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Raven vs Abyss vs Monty Brown (TNA Victory Road 11/07) "This is awesome !"

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Posted 06 September 2016 - 01:10 PM

Raven vs Abyss vs Monty Brown (Monster's Ball)


Monty cut all those cool promos that made him look like a star. He had the cool finisher but wasn't much of a worker apart from this. Not Goldy-like.

Abyss had the Foley fetish.


Raven was insane and fat. And was a babyface, or a heel. Not sure.

Not terrible, they kept it fast and non-offensive. Until came the finish, with Abyss finally getting a "Foley !" chant when he got the tacks on the mat. I think that gave him a hard-on. So we get Raven powerbombing Abyss on the tacks, making it a first obvious fail. Tacks 1 - Abyss 0. Then soon enough, a "holy shit" chant emerge followed by a "This is awesome !" chants when Raven puts a table in the ring, near the tacks. To whomever said this very first chant during this match was ironic, it's clearly not, the crowd was hot after the tacks bump. ANd did they get more, with Raven bumping AByss through a table at ringside, immediately followed by a pounce through a table, with, back to back, did look quite impressive, brutal and cool, despite the meh match until that point. So, theer we have the second "This is awesome !" chants on a TNA broadcast, the first appearing during an AJ Styles vs Alex Shelley match two months earlier. This one was much stronger though. Nice to spot Dixie in the crowd too, totally not believing what was happening in her ring. That was both neat, cute, and... kinda stupid when you think about it. But mostly neat.


Monty Brown surely had the charisma to become a star. The in-ring skills, not so much, but he wasn't worse than… well, he wasn't worse than a lot of people pushed at the top at one point or another, and still pretty green.

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Posted 31 August 2017 - 07:41 AM

One of the first TNA matches I ever saw. Overall, a pretty fun hardcore match. I also liked how they sold the stipulation of "no food and water for 24 hours" by having each guy appear disoriented by the bright lights. Monty Brown was indeed a star in the making and while turning him heel is probably what killed him, you could also argue he was the first victim of the "push every WWE guy we can grab" trend.

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