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Jeff Jarrett vs Ric Flair (WCW Monday Night Nitro 05/29/00)


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#1 soup23

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Posted 19 May 2017 - 02:17 PM

Nash/Steiner/Flair promo to start with Nash giving the world title to Flair. Jarrett interrupts and we get the match set for tonight with David Flair kidnapping Reid and Beth Flair. Sigh. I did enjoy how slow Nash was getting down the ramp to beat up security as 55 year old Flair and roided out of his mind Steiner beat him in the foot race. The match starts proper and I am happy to see Ric has found his trunks. Reid/Beth get brought out to ringside and Flair goes after them. Flair is busted open on the outside and despite all of the shit going on, he is still able to create some sympathy throughout the match getting the crowd into it. Russo hits Flair with the bat on the outside and Jarrett locks on the figure four inside. Lil Naitch comes out to referee now. Flair goes through the entire comeback and the crowd is right there with him. He goes to put the figure four on Russo but Jarrett slams the guitar on him and wins the belt AGAIN. Fuck this hot potato. I am legit getting furious at the disrespect. This match lived and died on the shoulders of Ric Flair and was fine as a result. **1/2 

#2 Magnum Milano

Magnum Milano
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Posted 17 August 2017 - 08:07 AM

A limo pulls up at the arena when out steps ‘the Nature Boy’ himself.  He tells his wife Beth that he knows what he’s doing and to stay in there, however the moment he leaves Vince Russo and R&B Security are out to the parking lot and forcibly remove her and Reid from the vehicle.


Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner are in the ring and Nash talks about how Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff said that they were going to eliminate ‘the millionaires’, but they’re all still here and that’s because they’re legends.  He then says “if you want a little proof of how hard it is to kill a legend let me show you just that”, at which point out comes Ric Flair to join them.  Ric warns his son David that he’s in the building, he hasn’t got Arn Anderson behind him and at the Great American Bash his career is going to come to an end.  He then tells Russo that tonight, someway, somehow, he’s going to find him and drag his skinny little New York Ass out here and stomp it through the mat.  Nash says that he’s got a present for the Naitch, he never lost the belt and it doesn’t feel right for him being a champion, so until he loses it, he’s the champion and hands it back to him.  Jeff Jarrett interrupts proceedings and says he got a message from Vince Russo, and that he’s going to be wrestling Flair for the World title tonight.  The Naitch responds that he’s the champion, he’s got to wrestle no-one and he’s going out instead!  That statement brings out ‘Iron Man’ Vince Russo and he tells Ric that he will always stay one step of him “isn’t that right David”.  David joins the party and he’s got hold of Beth and Reid, and Russo warns Ric if he wants to see them again he’ll give Jeff that title match.  Flair sprints down the runway but is cut off by R&B Security, and by the time he, Steiner and Nash have ran through them Russo et al are out of there.


Throughout the show Flair continues to look for his wife and son to no avail.  He’s giving Jarrett that title match, but after he gets through with him, Vince Russo and David belong to him!


Main event time and David Flair is accompanying Jarrett and he’s got a referee’s shirt on so looks like he’s the official for this.  Great more shenanigans!  Ric seems a bit distracted by David to begin with but he’s still able to get the better of the opening exchanges.  About 30 seconds into this Vince Russo walks out with R&B Security (Alan Funk, Mike Sanders and Elix Skipper) who’ve got hold of Beth and Reid.  On seeing Russo, Ric immediately charges for him, taking him down on the rampway.  ‘Double J’ comes to the rescue and drags the Naitch back to ringside.  Chairshot to the head busting Ric open and Jarrett goes to work on that cut.  Flair fires back with knife edge chops and with his father getting back into this, David steps out the ring to collect a Statue of Liberty figurine.  He’s going to clock Ric with it, but the Naitch gets in first with a boot to the mid-section.  David drops the statue, Ric picks it up and wallops him over the head with it.  With Flair pre-occupied by his son, it gives Jarrett the chance to recover and a whip to the turnbuckle with Ric taking his bump over them and to the outside, where Russo then nails him with his baseball bat before tossing him back inside.  Jarrett with a figure four, but David is still KO’d.  Flair has ‘passed out’ from the pain and Charles Robinson is out as replacement referee.  Robinson counts Ric’s shoulders to the mat, but at two he raises one of them and the excitement on Robinson’s face is visible for all to see!  Russo is leaning through the ropes telling Robinson to “ask him” (if Flair gives up), however Ric drills him with a right and grabs them for the break.  Irish whip, Jarrett telegraphs the backdrop and a great inside cradle near fall.  Low blow from ‘the dirtiest player in the game’.  Double axe handle off the middle and Russo is back up on the apron but again Flair decks him.  Figure four attempt from the Naitch, however Jarrett kicks him off and straight into Charles Robinson.  R&B Security sense an opportunity, but Ric drops them all in turn with Funk and Skipper taking impressive looking bumps from the apron to the arena floor.  Russo strips the referee’s shirt off Robinson and puts it on himself to become the third official we’ve had in the match.  On seeing him slither in the ring, Flair forgets about ‘Double J’ and turns his attention to Russo.  Knife edge chops, figure four, but in the meantime David has passed Jeff the guitar and he breaks it over Ric’s head before he can fully apply it.  Jarrett makes the cover and Russo counts the three for our 9th World title (and Jarrett’s fourth) change in a shade over seven weeks.  The crowd pelt the ring with garbage after letting them know what they think of this, although I’m sure Russo thought they were getting ‘great heat’.


Heel guest referee, outside interference, replacement officials, copious Vince Russo involvement, lots of bullshit, this shouldn’t have worked, but it did.  That near fall off the inside cradle was awesome, and serious just focus on Charles Robinson’s face when Flair gets the shoulder up on the Figure Four, this guy lives it for real!  I agree with what Chad says in regard to the hot potatoing of the title as already they’re all blurring into one.  Fun match.

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