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World Championship Wrestling

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#1 With Coil

With Coil
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Posted 22 June 2017 - 12:48 PM



The Wrestling Observer talked about WCW under going a 'Reboot' on the upcoming Monday Nitro. The Wrestling Observer talked about WCW hiring The Writer. The Wrestling Observer talked about Nitro at 2 Hours, Thunder at 1 Hour and the decision to scrap Spring Stampede, Slamboree and the Great American Bash. The Wrestling Observer talked about Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Sting, Diamond Dallas Page, Sid Vicious, Lex Luger, Buff Bagwell, Ric Flair and, of course, Hulk Hogan deciding to sit on the sidelines for whatever reason. Convenience says The Writer.


Other news is that WCW is retiring all Championships in favor of new Championships and new Championship lineages. The World Heavyweight Championship, the United States Heavyweight Championship, the World Tag Team Championships are expected to return. A brand new Cruiserweight Championship and two Major Tournaments are expected to be added at some point during the year. An interesting note is that the Cruiserweight Division is expected to be renamed.




Denver, Colorado


1. Rey Misterio Jr. [W] and Billy Kidman (5:30) Shannon Moore [L] and Shane Helms

2. Ron Killings (6:00) Chris Harris

3. Brian Adams [W] and Brian Clark (4:00) Meng and The Barbarian [L]

4. Kaz Hayashi (4:30) Juventud Guerrera

5. Evan Karagias (4:30) Chavo Guerrero Jr.

6. Booker T (8:00) Jeff Jarrett




Attendance for Nitro was 4, 000 and TV for Nitro was 3.0

#2 With Coil

With Coil
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Posted 23 June 2017 - 03:46 AM



Colorado Springs, Colorado


1. Loki (4:00) The Artist Formally Known as Prince Iaukea

2. Shane Douglas (4:30) Crowbar

3. Vampiro (4:30) Norman Smiley

4. Scott Steiner (6:00) Curt Hennig




Attendance for Thunder was 2, 400 and TV for Thunder was 3.0

#3 With Coil

With Coil
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Posted 24 June 2017 - 07:05 AM

WCW held House Shows on the 13.4.00 and 15.4.00. The 13.4.00 was held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and had 1, 600. The 15.4.00 was held in Peoria, Illinois and had 3, 000. Booker and Jarrett Headlined. Undercard feat. Vampiro, Loki, Steiner and Others.




Rockford, Illinois


1. Lance Storm (6:00) Chris Candido

2. Loki (4:30) Chavo Guerrero Jr.

3. Rey Misterio Jr. [W] and Billy Kidman (4:30) Kaz Hayashi and Jamie San [L]

4. Shawn Stasiak (3:30) Jim Duggan

5. Scott Steiner (6:00) Meng

6. Mike Awesome (5:30) Curt Hennig

7. Vampiro (5:30) Ron Killings

8. Jeff Jarrett (5:30) Chris Harris

9. Booker T (5:30) Bill DeMott




Attendance for Nitro was 3, 600 and TV for Nitro was 2.6

No Thunder.

#4 With Coil

With Coil
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Posted 25 June 2017 - 11:04 AM



The Wrestling Observer Newsletter talks about Monday Nitro and it's wrestling heavy approach. Monday Nitro had forty five plus minutes of wrestling.

The Writer would like to re-establish the connection to New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Vampiro and Crowbar represented WCW on 19 April 2000 in Allentown, Pennsylvania for the Gary Albright Memorial Show.

David Arquette will be in attendance at Monday Nitro in RochesterNew York.



24 April 2000

RochesterNew York


1. Shane Douglas (5:30) Lash Leroux

2. Meng [W] and The Barbarian (4:30) Kaz Hayashi and Jimmy Yang [L]

3. Juventud Guerrera (5:30) Chavo Guerrero Jr.

4. Booker T (4:30) Jim Duggan

5. Scott Steiner (4:30) Bam Bam Bigelow

6. Lance Storm (6:00) Crowbar

7. Brian Adams [W] and Brian Clark (4:30) Johnny the Bull and Vito [L]

8. Mike Awesome (9:00) Jeff Jarrett




Attendance for Nitro was 5000 and TV for Nitro was 2.8

#5 With Coil

With Coil
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Posted 25 June 2017 - 03:53 PM



26 April 2000

SyracuseNew York


1. Shannon Moore [W] and Shane Helms (4:30) Rey Misterio Jr. and Billy Kidman [L]

2. Shawn Stasiak (4:30) Bill DeMott

3. Loki (4:30) Elix Skipper

4. Vampiro (6:30) Curt Hennig




Attendance for Thunder was 1200 and TV was 2.4.

#6 SirEdger


    Eternal nostalgic...especially about wrestling

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Posted 25 June 2017 - 04:04 PM

Just something that jumps to me when I read your shows and stuff....I'm assuming that the workers you're referring as "gray" are tweeners, right?

#7 With Coil

With Coil
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Posted 26 June 2017 - 07:31 AM

Correct. I prefer using Gray to Tweener.. something bothers me about that word.


I hope people don't mind the way I am writing these posts out. I really did not enjoy writing my stuff out before I changed it all up. I kinda found comfort with the all red everything and spoiler and the way the shows details are listed. I could probably add more detail to make it look better. A note to readers is that the times I list for my matches such as 3:30 or 4:30 etc are not really accurate. Its more along the lines of it went on and it ended around that point.


​I ultimately decided against some of my previous work because I didn't really know where to go with it. It's one of the reasons I have no Dave Bautista anymore. I have plans for him eventually. Him and others. I plan on adding some Original Characters through the Power Plant too. I should also start writing some of the matches out a bit better. Add certain spots and what not.. still trying to find my comfort because I don't want this to suck loool.


I have been watching WCW 2000 all over again. This is my second time now. I'm trying to see who I can use to fill air time with and if any angles grab my attention. One from April actually did catch my eye and I kinda liked the idea of recreating the story and that was with Shawn Stasiak and Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig. Russoism just hurries that storyline the fuck up in real life and I feel bad for both Hennig and Stasiak. The worst criticism I can give to Stasiak is that he is mostly uninspiring. He was young though and looked good and was certainly passable in the ring.


To end.. I have no experience as a booker or a writer. I could never do this in real life. I have no idea if a Nitro and Thunder that's half and half with wrestling and non wrestling stuff is a good idea. I try to look at the situation from a 2000 standpoint and think about how I could go about countering the WWF Juggernaut. I can only think of putting a balance on what airs. I am not using TEW to help me either. This is all in my head and I don't really know if my television and attendance would be what I am claiming it to be.


Thanks for reading.

#8 SirEdger


    Eternal nostalgic...especially about wrestling

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Posted 26 June 2017 - 03:01 PM

There's a reason why it's called fantasy booking. Don't  do anything you don't feel like doing with that series. Write it how you want it with who you want. As long as you like what you're putting out, it's all that matters. :)

#9 With Coil

With Coil
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Posted 27 June 2017 - 02:05 PM



The Wrestling Observer Newsletter says Monday Nitro ft forty plus minutes of wrestling and Thunder ft twenty minutes of wrestling.

WCW are running smaller Venues. The Destination X Nitro will happen at a bigger Venue in AtlantaGeorgia.
WCW ran a House Show on 27 April 2000 in Glen FallsNew York and had 2000 in Attendance. Headlined by Booker and Jarrett.
WCWs Kid Romeo is scheduled to participate in NJPWBest of the Super Juniors through May and June.
1 May 2000
1. El Vampiro (4:30) Fit Finlay
2. Chavo Guerrero Jr. [W] and Lash Leroux (4:30) Shannon Moore [L] and Shane Helms
3. Jeff Jarrett (3:30) Jim Duggan
4. Shawn Stasiak (2:30) Jerry Flynn
5. Scott Steiner (6:00) Bill DeMott
6. Lance Storm (2:30) The Artist Formally Known as Prince Iaukea
7. Juventud Guerrera (5:30) Kaz Hayashi *
8. Booker T (5:30) Crowbar
WCW Logo
A Video ft Nitro and Thunder
Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson and Mark Madden
Commentary recap Nitro and Thunder.
Commentary hype Commissioner Miller and James Mitchell and Destination X Nitro on 5 June 2000 in Atlanta.
Match One
Vampiro (Gray) and Finlay (Gray)
Commentary puts over Vampiro.
A Cut to Gene Okerlund at the Aisle.
An Interview ft Gene and Vampiro.
Vampiro talks about The Frightmare. Vampiro walks around that World everyday. He says the people will walk around in it too soon enough. Declares himself the Uncrowned Worlds Heavyweight Champion.
Commentary hypes Nitro.
A Cut to Booker and Scott Steiner & Freaks Arriving at the Venue.
A Segment ft Commissioner Miller and Bill DeMott and Lash Leroux and Chavo Guerrero Jr.
A Comedy. Miller calls the trio a bunch of misfits.
Commentary hype 3 Count and Chavo & Leroux.
A Cut to Jeff Jarrett Arriving at the Venue.
Commentary recap Jarrett versus Awesome.
Madden buries David Arquette.
Match Two
Chavo & Leroux (Face) and 3 Count (Heel)
3 Count SING
Karagias attempts a run in.. DeMott appears and chases him away.
Commentary puts over Chavo and Lash and Bill.
A Segment ft Jeff Jarrett and Commissioner Miller in Millers Office.
Jarrett wants a no contest versus Awesome as Arquette interfered. Miller dismisses Jarrett. Jarrett cries conspiracy.
During the Break James Mitchell Arrives at the Venue.
Commentary hype Mitchell.
Match Three
Hacksaw (Face) and Jarrett (Heel)
Hacksaw is OVER. The Referee takes a bump. Jarrett with the Acoustic Equalizer.
Scott & Tony put over Hacksaw.
A Cut to Gene Okerlund at the Aisle.
An Interview ft Gene and Jeff Jarrett.
Jarrett cries about a conspiracy to keep the Chosen One grounded. Gene dismisses Jarrett. Jarrett continues to be an ass.
Madden buries Gene.
A Segment ft Commissioner Miller and Lance Storm in Millers Office.
Miller felt the playing of the Canadian National Anthem went down like a fart in a church in RochesterNew York. What makes Lance think the Canadian National Anthem will be respected in BirminghamAlabama? Lance insists it be played. Miller holds his hands up and agrees to it.
A Cut to Shawn Stasiak in the Corridors.
Commentary hype Stasiak.
Match Four
Flynn (Gray) and Stasiak (Heel)
A Squash.
Scott & Tony tut tut.. Madden puts over Stasiak and his sadism and narcissism.
A Cut to Gene Okerlund at the Aisle.
An Interview ft Gene and Shawn Stasiak.
Gene inquires about Curt Hennig and the confrontation on Thunder. Stasiak says Hennig is a bitter old bastard. Stasiak makes an offensive remark to Gene. Gene rolls his eyes at 'Perfect' Shawn.
James Mitchell Appears.
Commentary recap Mitchells Comments on Thunder.
A Promo ft Father James Mitchell.
Mitchell has always taken in societies waifs and strays and oddities and rejects. Mitchell took in a lost boy. Mitchell has saved his soul and put him on the right path. Mitchell says his faithful son has chosen to make his presence known later tonight. Mitchell calls him a Walking Wound. Angry at the World.. and ready to destroy.
Commentary recap James Mitchell.
A Cut to Scott Steiner & Freaks in the Corridors.
Match Five
DeMott (Gray) and Steiner (Gray)
Commentary puts over both men.
A Cut to Gene Okerlund at the Aisle.
An Interview ft Gene and Scott Steiner.
Steiner, despite being over, calls out the White Trash in Birmingham and takes issue with an earlier comment from Vampiro about being the Uncrowned Heavyweight Champion of the World. Steiner goes off on Vampiro. Gene apologizes.
A Segment ft Commissioner Miller and The Filthy Animals.
A Comedy.
A Cut to Lance Storm in the Corridors.
Commentary hype Lance.
Match Six
Iaukea (Gray) and Lance (Gray)
Lance asks Birmingham to rise for the playing of the Canadian National Anthem.
Crowd BOO.
A Squash.
A Cut to Gene Okerlund at the Aisle.
An Interview ft Gene and Lance Storm.
Lance calls out Birmingham for disrespecting the Canadian National Anthem. Lance promises the United States of America as a whole will pay for its disrespect and prejudice towards Canadians.
Commissioner Miller Appears.
An Interview ft Gene and Commissioner Miller.
Miller recaps his Announcement from Thunder and Announces the Top 8.. Rey Misterio Jr. and Billy Kidman and Juventud Guerrera and Kaz Hayashi and Loki and Lance Storm and Evan Karagias and Disco Inferno. Miller says WCW has come to an Agreement with the following 8 and Psicosis and Dragon Kid (Toryumon) and Tiger Mask IV (MPro) and Great Sasuke (MPro) and AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels and The Amazing Red (IWA Puerto Rico) and Naoki Sano. Miller says they will all become familiar with these names soon enough.
Commentary hype The X Division.
A Cut to The Filthy Animals and The Jung Dragons in Corridors.
Match Seven
The Juice (Gray) and Hayashi (Gray)
Konnan and Tygress are Guest Commentators.
Intrusion! Kaz and The Juice were attacked by the former Wall. The Venue fell into darkness and the larger man Chokeslammed both as the lights came back on. Konnan attempted to help but was beaten down. Rey and Billy and Yang and Jamie San were also Chokeslammed. Father James Mitchell laughed uproariously and clapped at the display. No names were mentioned but the former Wall had longer, messier hair and wore 'Young Lion' like attire.
Commentary put over James Mitchells Monster.
Medical Staff Arrive as the Monster Exits.
Commentary puts over the seriousness.
During the Break Commissioner Miller Arrived. The Filthy Animals and The Jung Dragons were taken away. Gene Okerlund made his way out to speak with Commissioner Miller.
An Interview ft Gene and Commissioner Miller.
Miller says Mitchell and his Monster will be punished. The Commissioner will not be undermined. The X Division will not be undermined. WCW will not be undermined. Miller says he will do his best to ensure this never happens again.
Commentary recap all that.
A Cut to James Mitchell and his Monster exiting the Venue on foot.
Commentary hype Booker and Crowbar in a less enthusiastic tone.
An Interview ft Gene and Booker in a Corridor.
Booker hopes The Filthy Animals are alright as he hangs with them sometimes. He wishes The Jung Dragons well too. Booker says he will send the fans home happy.
Main Event
A number of Security Guards stand by the ring.
Crowbar (Gray) and Booker (Face)
Booker Celebrates.
Commentary recaps Nitro and hypes Thunder.
Attendance for Nitro was 2400 and TV for Nitro was 2.6.

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