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JvK books AWA in 1991

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 06:20 PM

Having your the vacant championship decided by judge's decision is a pretty weak way to start off the first title run in Mid-South. At least Thesz didn't attack Steamboat after the match to start a feud.

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El Boricua
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Posted 28 August 2016 - 07:16 PM

Having your the vacant championship decided by judge's decision is a pretty weak way to start off the first title run in Mid-South. At least Thesz didn't attack Steamboat after the match to start a feud.

For now. I'm guessing it's being saved for the aftermath of the Steamboat & Brisco vs. Jumbo & Yatsu tag match that will likely result from this.

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 07:29 PM

Enjoy Jack Brisco giving Von Kramer the business. 

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 07:49 PM

MSW Tour, Feb, Week 4, 91:
Because this was a New Jersey show, I wanted to see if I could get something out of Graham without actually putting him in the ring. This was intended as a one-show angle.
Graham has been training hard to face Steamboat.
Still got it on the mic.
But at the final hour, he weasels out of the match and calls for a proxy, which is Paul Orndorff.
Of course, Graham hangs around as Orndorff's second and interferes in the match.
All-in-all, seemed to be as effective a use of Graham as possible. In fact, the angle got over much more than I thought it would, and I'm considering making a little mini-feud out of it, maybe carrying over into TV.
That wraps up the first month. Here are the financials:
I made a profit, which I bet WCW didn't in Feb 1991.

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 08:37 PM

MSW TV, March, Week 1, 91:


*Rose and Somers come out with the tag belts ready for their next match. But Bill Watts hits the ring.

Watts: Now that's enough! I've consulted with the Mid-South board of directors, and the decision was unanimous: you lost the belts in January, 1987 and are holding them illegally. Now I must insist that you relinquish them at once!

Rose: This is a travesty of justice. I know I have rights. I want to make a call to my lawyer.

Watts: You'll be making a call to my fist if you don't give me those belts. You will have to compete in the tournament like everyone else.

Rose: Tourn ... tournament?

Watts: There's going to a 16-team international tournament for the titles. The finals will be held at The Jim Crockett Sr Memorial Cup in North Carolina next month.

Rose: I don't think so! Because how can you have a tournament when WE are the champions?

*Rose goes to hit Watts with the belt again, but he blocks it. Somers comes in for a cheap shot, but Wahoo McDaniel seems to jump over the fence by ringside from the crowd. Wahoo gives Somers a huge chop. Rose sneaks around to try to nail him with the tag strap, but Wahoo evades the shot and counters with another thunderous chop. Watts winds up his fist for a punch, which sends Rose half way across the ring*

*Rose and Somers roll out of the ring leaving the belts there, and scurry back to the locker room*

Watts: Ladies, and gentlemen, the one and only Wahoo McDaniel! And I can exclusively reveal that in the upcoming AWA World tag title tournament, that this man Wahoo McDaniel is going to be MY partner.

Wahoo: Buddy Rose! Doug Somers! You don't have a chance. We may not be spring chickens any more, but boys, we used to eat punks like you for breakfast.

Watts: There is going to be a LIVE DRAW for the tournament later tonight.


If a crowd gets too hot, who ya gonna call? The Cooler!


Pity the Fool

Mr. T: S'up suckas. You is all joining us for a very special event: Jack Brisco is here with the beautiful Miss Elizabeth to draw the teams for the AWA World Tag Title tournament. Hey Booker, bring over that bowl.

*Booker T fetches a bowl with bits of paper in it*

Brisco: And the first names out of the hat are ...

Elizabeth: Dory Funk Jr and Terry Funk ... The Funk Brothers!

Brisco: The Funk Brothers??! What are they doing here in Mid-South?

Elizabeth: Why Jack, I don't know. But that's what it says, look.

Brisco: Wait just a minute here. Give me a moment ...

*Brisco clearly goes into his shirt pocket and brings out a pen, he hurriedly draws one of the bits of paper and scribbles over it*

Brisco: Okay, okay, I have the next names here.

Elizabth: Would you like me to read it.

Brisco: No, it's ... okay Miss, I'll read this one. JACK AND JERRY BRISCO.

Elizabeth: You? You and your brother are going to wrestle the Funks?

Brisco: Damn right we are! It doesn't matter if it's 1978 or 1991, I'm not going to let those Funks come here without a fight!

*Brisco is visibly shaken and is furious*

Brisco: I'm sorry, I have ... I must go and make a call, you can finish this.

*Brisco very quickly departs the set.*

*Mr. T and Miss Elizabeth continue drawing and reading the names as follows*


The Mexicans are on loan from CMLL. The Funks are on loan from WCW and WWF respectively.


Tito is out for a month. Need to transition this feud to someone else. Probably won't be The Patriot.


Martel is still sulking about his job to Jumbo, and it is badly affecting the locker room. Sid, meanwhile, is primarily here to prove the point that "real wrestling" is better than muscle-head cartoon wrestling. Although I can't see him sticking around for too much longer.


That'll do for tonight. Tune in again next time for more hot Mid-South action: the home of real wrestling.

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Posted 29 August 2016 - 08:02 AM

Like the way you weaseled out Graham in going with Orndorff. I would look to see where Raven, Cactus, Sabu are at around this time as I think there could be some fun stuff with those characters interacting with Watts and Co. 

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Posted 29 August 2016 - 09:08 PM

MSW Tour, March, Week 1, 91:


Not a lot going on for this show. Steamboat pins Orndorff and so gets to face Graham again.

MSW TV, March, Week 2, 91:


Who are you to doubt Polish Power?


Pity the Fool

Mr. T: S'up sucka, I got two crazy cats in the studio tonight, Terry Funk and his brother Dory Funk Junior.

Terry: Who ya calling crazy boy? Ya egg suckin' dog?

Mr. T: You want to be starting something mister?

*Terry stands up, Mr. T stands up. It's already heated*

*Booker T glares at Dory, Dory glares right back at him*

Mr. T: This is a TV show dammit fool, sit down, we got an interview.

*Dory's steely gaze at Booker T is piercing. The camera focuses on Booker T's face which starts to flinch.*

Mr. T: The Funk brothers are known all around the world, why have you come to Mid-South?

Terry: Well ya know, Baracus. Can I call you Baracus?

Mr. T: The name's Mr. T, fool, use it.

Terry: Well alright, CLUBBER LANG, let me tell you why the FUNK BROTHERS have come to this neck of the woods shall I. We were in Japan and heard that Mr. Baba was flying Jumbo Tsuruta down here to compete for some titles that have become newly available. Word travels fast, especially when you have the right connections. And ... let me tell you something, BA, those tag belts belong to us. There isn't a tag tournament that me and my brother haven't won. There aren't a set of titles that we haven't got our hands on. And that's why we are here.

Dory: We are here to win wrestling matches.

*Suddenly Terry seems to see something and he turns to Booker T*

Terry: What's HE looking at? What are you looking at BOY?

Mr. T: You leave the Booker man alone sucka!

Terry: Do you call me a sucker? Ya yella belly ya?

*Terry lunches at Mr. T who backs up. All of a sudden Dory flips behind Booker T and brings him down with a drop toehold. He applies an Indian deathlock. Meanwhile, Terry has now got a chair and swings it wildly at Mr. T who is taken aback at the sudden violence.*

*Terry connects a chair shot and Mr. T goes down, he cackle maniacally. Meanwhile Dory is now repeatedly putting Booker T in a spinning toehold.*

*Jack Brisco runs in. Terry screams "BRISCO SCUM". The Funks run at him. Brawling erupts. Booker T, although his leg is injured, limps over and gets involved. Mr. T is still out. Wild pier six.*


Perez wasn't very happy at doing this job.


I think I'm going to need stronger main events than this on TV.


MSW Tour, March, Week 2, 91:


This was where the Brisco / Funk stuff was leading.


Solie: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the historic Bayfront Centre in St. Petersberg, Florida. It was here in 1972 that Dory Funk Jr and Jack Brisco wrestled for almost an hour in a match that people across the country still talk about. I was here that night, and it is something I will never forget. Alhough Dory Funk never lost to Brisco, after he lost the best to Harley Race, it was Brisco who defeated Race to become the new champion and held the belt for over a year. Then Dory's brother, Terry Funk -- a firey character -- defeated Brisco to become the champion himself. There was no love lost between the Funks and the Briscos for the rest of the decade as they wrestled each other up and down the country in a wild series of matches, noted for the intensity of a blood feud.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, in 1991, The Funks are BACK and they are raising hell. Jack Brisco, who retired in 1984, has come out of retirement to try to put an end to the mayhem and chaos that these men have been causing. He has called his brother, Jerry Brisco, who has been involved for many years with an organisation in New York City, to come back to Florida tonight to help him in his quest.

And now, tonight, for almost certainly the last time ever, it will be the Funk Brothers, Terry and Dory, against the Brisco Brothers, Jack and Jerry.

All of this is within the context of a tournament announced by Mid-South President Bill Watts for the vacant AWA World Tag Titles. But, tonight, here at the Bayfront, it is about more than any tournmanet or any title. It's about pride, it's about history, it's about twenty years of simmering hatred.


Jack and Terry were brawling outside the ring during the finish. All this should set the Funks up as the big heels of this tag title tournament.

One big note on this show was that before it Dick Murdoch started a fight with Steve Williams, this was the second time he'd started a fight, last time it was with Bill Watts himself.

After the match with Backlund, I got a note from Grizzly Smith that Murdoch was both drunk and wasted on drugs during the match, and so I fired Murdoch. Terry Funk is absolutely furious about the decision, and it's possible he's going to be uncoperative going forward because his talent trade has creative control. Murdoch is the second wrestler (after Sam Houston) I've had to fire because of drink and drugs.

Anyway, current tournament standings:


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Posted 30 August 2016 - 07:36 AM

MSW TV, March, Week 3, 91:


Still establishing this as the show for "real wrestling", so long, slow-build face vs. face matches are de rigueur.


Mr. T is working out because he's set his sights on meeting The Funks in the tag tournament. He also wants to avagene his good friend Jack Brisco.

This whole angle is actually a back door way of pushing Booker T. I'm hoping the sustained rub and association with Mr. T can help to elevate him. His popularity is slowing increasing. Brian Pillman is out for over a year with an injury, so I might have to dip into the talent pool to see what younger stars are around.


Just a squash.


The return of Watts to the ring isn't getting as over as I'd have hoped.


Fun fact: Watts is actually a year younger than Wahoo. Here they were 51 and 52 respectively.


I can't have Steamboat in the TV main event every week. This is getting to be a problem.

Both TV stations weren't happy with this show:


Speaking of which, I am now in a position to make some further moves in the broadcasting world. Have to wait till the end of April until I can have a second TV show, but I can make some more PPV deals and also get my weekly tour shown by a commerical station.

I've been making moves:


Cablevision will show the PPVs now for the US market.


Canadian viewers are now going to have to pay to watch supercards, just like everyone else.

And this was the biggest move:


MTV are going to be carrying my weekly live tour free-to-air. Huge exposure. Omni will carry on showing the cards in Canada.

Therefore, I've rebranded MSW tour to "Mid-South Live on MTV", and it even has its own logo:


That leaves one contract that isn't doing much: the Request TV PPV one for which I have over a year left to run. I have plans for this, see below ...


Generally these shows have been financially successful so far, but a little lacking in quality. I've been having to rely on older talent, because of their name value. And also to establish a sense of history and prestige in this promtion. But I think this show has demonstrated that I can't really put a 51-year old Bill Watts in the ring and expect it to be good TV. While I'm building new stars, I may have to rely on bringing in the talent trades.

Medium term goals:

- Get a second TV show, another "A" show, and get it on a bigger network. ESPN seems like the natural home, and they are will to talk. Just need to maintain these popularity levels till May.
- Somehow expand into Europe, and possibly even Japan. From next week I'm going to run small spot shows in the UK and in Japan.

A live feed will be shown on Request TV in case any hardcore fans want to watch in the US. This "MSW World Tour" live show will have to rely on a small core of talent who are known in those markets. Lord Al will feature on the British show. I will keep bringing in Japanese guys through the talent trades to bulk out cards in Japan. As a long-term goal, I want to expand TV into both those markets, but MSW is virtually unknown in both.

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 09:51 AM

The idea that both Bill Watts and Jack Brisco would come out of retirement in 1991 for a small time promotion is just totally unrealistic. Not to mention it's not very appealing or interesting to a 1991 audience.


You DEFINITELY need to completely re-brand the way you're doing things if you're going to be on MTV. "Old guy wrestling" would have never made it on MTV in the early 90s.

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 09:55 AM

Looks like Tiger Mask wants to stay long-term:


MSW Live on MTV, March, Week 3, 91:


Unfortunately, Steamboat vs. Graham in a cage didn't produce as many sparks as Graham's promos.



Steamer doesn't want to do cage matches.

Successful first show on MTV in terms of viewing figures:



Anyway, on to operation BREAK INTO THE UK. I have made moves to bring in a skeleton crew to do UK shows over the next 3 months. Let's take a little look:


Of course, for a company heavy on tradition, the first thing that we need to do is to create a link to the past.


In on a five or six match loan-deal from NJPW, Dynamite is a name a lot of casual fans would recognise.


Also brought in on-loan, probably the most famous wrestler in Britain in 1991.


On an 8-match loan from UWFi, for those hardcore fans turned off by the likes of Big Daddy or even the British Bulldogs, here is a worker that no self-respecting smart fan could diss.


To take a slot on the card and also carry some of the working load when in there with older stars.


To bring a wilder element to these UK cards. I'm also spying a potential Terry Funk - Finlay brawl in front of about 300 people in Bournmouth.


Some fans might remember him from his early days, and he can be talked up on commentary.


Bit of additional strutting and makeup for the card, also gets over the wrestling creditentials of MSW.


He wouldn't sign an exclusive, but where everyone else has a 3-month deal, I've put him on a 3-year deal. Someone who could be a star in time.

So that is my "British invasion" force. Former WWF stars also have some name value in the UK: Steamboat, of course. But also guys like Greg, Tito, Honky, Martel, and The Iron Sheik are all known in the UK market, so these will be mixed in with the British workers.

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 10:25 AM

MSW TV, March, Week 4, 91:


Tito is due back from injury soon, so they can resume their lack-lustre Muraco/ Pedro style feud over the IC belt-that-is-really-the-Texas belt.


Here it is:


I think Mr. T will have to have that match on MTV. I also have a plan for writing out Watts / Wahoo since it is clear Watts can't do anything in the ring anymore.


Need something for this evil faction to do. Maybe time to start building up Abby for a title shot.


They have just been having a lot of multi-man matches. Of pretty low quality.


This is going to have to be a default plan for TV: propping up the rating with a strong main event, probably featuring Steamer.


MSW World Tour, March, Week 4, 91:


These shows are happening on Fridays. Solie is busy with WCW that day, so Lord Al is the host.


Over tea and crumpets, Lord Al conducts a sit-down interview with British wrestling legend Big Daddy. They discuss his life and long career in the business. At one point Lord Al asks Big Daddy what he makes of the current wrestling scene, and he says: "Well Al, I don't like all of this cartoon stuff some of the other American companies are putting on, but I've heard a lot of long-time fans talking about what Bill Watts is doing, and there's a great buzz around the place. You can see by the fans who have come here tonight that the British audience respects great wrestling. And, of course, they like the big characters too, which is where I come in!"

This segment probably drew the 279-person gate.


Robinson is 51 here; performing better than Watts at least.


Yes, expected. These UK shows are for only the most-uber of hardcore fans to watch in the US, and, as such, they aren't intended for the wider US audience to see at all.

In context that's 3,425 buys vs. 1,112,310 viewers for the last MTV live show, and about 600k viewers for the typical TV show.

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 11:51 AM

Jack Brisco, who's gone back to being a road agent after his brief in-ring return, isn't very happy because of the "toxic" backstage atmosphere. What's he talking about? Well this:


In the past few weeks the locker room atmosphere has absolutely plummetted. Dynamite Kid pulled a rib on Bam Bam Bigelow, and it went down very badly because half the locker-room hates him. The firing of Dick Murdoch for being wasted pissed everyone off on both sides -- some because he was wasted and in the ring, others because they are his friends and I fired him.

Bagwell and The Patriot, who are meant to be a tagteam, had a bust up. There hasn't been a show where someone hasn't been fined or made stand trial at "wrestler's court" either with Judge Steamboat or Judge Terry Funk residing. Everyone seems to dislike Al Perez and he's been kicking up a stink since doing that job he didn't want to do (I think against Yatsu).

Bill Watts isn't helping: he got into a fight with Murdoch and later on almost came to blows with Bill Irwin. There's a LOT of heatseekers in this locker room and it is starting to cause a lot of trouble. I can't fire them all. Hopefully once Dynamite is gone after the loan finishes, things might settle down. I might fire Al Perez, just looking for an excuse to.

Look at this:



Mid-South Live on MTV, March Week 4, 91:

Very depleted roster for this show because this clashed with Wrestlemania VII AND NJPW have a big Tokyo Dome show. Tommy Rogers also has a slipped disc.

This might be a good show, then, to introduce Regal to the US audience.


This was an absolutely disasterous card on which pretty much everything apart from the world title match went wrong. MTV rating was 1.32 down from 1.48 last week. Let's look pick over the bones of this wreck.


I've got to make a note to myself: Honky is a terrible worker! I might get the belt off him sooner rather than later. Crockett Cup card isn't until end of the month, will see if I can eek it out till then, but he's been stinking up my cards for two months now.


Perhaps I over-estimated the level to which Doug Somers is still a "good hand" in 1991. They went 20 minutes just to fill up the time. It was meant to be a "cooler" match but the crowd was already dead.


Oh dear, oh dear. So Booker T is very greeen for the spot he's in here. I think I was counting quite a lot on Mr. T's overness and charisma to carry this feud. The tag tournament is meant to be a big over-arching storyline with several sub-feuds going on:

- Bill Watts vs. Rose / Somers - this is pretty much done now. I have an angle lined up to prevent needing to use Watts in the ring again.
- Brisco / Mr. T vs. The Funks - still needs to be resolved. Booked into a corner a little bit because not sure how I can put Mr. T and Booker over Doc and Gordy.
- Fantastics: underdogs - their side of the bracket is tough, but they are my "against all odds" story

So far, most of these mini-feuds have gone badly.


The low quality of this show didn't escape the MTV execs.

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 12:18 PM

I think I was counting quite a lot on Mr. T's overness and charisma to carry this feud.

Well A-Team had been off TV for about 4 years in 1991 so Mr. T was much more of a "where are they now?" kind of guy than a big star.

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 01:24 PM

MSW TV, April, Week 1, 91:


Solie: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Mid-South Wrestling. I'm here with, as ever, with the Mid-South President, Cowboy Bill Watts and a special guest: his current tag-team partner, Wahoo McDaniel. Bill, what's it been like getting back into the ring after all these years?

Watts: Well, I tell ya Gordon, I'm no spring chicken any more, the knees don't bend like they use to, a lifetime in professional wrestling will do that to a man. The aches and pains, let me tell ya, they don't compare to any other sport. The life of a pro wrestling is very tough. But I came back to team with this man here, a man who has never quit this sport, a man who has bled for it.

Wahoo: It's been an honour to tag with you Cowboy. Look at us, the Cowboy and the Indian, ha ha ha.

*All of a sudden someone to the left of the camera dives and takes out Wahoo with a chopblock. It's Greg Valentine! Watts goes to apprehend him, but he finds himself lassooed by .. the Honky Tank Man!

*Solie is distraught, but nonetheless roles back the years and commentates on the action while he's standing there as if it was 1981 in GCW*

*Greg Valentine grabs a chair, and brings it down vertically on Wahoo's leg.*

Greg: I broke Wahoo's leg a decade ago, and I'm gonna do it again!

*He brings the chair smashing down on the leg again.*

Greg: THAT's for every damn time you chopped me in the chest you son-ov-a-bitch!

Solie: Ladies and Gentlemen, apologies for the blue language, it's getting very heated here. Please, somebody call security, this is an assault. Wahoo McDaniel is about to retire, do you want him living the rest of his life in a hospital?!

*Valentine pays him no heed.*

Greg: THAT's for what you did to my old man, you ****

*The words are bleeped. The big red CENSORED cross comes on the screen.*

*Watts is still restrained as Honky Tonk Man cackles. But he shouts out.*

Watts: Ya gonna be fined and suspended ya madman! You're never gonna work ag ..

*Honky puts a sock in his mouth*

Honky Tonk Man: Ah, put a sock in it! Ha ha ha ha.

*Greg has Wahoo in the figure four. Wahoo has passed out with the pain. Valentine is using the ring fence for leverage.*


*The British Bulldogs storm the podium, and attack Valentine, he and Honky immediately bail at least half way down the aisle. It's too late though, the damage is done. Wahoo is stretchered out. Fans are crying at ringside. Davey Boy unties Watts, who is absolutely livid.*

Watts: Greg Valentine is SUSPENDED without further notice! The Honky Tonk Man will carry on in the world tag tournament ALONE in handicap matches. AND, The British Bulldogs will take the place of myself and Wahoo McDaniel! TONIGHT. NOW! And I'm the referee!

*Valentine and Honky are still in the arena, half way down the aisle. Honky can't believe it. Valentine on the other hand is impassive, as if he had been possessed by a demon.*


Honky couldn't even execute this basic angle to a decent standard. Patience running out.


Brilliant. Locker room rating is currently at 13%. The 91 locker room is a lot more volotile than the 83 locker room.


That's Jumbo and Yatsu gone. By the end of the run, Jumbo had gotten pretty over across America. Not bad here: got two tournaments out of these two, plus a world title shot in apiece.

I'll be looking to bring Jumbo in again, possibly as more of a heel, with a manager.


Booker T isn't doing too well in these tags. Needs more building up in mid-card matches, I think, where it won't matter too much when he's making his mistakes and learning the ropes.


A C-rating out of the Putskis is the Funks working absolute miracles. Note the crazy bump Terry took.


I think I might have to revert to Vince Sr. style "heel of the month" booking while I build some new stars underneath. This situation can't go on for much longer or the TV stations will drop the product.

Current tournament standings:


#35 Matt D

Matt D


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Posted 30 August 2016 - 02:29 PM

The best darn 1979 promotion there is.

#36 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 02:29 PM

Mid-South World Tour, April, Week 1, 91:




Lord Regal: I would like to introduce to all you peasants, an associate of mine ... allow me to present ... Lord Jerry von Kramer!

Lord JvK: You people don't know any better than to boo. That's because you weren't raised correctly. That's because you don't have a world class education, like I do. Please, please, don't bother yourself with all that infernal braying. You are looking at the next AWA World Heavyweight Champion: the man I am standing next to here.

Lord Regal: Oh, you are too kind, Lord.

Lord JvK: Why my lord, no you are.

Together: *He has a woman's face m'lord* Haw haw haw haw.

Lord JvK: Ricky Steamboat is, no doubt, a world class wrestler, but he lacks a few things that Lord Regal has in abundance. Here are the TOP FIVE things that Regal has got that is sadly lacking in Mr. Steamboat.

Number 5: Good looks. I'm sure all you ladies will agree that Lord Regal is a far far better looking man than Mr. Steamboat.

Number 4: A landed title. Lord Regal owns all of the land from here to Hereford. And he acquired it the only correct way: he inherited it! Ricky Steamboat, being a lowly American, had to work for whatever land he owns. And, let me tell you, you can buy land in North Carolina as cheap as mackeral. Haw haw haw.

Number 3: Lord Regal has knowledge of the finest wrestling holds, learned from the very best. I'm afraid Mr. Steamboat has spent most of his time in cartoon wrestling land, and so he's in for a surprise when he locks up with my man.

Number 2: Intelligence. Good intelligence can only be acquired through the finest breeding, something which, of course, our Ricky lacks. You only need to look at him to see that he lacks breeding, do you know what I mean? Haw haw.

And Number 1: Lord Regal has a mother who loves him: Lady Regal. Of course poor Ricky was abandoned as a child, he'd never had anyone love him ...

*With that Steamboat charges the ring and the bell rings, Lord JvK gets out of dodge, and the match starts*

Let's take a closer look at this JvK character ...




This title switch was a TOTAL mistake. I picked the wrong finish. Oh well, HTM wasn't going anywhere, and so I might use this mix-up to go another route with the belt.


Big Daddy just came in for the hot tag and the pin.


I guess the issue with trying to buildin the UK while showing the shows back in the US, is that I'm taking attritional little hits on home-base popularity. I think it's minimal enough to take, but ideally I need to be getting these shows a bit better.

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 02:41 PM

If you had access to a time machine to put yourself in 1991 to be Regal's drinking partner (because the real you was definitely not old enough) you should have kept using that time machine to bring back younger versions of the majority of your roster so they could actually give you good matches.

#38 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 05:19 PM

Mid-South on MTV, April, Week 1, 91:


Quite an important card this, because BIG things have happened. As Bill Watts explains:


Watts: It is my honour and privilege to announce that Mid-South Wrestling has joined the American Wrestling Alliance. In top secret meetings, Mr. Verne Gagne sat around a table with Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon of the World Wrestling Federation, Mr. Baba of All Japan Pro Wrestling, Mr. Inoki of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Mr. Paco Alonso from the CMLL in Mexico, and Mr. Francisco Flores from the UWA in Mexico, and yours truly, the Cowboy Bill Watts. This is probably the most historic meeting of wrestling minds in the business, since Sam Muchnick sat down with Wally Karbo, Orville Brown and Pinky George in 1948. Back then, they were forming something called the National Wrestling Alliance. Sadly, that organisation has fallen under hard times and is now almost entirely controlled by a media conglomerate organisation.

We independent wrestling promoters need a new alliance, a strong alliance that has deep roots in the history of this great sport. And so we have formed the AWA, an international alliance of like-minded wrestling organisations who want to protect this industry from corperatisation.


But this has deeper ramifications. The AWA are an official sanctioning body. It's President is Verne Gagne. All titles in the five organisations just mentioned and now under the sanctioning auspicies of the AWA, but they will remain in their respective promotions.

It also means freedom of movement for professional wrestlers. That means that you might be seeing people like Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage here, but it also means you might be seeing Ricky Steamboat in the World Wrestling Federation. We want all our athletes to succeed and compete for the best titles in the sport.

There will be only ONE title that can be defended in ANY promotion: The AWA Universal Title. This is a brand new title. And I have it with me here.

This title is going to be contested tonight in an historic WORLD TITLE vs. WORLD TITLE match, when the AWA World Title, currently held by Ricky Steamboat, goes up against the WWA World Title, currently held by ... ANDRE THE GIANT.

The WWA World title has a long and illustrious history, going back to Eduard Carpentier in the 1950s. It was held by people like Fred Blassie, The Destroyer, Dick the Bruiser, Gene Kiniski, Wilbur Snyder, and one of my great griends, the Big Cat Ernie Ladd. It is now held by Andre who won the title recently at a tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


TONIGHT, these two historic titles will be unified. The winner will be crowned the first AWA Universal Champion! History will be made.


It's going to be Ricky Steamboat vs. Andre the Giant. LIVE on MTV. AWA world title vs. WWA world title! Let's hook 'em up!


Pretty phenomenal achievement from The Funks to get a C+ out of these guys. This was technically the blow-off to this mini-feud. Funks have yet to have any come-uppance.


And there it is, Steamboat becomes the last ever AWA World Champion and the last ever WWA World Champion and in the process becomes the first ever AWA Universal Champion.


Back up to a 1.47 for this one.

EDIT: Dynamite Kid has just walked out.


He didn't want to do the job to the Fantastics.

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AWA Championship Wrestling, April, Week 2, 91:


"The Home of Professional Wrestling" is going to become this promotion's "Where the Big Boys Play" in terms of a tag-line that is pushed a lot.

Current schedule:


As Chris Adams walks down the aisle with Honky Tonk Man's bogus IC title, Bill Watts stops him and hands him the old AWA Television Title, which has been officially sanctioned by the AWA board of directors. Adams looks pleased, and drops the old Texas belt onto the floor.



I'm SURE I booked Regal to win this. That's twice Adams has won in phantom circumstances.


Booker T is starting to drag down every segment he's in. Going to get him into the ring more.


Strike Force missed the tag tournmanet because Tito was injured. This is a reminder to everyone that they are still around.


Looks like it was a great match.


Well at least it's not losing me any.


Seem to have forgotten to add this card:

AWA World Tour, April, Week 3, 91:


Only significance of this show is that Regal won the TV title on it.

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