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Wargames 87 possible pay per view?

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#1 spaldoni

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Posted 16 April 2017 - 01:52 AM

I cant remember which podcast I heard this on but somebody said they thought the NWA should of made their pay per view debut with the Great American Bash Wargames card from July 87. I think that might of been a good idea. The Wargames match was an original and creative concept with a ton of hype. Also Crockett had just purchased the UWF so their roster was stacked. I've seen a lot of great rebooking cards on here, so my question is how would you have booked this card for a pay per view with the talent available at the time?

#2 Shatter_Machine

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Posted 16 April 2017 - 07:54 AM

I think it would have worked if they'd loaded the rest of the card up, and not gone with some of the garbage that was on the commercial videotape. (I know that some of it was highlights from other locations and dates, but they put some serious junk on that tape. Thank God there's only about five minutes of that Luger - Koloff U.S. Title switch.)


I think if you're going to have all your singles champions in one match, then you need to push the team aspect to its utmost and feature tag matches up and down the card, while still breaking it up with good, long singles matches to prevent people from getting burned out. Based on the talent available at the time, they could have kept the War Games and moved the rest of the card around to make it more enticing to order. There's a ton of great ideas on the tour, including what might be the earliest teaming of Steve Williams and Terry Gordy that I've seen (7/18/87) against Eddie Gilbert and Dick Murdoch. I would have moved the War Games to the end of the month instead of leading off the tour with it to build interest, and I think I might have done something like this, taking only names that I see worked the tour:


War Games (Flair/Blanchard/Anderson/Luger/Dillon Vs Rhodes/Koloff/Hawk/Animal/Ellering)

NWA Tag Titles: Rock N Roll Express © Vs Sheepherders

US Tag Titles: Midnight Express © Vs Lightning Express

Texas Death Match: Steve Williams Vs Dick Murdoch


From there, I'd take the mid-card guys and fill in random singles and six-man matches, using guys like Barry Windham, Sting, Eddie Gilbert, the Freebirds, Paul Jones' goon squad, and so on. Maybe put Barry Windham against someone other than a totally useless (at this point) Rick Steiner for 10 minutes, like Eddie Gilbert or Chris Adams. They didn't do a lot of ten-man tags back then, but they could have fit a bunch of guys in like New Japan does on their shows by doing Hayes/Roberts/Gordy/Garvin/Garvin Vs Manny/Barbarian/Steiner/Koloff/Jones or somesuch. 


This is just off the top of my head with out a whole bunch of research. 

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