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Wolfie D & Havok vs Moondog Spot & Derrick King (MPPW TV 03/18/00, Hardcore Match)

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#1 Loss

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Posted 20 March 2017 - 06:28 PM

This pretty much establishes that other than Tracy Smothers, Wolfie D is the best promo in wrestling. The crowd tries to sandbag him with a Jamie Dundee chant and he shuts it down because he ain't having it. Wolfie brings out Rob (Mo) to parody Ali, which isn't really good, but Wolfie D can make just about anything work. I love Wolfie's elaborate scheme to get Ali out of the arena earlier in the show! Finally, we get the match, which is a studio brawl that turns unexpectedly violent, with Wolfie even busting out a screwdriver. Spot is too old to do much in these matches, but when he's in with younger guys who know how to bump, he can get by on rep and this works. This sort of split into Havok-King and Wolfie-Spot, which I guess makes this a more equitable match, but I really wanted the Wolfie-King pairing. YMMV on whether it's better to spread the good talent or isolate them. Wolfie D seriously works his ass off here to get something out of Spot as best he can. This guy is having a pretty good year. Brandon Baxter was supposed to be in this match, but had faked being attacked in the locker room to get out of it, only to show up miraculously healed and give us one of the best quotes of 2000 so far from Dave Brown: "He was fakin' the whole thing! He was laying there with ketchup on!" It's not enough to give the heels a win though, as King and Spot win the titles. I sort of like that -- teaming a young guy with a ton of potential with a local legend. That this was nearly a good match is a huge credit to Wolfie D, even if it didn't quite get there. Satisfying finish, though.

#2 soup23

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Posted 21 March 2017 - 07:02 AM

Wolfie starts us off on Power Pro with an attack to Ali and he has a motocycle helmet man as muscle. Inside the studio, Wolfie announces Ali has joined his stable and out comes Mo dressed like Ali in a humorous moment. The Memphis wars of 2000 are fun. Ali and Mo end up fighting on the back of a pick up truck and it takes off. Dave is back now in his sweater as Wolfie comes back out again. Wolfie informs us Brandon got beat up backstage. I love Wolfie as a heel. We go back to Brandon who is laid out and bloodied up. Havoc is the partner and here comes Derrick King and Moondog. I loved the studio brawl here with unique weapon shots including the umbrella and tool box. We find out Brandon Baxter was faking of course and he goes to interfere until Dave Brown! Comes in and shakes the ropes. We have new champs. Fun stuff. ***

#3 Robert S

Robert S
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Posted 09 April 2017 - 03:07 PM

Dave Brown interfering into the match is something I did not see coming. Was this a one-time-only thing or did he get involved more often?

#4 Moonsault Marvin

Moonsault Marvin
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Posted 25 April 2017 - 02:54 PM

Solid tag match as even old Moondog Spot looked okay in this match.  The interference worked effectively to pay off the angle earlier in the show.

#5 Tim Evans

Tim Evans
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Posted 28 April 2017 - 12:07 AM

It's amazing what a heel turn does for Wolfie. Just a couple months earlier, he was a boring babyface feuding with Kurt Angle. The parking lot brawl was crazy cause it happened in the rain in front of fans. Ali almost falls off the truck with Rob when it speeds away. As for the match, it was a typical moondog match with Derrick taking some nasty bumps on the ladder. Finish was nice. Not often that Dave Brown gets involved in the action.

#6 Magnum Milano

Magnum Milano
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Posted 21 June 2017 - 05:04 AM

Wolfie D is out with Havok and has some bad news, during the brawl earlier in the show, his buddy Brandon Baxter got beaten half to death.  Dave Brown isn’t buying it and thinks that Brandon is just chicken and doesn’t want to be in this match.  Wolfie says that he’s no chicken and someone did this to Brandon, probably Ali!  When Dave tells him that Ali has already left, he claims someone did it because Brandon Baxter is back there all beaten up and he doesn’t tell a lie!  The camera cuts to a bloodied Brandon layed out backstage and Dave says how he doesn’t look in very good shape.  Wolfie wants an apology off Dave, only for Cory to tell him that Brandon got what he deserved.  They’re both testing his patience, but because his buddy is hurt backstage he’s got to name a new partner and he’s naming Havok.  Derrick King is blowing the whistle and Moondog Spot is carrying a trash can which he throws into the ring.  Spot nails Havok with the garbage can and then King uses it on Wolfie.  More garbage can shots, and Spot and Wolfie end up over by the announcing desk with the Moondog ramming Wolfie’s head into it.  Wolfie uses a camera cable to choke Spot, while King and Havok go at it on the otherside of the arena.  Back in the ring, not for long mind, and Spot waffles Wolfie some more with the garbage can.  Spot uses an umbrella off one of the fans as a weapon until Wolfie snatches it off him.  A step ladder is next to make its way into the match as Spot sets it up in the corner and whips Wolfie into it before delivering a soft looking clothesline for a two.  Wolfie reverses an Irish whip and this time it’s Spot who crashes into it, chest first.  The ladder continues to be used as a weapon with now King being whipped hard into it.  Brandon Baxter is out and it transpires he faked the whole thing, used ketchup for blood and wasn’t hurt at all.  He tells Dave and Cory that they can’t force him to do anything and heads to ringside however Dave says “we’ll see about that”.  As Havok holds King, Baxter climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Dave has had enough of him, goes to the ring and shakes the top rope so Baxter falls and crotches himself.  King with a schoolboy on Havok for the win and he and Spot are the PPW tag team champions.


Real fun studio match and Wolfie’s strong start to the year continues with more verbal goodness too in the initial exchange with Dave Brown.  Spot can’t do much except hit people over the head with a garbage, but what more do you want or expect from a Moondog!  The Dave Brown interference for the finish was a ‘holy shit!’ moment as that’s the first time I can ever recall him getting involved in a match.  By the way, glad we’ve now got the rest of the year to enjoy.

#7 TravJ1979

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Posted 13 January 2018 - 12:17 PM

Dave Brown interference!

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