalists were babyfaces.



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