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Jeff Jarrett vs Ric Flair (WCW Monday Night Nitro 05/29/00)


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Posted 19 May 2017 - 02:17 PM

Nash/Steiner/Flair promo to start with Nash giving the world title to Flair. Jarrett interrupts and we get the match set for tonight with David Flair kidnapping Reid and Beth Flair. Sigh. I did enjoy how slow Nash was getting down the ramp to beat up security as 55 year old Flair and roided out of his mind Steiner beat him in the foot race. The match starts proper and I am happy to see Ric has found his trunks. Reid/Beth get brought out to ringside and Flair goes after them. Flair is busted open on the outside and despite all of the shit going on, he is still able to create some sympathy throughout the match getting the crowd into it. Russo hits Flair with the bat on the outside and Jarrett locks on the figure four inside. Lil Naitch comes out to referee now. Flair goes through the entire comeback and the crowd is right there with him. He goes to put the figure four on Russo but Jarrett slams the guitar on him and wins the belt AGAIN. Fuck this hot potato. I am legit getting furious at the disrespect. This match lived and died on the shoulders of Ric Flair and was fine as a result. **1/2 

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