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JvK books AWA in 1991

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#41 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 31 August 2016 - 07:09 PM

Just doing some planning ahead, and in the medium-term, I think I'm going to return to the patented JvK version of the Vince Sr formula, bringing in top heels on 6-appearance talent trade deals.

Appearance 1: spot on Mr. T show, jobber squash (TV)
Appearance 2: over Backlund (MTV event)
Appearance 3: vs. Steamer (CO / DQ) (TV)
Appearance 4: vs. Steamer (CO / DQ) (Tour)
Appearance 5: job to Steamer (MTV event or PPV)
Appearance 6: job to Backlund (TV)

That's a 3-week run.

Over the space of 9 weeks, there should always be a new heel on Mr. T show, always be an outgoing heel jobbing to Backlund on TV, always be a new heel going over Backlund on MTV, etc.

Week 1: Mr. T, Backlund MTV
Week 2: Steamer x3
Week 3: Backlund TV and gone

So typical week once it is up and running:

TV: Mr. T: Heel C, Backlund over Heel A, Steamer vs. Heel B
Tour: Steamer vs. Heel B
MTV: Heel C over Backlund, Steamer vs. Heel B

Next week then Heel A is gone, Heel D comes into Mr. T, Heel C faces Steamer three times, Heel B jobs to Backund on TV and leaves.

I'm hoping to have another TV slot next month, which should give me extra space to book other angles.

#42 Beast

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Posted 31 August 2016 - 08:35 PM

Doesn't it take some of the suspense out of a federation in 1991 when the formula is so old school and predictable? 


How does AWA Reborn win fans away from WWF and WCW when they're partying like it's 1983?

#43 Superstar Sleeze

Superstar Sleeze
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Posted 31 August 2016 - 09:45 PM

How does the WWA title have A* prestige??? Has anyone ever watched WWA matches? Are Great Wojo vs green Scotty Steiner good?

#44 Boon

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Posted 01 September 2016 - 02:29 AM

Not that I think your interested in feedback, but surely the audience you're presenting your product too isn't realistic? MTV in 93 is all about the Simpsons and Michael Jackson and then on the same channel you have Mr T who was outdated by this point, Backlund who hasn't been on TV for 7-8 years. I suppose it's who your targeting, but I thought Backlund was dull as shit in 93 and I was 6/7 years old at that point. In late 94 he was great, but as a face in 93, just dull.

Personally Steamboat at the top is ideal, but he needs to be wrestling youngsters and giving them the rub, not Dory Funk etc. I'm sure your intending to keep using the oldies but put them lower on the card or have them put over younger guys.

On the plus side, I grew up on the estate where Buckland Communtiy centre was and would of dragged my dad down to see any sort of wrestling....

#45 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 01 September 2016 - 02:59 AM

A lot of these present plans are just creating the base and establishing norms from which to create new stars.

I'm also working within the limitations of the TEW system. If I pick up someone like Chris Jericho who is completely unknown and stick him in main events, he'll tank ratings. It takes time to get people over. The TV stations won't give me time to put out bad main events so I have to rely on established stars.

The MTV slot is late night, and I totally get the point that it this traditional rasslin product isn't exactly a great fit for it. But it was between that and BBC America, so I thought MTV might have the best potential. BBC are "against" wrestling and wanted a ludicrously high minimum quality per show which I just can't offer. And MTV were the only other station of that size willing to broadcast live events.

They want a more risqué and edgy product, and being with them allows me to do some of that stuff down the line.

A lot of my thinking has been in trying to get over with old territorial fans who have been turned away by WWF and the direction WCW has been going. Getting back over with those Chicago fans Crockett alienated in 1987, the JCP hardcores. The old AWA base, the old St. Louis fans, etc.

So appealing to tradition, respect, highlighting "technical" wrestling and legit guys like Backlund has been the route. Against this very traditional backdrop, if I do then sign guys like Jericho or give Scott Hall a proper push, they can feel like a genuine breath of fresh air. But it all takes time in-game.

I've already excellerated a Regal push because the Honkytonk Man IC stuff was just dire. And I couldn't cope with it.

Some of that pure wrestling focus does rankle with Mr. T being featured so heavily, but he's playing into that nostalgia audience of kids who were probably around 13-14 in 91. And I'm trying to give Booker T a rub, although that has not been working as I'd hoped. I get that Mr. T is kind of a has been in 1991, but he's still the biggest star I've got.

The main purpose of all this AWA stuff, Watts going into history etc., is mainly to seem like a bigger deal. I've got a show fronted by Gordon Solie, so I can hardly go ECW route at this point.

I'm also being hurt by some of the stuff I did in my two weeks at WCW, I locked up a pile of younger talent on 3-year written deals, Eddie for example. I even think Scotty Falmingo is there, but would have to double check.

I can't really make Greg Valentine or half of this roster edgy or cool in 1991, but I can make them credible.

When May swings around, I'm hoping to secure a new TV slot with ESPN, which will be a more natural home for the pure sports stuff, and then I can start trying to modernise and "make cooler" the MTV live show.

I've just got to the size where people will actually consider signing written deals, so this might start getting easier, but this is still a promotion in real terms that is begging around the fringes and feeding on scraps. The tradition stuff and to some extent Mr. T stuff is all being used to try to mask the fact that there isn't a whole lot here. Smoke and mirrors while trying to build an audience. Hasn't been easy I'll admit.

#46 NotJayTabb

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Posted 01 September 2016 - 05:00 AM

I'm thoroughly enjoying this, realism be damned. It also wouldn't feel like a JvK project if he wasn't dragging a load of 50yr olds out of retirement to put on stinking matches. He did it with the Blond Bombers in 83, so I'm glad the tradition has been kept up with Watts and Wahoo.

This has also inspired me to shell out for TEW for the first time since 2005. so when I'm reaping the glories of my "Mason Ryan wins the WWE title at Wrestlemania at the Ricoh Arena" push, I'll be sure to thank you

#47 Boon

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Posted 01 September 2016 - 05:36 AM

I'm thoroughly enjoying this, realism be damned. It also wouldn't feel like a JvK project if he wasn't dragging a load of 50yr olds out of retirement to put on stinking matches. He did it with the Blond Bombers in 83, so I'm glad the tradition has been kept up with Watts and Wahoo.

This has also inspired me to shell out for TEW for the first time since 2005. so when I'm reaping the glories of my "Mason Ryan wins the WWE title at Wrestlemania at the Ricoh Arena" push, I'll be sure to thank you

Surely you'd use the stadium not the arena?

#48 NotJayTabb

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Posted 01 September 2016 - 06:12 AM

I'd not really considered how misleading the name of our ground is, but the Ricoh Arena is the stadium. Though I think by the time I'm trying to sell Mason Ryan-headlined Wrestlemanias to the public, I'd probably be able to run it at the conference hall next door.

#49 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 02 September 2016 - 07:21 AM

Since last we convened, things have been afoot. I am now big enough to offer exclusive written deals -- but of course since I'm in an alliance and set up all those working relationships, I can't actually do so without violating deals. So I moved to end those talent trade deals with those outside of the AWA alliance so I could get at least some people tied up on written deals. Carlos Colon, not in the AWA alliance, took exception and declared war:


Can't say I'm too bothered.

A bigger concern is the locker-room atmosphere which is at 0%. Everyone is unhappy. I need to start making moves to fix this or workers won't stay.


Honky definitely seems to be one of the problems. I am considering firing him for poor performance in any case. Not yet.

Oh and Tiger Mask up sticks and went back to Japan, he signed back on with NJPW:


Just after he'd re-located too.

AWA Supercard on MTV, April, Week 2, 91:


So, obviously, I immediately ran opposite Colon in Puerto Rico. No, I'm not petty, but business is business.

Abby is my biggest PR star, so he went straight into the main event. Here you can see how a strong main event can carry a mediocre show.

One small note here:

I had Kal Rudman in the Event Centre explain that The Fantastics had beaten The British Bulldogs again in a rematch at an event in Germany last night. It was a heated match and Dynamite Kid has been reported injured. Of course, in reality, Dynamite Kid just walked out. But this is a way of writing him out with Davey Boy still around for a couple more weeks.


So ha, the Jim Crockett Sr Memorial Cup is only actually going to have one tag tournmanet match on it.


Steamer is going to be facing a lot of these little one-show mini-angles.


Decent match considering Abby is over 50 here.




Also, I've made some signings to beef up TV broadcast coverage:


Former AWA-man Larry Nelson comes back to AWA.


Crispy can do a job for me somewhere. Since Sean Mooney, Gene Okerlund and practically every other broadcast guy is locked up with either WCW or WWF, it's guys like this who have to step up for me now. Although Solie will be good for a few years yet.

And finally, I signed another road agent:


Armstrong can get in the ring for a pop in Georgia if need be, or if there's an injury crisis, but most of the time he's going to lighten the burden on Jack Brisco and Grizzly Smith.

And also Boris Malenko as a road agent:




Well at least that saves me firing him.

Also, Steamboat headlined a NJPW show and defended the title on it:


A great boost to the cred of the title, which Watts and Solie would have played up on commentary.

#50 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 02 September 2016 - 09:42 AM

First some bad news, I sent Brian Pillman for surgery on his back, because he is injured for a year and there were complications with it, which means he's out for 1 year and 5 months. I had to terminate his contract because there's no point having him stick around. He can collect a Lloyds of London deal. WCW are still paying him.

Second, Ricky Steamboat is getting burnt out with the schedule.


Let's look at his matches recently:


It's true that I've been absolutely caning him, but in the past week he had to fly to England, Japan, Puerto Rico, Hawaii (where TV was taped that week), and Mexico. Ridiculous schedule, and I'm going to have to give him the week off ahead of next week's PPV. Note: the Hawaii TV taping is below.

AWA Championship Wrestling, April, Week 3, 91:


Honky Tonk Man only has a week left. This has the "burial" order, because he really pissed me off screwing up my locker room. He was furious of course.


Pity the Fool

Mr. T: S'up fools, my guest Superstar Billy Graham says today he's got a big announcement. What is it sucka?

Graham: Now, brother T, don't you go calling me a "sucka" or a "fool" now you understand? I'm just here to make a very important announcement, you don't have to insult me, brother, you dig it?

*Booker T seems to look up*

Mr. T: This is my show, Pity the Fool, and on my show, I can say what I want, you got it fool? I pity the fool that can't understand that.

Graham: You're an idiot.

Mr. T: You're a fool.

Graham: Enough. Brothers ... let me testify. I made my name in a company called the World Wrestling Federation. I was the greatest WWF Champion of all times.

Mr. T: Don't kid yourself, brother, my friend H ....

Graham: Now let me stop you right there, brother. Where do you think he got his whole act from? Watching the SUPERSTAR as a youngster. I was the greatest of them all, I sold out Madison Square Gardens THIRTY times in a row! I set off box office records like they never seen before. A whole generation of superstars grew up wanting to be just like me. And now, brother, I'm here in the AWA, the HOME of professional wrestling, and I ain't as young as I used to be. And that no-good Ricky Steamboat took as good as I've got, but my legs and back can't go like they used to. Brother, I am RETIRED from the ring.

Mr. T: And this was your big announcement?

Graham: No, brother, because you see, you gotta move and shake in this business. PoliTICS and dirty TRICKS. You hip? You dig?

Mr. T: Enough of this jibber jabber, what have you been scheming?

Graham: As the Cowboy Bill Watts has said, the WWF is now a part of the American Wrestling Alliance. ALLIANCE, brother. That means we ain't just moving and shaking here no more, we is moving and shaking across the whole world. I can pick up that phone and because The Superstar is a hero, a HERO to every wrestler there today, they are going to want to help old Billy out.

So I rung, Ted, I said, "Ted, do you want to be a world champion? And do you want to help old Billy out?"

He said, first of all, brother, "if it's money, how much do you need?"

And I said, "Brother, it ain't money, it's committment. If I could get YOU a shot against Ricky the Dragon Steamboat for the AWA Universal title, would ya come down here, brother, and take that shot?"

And Ted, I could hear him laughing and laughing on the phone.

He said, "Superstar, my man, EVERYBODY'S GOT A PRICE, and my price is that AWA Universal Title!"

Mr. T: The Million Dollar Man is coming here and has a title shot?

Graham: Now you're starting to understand. But it doesn't end there. I picked up that phone again. I spoke to the VICE PRESIDENT of the AWA, Mr. Nick Bockwinkel.

He said, "uhhh, Mr. Graham, what can I do for you?

I said, "brotherrrrrrrr, how can I get a contract to face Ricky Steamboat for that AWA title?"

He said, "Well Billy, you know, it's all in the fine print, and it's between the members of the alliance. There is an official top 10 contender list. You might wanna try Bill Apter"

I said, "Nick, my man, how far you and the Superstar gone back brother?!"

And he said, "Well, Billy" and then he used some long, long words like only Bockwinkel can do, and he said "just leave it with me, just leave it with me"

And Ted DiBiase and Nick Bockwinkel aren't the only people I been calling. I been talking to THE BRAIN, brother, to Bobby Heenan. I been talking to The Genius. I been talking to anyone who is a move and shaker in this business brother. And there's just one outcome to all of any it, brothers:


Mr. T: Why do you want any of these guys to win the title? What's in it for you, sucka?

Graham: Enough of your questions!!! Mind your own business, "sucka"!

Mr. T: I'm warning you Graham.

Graham: You should be happy anyway, chump. I'll give you more guests for this show than Johnny Carson. The ratings will go through the roof. Hey, it'll be like being on The A Team again, remember that?

*Graham starts humming the A-team theme tune obnoxiously*

Mr. T: I'm warning you fool!

*Mr. T stands up. Graham as full of himself as possible struts away on top of the world now singing the A-team theme tune at the top of his voice*


Bad news here:


Like Pillman, I've let him go.


I think Nelson might have been dragging this segment down.


Dory had the stronger match with Steamer.


AWA World Tour, April, Week 3, 91:

The progress of making an in-road into the UK market by running these shows is horrendously slow. Barely a dent so far.


Incidentally, I buried Honky again here:


One notable little segment here:


A Cuppa with Lord Al
Lord Al: My, my, what fine gents are these. Hello fellows, would you like some tea?

Lord Regal: Why thank you Lord Hayes, you only have the finest tea.

Lord JvK: I say, Lord Regal, old chap, the thought has just occured to me. Since Lord Hayes is such a fine man with such exquisite tastes. Since he has class and breeding -- just like us -- why do we not join with him?!

Lord Regal: This is an excellent idea Lord! Oh, my man, Lord Hayes, will you join our party on a more permanent basis?

Lord Al: Haw haw, this is an excellent idea indeed!

Lord JvK: But Lord Al, we must warn you.

Lord Al: Yes?

Lord JvK: No more of this ... ermm .. sucking up to the "good guys". Do you understand what I mean?

Lord Al: Oh I was only putting in on! I hate them all! *spit* Ricky Steamboat I can't STAND him!

Lord Regal: That's more like it, back to his old self!

Lord Al: We three, we ... UPPER CRUST ... are a dying breed. We need to stick together.

All three: Tally ho! And pip pip!

Yes, Lord Al has turned heel and joined this faction.

AWA Supercard on MTV, April, Week 3, 91:


A struggle without Steamboat to draw on.

Oh and Honky was buried for a third time:


He'll never work for me again.

#51 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 02 September 2016 - 10:49 AM

Okay, let's take a time out. I have decided to switch from the letter grades which rate from A* to F- to number grades that rate from 100 to 0. Why? Because I want to get a more granular view of how my booking is affecting things. Are things working or not? So this is going to be a little review session on how things have been going in the past three months.

Steamer, who I have pushed relentlessly:


As you can see the "progress" is not quite up-to-date, next month the current figures will slot in under "May", so it's a month behind. Steamboat has become a huge star and this is clear to see from the stats.

What about our "has been" celeb Mr. T?


He's enjoyed a bit of a popularity boost from being on TV pretty much every week in a featured slot.

What about my long-term project hoping to get that rub off him, Booker T?


Better progress than you'd think. Slow at first but catching on.

What about Bagwell and his week of squashing Honky Tonk Man?


Interesting, look he started lower than Booker, but here has gotten over more. He also had not matches or TV appearances in Feb. So the numbers jumped up when he started having more matches and wins under his belt.

I think I need to get Booker T in the ring a bit more.

Let's have a look at TV show grades converted into the numbers:


Week 1: 51
Week 2: 71
Week 3: 59
Week 4: 56


Week 1: 59
Week 2: 58
Week 3: 48
Week 4: 72


Week 1: 57
Week 2: 68
Week 3: 63

Old tour show:

Week 2: 75
Week 3: 66
Week 4: 76

Week 1: 68
Week 2: 67

MTV Live show:

Week 3: 66
Week 4: 50

Week 1: 67
Week 2: 68
Week 3: 60

World Tour (UK shows):

Week 4: 55

Week 1: 54
Week 2: 59
Week 3: 54

To put that into context, my best card to date has been the one headlined by Wahoo and Greg.


And my worst, this one:


Yes, the one headlined by Bill Watts coming out of retirement in 91. Who'd have thought.

In terms of overall popularity for the promotion, the numbers have just hovered between 60 and 64 for every US region since I started.

In Southern England, where I've been running the UK tour shows, it has gone from 10 to 17, which is murderously SLOW progress, but then those cards have been shitty.

Incidentally, in the handful of appearances made by "Lord Jerry von Kramer", my personal overness has gone from 0 to 3 in most regions. So a long way to go in that respect.

#52 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 02 September 2016 - 01:15 PM

Two minor points of business before the next week.

First, Dynamite Kid and Honkytonk Man are now blacklisted. They will never work in the AWA again:


Second ...

I have moved into the realm of merch.


Now you can get!

Ricky Steamboat: t-shit, cap, poster, action figure, foam hands and stuff like pencil cases!

Mr. T: all of the above!

Superstar Graham / Miss Elizabeth / Andre: action figure, t-shirt, poster!

Collect the entire fabulous AWA toy range of action figures! Including: Bob Backlund, Bobby Fulton, Tommy Rogers, Lord Steven Regal, Marcus Bagwell, Booker T, Bob Orton Jr., Butch Reed, Dick Slater, Doug Somers, Buddy Rose, Gordon Solie*, Greg Valentine, Ivan Koloff, King Kong Bundy, Lord Alfred Hayes*, Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie, Nikolai Volkoff, One Man Gang, Rick Martel, Sal Bellomo, Scott Hall, Steve Williams, Terry Gordy, The Iron Sheik, Tito Santana

Yes, you TOO can own a Doug Somers action figure in 1991! Just imagine him sitting next to your brand new Super Nintendo!

And in our LEGENDS range: Jack Brisco, Nick Bockwinkel, Cowboy Bill Watts, Ivan Putski, Wahoo McDaniel


* Cannot be purchased in store, you can get these special figures by collecting exclusive tokens from the back of Kellogg's Cornflakes boxes. Just cut them out using a scissors, and once you have six of them, send them off in an envelope to The American Wrestling Association, PO Box 1546. Remember to ask your parents' permission to use a scissors!


#53 SirEdger


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Posted 02 September 2016 - 01:42 PM

Yeah, I'm sure that you're gonna sell a shitload of Ricky Steamboat t-shits.

#54 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 02 September 2016 - 01:47 PM

whoops! lol

#55 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 02 September 2016 - 05:50 PM

AWA Championship Wrestling, April, Week 4, 91:


Gordon Solie and Bill Watts open the show by saying the The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase has a special apperance tonight on Mr. T's Pity the Fool talk show. Apparently, he booked and paid for the slot himself. They also mention that AWA Vice President, Nick Bockwinkel is here, and also has a special announcement.


The Alliance Against America has been jobbed out something chronic.


Pity the Fool

Mr. T: S'up fools, I got a special guest this week. The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase.

*DiBiase swaggers in. He waits to take his seat and looks to Booker T, expecting him to pull the chair for him*

DiBiase: Hey, boy, you.

*He clicks his fingers*

DiBiase: I expect a bit of service!

*Booker T glares at him*

DiBiase (*more aggressive*): I said I want to sit down.

Mr. T: Well sit down then, you leave Booker alone.

DiBiase: Pull my chair I said!

*Booker T complies. As DiBiase goes to sit down, he pulls the chair away so he falls on his ass. DiBiase erupts and attacks Booker T. Full brawl.*

Mr. T: Someone get security here!

*DiBiase has got the advantage, he's laying in closed fists. Mr. T goes in himself to break it up.*

DiBiase: In the ring! Get this boy in the ring! He's going to be my first match. Referee come here!

*David Manning goes over. DiBiase shoves a wad of notes in his pocket.*

*DiBiase drags an already dazed Booker T into the ring. Ref calls for the bell and the match begins.*


Story of this match is that Booker T gets in more offense than you'd expect, even though he's overmatched.



*AWA Vice President Nick Bockwinkel is in the ring. Larry Nelson holds the mic for him.*

Bockwinkel: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to make a special announcement regarding tomorrow night's Pay-per-view event The Jim Crockett Sr Memorial show. It concerns Ricky Steamboat's AWA Universal title, which has a lineage that of course is dear to my heart ...

I have here a contract pre-signed by Steamboat's opponent. But ... Ricky, I'm going to need you to come out to sign it yourself. AWA regulations.

*Ricky Steamboat comes out looking a little confused*

*He goes over and takes the paper from Bockwinkel and looks at it closely. His eyes betray some consternation.*

Steamboat: The Millon Dollar Man?! He has a title shot?! I thought the number #1 contender was Jumbo Tsuruta?

*Bockwinkel looks a little shifty*

Bockwinkel: The AWA Board of Directors has run a set of algorithms, you see, Mr. Steamboat, and all of those complex calculations say that the challenger tomorrow night will be Ted DiBiase ...

*DiBiase's music hits, and he walks down the aisle, still in his wrestling gear after the match with Booker T, with Superstar Graham by his side. They are both laughing. Bockwinkel once again looks shifty.*

*Steamboat looks at them both with a hint of outrage*

Steamboat: Well something fishy is going on here, but I'm not scared of you DiBiase! I'll see you in the ring tomorrow night! You better bring your wrestling boots!

*DiBiase and Graham look at each other as if to suggest they have a plan.*

#56 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 02 September 2016 - 06:57 PM

Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup, April, Week 4, 91:


This might be a contender for weakest PPV match that took place anywhere in 1991.


This match pissed off the ENTIRE roster. Most of the more established guys were absolutely furious. But with the locker room at 0%, I figured it couldn't get any lower.

Two things:

1. The Crockett Cup is now a singles trophy.

2. This is the Marcus Bagwell mega-push. I mean, he's good-looking, athletic, and could be a Steamboat Jr. Yes, I have Shane Douglas right there, but ... Shane Douglas isn't sexy.


Nick Bockwinkel comes out to explain that an injury to Tommy Rogers means that the scheduled match between The Fantastics and The Funk Brothers cannot go ahead as scheduled. The AWA board of directors, however, has decided that the Tag Titles MUST be decided this evening and therefore the Funks will face off against the #3 ranked team, Strike Force, that is Tito Santana and Rick Martel.

Since The Fantastics earned the right to be in the final, they will get a shot at the champions as soon as Rogers has recovered from injury.

Man, oh man, did this piss me off. All Japan booked some random one-off show on THIS Tuesday of all bloody days, and The Fantastics were in Japan.

I was furious. Months building to this match and I had to change the booking ON THE NIGHT.

Well, there was *some* truth to Bock's claims here since Rogers has been nursing an L4/L5 disc hernation injury and working through it for the past month. Tito and Martel were the most over faces I could realistically give the titles to. What a shit show. I guess shit happens.


I guess the silver lining to the cloud is that Strike Force probably gave me a better match than the Fantastics would have in this spot, just because they are more over.



At least the main event was strong.


I'd consider this a success overall, despite some really glaring problems. I should be able to ride Steamboat vs. Ted until the next PPV in a month.

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Posted 02 September 2016 - 07:57 PM

Wow, just spotted this, and it's an absolute GOD SEND:


MTV Europe were willing to talk to me, and I've managed to get my TV and the Sunday night live MTV show onto it.

Of course, in 1991 very very few people could actually watch MTV anywhere in Europe -- their coverage is even smaller than Eurosport's -- but I don't give a shit about that! This means I don't have to run those terrible British cards any more, and every show should give a little increase to popularity in across all of Europe. Pretty happy with that.

I've also gone and cancelled my deal with Sports Channel America and signed AWA Championship Wrestling to show on MTV instead. I had to pay Sports Channel America a fine for breaking the contract, but I think it's worth doing in the long-run.

So MTV carry both my TV and the Sunday weekly live show in the USA and Europe, and Omni Television carry both of them in Canada.


From next week, I can add a new TV show (AWA All Star Wrestling), which I'm hoping to launch on ESPN. This show will have more of a wrestling / matches focus and will be taped on Mondays back-to-back with the other TV show. Hopefully I can get this on the MTV Europe channel too.

I will probably make the MTV live show more like a Clash or an SNME now, not every week but a "Special" every month or so and in a Tuesday slot so it doesn't clash with my weekly TV.

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Posted 11 September 2016 - 08:47 PM

First off, some good news. I managed to secure the TV deal with ESPN that I wanted, as well as with FX Canada and with Eurosport. This will be the new home of AWA Championship Wrestling, although the MTV slot on Sunday nights will still continue.


I start this week with a huge amount of firings:

First off, Kal Rudman asked for a ridiculous pay rise, over 100% of what he was on already. I refused, he kicked off, and so I fired him. Poor Kal wasn't really doing a lot since the World Tour finished anyway.

Next, this happened:


Boris Malenko named almost half of the entire roster and pissed EVERYONE off. Including me, since this has lost sponsorship money. He's history, and a lot of people were happy about it.

Then there was this:



And this:



I am sick and tired of the locker room being so toxic so really clamping down on ANY nonsense at all.


Let's get on with TV:

AWA Championship Wrestling, May, Week 1, 91:



Bagwell mega-push continues.


Surprisingly good match this.


Pity the Fool

Mr. T: S'up suckas, this is Pity the Fool in a NEW home here on ESPN on Saturday night. Tonight my guest is the new President of the AWA ... He's a former 4-time AWA World Champion and 3-time co-holder of the AWA titles with the great Ray Stevens ... Mr. Nick Bockwinkel.

Bockwinkel: Why thank you, Mr. T. A very kind introduction.

Mr. T: So, Nick Bockwinkel, you have recently been appointed President of the AWA. You were the vice president before?

Bockwinkel: Well that's right. Verne Gagne has announced his retirement from the wrestling business with immediate effect. As vice president, as per the constitution of the American Wrestling Alliance, I became the new president.

Mr. T: I see. And what can the wrestlers expect from you as the president?

Bockwinkel: I am going to try to be fair and call it straight down the line in order to protect the intregrity of this great sport.

Mr. T: Mr. Bockwinkel, with the greatest respect, sir, last week we saw ... let's show the tape ...

*The incident with DiBiase seemingly getting a mysterious contract signed for a shot at Steamboat's title, with Bockwinkel looking like he'd been paid off*

Bockwinkel: What are you insinuating?

Mr. T: Well, I'm saying this: you took money from The Million Dollar Man for that contract!

Bockwinkel: How dare y... I did not! I could fine and suspend you for bringing this great sport into disrepute! You ... ignoramous you ...

Mr. T: Who you callin' an ignoramous fool?

Bockwinkel: I am warning you, T, the President of the AWA is not a man that you want to be obtruding or incommoding.

Mr. T: Cut your jibber jabber, fool, I ain't no sucka. I can see you's was up to no good with Ted DiBiase!

Bockwinkel: Your empty allegations are nothing but hot air.

*Bockwinkel stands up, prim and properly. He looks at Booker T with some caution.*

Bockwinkel: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some very important business to attend to.


Not long left for Wahoo sadly. In fact, he retired just after this match.


Orndorff is going to be the perennial filler-in during this Billy Graham "WWF All Stars" story. And he does a fine job of filling in.


Strong first show on ESPN.

Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV, May Week 1, 91:


Cruise: Welcome everyone, I am Chris Cruise, YOUR host for Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV! Coming to you every Sunday night from Disney's MGM studios here in Florida. We have a lot of great action for you this week. The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase is here. Greg Valentine is going to be in action. The Alliance Against America will be looking to have their way. And, ladies and gentlemen, Ricky Steamboat will be featuring on "A Cuppa with Lord Al".



A Cuppa with Lord Al

*Lord Al is sitting at a table with a china tea set, cakes and sandwiches. Lord Jerry von Kramer and Lord Steven Regal can be seen in the background talking with their noses in the air.*

Lord Al: Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud that my little show, "A Cuppa with Lord Al" is going to be featuring in a regular slot here on MTV every Sunday night here in Sunny Florida. And what better way to get us started than welcoming the AWA Universal Champion, Ricky THE DRAGON Steamboat!

Steamboat: Thank you, your lordship. I'm happy to be here.

Lord Al: Mr. Steamboat, your career seems to be really going from strength to strength now. What a year you've been having. Just to remind the viewers at home, back in February you defeated Jumbo Tsuruta to win the AWA World Title in the final of the tournment at the Chi-town Rumble, and just last month you unified the AWA and WWA world titles by defeating the mighty Andre the Giant to become the first AWA Universal champion. How are you feeling?

Steamboat: Well Alfred, it has been a wonderful year and I'm pleased with my success. I hope that all the fans out there enjoy watching me wrestle. I hope that they can see that hard work, and training, and dedication can pay off.

Lord Al: Can I ask, what is the schedule like for the Universal champion? You have defended the belt all around the world.

Steamboat: Just this past month, I've faced Dr. Wagner Jr in Mexico, Animal Hamaguchi in Japan, Adrian Street in England, and here in the United States of America both Dory and Terry Funk, Abdullah the Butcher, last night Paul Orndroff, and of course just last that NO GOOD Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase.

Lord Al: Gosh! You are a busy man. Now on the subject of Ted DiBiase, will you be giving him the rematch he wants so badly?

Steamboat: I am a fighting champion your Lordship, and I don't back down from any challenger! There was no winner at the Jim Crockett Sr Memorial, and so I can announce that there WILL be a rematch on PPV at the New Orleans SUPERDOME at the end of this month!

Lord Al: Golly, well all the best of luck.



These Alliance Against America guys have had nothing going on for a good four months now. Maybe time to give them a feud.


Great performance from Ted here.


This is the best rated show overall that I've put on so far.

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AWA Championship Wrestling, May, Week 2, 91:


Solie: Welcome everyone to AWA Championship Wrestling. It is my pleasure to introduce our newest colleague here at the AWA, Mr. Bob Caudle.

Caudle: Why thank you Gordon, and gee it's a pleasure to be here.

Solie: Of course, Mr. Caudle has tremendous experience in broadcasting on pro wrestling television, and he's been contracted to assist Chris Cruise on our MTV show.

*Loud rap music plays over the tanoy system, and a voice booms out over it. A figure emerges holding a microphone.*

Tazz: Hold on, hold on. Just wait a minute OLD MEN!

Solie: What is the meaning of this? Who ARE you?

Tazz: There's going to be some changes around here. My name is TAZZ. And ... I am the new co-host of wrestling on MTV! As a matter of fact, I have signed an exclusive deal with President Nick Bockwinkel, and there's going to be no more of your OLD MAN wrestling on MTV from now on!

Solie: Now wait just a minute young man ...

Caudle: Why Gordon, what's he talking about?

Tazz: There's gonna be no more of this "Lou Thesz this, Jack Brisco that". We're taking over wrestling on MTV!!!

Solie: Who is this "we"?

Tazz: From now on, there's going to be a separate BRAND. I have exclusive rights to the AWA MTV FRANCHISE!

Solie: What is the meaning of this?

Caudle: What about my new job?

Tazz: You're going to have to find something to do here on ESPN, old man.

*Nick Bockwinkel walks out looking pleased with himself*

Caudle: Mr. Bockwinkel, please, what IS going on?

Bockwinkel: The young man is right. I've been talking to the bosses at MTV and it is felt that the youth want something want a more "edgy" product on their screens. Myself and the AWA board of directors have been working covertly day and night in order to find the right talent with the right vision to present Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV. And this young man, "Tazz", as he is known, has won the contract. Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV remains under the auspicies and jurisdiction of the American Wrestling Alliance, its official sanctioning body. However ... for all intents and purposes, it is now an independent body, its own entity with exclusive events, wrestlers and championships.

Caudle: Why ... I ...

Tazz: I can exclusively reveal the NEW logo for Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV!!

*He holds up a sign with the new logo on it*


Bockwinkel: This has some ramifications across the AWA. First of all, the current Television Champion, Lord Steven Regal is from this moment the "MTV Heavyweight Champion". He will defend that belt exclusively on MTV. There will also be a match on Sunday night, between the two highest ranked teams, to crown the MTV Tag Team Champions! Those belts will also be defended exclusively on MTV. The current AWA World Tag Team champions, Rick Martel and Tito Santana will continue to defend their belts here on AWA Championship Wrestling, and indeed at events across the world.

But TONIGHT, I have with me here, the AWA World Title -- which has not been active since Ricky Steamboat defeated Andre the Giant to unify the AWA and WWA world titles to become the first AWA Universal Champion. I am hereby re-instating this great belt, which I held myself on four occasions. There will be a BATTLE ROYAL. And the winner of this special event will become the new AWA World Heavyweight Champion! This belt will then be defended on AWA Championship Wrestling.

Ricky Steamboat remains the AWA Universal Champion, and will continue to defend that belt across the world. As AWA Universal Champion, Ricky Steamboat is the only superstar permitted to wrestle on both AWA Championship Wrestling AND Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV. This is the privilege of the Universal champion. Indeed, he is able to defend the belt in ANY promotion across the world, as he has done in the past month.

Solie: Nick Bockwinkel, these are extraordinary proclaimations. Historic.

Bockwinkel: Indeed they are Mr. Solie. But there are some other changes, you see. Since I am the new President of the AWA, the vacant position of VICE President of the AWA has been filled by ... Mr. Bill Watts! Bill, come out here.

Watts: Why thank you Nick. I'm honoured to be the new Vice President of the AWA.

Bockwinkel: Since I am a very busy man, Mr. Watts will see to the day-to-day affairs here on AWA Championshp Wrestling. Bob Caudle will take over the co-hosting duties since Mr. Watts is now responsible for many areas of administration. Although, if he so chooses, he may still appear in the booth from time to time. I have also appointed an AWA COMMISSIONER for Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV. But I cannot yet reveal the identity of this man. I will announce this TOMORROW on MTV. Tune in then to find out who it is. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm a very busy man ...

*Bockwinkel leaves, Tazz and Watts both follow him both looking extremely pleased with themselves; both Solie and Caudle look totally stunned.*






In a planned spot, Abby loosened the turnbuckle and fell through it in dramatic fashion spraining his ankle in the process. Ring attendents had to fix the ring in the middle of the match. Various members of the Alliance Against America blatantly worked together throughout the match and conspired to ensure that they were left with a 4 vs. 1 situation against Bob Backlund at the end. Hopelessly outnumbered, Backlund managed to eliminate Koloff, Volkoff and Zangief but Iron Sheik managed to eliminate him cheaply while his back was turned after the Russians would not vacate the side of the ring.


*All of the members of the Alliance Against America celebrate together in the ring. Iron Sheik gets on the mic ...*

Iron Sheik: I am again world champion! Iran Number One! I am world champion! Like before I beat Mr. Bob Backlund! Make him humble! I beat you! The Alliance Against America come together! We beat all! Iran number one! Russia number one! I got Arab-Man Adnan Al-Kaissie. I got Russia-man Nikolai! Russia-man Ivan Koloff! Russia-man Victor Zangief! Turk-man Abdullah the Butcher!! I prove again I am world champion! Like I prove in Olympic in 72. Like I prove in 1983. IRON SHEIK FOREVER!!


In case you are wondering, yes, this means there is no a brand split between AWA and MTV brands. The next MTV show will feature a lot of debuts.

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The MTV roster

Chris Cruise

Backstage interviewer:
Miss Elizabeth

AWA Commissioner:
Tune in next time to find out!

Road Agents:
Bob Armstrong

Bill Alfonso
Jerry Calhoun


The Samoans led by Lou Albano:

Kokina Maximus (aka Yokozuna)

The Boombox Brothers:

Butch Reed (leader)
Big Daddy V
2 Cold Scorpio
2 Fly Gemini (Norman Smiley)
Soulman SD Jones

The Orient Express:

Pat Tanaka
Akio Sato
Yakuza (Akira Maeda)

The Upper Crust:

Lord Steven Regal
Lord Alfred Hayes
Lord Jerry von Kramer


Adrian Street
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Dave Finaly
El Dandy
Ken Shamrock
Matt Borne
Mike Awesome
Owen Hart
Ricky Morton
Rob Van Dam
Robbie Brookside
Sabu (with The Sheik)
Scott Hall
Shane Douglas
Sid Vicious
Steve Austin
The Druid (aka Tatanka)
The Extremist (aka Doug Furnas)
The Patriot
The Sandman


Curtis Thompson
DJ Peterson
Iron Mike Sharpe
Randy Rose
Rip Oliver
Outlaw Ron Bass

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