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Ran Yu Yu & Reggie Bennett vs Tsubasa Kuragaki & Dynamite Kansai (JWP 06/18/00)


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#1 soup23

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Posted 05 July 2017 - 06:36 AM

I really wanted to like this match since it was a swan song to Kansai in JWP but something just never came together. We do have some random annoying clipping but we get to see 80% of the match at least. Kansai is perplexing around this time period. I wouldn't say she is bad, but she is certainly one note and really relying on her kicks and pretty much nothing else. I hope a change of scenery will give her a little spark. It is tough to compare her to anyone else as I feel people like Toyota and Kong are providing much more output than her around this time. Maybe Ozaki but Ozaki is doing a different type of character to change things up too. Kansai looks the same and the kicks are still excellent most of the time, but none of the emotion or building of spots remain. The size difference between here and Yu Yu here really affected things giving that Kansai was only doing leg strikes. Bennett always tries hard but she is pretty sloppy in execution. Overall, this never came together and the highlight was the sendoff of Kansai at the end. **3/4 

#2 Jetlag

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Posted 13 September 2017 - 10:19 AM

The dynamic of this match was young Ran Yu Yu trying to topple more established Kansai and young Kuragaki trying to topple the more established Reggie and Ran. Aside from some stiff exchanges Yu-Yu didn't leave an impressive performance, but Kansai and Bennett were pretty fun here, bringing what the kids call "hoss fighting" these days. I enjoyed Bennett in ARSION and she had lots of cool power moves here while moving at a very fast pace, I liked Kansai and her kick-orientation, the splash mountain on Bennett was an insane spot too, especially since Kansai is not a power spot wrestler. Kuragaki at this point mostly stuck to basic dropkick and potatoes stuff and was solid enough. Fun match.

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