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#1 Jesse Ewiak

Jesse Ewiak
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Posted 10 September 2016 - 02:28 AM

(OOC: Throw in all your silly BS stuff about your promotion and others. Even throw in some real stuff if you want too. Or comment like it's 1995 and you're an idiot on the Internet!) 


- Rumors are that even more WWF stars are heading out the door as the RL Clique wraps itself even further around Vinny Mac with all of the Harts gone! 
- WCW may invade Canada, now that they've got wrestlers that people in Canada care about! 
- Over in Japan, Hulk Hogan is already up to his old tricks, complaining about the idea of jobbing to The Great Muta 
- Owen Hart & Shane Douglas almost got into the fight at the latest Arena show when Owen pulled one of his famous 'ribs' on Douglas, only for The Franchise to go nuts. Perhaps because his nose was out of joint before the show. 
- What hot ECW babe and newcomer to the company were caught doing more than getting to know each other in the locker room by a long time member of the Cult of Extreme? 
As always, add in your thoughts on our Message Board! 

#2 SirEdger


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Posted 10 September 2016 - 01:19 PM

I'm enjoying this thread way too much than I should! :P

#3 Grimmas


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Posted 10 September 2016 - 03:12 PM

Keith Scott's Tidbits for September 10th, 1995.


I have it from pretty good authority that Sabu is going to win the FMW title tournament and then challenge Great Muta at the Tokyo Dome in a title v title match. Why else would Sabu leave NJPW for FMW?


Big Boss Man has only agreed to go to FMW, because Misawa actually hates him, so AJPW wouldn't give him a job. What I heard is that Misawa likes to speed he hates Boss Man, who might arrest him. Not sure if Boss Man's police authority transfer over to Japan though...


It's a weird time to be a hardcore fan with ECW going all pansy bringing in Mexicans and technical wimps and with no Onita anymore. I heard there is a new promotion in LA that Ian Rotten is starting. Revolting Wrestling or something? Maybe there goal is to make the audience puke? I want tapes of that!


With Bret Hart going to WCW and Randy Savage going to WWF we are clearly getting closer to the Starrcade/Wrestlemania super show where the two promotions compete. I can't wait!


The weirdest thing I heard this week is that Tenryu (yeah the guy from Wrestlemania 7) debuted under a mask in Michinoku Pro. It's a small indie in Mexico. He's wrestling under the name Buffalo Black.

#4 gordi


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Posted 08 October 2016 - 06:43 AM

Hey fellow WRESTLENEWZ.COM Smart Markz! I dunno if youz guyz are into Chinese wrestling, or pure-oh-resu, as they call it, but I heard that Baba the Giant might be buying Michinoku Pure-Oh-Resu!


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