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Posted 28 August 2017 - 06:02 PM

I decided to do my own fantasy promotion.  I was influenced by Bierschwale's AIW thread in that I thought I'd start a promotion that's centered around Chicago, in 1991 right after AWA goes out of business.  I completed all of June of 1991 and still kind of ironing out the details.  Mostly trying to use mostly indie and luchadores but also take some wrestlers from WWF and WCW that aren't being used very well.


Shows: I was originally going to book the TV, house shows, major shows and whatnot but thought against that as it would take too much time.  So I'm mainly just writing the TV and major events.  I thought it would be interesting to have a TV product that's a bit more modern with longer matches and more star matchups.  The style is a mesh of a more smashmouth American wrestling that wasn't seen on WCW or WWF at the time along with highflying as well.  The first major show will be set in September with Flair doing a shot before going to WWF after leaving WCW.


I'm also going to follow some of the rules from the 1983 project in with using the idea of injuries and cycling out talent to keep the roster fresh.

#2 Mattsdmf

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Posted 28 August 2017 - 06:03 PM

June 1, 1991
IWA Genesis
Odeum Pavilion
Villa Park, IL
1.    Chris Candido defeats Jeff Gaylord (7:34) with the Suicide Blond diving headbutt to win the pinfall.
2.    Eddy Guerrero defeats Al Snow (15:12) with brainbuster suplex to win pinfall.
3.    The Wild Bunch and The Eliminators fight to a double DQ in a bloody brawl (13:29).
4.    Blue Panther, Negro Navarro & Black Terry defeats Pirata Morgan, Fuerza Guerrera & Emilio Charles Jr. (14:13) after Panther makes Guerrera submit.
5.    Brad Armstrong defeats 2 Cold Scorpio (9:45) with a Russian legsweep turned into a three-quarter facelock causing a submission.
6.    The Fantastics defeats Eddie Gilbert & Eric Embry (19:47) when Bobby Fulton rolls Gilbert up in a small package.
7.    Tully Blanchard defeats Norman Smiley (12:51) after a low blow that the ref didn't catch and rolled Smiley up.
8.    Lightning Kid defeats Jerry Lynn (18:10) via pinfall after a guillotine leg drop.

IWA on WGN [taped June 1, 1991] (aired June 5, 1991)
⦁    Our announce team, Scott Hudson and Bob Caudel welcome us to the very first episode of International Wrestling Association on WGN.
⦁    They go on to declare that this will be the promotion of the future and that while they have established stars from all over the country, they will be giving a bigger platform for the future of the business.  They go on to announce the main event as two of the hottest young free agents in wrestling: Lightning Kid vs. Jerry Lynn!  Tully Blanchard and The Fantastics will be on hand for matches as well as stars from Mexico and England!
⦁    A highlight reel of newcomer Sabu is shown before the first match of his exploits in the indies around the U.S. and in Japan.
⦁    Sabu defeats Chris Candido (5:04) by submission with the camel clutch after a short but very intense match that saw Sabu also perform a big moonsault from the top rope to the outside onto Candido.
⦁    Hudson and Caudel introduce former NWA U.S. Champion and World Tag Team Champion Tully Blanchard to the announcing desk for an interview.  Caudel asks Blanchard what he expects to achieve in the IWA.  He said simply to continue to prove that he's the best in the world and will capture the Heavyweight title when it becomes available and no one's in his way here to stop him.
⦁    Caudel introduces the audience to the world of lucha libre in a short highlight reel of the high flying moves that occur on a regular basis.
⦁    Eddy Guerrero defeats Fuerza Guerrera (7:24) with a brainbuster.
⦁    The Fantastics defeat Dean Malenko & Norman Smiley (9:42) with the Fantastic Flip.
⦁    The Fantastics give a post match interview in which they are happy to be in Chicago and wrestle in front of crowds that appreciate real, down to earth wrestling and will continue to bring the most exciting tag team wrestling in the world.
⦁    Tully Blanchard defeats local jobber (2:23) via pinfall after his patented slingshot suplex.
⦁    Jerry Lynn defeats Lightning Kid (2-1) in a 2 out of 3 falls match (14:45).  The first fall is more mat based and showing their use of counters and submission work.  Lynn defeats Kid in first fall (5:48) with a rollup with a brige pin.  The second fall, while short, is a bit more frantic.  Kid then pins Lynn after running him head first into the ringpost and taking him into the ring and pinning with his feet on the bottom rope (8:03).  The third fall is an all out affair as both incorporate dives and all of their signature high spots.  Lynn gains the victory with a missile dropkick.
⦁    After the match, Jerry Lynn is celebrating his win and then Lightning Kid out of nowhere attacks him from behind.  They brawl around the time keepers table and back by the announcers area.  Officials break them up and commissioner Les Thatcher comes in to intervene.  He said that he knows of their feud across the country and how out of control it gets.  Kid demands a rematch and Lynn agrees.  Thatcher grants them the rematch after a bit of thought but he said he won't appreciate any more chaos around the ring.  They'll have to keep it in the ring so next week's main event will pit Lightning Kid and Jerry Lynn in a lumberjack match!
⦁    As every one staring each other down, the screen fades to black.

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Posted 28 August 2017 - 11:30 PM

So far, so good. I'm gonna keep an eye on your project :)

#4 Mattsdmf

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Posted 01 September 2017 - 05:34 PM

June 8, 1991
Chicago, IL
UIC Pavilion
1.    Eddy Guerrero defeats Jimmy Del Ray with a brainbuster suplex.
2.    Al Snow pins Billy Joe Travis with a moonsault.
3.    The Wild Bunch & Bull Pain defeats The Elminators & Black Terry after another bloody brawl as Joel Deaton pinned Black Terry after a vicious DDT.
4.    Angel Azteca, Felino & Javier Llanes  vs. Apolo Dantes, Blue Panther & Fuerza Guerrera ends in a 15-minute draw.
5.    Eddie Gilbert defeats Sabu with a surprise rollup.
6.    Bull Nakano & Monster Ripper defeats Medusa & Leilani Kai
7.    Lightning Kid & Chris Candido vs. Jerry Lynn & Brad Armstrong ends in a double DQ.
8.    Tully Blanchard defeats Tom Prichard with a slingshot suplex.

IWA on WGN [taped June 8, 1991] (aired June 12, 1991)
⦁    We are welcomed to the latest episode by our hosts Scott Hudson and Bob Caudel.  They highlight that the two major matches of the evening are the first battle royale to qualify for the TV title match and the main event which is a lumberjack match between Lightning Kid and Jerry Lynn.
⦁    Eddy Guerrero, Javier Llanes & Felino defeats Pirata Morgan, Fuerza Guerrera & Blue Panther with the tecnicos getting a pin on all three rudos.
⦁    Commercial for the new show on ESPN.
⦁    They announce that there will be a series of battle royals to declare contenders for the TV championship.
⦁    Leilani Kai defeats Medusa with a rollup.
⦁    BATTLE ROYAL #1: Brazo de Oro, Jackie Fulton, Billy Black, Stan Lane, Steve Kiern, John Kronus, Perry Saturn, 2 Cold Scorpio, Art Barr, Buddy Landel, Scott Anthony, Lance Storm, Iceman King Parsons, Doug Somers, Chris Adams
⦁    The battle royal comes down to 2 Cold Scorpio, Buddy Landel, Art Barr and Chris Adams.  Scorpio eliminates Landel and Adams eliminates Barr.  Scorpio and Adams battle until Adams backdrops Scorpio out of the ring.  Gentleman Chris Adams becomes a contender for the Television title.
⦁    Lightning Kid vs. Jerry Lynn goes to a non contest.  The lumberjacks become to be a nonfactor with both competitors diving over the lumberjacks and it turned into a brawl.
⦁    Commissoner Les Thatcher comes out and states that since Kid and Lynn can't have a civil match together, they will for the time being cease being put together until a better solution is found.

IWA on ESPN June 15, 1991
⦁    The show opens up with our announcers Scott Hudson and Les Thatcher as they welcome us to the new show on ESPN taking place from the big UIC Pavilion in Chicago.
⦁    Villanos defeats Thrill Seekers by submission.
⦁    Monster Ripper pins Candi Divine after a brutal powerbomb.
⦁    Angel Azteca submits Steven Regal with the La Suistica.
⦁    Chris Adams defeats 2 Cold Scorpio with his patented superkick.
⦁    BATTLE ROYAL #2: Al Snow, Billy Joe Travis, Black Terry, Brad Armstrong, Brian Lee, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Gilbert, Eric Embry, Felino, Javier Llanes, Jerry Lynn, Jimmy Del Rey, Norman Smiley, Tom Prichard
⦁    Brad Armstrong, Eddie Gilbert, Eric Embry and Jerry Lynn were the final four.  Jerry Lynn gets eliminated and Lightning Kid attacks him from behind but both are seperated by security.  Gilbert and Embry team up on Armstrong and beat him down.  Gilbert runs at Armstrong but goes sailing over the top after Armstrong ducks.  Embry and Armstrong continue to brawl and Embry drops Armstrong and goes to the top and tries for a splash but Armstrong rolls out of the way.  As Armstrong is making a comeback, Gilbert appears on the apron and tosses powder in his eyes and Embry quickly eliminates Armstrong.  Eric Embry goes on to the four-way TV title match later this month.

#5 Mattsdmf

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Posted 05 September 2017 - 12:51 PM

IWA on WGN [taped June 15, 1991] (aired June 19, 1991)
⦁    Our hosts Bob Caudel and Scott Hudson welcome us once again to the IWA on WGN.  They show highlights of last week's chaotic close to the debut show on ESPN and how Brad Armstrong will handle the cheap shot by Hot Stuff Eddie Gibert.
⦁    Bob Caudel announces that there will be two very important title tournaments coming up in the next two weeks, the IWA World and Tag Team titles which will run at the same time.  He brings out Tully Blanchard who will be in the tournament.  Blanchard seems a bit miffed that he has to even be involved in a tournament instead of being given the title outright.  He says that he will blow through whoever they give him as he is "the man" around here and no longer playing second fiddle to anyone.  Just as he continues, Brad Armstrong come out visibly upset and asks Caudel if he could just have a couple minutes but Blanchard insists that it's still his time on the mic and for Armstrong to learn some respect and get back in line.  Armstrong makes it known that he wants a match against Gilbert for what he did during the last battle royal.  Blanchard asks if he was deaf and told him to turn around and get to steppin and was jabbing his finger in his chest.  Just as it looked like they were going to come to blows, Eddie Gilbert out of nowhere attacks Armstrong and knocks him out cold.
⦁    Art Barr & Leilani Kai vs. Javier Llanes & Medusa ends in a 10 minute time limit draw.
⦁    Music Video: Chris Benoit [You Could Be Mine by Guns N' Roses]
⦁    Tully Blanchard defeats Chris Adams with a piledriver and a pin with his feet on the middle rope.
⦁    After the match, Eddie Gilbert and Eric Embry walk up to Tully Blanchard to congratulate him on a hard fought win.  Gilbert says that real winners and true champions always stick together.  Suddenly, Armstrong comes racing at the three, picks up a chair and starts swinging.  The heels disperse long enough for Embry to knock the chair out of Armstrong's hands and they gang up on him and the brawl goes back to the ring.  Armstrong is able to take out Embry with a very stiff lariat and swings wildly at Blanchard.  This gives enough of a distraction so that Hot Stuff is able to throw a fireball at the face of Armstrong.  Armstrong is then taken out of the arena by medics.
⦁    BATTLE ROYAL #3: Angel Azteca, Apolo Dantes, Blue Panther, Bull Pain, Chris Candido, Chris Jericho, DJ Peterson, Eddy Guerrero, Steven Regal, Jeff Gaylord, Fuerza Guerrera, Villano III, Pitbull I, Pitbull II, Joel Deaton
⦁    The battle royal come down to Blue Panther, Chris Candido, Eddy Guerrero, Steven Regal and Villano III.  Villano III and Blue Panther eliminated Candido, then Steven Regal eliminated Villano III.  Blue Panther and Guerrero battle it out until Panther is thrown out.  Guerrero and Regal go on to have a small heated exchange until Guerrero does a victory roll and both fall out of the ring but Guerrero's feet don't touch and he rolls back into the ring.  Eddy Guerrero goes onto the fatal four way match for the TV championship.
⦁    Commissioner Thatcher comes out and states how he doesn't like having to get involved in the show but will have to if he has to restore order with stiff fines and even suspensions.  He announces that at a very special episode of IWA on ESPN on June 29th, there will be a tag match between Tully Blanchard and Eddie Gilbert versus Brad Armstrong and a partner of his choosing.  On another piece of business, they will reveal the 16 competitors in the IWA title tournament and the 8 tag teams in the tag title tournament on next weeks show on WGN.
⦁    The Fantastics vs. The Wild Bunch ends in a double count out as both teams brawl around ringside and couldn't make the 10 count.

IWA on ESPN June 22, 1991
⦁    Blue Panther defeats Norman Smiley by submission with the El Nudo Lagunero.
⦁    Bull Nakano defeats Medusa, Monster Ripper and Candi Divine in a four-way elimination match.  Monster Ripper eliminates Candi Divine with a sitout powerbomb.  Medusa eliminates Monster Ripper with a surprise cradle pin.  Bull Nakano eliminate Medusa with the Bull's Poseidon to win the match.
⦁    Jerry Lynn defeats Buddy Landel with a sleeper hold.
⦁    Commissioner Les Thatcher announces that at next weeks live ESPN show, there will be a very special appearance from a legendary luchador, El Hijo del Santo.
⦁    Eddy Guerrero & Art Barr defeats The Thrill Seekers with Art Barr landing a frogsplash on Lance Storm and gets the pin.
⦁    BATTLE ROYAL #4: Lightning Kid, Sabu, Pirata Morgan, Negro Navarro, El Brazo, Brazo de Plata, Villano IV, Tommy Rogers, Emilio Charles Jr., Brian Christopher, Doug Gilbert, Boris Zhukov, Wayne Shamrock, Naoki Sano, Dave Taylor
⦁    The match comes down to Lightning Kid, Wayne Shamrock, Sabu and Pirata Morgan.  Sabu and Pirata Morgan both got eliminated as Sabu goes for a reverse victory roll on the top rope and both tumble over the top rope to the floor.  Lightning Kid and Shamrock duke it out and Kid has Shamrock tied up in the rope and goes to run towards him but get distracted by Jerry Lynn.  He goes back to charge Shamrock, he gets caught and given a belly to back supex over the top rope.  In his IWA debut, he gets a shot for the TV Championship.
⦁    It's official: at the special episode of IWA on ESPN, the fatal four way match will be Chris Adams vs. Eric Embry vs. Eddy Guerrero vs. Wayne Shamrock

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Posted 19 September 2017 - 05:06 PM

IWA on WGN [taped June 22, 1991] (aired June 26, 1991)
⦁    We are welcomed by our hosts Bob Caudel and Scott Hudson who update the crowd on the upcoming special edition of IWA on ESPN this week and what we are going to see this week on WGN.  Tonight's main event is a match with Brad Armstrong against Eddie Gilbert so that Armstrong can answer Gilbert's cheap attack on him from last week.  We may find out who Armstrong's potential partner in the big tag match.
⦁    Music Video: Fantastics (Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top)
⦁    Billy Black defeats Jackie Fulton with a vicious lariat.
⦁    After the match, Black's partner Joel Deaton comes out and they beat up the young Fulton brother until Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers, The Fantastics, run out to clear them from the ring.  Bobby gets on the house mic and challenges The Wild Bunch to a match at the ESPN show on the 29th.  The Wild Bunch nod yes and that they would be thrilled to destroy The Fantastics.
⦁    Bob Caudel interviews Jerry Lynn who's coming out for the upcoming 8 man tag.  He mentions that there has been a deal to let him and Lightning Kid have a match but it will have a special stipulation.  It will be a Lights Out match in which there are no pins, no submissions, count outs or disqualifications.  The only way to win is if one of the participates can't answer the 10 count to rise to their feet.  Lynn is very happy with the stipulation and is tired of being hounded by the Kid everywhere he wrestles in this country.  He will knock him out!  As the rudos go to the ring, Lightning Kid stops by the announce booth to complain that he wasn't given much notice for this match or the stipulation and is being screwed by the IWA commission because he is young.  But if he has to accept the rules, he'll put Jerry Lynn out of the wrestling business all together.
⦁    Lightning Kid & Los Brazos defeat Jerry Lynn, Angel Azteca, Negro Navarro & Felino after Lightning Kid hits a moonsault on Felino and gets the pin.
⦁    Chris Adams & Eric Embry vs. Eddy Guerrero & Wayne Shamrock ends in a 15 minute time limit draw.
⦁    Bob Caudel announces that Tully Blanchard is not in the studio but has sent in a video message about his match on ESPN.  Blanchard is shown in a three piece suit and with a lovely lady by his side said that it doesn't matter what scrub Armstrong gets as a tag partner because anyone in their right mind wouldn't team up against him and Hot Stuff.  He said that this is just another obstacle for him to hop over before getting what he wants; the IWA Heavyweight Championship.
⦁    Brad Armstrong vs. Eddie Gilbert ends in a double count out as both hardly stayed in the ring and brawled around the studio audience and the announce booth.  It ended up in the ring as Tully Blanchard comes out of nowhere and blindsides Armstrong and the two heels stand strong over a beaten Armstrong once again as the show comes to a close.

IWA on ESPN June 29, 1991
⦁    The Fantastics defeats The Wild Bunch by DQ after Joel Deaton brings in a chain and attacks Bobby Fulton with it.
⦁    Lights Out Match: Jerry Lynn defeats Lightning Kid.
⦁    Bob Caudel interviews Brad Armstrong and asks him about his mystery partner but he said everyone will find out at the main event.
⦁    Bull Nakano & Monster Ripper defeats Leilani Kai & Medusa with Monster Ripper hitting a German Suplex on Leilani Kai for the pin.
⦁    Clip reel of El Hijo del Santo is shown.
⦁    2/3 Falls Match: El Hijo del Santo, Angel Azteca & Negro Navarro defeats Los Brazos with El Hijo del Santo applying La de a Caballo on El Brazo in the third fall.
⦁    Scott Hudson and Commissioner Les Thatcher goes over the TV title and the rules of the championship.  Once the winner gets the title, they will defend it against all comers and if successful will hold it for up to 6 weeks until relinquishing it.
⦁    Fatal Four-Way for TV Championship: Eric Embry defeats Chris Adams, Eddy Guerrero and Wayne Shamrock to become the 1st IWA Television Champion.
⦁    As the main event comes around, Tully Blanchard and Eddie Gilbert come out to the ring first.  The crowd is electric with anticipation for Brad Armstrong and his mystery opponent to arrive.  Brad Armstrong's ring music hits and he walks out alone and stops a few feet from the ring.  The heels have a smirk on their faces thinking he couldn't get a partner.  The song "Desperado" by the Eagles comes on the PA and out comes former NWA World Champion Terry Funk.  He grabs the ring announcers microphone and speaks to Blanchard & Gibert: "What's the long faces for?  Have you seen a ghost?  I've known the Armstrong family for a long, long time.  While it hasn't been on the friendliest terms, we have one thing for each other and that's respect!  So when an Armstrong calls the Double Cross Ranch and says they need help taking care of two no good, yellow, egg sucking dogs like the both of you, I just have to oblige."  Then both Armstrong and Funk run into the ring and the brawl is on.  It eventually turns into a regular tag match with Armstrong as the FIP.
⦁    Brad Armstrong & Terry Funk vs. Tully Blanchard & Eddie Gilbert goes to a Double Count-Out.

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Posted 19 September 2017 - 05:14 PM

Your promotion is loaded, man. I wish this would've been a real promotion in those days back then.

#8 Mattsdmf

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Posted 20 September 2017 - 04:22 PM

Thanks! I'm looking to get everything settled in story and title wise and see how far through the 90s I can get. I'm looking forward how different everything would've been in the late 90s if there was a third major promotion.

#9 Mattsdmf

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Posted 21 September 2017 - 04:09 PM

Here are the power rankings [Top 15] for June 29:

1.    Eddy Guerrero [6-1-1]
2.    Tully Blanchard [4-0-1]
3.    Bull Nakano [3-0]
4.    Bobby Fulton [3-0-1]
5.    Monster Ripper [3-1]
6.    Tommy Rogers [3-1-1]
7.    Jerry Lynn [3-3-2]
8.    Eric Embry [2-1-1]
9.    Negro Navarro [2-2]
10.    Angel Azteca [2-2-1]
11.    Blue Panther [2-2-1]
12.    Chris Adams [2-2-1]
13.    Billy Black [2-2-2]
14.    Lightning Kid [2-3-2]
15.    El Hijo del Santo [1-0]


Interestingly absent are Brad Armstrong (#22) and Eddie Gilbert (#32) who are wrestlers I'm supposed to be pushing hard.  So I gotta find a way to get them higher in the rankings without looking desperate.  Eddy Guerrero was my top surprise.  Unfortunately, he won't be available again until November and December.  My push of the luchadores and women wrestlers have paid off.  I need to work more on those two groups and give them stories.


Injury news: Angel Azteca has suffered a major injury on a house show over the weekend in June 1991 and looks to be out for the remainder of the year.


As far as using injuries, I use the 1983 project rule of using a random number generator every month or so to see who is injured and a dice to see for how long.

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Posted 21 September 2017 - 04:33 PM

Could've been worse. You could've lost Eddy Guerrero or Tully.

#11 Mattsdmf

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Posted 21 September 2017 - 05:34 PM

IWA on WGN [taped June 30, 1991] (aired July 3, 1991)
⦁    Bob Caudel and Scott Hudson welcome us back to IWA on WGN.  They go over the big results that happened on last week's show on ESPN.  They also announce that tonight is the first night of the IWA Heavyweight and Tag Team Championship Tournaments.
⦁    IWA Title Tournment Round 1 Match: Brad Armstrong defeats Buddy Landel with a Russian legsweep and applying a three-quarter facelock.
⦁    Brad Armstrong comes to the announce table to be interviewed by Bob Caudel.  He is asked about the conclusion to the big match at last week's ESPN show.  Armstrong comments that it the matter is still yet to be settled and whether it's against Eddie Gilbert or Tully Blanchard, he will settle the score.  He was very grateful for having Terry Funk as his partner and if need be, they will team up again down the road.  Right now, his focus is on winning the tournament and becoming the IWA Champion.
⦁    Music Video: Thunderstruck by AC/DC (Eric Embry)
⦁    TV Championship: Eric Embry defeated Al Snow at 6:25 with a neckbreaker.
⦁    Jim Cornette and the infamous Fabulous Ones come out for their first interview on IWA TV.  Cornette says that their reputation speaks for itself but he will let Stan and Steve explain themselves for any doubters watching.  Both men remind that they can outwrestle and outfight the best of them.  In this tournament, no one will stand in their way of winning the tag titles.
⦁    IWA Tag Title Tournament Round 1 Match: The Fabulous Ones defeated The Eliminators with Stan Lane hitting a superkick on Perry Saturn and getting the win to move on to the semi-finals of the tournament.
⦁    IWA Title Tournament Round 1 Match: Tully Blanchard defeated 2 Cold Scorpio with the slingshot suplex.


IWA on ESPN July 6, 1991
⦁    IWA Title Tournament Round 1: Blue Panther defeats Tom Prichard with  a cradle pin.
⦁    Akira Hokuto defeats Bull Nakano with a Northern Lights Bomb.
⦁    IWA Tag Title Tournament Round 1: The Fantastics defeats The Pitbulls with a Rocket Launcher.
⦁    IWA Title Tournament Round 1: Sabu defeats Art Barr via count-out after Sabu does a dive onto Barr and rolled into the ring right before the 10 count.
⦁    TV Championship: Eric Embry defeats Norman Smiley with a Fisherman suplex.

#12 Mattsdmf

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Posted 21 September 2017 - 05:35 PM

Could've been worse. You could've lost Eddy Guerrero or Tully.

Yeah I would have been royally screwed if it came down to that.  I would have to basically rework all the major plans for the year.

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