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JvK books AWA in 1991

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Posted 12 September 2016 - 11:39 AM

Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV, May, Week 2, 91:


Cruise: Hello, boys and girls, and welcome to SUNDAY NIGHT WRESTLING ON MTV!!! I'm here with my co-host, TAZZ!

Tazz: Well thank you Crispy Cruise, and I am delighted to be bringing you wrestling from MTV.

Cruise: That's CHRIS Cruise.

Tazz: If I say your name is "Crispy", it's "Crispy", you got it?

Cruise: Right, right, over now to AWA President, Mr. Nick Bockwinkel.


Bockwinkel: Thank you Mr. Cruise, and ladies and gentlemen, I am here to announce publically, by the power invested in my by the AWA Board of Directors. That the representative of the American Wrestling Alliance tasked with overseeing the law here on Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV is ...

He's a man with a long and distinguished history in this great sport ...

A living legend ...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Bruno Sammartino!

Bruno: Well, thank you Nick, and thank you to all these good people.

Bockwinkel: What stance are you going to take, might I ask, as the new AWA Commissioner here on MTV?

Bruno: I like good, clean wrestling, you understand? I want to see more scientific wrestling. And I'm going to call it down the line, as I see it. If I see people breaking the rules, y'know, if I see people cheating. That's the sort of thing I will come down hard on. I made my career fighting fair and square in that ring, y'know, and I want to see all of the young up and comers following that example.

Bockwinkel: It's an admirable goal Mr. Sammartino, an admirable goal ...

Bruno: And as my first act as AWA Commissioner for MTV, I'd like to call out here please, the current MTV Heavyweight Champion, Lord Steven Regal. Come on out your lordship.

*Regal comes out making faces and looking shift. Lord Jerry von Kramer is with him*

Bruno: In recognition of you being the MTV champion, here is a NEW belt. Defend this with the honour and pride of a champion.


*Regal considers the new belt. He sees the "MTV" logo on it and grimmaces slightly. He looks at Lord von Kramer who shakes his head slightly in disdain. Regal mutters to himself, but accepts the belt and walks back down the aisle.*

Bruno: And secondly. Here are another new set of championships. The Brand New MTV Tag titles!


Bruno: These titles are currently have no holders. And there will be a tournament between the four highest ranked MTV teams to decide on who that will be. NEXT WEEK, I will announce who has qualified for this tournament.


*Tribal drums seem to shake the building to its rafters. In a menacing war ritual, FIVE fearsome Samoans come down the aisle, including the huge Kokinka Maximum. They ae led by Capt. Lou Albano, who gets into the ring and takes the mic*

Albano: MTV! Hello MTV! Of course, right back to the days of David Wolff and Cyndi Lauper, I was instrumental on making this channel what it is today. It's good to be home. It's good to be back. I MADE MTV WHAT IT IS TODAY. And in the world of professional wrestling, I'm known the world over for managing TAG TEAM champions. And my original champions are right here with me. Afa and Sika, The Wild Samoans!

*Afa and Sika each seem to be chewing on some sort of chicken carcus*

Albano: But my old friends have been busy since you saw them before. They have been following their INSTINCTS if you get my drift! And lo and behold, Samu and Fatu! The Samoan Swat Team! Leading the family into Generation X! Into the MTV generation. The Generation CREATED by yours truly Lou Albano.

*The camera zooms on Kokinka Maximus*

Albano: And now behold my SECRET WEAPON, well, that's if anyone can keep a FIVE HUNDRED POUND beast of a man a secret. This is ... the man who put that runt Gagne Jr, what was his name? Greg, yeah Greg. That man who broke his leg and put him out of his misery ... Kokinka Maximums!!!

*Kokinka frowns and looks fearsome*

Albano: With this LEGION of Samoan warriors behind me, I will vow to capture all of the gold here in MTV, the place I built! Come on, I dare anyone to come and face these men!





A Cuppa with Lord Al

Lord Al: This week, there is no guest. Sometimes I like to enjoy the peace and quiet of a nice cup of tea and ruminate on the success of my good friend, Lord Steven Regal, the MTV Heavyweight Champion.

*Lord Al sits and sips tea for several moments, enjoying himself. He then remembers the cameras are still rolling.*

Lord Al (scrambling): Oh, ahem, uh, yes, over now back to the action.



Well that totally bombed ... I might have to adjust some of my settings for the MTV brand. I'm not sure if "risque" is what I want, probably more towards "cult". It might take time to build up some of these youngsters, and Regal might not be yet ready to carry a main event like this. Need to keep building him and others up.

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Posted 13 September 2016 - 05:01 PM

AWA Championship Wrestling, May, Week 3, 91:



Pity the Fool

*Mr. T interviews Bob Backlund about his recent his recent run-ins with the Alliance Against America, and the Iron Sheik's title win last week. Backlund is backing Marcus Bagwell to beat the Iron Sheik in his title shot tonight*

*The Orient Express, Tanaka and Sato, have a new member: Yakuza. He's dressed in a very sharp suit, and it appears he's going to wrestle in his shirt and tie.*


Iron Sheik even had to cheat badly to beat Bagwell.

Setting up for Backlund vs. Iron Sheik at PPV.

Tremendous match!


Things ticking along okay. You'll notice Steamboat is not on these shows. He's doing a bit of AWA Universal Champ touring. Faced Mutoh in Japan for NJPW (92) and Konnan in Mexico for CMLL (83). He can come and have 4.5+ star matches for me soon.


Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV, May, Week 3, 91:


So maybe putting Akira Maeda in a suit, calling him "Yakuza" and having him join the Orient Express wasn't the best idea I ever had?


Match was no better. It's going to take Maeda some time to get over with the US audience.


*Miss Elizabeth is standing in the locker room ready to interview Butch Reed, who has a ghettoblaster over one shoulder playing loud music. The track booming out is "New Jack Hustler" by Ice T.*

Elizabeth: Butch, would you mind turning that down so we can do our interview?

Reed: For you lady, o' course.

Elizabeth: Well Butch Reed, thank you. How do you feel to be working on the new MTV brand of wrestling?

Reed: I am thrilled, y'know'what I'm sayin'. I am DOWN with MTV, yo. And I done gone called all my homies, and they is all thrilled too. Ain't that right 2 Cold? Ain't that right 2 Fly? Come on in from the hood boys.

*Elizabeth smiles innocently as she is suddenly surrounded by five muscle-bound black men: Reed himself, 2 Cold Scorpio, 2 Fly Gemini, Big Daddy V and "Soulman" SD Jones.*

Reed: Miss Elizabeth, yo, lemme introduce you to the whole crew, you down with that?

Elizabeth: Well alright Butch ...

Reed: This here is 2 Cold Scorpio. He is one bad mofo. He an do a double twist in the air and still somersault on the way down. You ain't NEVER seen a bad ass bro like 2 Cold before yo. And now, and now, this is 2 Fly Gemini! You ain't never seen a guy fly like Gemini. And then, let's go OLD SCHOOL yo, this is the SOULMAN, he brings soul to this group. And, finally, Big Daddy V. Ain't no brother ever gonna wanna mess with V. I seen him take a man's head before and crush it just like a grape. You know why? Some fella was tryin' a steal his Twinkie! Don't never try to take the man's twinkie from him. Ha ha ha ha. And we, we roll from town to town, and people say "there go them BOOMBOX BROTHERS. You know why? Cos we is banging Ice T hard in '91 yo! Come on, let's bring that New Jack Hustle back to the boom. YEAH.

*Reed puts the volume right back up as "New Jack Hustler" plays loud from the boombox. 2 Cold and 2 Fly nod their heads. SD Jones shows he still has some rhythm and Big Daddy V doesn't move from behind his shades.*

Incidentally, here are those tournament brackets Bruno promised:



Regal's matches have been very poor of late.


Not as bad as this though ...


At least the fireball was a little more over.


Simply put, an atrocious show.


The MTV brand has been pretty dismal so far. Partly it's because no one is over.

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Posted 13 September 2016 - 06:51 PM

AWA Championship Wrestling, May, Week 4, 91:





Must remember to fire Big Daddy at some point. Useless now I'm not running the UK shows.


Highest rated segment I've ever seen.

The Mega Bucks reuniting went down a storm here.

Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV, May, Week 4, 91:


Oh dear, oh dear. Yakuza is going to get over whether this crowd like it or not!


This match was a disaster. Especially because of this:


Weak ass main event, but the PPV is on right after, so this is kind of a warm up show.

I tried to prop up this awful card with a hype video for Ted vs. Steamer. Even the hotness of that story couldn't really save this shitstorm.

Supercard at the Superdome, May, Week 4, 91:

So for PPV events, both AWA and MTV brands can have matches on the same card. At least for the time being.

SD Jones getting a title shot in 1991 is something. Regal's best match for a while too.

In one of those wrestling decisions that makes no sense, Bruno subs the SSTs with The Wild Samoans, cos, y'know, what's the difference?

Yakuza will get over whether they like it or not! [/Vince Sr]

Neither Martel nor Sanatana were happy about this, but I need them as singles guys. I also might send Martel over to MTV to feud with Regal a bit. MTV needs more over workers in general.


Finish here was the Adnan throws in the towel and the ref calls for the bell as if Backlund submitted. Call-back to 83.


Steamer goes into the match with his ribs taped after the Andre attack.

Best match put on by this company so far. Steamer is on absolute fire having 3-4 classics every week in different companies. He's having a 1985-Flair sort of run.

A card almost entirely propped up by its main event. And that was the blow off. Ongoing concerns are building up MTV brand, which has gotten off to a v. poor start and making something more exciting happen on the undercard.

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Posted 13 September 2016 - 06:58 PM

Current roll call of champions:






#65 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 13 September 2016 - 07:06 PM

Oh yeah, and it turns out running the Superdome when you can only get a crowd of 12,000 there isn't the most cost-effective idea:


George Scott eat your heart out.

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Posted 14 September 2016 - 04:18 AM

SD Jones was probably initially baffled at how 8 years had passed since your WWF run, and he was still being given the role of designated dancing jobber in an ethnically-themed babyface stable. But then he was incredibly given a heavyweight title match on PPV in the year 1991, and accepted it with glee.

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Posted 19 September 2016 - 06:51 PM

Three big pieces of backstage news.


First, that bastard Inoki booked Muta to win the AWA Unversial title with no warning ...




Second, I've offered Flair a HUGE contract after seeing this news ...




Third, I've bought out ACW as a developmental territory. I've picked up a number of promising youngsters to harness their talents down there:





AWA Championship Wrestling, June, Week 1, 91:



This was a dark match.



Also a dark match.



Solie *grave*: Ladies and Gentlemen. There is a new AWA Universal Champion. Two nights ago in Kobe World Hall, Kinki, Japan, Keiji Mutoh, otherwise known as The Great Muta, defeated Ricky the Dragon Steamboat to become the new champion. Word out of Japan is that it was a classic enounter: an extremely gruelling match that took a lot out of both men.

Caudle: Well, Gordon, I'm in shock.

Solie: But that is not all. The Great Muta is here TONIGHT. As part of AWA rules, a losing champion is entitled to a rematch within 30 days of losing the belt. Ricky Steamboat has immediately triggered this and The Great Muta has granted a rematch TONIGHT on AWA Championship Wrestling.

Caudle: An AWA Universal title match, between the Great Muta and Ricky Steamboat here? Tonight? By golly, Gordon, that's something.

Solie: Stay tuned folks.








If Inoki does that again, he will be expelled from the alliance.



Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV, June, Week 1, 91:




*Butch Reed is walking through a smokey urban street, mist seems to be everywhere coming up through the sewers. Reed has a ghettoblaster over one shoulder. Music that sounds suspicously like Run DMC and Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" but isn't quite it plays out. Reed seems to spot someone. He cups his hand to his mouth to call over to them.

Reed: Hey, 2 Cold. Hey 2 Fly!

*2 Cold Scorpio backflips into the scene. 2 Fly Gemini strolls into view.*

Reed: Hey Soulman! Hey Big Daddy V!

*SD Jones dances down the street. Big Daddy V comes out of a building. The beat gets louder and ... Reed starts to rap to it.*


Call me Boombox Butch, call me Boombox Reed
I pack more punch than Apollo Creed
I'll put you down with my powerslam
We're the Boombox Brothers and we don't give a DAMN!


2 Cold:
Too hot to handle, but too cool for school
I come off the top, but I don't break the rules
Three-quarter twist as I spin through the air,
We're the Boombox Brothers and we just don't care!


2 Fly:
Just 'cause I'm from England it don't mean I can't rhyme
I fly through the air and I fly down the line
I got the World in Motion just like John Barnes
We're the Boombox Brothers and we don't give a darn!


I got a Special Delivery, it's called VICTORY
Boy my history ain't no mystery
My head hits harder than a 62-yarder
The Soulman brother ain't no midcarder
Yo, I ain't gonna slow down, I got my flow down,
I tell all the ladies come on and go down
You know you want to just a little bit
We're the Boombox Brothers and we don't give a ....


Big Daddy V:
I'm the Daddy mack, here come the black attack
I go "wack wack, boom, boom, clack, clack"
Let me hear it: "wack, wack, boom, boom, clack, clack.
Yeah: "wack, wack, boom, boom, clack clack"
Wack, wack, boom, boom, bam, bam

We're the Boombox Brothers and we don't give a DAMN!!!!!!!



DJ Petersen seems to be the worst guy ever.





Yakuza. Will. Get. Over.



This MTV product sucks. I need to send over some established talent and soon.



Gonna have to tweak MTV brand so I don't keep getting this "dangeous spot" note.



Another terrible MTV show in the books.

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Posted 22 September 2016 - 06:31 AM

How's yout backstage atmosphere going? We haven't had an update for that in quite some time.

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Posted 02 October 2016 - 08:31 PM

First, a word on the locker room. It is up from the lows of 0% after all of the firings, plus bringing in a lot of fresh new faces. Still far from ideal, but not as toxic as it was. Honkytonk Man going seems to have helped a lot.
Second, it appears that my talks to bring in Ric Flair stalled. Didn't seem to get very far. He still hasn't signed a new contract with WCW, so there is still hope. But I somehow doubt he's going to sign for me. :(
AWA Championship Wrestling, June, Week 2, 91:

Pity the Fool

Mr. T: S'up suckas. Tonight, I have two very special guests. The AWA Vice President for Championship Wrestling, Mr. Bill Watts, and the AWA Vice President for Wrestling on MTV, Mr. Bruno Sammartino. They are here on "Pity the Fool" to discuss some very important business. Gentlemen, let me hand it over to you. Mr. Watts.

Watts: Well thank you Mr. T. And, first of all, let me just say that me and Bruno Sammartino go way, way back into the 1960s. Some older fans will remember we didn't always see eye to eye, ain't that right Bruno?

Bruno: Ha ha, that's right, Bill. But look at us now, Vice Presidents of the AWA.

Watts: And that's why we are gathered today. Bruno has been in touch with my office, and he's looking to make some TRADES.

Mr. T: Ya mean ... wrestlers can move from Championship Wrestling to MTV or the other way?

Watts: That's exactly right. But it all needs to be ratified by the AWA board and signed by both myself and Bruno.

Bruno: And after some long negotiations, we have made our first trade, Rick Martel will be moving to the MTV brand!

Mr. T: What about his tag-team partner, Tito Santana?

Watts: I'm afraid we could not ratify that one, he will stay right here on AWA Championship Wrestling!

Mr. T: So Strike Force is no longer a team?

Bruno: Well ya know, sometimes in life these things happen. Rick and Tito, we spoke to them, and they've decided to pursue their own individual interests for now.

Watts: That means I have one trade in reserve. I have chosen to keep hold of this for now. Watch this space to see who might be coming over from the MTV brand in the future.

Ted had one stray appearance left on his contract. I wanted him to lose a "Loser Leaves Town" match to Bagwell, but he refused to do the job and as part of the talent deal has automatic creative control to block things he doesn't want to do. So instead, he's just going out on a high note.
Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV, June, Week 2, 91:
Debut for Jericho.
Debut for Benoit.
Incdentally, a lot of these guys doing jobs are being brought in on one-night local deals.
Debut for Owen. I need to get these younger guys over as soon as possible to stop this MTV show being such a shower of shit.
A Cuppa with Lord Al

Lord Al: My guest this week is the newest superstar here on MTV: Mr. Rick Martel!

Martel: Thank you, your Lordship.

Lord Al: And the question on everyone's lips is: just why have you come over here to MTV? It's not just to listen to that awful rap Butch Reed and co play is it?

Martel: One thing and one thing alone: I've had enough of watching that no good Lord Steven Regal!! I'm going to be the new MTV champion!

Lord Al: By gosh! Lord Regal is my friend and associate!

*Regal who seems to have been lurking saunters in with Lord von Kramer ...*

Lord Regal: You? You MTV champion? Well just look at yourself man. Those long locks. You're more suited to being ... a model than a wrestler.

Lord von Kramer: And listen to that accent.

Martel: Are you making fun of me?!

Lord von Kramer: Oh I see, you are just a pretty face, as they say ... no brains.

Martel (*getting fired up*): What did you say?!

Lord Regal: He said, "why don't you beat it sunshine, or your face isn't going to be looking pretty for much longer!"

*Martel leaps at Regal who back off. But manages to get his hands on Lord von Kramer who he puts in a hammerlock.*

Lord von Kramer: Help! Somebody! Get this hoodlum off of me!

Lord Al: I say! Rick Martel! Do you mind?!

*Lord Al goes over to try to restrain Martel, but he doesn't let go, but as he is fending off Lord Al, Regal sneaks around the back and lays him out with the MTV title! Lord Al lays in some stomps of his own. Lord von Kramer looks traumatized*

Martel has been brought over to help carry the main event. Regal is getting more over now, but still can't do it alone.
MTV is still a sub-par show, but in time it should start getting better.

#70 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 02 October 2016 - 09:45 PM

AWA Championship Wrestling, June, Week 3, 91:



Youngbloods in one a one-night deal.


One-night deal for Black Bart.


Pity the Fool

Mr. T: S'up suckas, you may have noticed that my associate here, Booker T, been getting bigger and stronger every week. He wants to go all the way to the top! And with my help, I think he's gonna do just that. Ain't that right Booker?

Booker T: It sure is! Dig it! SUCKA!




Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV, June, Week 3, 91:


Cruise: Good evening and welcome to Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV! This week coming from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City!

Tazz: Yo my back yard, the Big Apple! And we're very excited ain't we Crispy, because the lovely Miss Elizabeth has an exclusive interview with the AWA Universal champeen Ricky Steamboat!

Cruise: And that's not all! Rick Martel will be having his first match here on MTV, after the heinous attack last week by Lord Steven Regal.

Tazz: And the MTV tag champeens, The Orient Express will be defending their titles here.

Cruise: Don't miss a minute.

Tazz: Don't leave your seats

Cruise: Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV!



Elizabeth: Hello everyone, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the AWA Universal champion ... Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat!

Steamboat: Well thank you Miss Elizabeth and I'm happy to be here in New York on MTV! And speaking to such a lovely lady!

Elizabeth (smiling): And I'm happy to be speaking to you, Ricky.

Steamboat: As the AWA Univer ...

*Steamboat is suddenly smashed across the back with a chair. It's ... RANDY SAVAGE!! He drags Elizabeth back*

Savage: Elizabeth! Yeah! You get back. I saw him! Eyes all over you!

*Savage smashes Steamboat with the chair once more and does an elbow drop. Liz looks concerned but also frightened. Savage attacks Steamboat with the chair once more. Steamboat is now convulsing on the floor. Security officers try to prise the chair from Savage. EMTs come to tend to Steamboat who is stretchered from the arena into an ambulance*

This iteration of the Steamboat vs. Savage feud should be HOT.


Hotter than 2 Fly and 2 Cold at any rate ... Super Destroyers on a one-night deal.


"The Extremist" is Doug Furnas as a wrestler who loves to take things "to the extreme", this is MTV so that's eXteme!


Martel picked up a concussion I didn't know about, so plans for the Regal vs. Martel feud are going to have to wait a few weeks. This is one way of writing him out for a while. He can run through the Samoans on his way to Regal. Maybe Regal and Captain Lou can strike a deal.


Regal has gotten a whole lot better in recent weeks.


Best MTV show to date.

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Posted 03 October 2016 - 10:40 AM

AWA Championship Wrestling, June, Week 4, 91:


Solie: Welcome to AWA Championship Wrestling. This week coming from the Knoxville Civic Auditorium.

Caudle: We have an update on the condition of the AWA Universal Champion, Ricky Steamboat who is recovering from injuries sustained from an attack by the Macho Man Randy Savage. Discretionary viewing is advised. Women and children, you may wish to cover your eyes, because some of these scenes may cause distress.

Solie: Footage comes courtest of Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV.

*Video replay of Savage attack on Steamboat.*

Solie: Steamboat is said to be recovering quickly from the wounds and should be back in action in time for the Supercard on MTV next Tuesday! AWA President Nick Bockwinkel has issued the contract for Macho Man Randy Savage to face Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat at that event, which you can watch on MTV or on the Omni network in Canada.


I've taken to using this one-night local jobbers on all cards now.


*Vignette of Mr. T taining Booker T. Here, Mr. T has Booker out on a running track and is making him to sprints. He can be heard saying things like "Faster sucka!" and "Come on, you can go quicker fool!"*






Tito has joined Backlund and Bagwell in the permenant struggle against the Alliance Against America.


Sunday Night Wrestling on MTV, June, Week 4, 91:


Cruise: Tonight is the night of the Supercard on MTV and this is a very special event. We are here at the Richmond Colisieum and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife.

Tazz: Jam-packed to the rafters here, indeed. And before the big event, first of all we've got a great card for you tonight, and remember this will be shown again on Sunday night in our regular slot!

Cruise: It's going to be Randy Savage taking on Ricky Steamboat for the AWA Universal title. Tonight and it's LIVE!




Yes, this has been a sickeningly thin card. But jobber matches are required to establish young talent!


2 Cold and 2 Fly aren't getting over. It's starting to be an issue.


*Bruno Sammartino comes out and announces to the crowd that there is a very special guest scheduled to be here tonight, a friend of Rick Martel's who will be facing Kokina Maximas on the supercard!*


It's a good job MTV have high levels of patience.


Supercard on MTV, June Week 4, 91:


Tag titles in the opener!


For those paying attention, 2 Cold and 2 Fly are actually working triple duty tonight.


SD Jones: The first man in history to challenge for both the AWA title and the MTV title in the same year.


The surprise participant was Bret Hart! In on a one-night only loan deal from WWF.



*The plucky young Owen Hart rushes out to tend to his injured brother and to ward off Kokinka Maximus. There are tearful scenes as Bret is stretched out of the arena. Owen looks beside himself with anger at Captain Lou Albano and Kokina Maximus.*

This triggers an Owen Hart vs. Samoans feud which should run over most of the summer.





Whatever you make of the booking so far, you have to admit that this is a darn sight better than Ricky Steamboat's actual 1991.

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Posted 04 October 2016 - 01:15 AM

Unless I've missed a repackaging, who on earth is Calypso Jim and why is he beating Chris Jericho in a jobber match?

Also, whilst I am really enjoying all this, I honestly can't believe you booked yourself to attack Sid Vicious

#73 JerryvonKramer

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Posted 04 October 2016 - 03:33 AM

Oh shit, I must have forgotten to pick a winner and the decided between them that Calypso Jim would win. Damn. I was in a rush.

Calypso Jim is a guy who would also sometimes wrestled as Bobo Brazil Jr.

Also, it's kinda difficult with Regal, it's odd to have myself interfering to help him win matches, but somehow even stranger to have the ancient Lord Al physically involved. I am thinking about transitioning both myself and Lord Al into the commentary booth, and sticking the young Tazz in the ring.

#74 NotJayTabb

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Posted 04 October 2016 - 04:44 AM

Ha, hate it when that happens. Had the same thing when I'd been booking Mason Ryan/Rob Terry as my all-conquering Welsh power team....then forgot to book them to win their tag title match, meaning they lost in 2 minutes rather than squashing the champions. Furious.

Well, given that yourself, Regal and Hayes are all lords, it does seem awfully vulgar that you have to get physically involved. Surely times aren't so hard that Lord Regal can't afford some staff to prevent you having to sully yourself in this manner.

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Posted 27 December 2016 - 08:27 PM

JVK just read this whole thread over 2 days and really enjoyed it.  Do you have any plans to continue this or is this the end of the line?

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 08:19 PM

I'm the original creator of the mod you used. Love reading these things appear on the web

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