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NWA Clash of the Champions

Live on WTBS!

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Posted 20 March 2017 - 08:59 PM

Clash of the Champions      

Raleigh, NC

March 21, 1985

Dorton Arena



Pre-Show Match

Butcher & Mad Dog Vachon, Pedro Morales, Sam Houston & Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Mr. Fuji’s Clan: The Great Kokina, Toru Tanaka, Mr. Saito & Masters of Torture (w/ Mr. Fuji) in 11:53 after Sam Houston pinned MoT #2 with a running bulldog.

We open tonight’s show, live on WTBS, with Tony Schiavone & Bob Caudle at ringside. We have David Crockett in one locker room and Johnny Weaver standing by in the other locker room.  Tony welcomes us to the first Clash of the Champions broadcast. We go to David Crockett standing by with Adrian Street.

David: Thank you Tony, I am here with the self-proclaimed Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, Adrian Street.  

Adrian: Self-proclaimed nothing! I AM the Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion. No one EVER beat me for this title. I had ZERO competition when I was here. I came back because I heard there was competition here, but I haven’t seen it yet.

David: Well, that changes tonight. This is Clash of the Champions. You claim to be a champion, don’t you?

Adrian: I am the greatest champion.

David: Well, the Board of Directors met with MACW officials earlier today. They have decided to reinstate that championship around your waist. You also have to defend it tonight, against…

Adrian: an Animal, I’m sure...what disgusting…”Challenger” have they brought to me?

David: An “Animal” for sure, George “The Animal” Steele!

The look on Street’s face, just says it all as he storms off from camera view. David sends it back to Tony and Bob at ringside.

NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Championship Match

The Hart Brothers © {Bruce & Keith Hart} & Rocky Johnson vs The Grapplers & Mr. Wrestling II

Rocky Johnson and Mr. Wrestling II start off, and they don’t waste anytime punching it out in the middle of the ring.  The Grappler’s rush into the ring and take down Johnson, which brings in the Hart Brothers to clear the ring of the Grappler’s.  After a moment on the outside of the ring, MW2 gets back into the ring and tags out. Grappler #2 gets into the ring, but gets taken down with an arm drag.  Rocky tags Keith in and they champions start to focus on the Grappler and his left arm and shoulder. Quick tags between the champions early on. Grappler #2 grabs the tights and sends Bruce to the outside of the ring. He falls hard to the floor. He tags #1 in and MW2 attacks Bruce on the floor, as the referee Earl Hebner keeps the champions in their corner. Bruce is back into the ring and the challengers have full control now. The challengers keep Bruce in their corner and work him over with some strong strikes and wear down holds. After a few moments, The Grappler’s try for a double team clothesline, but Bruce is able to duck it and dropkick them to the floor. He gets a tag into Rocky just as Mr Wrestling II gets in and they resume their brawl in the middle of the ring. All six-men make it into the ring as Earl is trying to regain control. A pier-six brawl has erupted in the ring.  Rocky dropkicks II down to the mat.  Paul Jones rushes to the ring and slips II something, which he hides in his mask.  Mr. Wrestling II charges Rocky in the corner, Rocky slips to the side, tripping him with a drop toe hold. II hits his head against the turnbuckle and knocks himself out. Rocky pins him for the fall and helping the Harts retain the championships.

Decision: The Hart Brothers & Rocky Johnson ©

Time: 14:03


When we return, we see Johnny Weaver in the locker room. He’s trying to get an interview with George Steele about coming to MACW and his upcoming title match, but George just looks into the camera and wonders off. Johnny sends it back to ringside.

Women’s Match

Luna Vachon vs Madusa

Two ladies coming into the territory. Luna is aligned with her family, the very popular Vachon’s here in MACW.  Madusa attacks early and keeps control most of the match. Luna tries to make a comeback, and doesn’t fairly well until she missed a corner clothesline, Madusa rolled her up and put her feet on the ropes to steal the win.

Time: 6:35

Decision: Madusa


NWA Television Championship Match

Tully Blanchard © w/ JJ Dillon vs Mil Mascaras

Tully tries to stall immediately, bailing from the ring a number of times. Once the action starts, Mil is able to keep Tully off balance with his quick, flying style. A dropkick sends Tully to the floor. Mil follows him out, but crashes to the floor missing a cross body block.  Tully tosses him into the ring and starts his assault. Tully works over the Mexican star. Tully uses a chin lock, and a seated headlock, keeping control. The commentators talk about how he seems to be wrestling in a defensive way. Tully finally looks to executing more damaging moves, and tries to execute a Slingshot Suplex, but Mil was able to wiggle out before the slingshot, and he rolls up the champion for a two. Mil picks up the pace, trying to keep the champion off balance to land a big time move. He drops Tully with a flying head-scissors. Mil climbs the top rope and leaps with a cross body block, but only gets a two. One Monkey Flip later and Tully falls to the floor. Mil goes out to the floor and the bell rings. Referee Dean Malenko calls it a time limit draw.

Time: 15:00

Decision: Time Limit Draw, Tully Blanchard retain the TV Title.


David is in the locker room with “Crazy” Luke Graham. David wants to know what happens if Luke loses this match and is forced to leave Mid Atlantic. Luke just raises the chain to David’s face, and says “There is no losing.”

Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Championship Match

“Exotic” Adrian Street © w/ Miss Linda vs George “The Animal” Steele

Tony and Bob discuss Adrian protesting this match. Saying that there was no contract signed for this.  Bob tells the audience that MACW had attempted to inform Street about this title match since Friday afternoon, but he would not respond to their phone calls. His arrogance finally has caught up to him. Adrian can’t keep focused and runs from the challenger. George takes a break and enjoys a turnbuckle.  Street sees this as his chance to attack, but George side steps that, sending him into the buckles and crashing to the mat. George feeds him some turnbuckle stuffing. Street tries to battle away, but George grabs him in a hammerlock, pushing him into the exposed corner. Then locks in the hammerlock and lifts him up into the air. Moments later Street submits and we have a brand new champion.

Time: 3:18

Decision: New Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, George Steele


Loser Leaves Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling Chain Match

“Crazy” Luke Graham vs “Superstar” Billy Graham

This is just a bloody brawl from the beginning. Both men just attack with fisticuffs right away. They brawl at ringside, up the aisle, and back to ringside. Both using the chain as a weapon. “Superstar” starts to get the upper hand. Whipping Luke with the chain, whipping him into the ring post. They move the action into the ring, with “Superstar” just taking over. He continues to beat on Luke with the chain. Both men bleeding from the head. Luke is on the mat, just punished. Billy Graham wraps Luke up in the chain, tying him up. Putting him in the Back-breaker and walking around the ring, touching each of the four corners. Finishing off Luke in incredible fashion to gain the victory.

Time: 9:44

Decision: “Superstar” Billy Graham


When we return, the live crowd is at intermission. David and Johnny run down a few video packages previewing the remainder of the matches coming up on the second half of the show.


NWA United States Tag Team Championship Match

Barry & Kendall Windham © vs Paul Jones’ Mystery Team (Approved by the NWA Board of Directors) w/ Paul Jones

The Champions are in the ring and awaiting their challengers. Paul Jones appears at ringside and grabs the house microphone. He tells everyone that he has secured the NEW United States Tag Team Champions, He calls them the Foreign Legion! The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff! The crowds erupts in a chorus of boo’s towards the challengers. The head into the ring and the match begins. The announcer’s discuss that this is really in the favor of the challenger’s. They’ve known all along who they were facing, there was no way the Windham’s could have seen this coming from Paul Jones.  The champion’s start off on fire, keeping a quick pace, tagging in and out quickly. Using their speed to keep the larger challenger’s off balance.  A distraction by Paul Jones that led to Volkoff taking down Kendall changed the momentum of the contest rather quickly. A long segment here where the challengers are using strong power moves to bring the lighter champion to the mat and then they apply wear down holds to keep him on the mat. The fans are booing the challengers. Barry is running up and down the apron trying to get Kendall back into the match. Kendall is responding, trying to separate himself from the bigger opponent. He finally lands a dropkick, sending Sheik into the corner. Kendall makes the tag and Barry comes in taking on both larger challengers. The battle breaks down to a brawl between all four wrestlers. Paul Jones grabs a championship belt from ringside and slides it to Iron Sheik as he was in the corner. Jones walks down the apron and distracts the referee as Sheik nails Barry in the back of head while he battles Volkoff. Then he hits Kendall in the face with it, sending him to the floor unconscious.  Sheik tosses the belt to the floor. He falls on top of Barry and gets the three count!

Time: 18:47

Decision: NEW NWA United States Tag Team Champions, The Foreign Legion!


NWA United States Heavyweight Championship Match

Magnum TA © vs NWA International Heavyweight Champion, Terry Funk

A meeting of two champions. Lutte Internationale’s International Heavyweight Champion, Terry Funk against the MACW’s United States Champion, Magnum TA.  These two have been building a rivalry for many weeks prior to this match. Magnum starts it off trying to wrestle, but the unconventional Funker makes it a brawl right away. They make their way to ringside and they just trade right hands over and over. They both swing and connect with punches that send each other over the steel guard rails.  Earl Hebner flies out of the ring and yell at both men to get back into the ring. Funk gets up and Magnum rushes him, they both flip back over the rail into ringside. TA picks up Funk and shoots him into the ring. Funk stomps on Magnum as he returns to the ring. Funk just kneels over TA and levels him with crazy strikes all over his upper torso. This pace is quick and both men are expending a lot of energy early. Funk has taken over after they both returned the ring. He’s just stomping and punching at the US Champion.  Funk is trash talking the entire time he’s pounding on TA. Funk is able to drop TA with a vertical suplex, but only gets a two count. Funk punching at him again. TA seems to have been hit so hard he’s loopy. Funk slams him to the mat hard and climbs to the second rope and leaps with a punch to the head. He tries another cover, but only gets a two count again.  Funker takes a swipe at the referee as he believes that should I have been a three. That small distraction left an opening for Magnum. He was able to grab a headlock and pull Funk to the mat and just leveled him in the head with right hands. Funk pushes him off, and they both they to their feet. Magnum backdrops Funk to the mat. A clothesline sends Funk over the top rope. TA follows Terry to the floor and slams him to the floor.  Magnum rolls back into the ring. Funk rolls back in after him. They stand in the middle ring and exchange punches. Terry pokes Magnum in the eye. Hebner yells at him and Funk pushes him aside, kicking TA in the stomach, Funk pulls TA up, looking to pile-drive him. TA blocks the move, back-dropping Terry over the top rope.  Earl Hebner just turns around as this is happening and calls for the bell. The crowd isn’t happy. They hate the DQ call. It looks like they assume that Funk was DQ’d for pushing the referee. As we hear for the ring announcer, he explains that Magnum is disqualified for tossing Funk over the top rope. The crowd loses it at hearing this explanation. Funk grabs both championships and leaves the ring area as Magnum is pleading his case to Hebner.

Time: 18:28

Decision: Terry Funk, via DQ. Magnum TA is still the NWA US Champion.


NWA World Tag Team Championship Match

The Rougeau Brothers © vs Rock ‘n Roll Express

Both teams shake hands before the opening bell. This looks to be a great scientific contest between two favorite tag teams. As expected, the match goes back and forth throughout. Neither team keeps an advantage for very long. The Rougeau’s take a more aggressive approach in the later stage of the contest, and finally gets Ricky Morton in their half of the ring. No cheating going on, just a little more aggressive in their attack. They work over the challenger with some quick strikes and working over the left leg. Morton is able to free himself long enough to get the tag to Robert Gibson. He’s on fire, dropping the champions with quick strikes, punches, clotheslines and a dropkick. All four men enter the match, it breaks down into a heated exchange. Ricky and Robert drop Raymond with the double dropkick, but he falls to the floor from the momentum. Jacques sunset flips over both of his opponent’s and brings them over. He can’t hold them down. They get up, he ducks a double clothesline, and leaps with a back elbow to Robert, sending him to the floor. Raymond begins to slide back in. Ricky leap frogs Jacques, but gets caught by Raymond with the lift up, Jacques quickly gets to the second rope and leaps off, they execute the Le Bombe Rougeau for the pinfall just as Robert tries to break up the pinfall. Both teams gather into opposite corner as the announcement is made.  They all get to their feet and shake hands.

Time: 23:04

Decision: The Rougeau Brothers, retaining the NWA World Tag Team Championships


NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Ric Flair © w/ JJ Dillon vs One Man Gang

The main event of the evening. A physical mismatch between the smaller champion and the larger, much larger challenger. The fans are wildly on the side of the challenger here. OMG has gained a lot of popularity since challenging the champion. Flair still has his fans, as always, but a strong following belongs to the challenger. Tommy Young calls for the bell and we are under way. The champion jumps from the ring, already beginning the stalling tactics. He slowly gets back into the ring. Gang is oddly calm, just waiting for the champion. Flair is yelling at people in the crowd as he enters the ring. Gang quickly rushes at Flair and catches him off guard with a huge clothesline. Gang gets momentum off the ropes and nails a 747 Splash! Tommy Young slides into position, with the count, but Flair has his boot on the bottom rope!  Gang kneels up, JJ pulls Flair from the ring. Tommy Young yells at Dillon for the interference. Gang goes outside the ring and picks up the champion. He rolls him into the ring. JJ sneaks up on the challenger, but Gang turns around and stalks JJ around the ring. Flair is getting time to recover. Gang finally slips into the ring. Flair begs off in the corner as Gang stands over him. JJ jumps up onto the apron. This distracts Gang for one second and Tommy Young walks over to push Dillon to the floor. Flair uses the quick distraction and low blows the challenger, dropping him to the mat. Flair pulls himself up from the corner and goes to work on the left leg and knee of the challenger. JJ is outside celebrating their little trickery to gain the advantage. He even grabs the commentators microphone and declares this was easier than expected. Flair kicks at the left leg and then drops a knee against the inside of the leg. Flair continues to attack the leg. Gang is hurting, still trying to shake off the cheap shot, as well as fighting off the champion from his leg. The champion is growing even more confident with each moment that passes. He feels he has this locked up. Flair goes for the Figure-Four Leg-lock, but Gang is able to use his good leg to push the champion to the floor.  Flair gets up and isn't’ happy. He slides into the ring and attack the Gang before he could get off his back. Flair kicks at the challengers leg a few more times. He lays the legs on the bottom rope and drops his whole body against the inside of the leg. Flair yells “Shut up, Fat Boy!” at a fan in the crowd. He leaps up to come down on the leg again, but Gang is able to get his leg up and using Flairs momentum to send him up in the air and crashing into the corner. Flair leaps quickly onto Gang and levels him with fists to the head. Gang is able to push Flair off him, back into the corner. Flair tries again to jump on Gang, but he sends him back to the corner. Gang slowly gets back to his feet and nails Flair with overhead clubs. Flair gets up and runs at the challenger, but he gets a clothesline to take him back down to the mat. Gang is hurting, from all the damage the champion was able to do while he was on the mat. Flair gets up and Gang is able to body slam him. Gang falls into the ropes, still having issues with staying on the leg. Flair gets up and kicks Gang’s knee. Gang falls to a knee. Flair chops him, but nothing. Ric goes for another knife edge chop, but Gang just looks up at the champion. Gang pulls himself up as Flair backs into the corner. Gang just quickly pushes himself into the corner with a short avalanche. Enough of an effort to send the champion kneeling into the corner. Gang pulls him out of the corner and grabs a front face-lock. He lifts the champion and drops him with a Gordbuster!  Flair kicks out at two! JJ is flipping out at ringside.  Gang gets up with the help of the ring ropes. Flair stumbles to his feet, and Gang is able to just run over the champion.  Gang is feeling it. Flair is down on the mat. Gang whips the champion into the far corner. He slowly follows him into the corner and clubs him with a vicious forearm.  Gang lifts up Flair with a vertical suplex, but just drops the champion hard on the mat. Gang seems like he’s not feeling the pain. Flair is barely moving on the mat. Gang starts to climb the turnbuckles. Flair reaches up and pulls Tommy Young’s pants, pulling him to the mat. Young tries to pull away. JJ grabs a ringside chair and hits Gang in the injured leg as he tries to get to the second rope.  Gang falls from the ropes to the mat violently. He grabs his knee, but the announcers tell us he also hit his head on the mat when he landed.  Flair pulls himself up using Tommy Young.  Flair leaps and drops a knee on the head of the Gang. He covers Gang, putting himself in a position to put his feet on the ropes as Tommy Young can’t see it to get the pinfall.

Time: 14:59

Decision: STILL NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair

We end the show with Gang on the mat, attending to his injured leg.  Flair holds the World Championship high above him on the floor of the arena.

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Posted 20 March 2017 - 10:22 PM

Really great booking here. The finish to every match is believable and makes perfect sense given the wrestlers involved. I feel like it's a nice tribute to George Steele to have him win the Mid Atlantic belt in classic "Animal" fashion. 

#3 SirEdger


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Posted 20 March 2017 - 11:17 PM

Absolutely! Great first Clash of the Champions! Great to see the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title back into contention!

#4 LowBlowPodcast

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Posted 21 March 2017 - 07:30 AM

Definitely enjoyed this show. Interesting spot for the NWA right now and how they will move forward with the Lutte partnership, new freelancers, and then the Great American Bash coming up along with the build to Starrcade. Lots of fun things on the horizon!

#5 kevinmcfl

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Posted 22 March 2017 - 07:46 AM

Great show with lots of great angles being set up as you go forward.  I enjoyed how the Foreign Legion went right t the top.  A good heel team can really get the fans into a show and that is exactly what they will do for you.  I must say that I was surprised to see Steel win the belt.  I always saw him as a nice mid card gimmick or a JTTS but I am excited to seed how he acts as a champion.

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Posted 23 March 2017 - 08:28 AM

I love how you used Adrian to bring back the Mid Atlantic Championship, The Animal should make for a fun champion.

Funk vs. Magnum is one of the best feuds in the game right now, enjoying watching it play out.

I agree with Kevin, I think having the Foreign Legion come right in and take the titles is a great way to make an impact and get them massive heat.

I don't why but the OMG/Flair match fascinates me because Gang isn't your typical Flair opponent, would have loved to have seen this live.

Great Clash!

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Posted 23 March 2017 - 04:56 PM

Rougeaus and Rock'n'Roll has always been the biggest what if dream match of all time, glad to see it here. Really well done, too bad Gang didn't win the title though.

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