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Stan Hansen vs. Terry Gordy (AJPW 7/17)

Stan Hansen Terry Gordy AJPW 1990

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#1 Jetlag

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Posted 02 March 2017 - 03:46 AM

This was long, slow and had a lot of holds, so not for the faint of the heart.  However, I enjoyed this. It delivered the kind of big guy clobbering you want from a Gordy/Hansen match and was the type of hard fought bout I like. Gordy injuring his arm by trying to a elbow a charging Hansen was a nifty spot and lead to some strong limb psychology. A deseperate Gordy hammering away at Hansen was really good. Eventually Steve Williams runs in to help fix Gordy's elbow. You see, he is a doctor after all! It leads to some amusing bits where Hansen and Gordy try to catch an elbow pad, and Williams plays into the finish in a unique way. Fun match.

#2 Superstar Sleeze

Superstar Sleeze
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Posted 16 July 2017 - 11:11 AM

You pointing out Doc acting like a real doctor was funny.


AJPW Triple Crown Champion Stan Hansen vs Terry Gordy - AJPW 7/17/90


Ahhhhhh so this is why Hansen was not wearing the championship to the match with Misawa. Rematch from 6/8 where Hansen won the title. Hansen controls this match much more with lots of clobbering and holds. Then Gordy works the leg, but hurts his own elbow on a reverse elbow. Hansen is a shark smelling bloody and goes to town on the elbow. First ten minutes are very slow, but picks up here. I liked Doc coming out playing Doctor with bandage then Gordy fires up with the clobbering and a DDT. Then Doc is throwing in elbow pads, tripping up Gordy to avoid the lariat. This is some fun bullshit that you would never see in later All Japan. Gordy hits his own lariat for the win, but would then vacate very shortly after this. Leading to the decision match between Hansen and Misawa on 7/28. Whats the deal? Why did Baba put the championship on Gordy? Not just the drug problems, but he was not as good as he used to be. Hansen was clearly better as was Jumbo. He didn't need Gordy. Did he want to make Gordy the new Hansen like he was making Misawa the new Jumbo? Kinda makes sense, but Doc really was a better candidate at this point in my opinion. I might make a thread about this because I am interested what the direction was before Gordy vacated the titles.  

#3 WrestlingFan

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Posted 09 May 2018 - 01:42 PM

I'm so glad of Terry's win and that he's the champ. I like the work on Terry's leg. I really like the fact that Williams comes to help his friend and teammate. I find cute the fact that he puts a bandage around his arm, I really like this duo. But holy shit I didn't get into the 1st half of the match.

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