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Rey Escorpion vs Super Porky (CMLL 10/18/2013)

rey escorpion super porky cmll 2013

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Posted 10 December 2016 - 08:14 AM

A hair vs hair match under Super Libre rules. This is basically worked as a faux MMA match-they work in a Porky quasi-dive, but that's about it in terms of "clasic" lucha. Falls are won by shooty submissions instead of the theatrical ones you're used to in lucha matches. The crowd was molten for this one, heavily behind Porky. It's hard to describe exactly what this feels like-it isn't like a Danielson/Ki match that you can compare to Battlarts, if not in direct influence than in the conclusions they came to in how to construct a match. This feels uniquely mexican-it's not that far removed from the classic brawls. You can imagine Sangre Chicana working something like this if he was aware of MMA. It's not like there's some RINGS level matwork-much of it is boxing plus basic wrestling and punching on the ground, but there's a constant struggle to everything they do and it lacks the classic feeding lucha matches have that give matches a certain smoothness. One might be bother by the finish not being clean but Escorpion beating Porky so much it infuriated Maximo and caused him to snap and attack Escorpion was perfectly logical and felt like a satisfying finish, and the real "finish" of a hair vs hair match is the head shaving anyway. It's hard to compare Escorpion choking Porky by Headscissorsing him onto the ropes while simultaneously punching him to any other type of wrestling-he seems like a very creative wrestler, hopefully he'll get a platform to display that more often. ***3/4

#2 Phil Schneider

Phil Schneider
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Posted 10 December 2016 - 10:05 AM

I remember this being really awesome, you should also check out the trios matches setting it up, I remember them being even more violent.



#3 Grimmas


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Posted 28 December 2016 - 07:10 PM

This is legitimately one of my favourite matches ever. I think I went about **** 1/4, but that doesn't take into account how fun it is to see Super Porky go MMA.

#4 fxnj

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Posted 21 October 2017 - 04:19 AM

A bit disappointed by this. It's a good match and I was entertaind, but I was expecting this great piece of violence and this wasn't that. The strikes in the first fall looked like garbage, especially Escorpion's, and that continued to be a problem throughout the match. I also didn't like how easily Rey got the chokehold on Porky. Thought they could have done a lot more to play up his size. Second fall with Porky's comeback was a bit better, and I guess it is believable for him to just casually sink in the armbar given his size and that he had Rey loopy. Third fall started off with some cool bits of fat man offense, though I still wasn't seeing much of the promised struggle with them easily getting both of the holds that won their respective falls. Actually thought it was building pretty well until the abrupt finish. I will say that I hate the idea of someone else throwing the match for a face on principal, but I think they could have done more to build up the idea that Porky had nothing left as I wasn't ready to buy into it at that point, and I should also mention that some of Rey's strikes were also pretty clearly pulled, which took me out a bit. It was cool just to see Porky trying to work shoot style, but I was left wanting more classic pro wrestling and fat man offense. ***

#5 AstroBoy

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Posted 11 January 2018 - 10:53 AM

Okay so they start off on the feet and it's quite a sight to see Porky with the mouthpiece in ready to go.  Sure enough, Escorpion lays it in and brutalizes Porky for the first fall before choking him out.  This was such an awesome statement of a first fall to get over what kind of situation Porky is in, getting over that Rey is viciously ready to take him out, and it opens up important questions.  Porky has this kind of mythological quality to him for lack of a better word and I ended the first fall just totally intrigued with how he is going to solve this problem.  Because you know that he has to have something up his sleeve.  And you know the fans are desperate to see how is this hero going to come back in this type of situation.  What will he use to turn the tide and fight back with the stakes so high?


Still getting pounded on in the corner so Porky uses his mass to trap Rey and starts ramming him with nasty headbutts to the chin.  They scramble and Porky catches a knee to the solar plexus and slams Rey to the mat in huge moment before pounding him out and finishing him quickly with a cross armbreaker.  In some ways I wish Rey had been able to control for a bit longer and Porky would have been able to extend his comeback a bit longer but the moment worked so well even for how brief it was.  The build to and culmination of him finally taking Rey down after taking such punishment early on was satisfying and then the quick finish puts them back on level ground.  Rey's striking in this has looked awesome, for what it's worth, and Porky looks like a tough bastard for taking these shots to the chin.


Porky is absolutely on fire in the tercera, leveling Rey with a huge splash in the corner and then an awesome diving splash to the floor before things cool off and sort of reset.  They both trade shots and are just beating the hell out of each other until Rey gets Porky down and mercilessly beats him until he's defenseless.  Maximo runs in and goes fucking crazy beating on Rey and the referee gives the match to Rey.


This was fantastic.  Violent and jarring and a beautiful story of Porky digging deep to battle Rey in this environment before ultimately falling.  The peripheral stuff with Maximo and the post-match only enhances an already great piece of wrestling.  Great stuff.

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