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NWA World Wrestling Council November

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Posted 05 November 2017 - 11:51 AM

November 3rd, 1985


(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)


The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr,  Invader 1, Invader 2, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala and Dutch Mantell plays.  Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and pulling down the strap leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.


WCFL and Capitol Sports Presenta
Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre
Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial

Rickin Sanchez and Hugo Savinovich sit smiling at the commentary desk in Coliseo Municipal Pedro Rodriguez Gaya De Catano.


Rickin: Welcome to the show lucha libre fans, we have a great hour of lucha libre for you this week.  I'm sure fans of our program will join me in welcoming back my friend and colleaugue, Hugo Savinovich.


Hugo: It's great to be back Rickin!  I've missed the action while I've been away!


Rickin: It certainly should be an action packed show this week, Hugo.  We have the young team of Huracan Castillo Jr. and  Miguelito Perez returning to action after a trip overseas.  NWA Caribbean champion Al Madril will

be in action as well.


Hugo: The Latin Lover?!?  WOW!  I've heard a lot about him and seen a little of him in my time away.  That should be a real treat!


Rickin: Based on his actions in the past, I'm not sure I agree Hugo.


Hugo: Of COURSE you wouldn't, Rickin.


Rickin: Moving along, we will also be seeing Dutch Mantell in action.  Los Infernales will be wrestling as well, let's hope they stay far away from Carlos Colon.  We'll be hearing from Chicky Starr in his Sports Shop, where he will be visited by a tag team called los Mercenarios.


Hugo: Chicky always has something interesting to say!


Rickin: Interesting is certainly one word for it.  I will be joined at the desk by Barrabas, who will be introducing us to his new client.  He has been keeping it really quiet, so it must be something big. 


Hugo: Barrabas isn't usually quiet about ANYTHING!


Rickin: This is true, Hugo.  Not sure what that means.  Victor Jovica will be out to address how Al Madril left him bloodied at the end of their last match.  Apparently he will be accompanied by Hercules Ayala.  Our main event tonight will be Super Medico 1 & 2 taking on Invader 1 and Invader 2 for the Caribbean tag team championship.  First up tonight, though, we have a young man making his debut in his home country.  His name is Ricky Santana and I think he will do well.  He is a very athletic young man.


Hugo: There is more to wrestling than being an athlete, Rickin!


Rickin: That is certainly true, we'll have to wait and see how he adapts to the world of lucha libre.  Let's see how he fares in his debut.


El Vikingo vs. Ricky Santana


Santana is clearly excited to make his debut in Puerto Rico and he comes out with a lot of energy.  Ricky shows off his agility with a few dropkicks early.  A few punches and chops in the corner and Vikingo is bounced off of the far turnbuckle into a back body drop.  Santana climbs up top and hits a flying cross body for the win.


Ricky Santana by pinfall in 4:27 with a top rope crossbody


Rickin: It looks to me like Ricky Santana has found a way to make his athleticism work in his favor. 


Hugo: Very exciting young man, yes!  As time goes on we'll see if he is willing to do whatever it takes to win.


Rickin: Hugo, I know where you are going with this and not everyone needs to stoop to the lows you often did to win.


Hugo: You do what you have to!  You'd know if you had ever stepped inside the ropes yourself!


Rickin: We're going to take a commercial break, fans.  When we come back I'll be talking to Victor Jovica and Hercules Ayala.


(Commercial Break) 0-6:30


Rickin is standing with a slightly unsteady Victor Jovica and concerned-looking Hercules Ayala.


Rickin: Victor, you look like you are still suffering some of the consequences of that beating you took from Al Madril. 


Jovica: Rickin, my neck has taken a long time to heal.  I have to thank Carlos Colon and Hercules Ayala for their support and help in my recovery.  I have a match in two weeks and I've really been pushing to get as close to 100% as possible before then.


Rickin: You don't seem too pleased with this state of affairs, Hercules Ayala.


Ayala: I'm not.  Carlos and I both think that Victor should be taking at least another two weeks to recover before getting back in the ring.


Jovica: I have been doing this a long time Hercules.  I know what i can and can't do, I'll be fine.


Ayala: We just don't want to see you get hurt again.


Jovica: If I wait too long, somebody else could have a shot at Madril before I get my vengeance!  It has to be this way.  Madril, what you did to me will not stand!  We are far from through.  I am looking at this match as a tune-up for you.  Once I get through with whoever they put across from me, I'm coming for you!  I don't care if it's a title match or not.  I'm going to leave you beaten and battered in the center of the ring with no doubt that I am the better man!

Jovica storms off with Ayala in tow.


Rickin: Victor Jovica seems like he has one thing on his mind.


Hugo: I think Hercules Ayala may be right.  An injured neck is no joke and Madril will not hesitate to use that piledriver again!


Rickin: I agree with you on that count, Hugo.  Up next we have a couple of second generation wrestlers from right here in Puerto Rico.  The son of commissioner Pedro Castillo, Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez, with their manager Miguel Perez.


Hugo: There is no way at all this team lasts.  Miguel Perez will favor his son in the partnership and Castillo will get jealous!


Rickin: Is it necessary to always cause trouble?


Hugo: What?!?  It's the truth!


Rickin: Their opponents will be a pair of masked men, los Tejanos.  the fans are greeting Castillo and both members of the Perez family warmly.  Looks like we're ready for action.


Los Tejanos vs. Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguelito Perez


The two second generation puerto Ricans show good teamwork throughout.  Castillo hits a nice dropkick to send one of los Tejanos stumbling backwards towards Perez.  Perez is quick to roll him up with el Coqui (standing victory roll) for the three.


Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguelito Perez by pinfall in 5:08 with el Coqui


Rickin: We'll be back with Chicky's Sports Shop and Caribbean Heavyweight champion Al Madril in action.  Don't go anywhere, fans.

(Commercial Break) 6:30-13:30


Chicky Starr: Welcome to my Sports Shop!  Today my guests are a new team to Puerto Rico, los Mercenarios.  Already they sound like my kind of team!  Let's bring them out.


Los Mercenarios come out in green military fatigues and hats and exchange friendly greetings with Chicky Starr.


Chicky: I take it from your name that you two are...for hire, shall we say?


Mercenario 1: That's right Chicky.  Some men are here for titles, others to prove themselves.  But we are here to make money.  You need somebody hurt or out of the way, you talk to us.  It won't be cheap, but you will be happy with the results.


Chicky: Now by somebody, you mean...


Mercenario 1: Anyone.  If somebody had paid us enough, we'd be working on putting you in the hospital right now.


Chicky: WHAT?!?......(Chicky reaches for a baseball bat on the set)...Oh,  I'm told that the two of you have been doing this for a while now.


Mercenario 1: We spent some time in the United States and Mexico.  We are here because there is a price on somebody's head, and we mean to collect.


Chicky: And who is it you are after?


Mercenario 1: I can't tell you that.  When we decide to take them out, you'll know along with everyone else.


Chicky: As long as it's not me, you do what you need to do.  I do think we need to have a chat before you leave, though...that's it for another edition of Chicky's Sports Shop.


Chicky walks off with los Mercenarios, talking off microphone as they exit the shop.icky wal


Hugo: I think Carlos Colon will have to worry about a few more people sent after him by Chicky Starr soon!


Rickin: Chicky Starr has many enemies, but I don't disagree with your idea Hugo.  Up next is Dutch Mantell.  He has a long history here in Puerto Rico, one that I imagine you are much more supportive of than I am.


Hugo: Dirty Dutch is always a treat to watch!  He is a very tough man and knows how to handle himself in the ring!


Rickin: I won't dispute any of that, but you know as well as I do that the man hasn't seen a dirty trick he didn't start using soon after.


Hugo: You say that like it's a bad thing.


Rickin: Because it is a bad thing, Hugo.  Armandito Salgado will be his opponent today and it looks like the crowd is not very pleased to see Dutch Mantell.  The referee is calling for the bell and it's time for more lucha libre action.


Armandito Salgado vs. Dutch Mantell


Mantell uses the riding crop early to choke Salgado, which draws the ire of the crowd.  After a brief comeback by salgado, Dutch reverses a whip into a short clothesline and follows with a gourdbuster to get the 3.

Dutch Mantell by pinfall in 3:49 with a gourdbuster.

Hugo: WOW!  That was some kind of suplex he used!


Rickin: Very impressive, yes.  I fail to see the need for using the riding crop, however.


Hugo: Need?  It was there, why not?!?

Rickin: Fans, we need to take a short break.  When we come back we'll be talking to the Invaders before their big title match tonight.

(Commercial Break) 13:30 - 19:30

Rickin: We're back, fans and the NWA Caribbean champion, "The Latin Lover" Al Madril has joined us at the desk.

Madril: Is that Hugo Savinovich back there?  Everyone told me I should talk to him when I got to Puerto Rico.

Hugo (in the background): They know me everywhere Rickin!  I'm a big fan Al, talk later!

Madril: You know it Hugo.  Might have to wait though, there are more than a few young ladies in the audience that I need to get to know better.

Rickin: We're not here to talk about what you do after the show, Mr. Madril.  We are here to talk about what you did to Victor Jovica.

Madril: I guess the almighty Rickin Sanchez is in charge now, is he?  I'll talk about what I want to talk about!  Or maybe I'd be better off talking to Hugo.

Rickin: Sir, we have an hour to do the show.  I was told you had comments to make towards Victor Jovica and that is why you were given this time.

Madril: Sir sounds better, let's keep it that way!  Jovica comes out here STILL a little punch drunk from the beating I gave him and he hasn't learned his lesson?  That's fine, I can do it again.  And again if I have to, just like I plan to do...

Rickin: Mr. Madril, that is not necessary and I will ask again..

Madril: I thought we agreed on sir!  And again, and again...however many times it takes before Jovica realizes that he's outclassed in every way possible.  If I'm not mistaken, I need to put the hurt on somebody before I find tonight's lucky lady.

Hugo: (shouted) In the ring already!

Rickin: Al Madril is off to the ring and the fans seem a little worked up at him after that interview.

Hugo: I don't remember him asking for any of their trash!

Rickin: I don't recall asking for your input during the interview.

Hugo: You don't know how to talk to those kind of people.

Rickin: You know, you may be right about that, Hugo.  Madril is sliding into the ring and it looks like we're ready to start.

Isaac Rosario vs. NWA Caribbean Champion Al Madril (non-title)

Madril has an easy time with Rosario, cutting off any comebacks by going to the eyes despite having a clear advantage.  Madril hits a piledriver for the 3 count and looks to be setting up for another after knocking the referee down.  Victor Jovica (Hercules Ayala not far behind) comes running to the ring with a chair and barely misses a HUGE swing at Madril's head with it.  Madril runs away towards the back, turning around to taunt Jovica until he gets close and repeating all the way to the wrestler entrance.  Ayala is trying to talk Jovica down the entire time after catching him.


Al Madril by pinfall in 4:17 with a piledriver


Hugo: WOW!  Victor Jovica is on a MISSION!

Rickin: I can't blame him after what was done to him.

Hugo: I can definitely get behind revenge!

Rickin: (Shaking his head)  We've got more to come, fans.  Los Infernales are up next and we'll be visited by Barrabas with his new client.  We'll be right back.

(Commercial Break) 19:30 - 26:30

Hugo: Welcome back lucha libre fans!  The World Wrestling Council is BACK!!

Rickin: Yes it is, and the same as ever if that last match is any indication.

Hugo: WHY would you want it to change?!?

Rickin: It does keep you on your toes, doesn't it?  We have three masked men, los Matadores in the ring right now.  Out come los Infernales.

Hugo: Look at el Satanico go, he is inviting the crowd to throw things at him!

Rickin: You would find that impressive, Hugo.

Hugo: It takes a real man to stand up to these people like that!

Rickin: I don't entirely disagree, oddly enough.  The three Mexican stars are in the ring and we're ready to go.

Mr. X, Y & Z vs. Los Infernales

Los Infernales are deliberate and brutal in their wrestling style.  Triple teams and switches behind the referee's back give them an advantage over Mr. X for some time.  Satanico runs Mr. Z's eyes over the ropes and procedes to pummel him into oblivion before locking on el Nudo de Satanico for the submission win.


Los Infernales by submission in 5:53 with el Nudo de Satanico


Rickin: There is a win for los Infernales, but I have to wonder given their behavior if they might not be the target of los Mercenarios.

Hugo: I...you may be right there Rickin!  Who would dare put a bounty on those 3?!?

Rickin: I am guessing they have plenty of enemies.

Hugo: Successful people often do.

Rickin: That is one way of putting it.  Barrabas is approaching the desk with a....mountain of a man.

Hugo: WOW!  Barrabas is definitely not playing around!

Rickin: Barrabas, this is certainly a surprise, I -

The big American (6'4", 370 lbs.) snatches the microphone away from Rickin and hands it to Barrabas.

Barrabas: Ladies and gentlemen.  I use that term loosely.  Let me introduce you to a man known simply as Bam Bam.  He is 1.93 meters tall and weighs 180 kg.  When this man gets into a wrestling ring, he does not leave men standing in his wake.  He simply runs them over.  You will all find this out for yourselves next week.

Barrabas pauses for the crowd to digest what he has said.

And that is only the beginning.  This man can perform athletic feats that are the hallmark of smaller men.  I will leave the extent of that for you to witness, because your small minds cannot comprehend it yet.  You talk about big men and Puerto Rico and the name Abdullah the Butcher comes to mind.  I would put Bam Bam in a ring with Abdullah right now and know that he can stand toe-to-toe with him.  You give me a year and this young man will be able to BEAT Abdullah the Butcher.  Some of you don't believe me, i can see it.  But mark my words, you will. 

Barrabas again pauses for effect.

And don't think your precious Carlos Colon is safe either.  Once it has been proven that this man can defeat Abdullah the Butcher, Carlos Colon will be next.

Barrabas throws the microphone at Rickin and walks away, Bam Bam glaring menacingly at the announce table before following.

Rickin: Not sure what you would call that.

Hugo: Other than WOW! you mean?

Rickin: I was thinking more along the lines of scary.  How much of what Barrabas said do you beleive?

Hugo: Given the size of that man, I don't doubt most of it!

Rickin: And if he is as athletic as mentioned, things could get ugly for whoever Barrabas sends the big man after.  We've got our main event coming up and it's a good one.  Don't go anywhere, fans.

(Commercial Break) 26:30 - 35:00

Rickin: We are back and los Super Medicos are already on their way to the ring.  The crowd is happy to see them, Hugo.

Hugo: I hope that is enough for them.  I don't see them beating Invader 1 & 2 tonight!

Rickin: They are a very good tag team, Hugo.  They have as good a chance as anyone.

Hugo: I don't doubt they are good, but from what I know about them it's just not going to happen.

Rickin: I know where you are going with this, Hugo.  Here come Invader 1 and Invader 2.  This is the loudest I've heard the crowd all night.

Hugo: They love their Invaders.

Rickin: You had a few problems with Invader 1 during your career.

Hugo: Which I appreciate you not talking any more about.

Rickin: Okay, Hugo.  Invader 1 doesn't always wear the mask, but tonight he is.  Looks like it's time to go.

Los Super Medicos vs. Los Invaders © for the NWA Caribbean Tag Team Championship

The Invaders gain control after a short feeling out period.  Super Medico 2 turns the tide for his team on Invader 2, with both teams keeping it clean.  Things get even again for a while.  Invader 1 gets a big pop when he gets the sleeper on Super Medico 1 after a short struggle.  Before Medico can tap out, los Infernales and Chicky Starr hit the ring and start attacking everyone.

Match thrown out due to outside interference 13:26

Rickin: Medico 1 is down and out after a Chicky Starr chop to the throat.

Hugo: Double team on Medico 2 by MS-1 and Pirata Morgan, he's out of the ring!  It looks like what they wanted was los Invaders.  And they have them!

Rickin: They are definitely starting to give them a good working over, Hugo.

Hugo: YES!  Wait, why are the fans cheering?!?

Rickin: It's Carlos Colon.  And...Invader 3 is back.

Hugo: WHAT?!?  They can't even the odds that much!

Colon and Invader 3 hit the ring like a house afire, Colon beelining for Chicky.  Colon sends Chicky sprawling out of the ring after a headbutt and turns to Satanico.  invader 3 uppercuts MS-1 to knock him down as Invader 1 fires up on Pirata Morgan.  A bloody Invader 2 through the mask slams Chicky on the floor. Satanico is reeling but grabs a chair and smacks Colon in the head with it.  Colon is down and bleeding.  MS-1 is trading punches with Invader 3.

Hugo: WOW! What a brawl!

Rickin: We're out of time, fans.  We'll see you next week when hopefully this situation gets addressed by somebody.

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Posted 05 November 2017 - 11:55 AM

Meant to have this up Friday but had a ridiculous busy week. 53 hours of work and the appropriate amount of sleep/food take time. :)


Will be working on getting next week's done early.

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Posted 05 November 2017 - 07:49 PM

Fun first show that had the WWC feel.  I found it interesting how much your show depended on the announcers.  This reminded me a bit of Smoky Mountain as Dirty Dutch debated Caudle.  Good work and looking forward to what is next.  Colon and Bam Bam could be fun

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Posted 05 November 2017 - 09:38 PM

Spectacular return to the game. I don't mind the announcer focus. I wrote some shows like that a couple of years ago. It was an interesting change from the format I use.


I need to get caught up with some of the guys on your roster, but definitely a great way to kick things off.

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Posted 06 November 2017 - 11:43 AM

Honestly, I love that more detailed show summary for your game because it stands out from the rest of the pack.


Solid return! ;)

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Posted 10 November 2017 - 01:46 AM

(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)

The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr,  Invader 1, Invader 2, Invader 3, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala and Dutch Mantell plays.  Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and coming up fists at the ready leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.


NWA and Capitol Sports Presenta

Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre
Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial

Rickin Sanchez and Hugo Savinovich sit smiling at the commentary desk in Coliseo Municipal Pedro Rodriguez Gaya De Catano.

Rickin: welcome again, lucha libre fans, to another hour of the World Wrestling Council.  we have a great show for you tonight.  Los Mercenarios will make their in-ring debut tonight, as will Barrabas new big man, Bam Bam.


Hugo: We get to see the big guy in action?!?  WOW!


Rickin: It will certainly be interesting to see if he lives up to Barrabas' praise. 


Hugo: Since when did we not believe Barrabas?


Rickin: ...Moving along.  The returning Invader 3 will be in action, as well as Chicky Starr-


Hugo: CHICKY?!?  We are REALLY in for a treat tonight fans!!


Rickin: (Shaking his head) Barrabas will also have another debut tonight, Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher.  We'll hear from Commissioner Pedro Castillo about the Caribbean Tag Team Title situation.  We will also see a training video highlighting Victor Jovica and be joined by NWA Universal Champion Carlos Colon.


Hugo: Jovica didn't do himself any favors last week.  Do you think Al Madril is going to forget that attack?


Rickin: Al Madril is not in the building to my knowledge Hugo.  Ricky Santana will be talking to us tonight and Chicky Starr will be joining us at the desk before his match.


Hugo: What a night!!


Rickin: Our main event tonight is two thirds of los Infernales, Pirata Morgan and MS-1 against los Super Medicos.  Los Super Medicos requested this match after the show last week.


Hugo: Their mistake.


Rickin: You can hardly blame them after what happened, Hugo.


Hugo: Doesn't make it a smart move.  Los Infernales are dangerous men, willing to do anything!  I hope los Super Medicos have somebody watching their backs.


Rickin: I don't disagree with that at all.  Our first match is close to starting.  Armandito Salgado is in the ring and here comes Invader 3 to a lot of cheers.


Hugo: These people do love their Invaders.


Rickin: As well they should, the Invaders have been allies of Carlos Colon for quite a while.  The match is starting, here we go.


Armandito Salgado vs. Invader 3

Invader 3 shows off his agility and his big uppercuts.  He sends Salgado to the floor and hits a big bullet tope.  A canonball (top rope somersault senton) puts Salgado down for the 3 count.

Invader 3 by pinfall in 4:27 with a cannonball

Rickin: Invader 3 looking impressive in his homecoming.  We have commissioner Pedro Castillo with us at the desk.  Commissioner, there have to be some consequences after last week's main event.


Castillo: There will be, Rickin.  Los Infernales and Chicky Starr have been informed that their actions will not be tolerated and financial punishment will be enacted the next time it happens.


Rickin: Are there ramifications with regards to the title picture in tonight's main event?


Castillo: The team that wins will be the next challenger for the belts.  If anyone at all  interferes, their teammates will not get a title shot for three months.


Rickin: That is a very stiff punishment.


Castillo: The commission wants there to be a clear winner tonight.  And we are well aware of Chicky Starr's...tendencies, shall we say.  Know that we take this very seriously.  We also have some insurance in place.


Rickin: Insurance?  What does that mean?


Castillo: Everyone will find that out when the time comes.  One final message to Chicky Starr.  Do not test this, the punishment will stand regardless of whatever lawyer your money can buy this time says.


Rickin: Very serious consequences tonight if Satanico or Chicky Starr interfere, Hugo.


Hugo: You're not kidding!!  That guy is a real downer!  What does he have against Chicky?!?


Rickin: Chicky Starr has not made many friends of late, Hugo.  Fans, we have to take a break.  We'll be back with los Mercenarios in the ring.  Our feature on Victor Jovica will follow, and a visit from Carlos Colon.


(Commercial Break) 0-7:30

Hugo: Aaaaaand we are back!


Rickin: Thanks for joining us, fans.  Mr. Y and Mr. Z are in the ring.  Here come los Mercenarios.


Hugo: No boos or things being thrown? !?  Did these people not see Chicky's Sports Shop last week?


Rickin: Who knows who these men are after.  If it is somebody like Satanico, the crowd may actually cheer them.


Hugo: I hadn't thought of that.  I'm not sure I like that idea at all!


Rickin: Not entirely surprising, but you might want to re-think that.  I've met fans of yours.


Hugo: Rea-WOW!  Los Mercenarios aren't wasting any time!


Mr. Y & Z vs. Los Mercenarios (if you want a mental picture of these guys, I'm going to paraphrase somebody from one of the PR threads, think if somebody came out dressed in plain green military garb with Fidel Castro beards and wrestled like the Moondogs)


Los Mercenarios attack immediately upon entering the ring and a brutal beatdown of Mr. X and Y ensues.  There are very few wrestling moves, mostly punches, knees, kicks and clubbing blows.  Mr. Y is worked over on the outside and bounced off of everything at ringside.  A rib breaker by Mercenario 1 is followed by a running splash from Mercenario 2 for an easy 3 count.  Los Mercenarios continue beating on Mr. Y & Z as the crowd boos.


Los Mercenarios by pinfall in 4:56 after a rib breaker/splash combo

Hugo: The crowd isn't too happy NOW!!!


Rickin: There is no need for this, Hugo.  We are going to show you the video package of Victor Jovica now while we hopefully get this cleaned up, fans.


Victor Jovica is shown working out in a gym with Hercules Ayala and Carlos Colon spurring him on.  Cut to Colon and Jovica doing bridge-up drills in a wrestling ring.  Back to the gym and then Jovica working wrestling sequences with Ayala and Colon.  A montage of everything closes out the video.

Carlos Colon is standing next to Rickin as we return.


Rickin: Looks like Victor has been training hard for his return to the ring.  How close to 100% would you say he is, Carlos?


Colon: He is very close.  Hercules Ayala and I have been making sure he takes breaks when we think he's pushing too hard.


Rickin: And the two of you will be there to back him up next week in case of any kind of attack by Al Madril?


Colon: Of course we will.  Victor is a longtime friend and we won't allow Madril or anyone else to injure him.


Rickin: Your last match with Chicky Starr ended well for you.  Have you talked to anyone about who the next challenger for your NWA Universal Championship?


Colon: There are several names that have been mentioned to me.  Chicky Starr is among them and I hope it is him!  Last week-


Boos fill the building and garbage is thrown as Starr and los Infernales work their way towards the desk.


Rickin: You should find someplace else to be Carlos.  This doesn't look good.


Colon: I'm staying right here, Rickin.


Rickin clears the area along with Hugo.  The four men immediately attack Colon, who fights back as much as he can against the odds.  All 3 Invaders emerge from the back to big cheers and run off the attackers before they can do too much damage.  Colon is unsteady, but on his feet.


Rickin: This is becoming quite the problem.


Colon: It's going to be a problem for all four of them!  We all talked about this before the show, this was something we expected.


Invader 1: We have a match in mind for the big Christmas weekend show.  The four of us against the four of you in a cage!  We win and your Mexican pals go back home!  I know you're coming out here later tonight, Chicky.  Let us know, you yellow ingrate!


The Invaders and Colon head offstage to big cheers and a lot of handslaps from the crowd on their way out.


Rickin: Well, that escalated quickly.


Hugo: That match!  I wonder what Chicky will say!!  He's going to want something in return, I wonder what it will be?!?  WOW!!


Rickin: I'm sure he'll have something he wants.  We are going to commercial, Barrabas will be out with his new tag team after the break.  Young Ricky Santana will be talking to me after the match.


Hugo: Maybe I can talk some sense-


Rickin: Enough, Hugo.  We will return shortly.


(Commercial Break) 7:30-18:00


Rickin: We're back with more lucha libre.  Barrabas is being booed on his way to the ring with Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher.  The Crusher looks to be at least 265 pounds. (think a more slender Bruiser Brody and a harder worker too)


Hugo: Barrabas has the right idea!  Big men are intimidating and present a big challenge in the ring!!


Rickin: There is something to be said for heart and determination, but size is definitely an advantage.


Hugo: One that Barrabas takes full advantage of!


Rickin: Boyd and the Crusher are in the ring and here we go.


Los Tejanos vs. The Crushers


Crusher is more deliberate with his power moves and genral clubbering of the Tejanos.  Boyd is more of a high energy brawler, but it is just as effective.  Los Tejanos have fight in them, but are worn down.  Crusher holds one of los Tejanos in a reverse bearhug and Boyd gets down in a three point stance.  A lariat from Boyd smashes the American right into Crusher  before he slumps to the mat for the 3 count.


Jonathan Boyd/the Crusher by pinfall in 4:08 with a reverse bearhug/clothesline combo


Hugo: WOW!  What a finish.


Rickin: Nowhere to go when that clothesline hits. 


Hugo: Except for RIGHT INTO that very large Crusher!


Rickin: We are now joined by a young man who made his debut in his home country last week, Ricky Santana.  You impressed in your debut, how did it feel?


Santana: It felt GREAT, Rickin!  It's always been my dream to wrestle right here!


Rickin: Do you have your eye on any championships?  Anyone stand out to you that you owuld like to fight?


Santana: Not really on either.  I've talked to a few of the guys and they say I should just take it as it comes for now.


Rickin: That sounds like you've been talking to the right people.


Santana: Yeah, I don't doubt it when they tell me things get harder.  Just being here is such a great rush!


Rickin: I hope you keep that spirit and good attitude with you for the rest of your career young man.  It's great to see.


Santana: Thanks, Rickin.  And thanks to the fans for getting behind me so fast!  I'll be back soon and hopefully get another win!


Rickin: That young man will go far Hugo.


Hugo: He's gonna have to get a LOT tougher before he does!  It's not all high fives from the fans and happy-go-lucky!


Rickin: There is some truth to that, but I love the enthusiasm he shows.  As do the fans.  We'll be back in a few with Bam Bam.  That should be...something.  Barrabas and Bam Bam will be stopping by the desk after the match as well.


(Commercial Break) 18:00 - 24:00


Rickin: It's time to see what Barrabas has in store for us with Bam Bam.


Hugo: I'm EXCITED!


Rickin: You're always excited.


Hugo: Okay, MORE EXCITED!!!


Rickin: Fair enough.  Bam Bam is making his way to the ring slowly, he doesn't seem too interested in Frank Conners at all.


Hugo: What is Conners, 220 pounds?  No way he's a threat!!


Rickin: It will be an uphill battle for sure.  Conners is giving up 150 pounds.  Barrabas with some final words for Bam Bam and we're ready for action.


Frank Conners vs. Bam Bam


Bam Bam is dominant with knees to the ribs from the get-go.  A slam and a running senton show some agility.  A standing dropkick shows more.  A corner avalanche crushes Conners and Bam Bam covers.  He pulls Conners up before three, picks him up and slams him while falling on him on him near the ropes.  Bam Bam climbs out to the apron and slingshots himself over into a splash.  He pulls himself up, covering with one hand for the 3.


Bam Bam by pinfall in 1:18 with a slingshot splash.


Hugo: WOW!!!  Barrabas was NOT KIDDING!


Rickin: I....yeah.


Hugo: Looks like you are ready to EAT those doubts aren't you, Rickin?


Rickin: May I remind you that I didn't rub it in last week, Hugo?


Hugo: Oh...sorry, got a little excited there.


Rickin: You're forgiven, Hugo.  The crowd is making plenty of room as Barrabas and Bam Bam come over to the desk.


Hugo: Wouldn't you?!?


Rickin: Well, yes.  Barrabas it seems you have a very dangerous man here-


Bam Bam again takes the microphone from Rickin and hands it to Barrabas.


Barrabas: I told you so.  Don't think I am not listening to your remarks, Rickin.  I HOPE for your sake that you show a little more respect in the future.  This is a great night for me.  Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher will soon be challengers for the Caribbean Tag Team titles and Bam Bam will find himself with gold around his waist soon enough!


Barrabas pauses to let it sink in.


Barrabas: And I give you my very sincere assurances that Bam Bam here will be a threat to EVERYONE in the WWC that crosses me.  Barrabas will be a name that the WWC fears in the coming months!  Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher will have gold and there is one name that will inspire fear whenever it is heard...


(Barrabas puts the microphone in front of Bam Bam)


Bam Bam: BAM!  BAAMM!!!


(Rickin and Hugo both jump, Barrabas grins and throws the microphone back at Hugo.  It bounces off of his chest as he is still recovering from the surprise.)


Rickin: So...


Hugo: Yeah...


Rickin: I think Barrabas just became a major player in WWC.  He said he was going after Abdullah the Butcher with Bam Bam as I recall.


Hugo: He did...WOW!!  He DID!!  Can you IMAGINE that match?!?


Rickin: It would definitely be an interesting match-up.  I'm not sure Bam Bam will be able to muscle around Abdullah the Butcher that way.


Hugo: No, but Barrabas is smart.  He'll build Bam Bam up and make him stronger before that ever happens.  You watch.


Rickin: It seems like something a good manager would do.


Hugo: It IS something a good manager would do!  How do you think I know?!?


Rickin: I have my qualms about some of the things you did in the ring and as a manager, but you always knew what you were doing.  It's time for another commercial break.  When we come back, Chicky Starr will be joining us before his match.  Hugo will be excited.  Don't go anywhere, lucha libre fans.


(Commercial Break) 24:30 - 29:30

Chicky Starr is at the desk, flanked by a 6'3", 240 pound man in sunglasses, standing with his arms across his chest.


Hugo: No Sports Shop this week, because Chicky is HERE!!!  Fans, you SHOULD LOVE this!


Rickin: We're glad to have you at the desk this week, Chicky.  I imagine you have some response to the proposal made earlier in the show.


Chicky: I do, but first, thanks for the great intro Hugo! (Chicky high fives Hugo) 


Hugo: (off-microphone) Anytime!  Shut up and let him talk you fools!


Chicky (smiling): I am glad Hugo is back Rickin.  I know you are too.  We can at least agree on one thing.


Rickin: Your response to the match offered by Carlos Colon and Invader 1?


Chicky: All business as usual.  Here is my response, since you are so intent on hearing it.  I have talked to my compatriots and we came to an agreement.  IF Carlos Colon and Invader 1 & 2 agree to renounce their respective titles and agree that they will not be involved with any belts for SIX MONTHS, we will agree to that match.


Rickin: That seems...a little over the top.


Chicky: Does it?  They would at least be able to COMPETE in Puerto Rico for that six months.  Los Infernales would be banned from Puerto Rico for that long.  You tell me which is worse!


Rickin: I would say they can find jobs back home in Mexico.  Perhaps the United States-


Chicky: It ALWAYS has to be that way doesn't it?  If you aren't Puerto Rican, Carlos Colon and his band of Invaders don't like you!  Neither does the great Rickin Sanchez, which means you are one of the BAD GUYS!


Rickin: I can't help it that you and your allies constantly break the rules and interfere in matches.  these are the actions of what you would call "good guys"?


Chicky: Invader 1 AND Carlos Colon repeatedly kick everyone I know in the balls!  Are THOSE the actions of a "good guy"?   And you know what?!  I'm not done talking about things that have been said about me tonight!  Pedro Castillo, you think you can threaten me?!  You think fines or threats of no titles will do ANYTHING to stop me?!?  You had better think TWICE.  Chicky Starr does what he wants and you will LEARN that!


Rickin: One thing left to address, who is this man with you tonight?


Chicky: His name is Victor.  He is my bodyguard.


Rickin: Would this be in response to what happened last week on your-


Chicky: I am an important man, Rickin Sanchez!  A man with enemies!!  Whatever you or anyone else think, a man of my stature should be protected!  How dare you suggest that I am a coward!!  Invader 1 will learn that comes with consequences.  Would you like to serve as the example?!?


Hugo (off mic): He didn't mean anything, Chicky!


Chicky: (cooling off) If Hugo says you're cool, I'll let it go.  Just watch yourself on calling me a coward!  I've got work to do!


Chicky Starr storms off with steam coming out of his ears, almost slapping a fan on his way to the ring.


Rickin: Thanks for the save Hugo.


Hugo: No problem amigo!  Chicky gets a little worked up, but he's a good guy!!


Rickin: There was a lot of talk, most of it not positive, about him earlier tonight.  I imagine I'd be a little upset myself.


Hugo: He had answers for all of it.


Rickin: Chicky Starr usually does.  He always has something to say.


Hugo: And he plans ahead!  You don't think he wanted Colon and the Invaders to make a challenge?


Rickin: I...hadn't thought of that.  Mr. X is already taking the brunt of Chicky's anger.


Mr. X vs. Chicky Starr


Chicky is all over Mr. X with punches.  He sends X out of the ring and blasts him with a chair while Victor distracts the referee.  Starr makes the cover in the ring, but almost immediately stands up and shakes his head.  He goes outside and grabs the chair, then rains down blows on Mr. X without mercy.  The referee calls for a DQ and eventually grabs the chair, but Victor grabs it away and hangs onto it.  Mr. X is bleeding as Chicky grabs the house microphone.


Chicky: You want a piece of me, Invader?!?  Get out here you backstabbing trash!


Chicky is handed the chair and the ref gets a shot for trying to stop him.  Mr. X gets another and blood is smeared all over the chair.  Chicky again gets the mic.


Chicky: Get OUT HERE!


The Microhpone makes a *thud sound as it bounces off X's head.


Chicky: I'M the one who is a yellow?!?  You and your friends are a joke!!  We're done, Victor!


Mr. X by DQ in 4:45 due to a foreign object


Rickin: I don't know what to say.


Hugo: I do!!


Rickin: Wow?


Hugo: You nailed it!!  WOW!!  Chicky was in rare form tonight, Rickin!


Rickin: I'm sure he will be hearing about it later this week from the commission.  Up next is our main event.  Los Super Medicos will be taking on Pirata Morgan and Ms-1 of los Infernales.  Don't touch that dial.


(Commercial Break) 29:30 - 40:00

Rickin: It is time for our main event lucha libre fans.  Here come Pirata Morgan and MS-1.


Hugo: This crowd wouldn't know a great team if they saw one!  These two are champions back in Mexico!!


Rickin: I think they are less than thrilled due to the actions of los Infernales, Hugo.  I don't doubt their credentials as wrestlers one bit.


Hugo: Dirty tactics are part of the game, Rickin!


Rickin: The fans tend to not appreciate them, Hugo.


Hugo: Unless it is carlos Colon or Invader 1 using them!


Rickin: That's different.  They use them in response to what others have done to them.  Speaking of Invader 1, why are the Invaders and Carlos Colon coming out with los Super Medicos?


Hugo: Yeah, WHY?!?  I thought they were against using numbers to get the advantage!


Rickin: A tactic you embrace, I might add.


Hugo: I never said I didn't like it.  They have said it many times though!!


Rickin: Colon and the Invaders are shaking hands with los Super Medicos and stopping halfway to the ring.  It looks like they are the insurance policy.


Hugo: WHAT?!?  That's...actually pretty smart.  Chicky starr and Satanico won't make it past those four to interfere.


Rickin: Think of it this way, Hugo.  At least Chicky and los Infernales will be able to compete for titles in the future.


Hugo: There is that.  MS-1 and Pirata Morgan just attacked los Super Medicos getting into the ring!  It's spilling outside ALREADY!  HERE WE GOOOO!!!


Los Super Medicos vs. Pirata Morgan & MS-1


The match is a complete brawl, which favors los Infernales.  Super Medico 1 is bleeding after being bounced off of the guard rail and the ring post.  Medicos take control after it goes back into the ring with good teamwork.  Infernales start cheating to come back, but Medicos fight fire with fire.  Satanico and Chicky are out, but can't get to the ring.  Medicos look like they have it won until MS-1 breaks up a pin.  Pirata rolls up Super Medico 1 and grabs the tights for a win as MS-1 brawls with 2 on the floor.


Pirata Morgan & MS-1 by pinfall in 15:49 by rollup w/tights held


Rickin: It looks like Morgan and MS-1 get the next tag title shot.


Hugo: Don't sound so enthused, Rickin!


Rickin: It looks like Chicky Starr has been jawing with both Carlos Colon and Invader 1 out in the aisle.  Things could erupt here.


Hugo: But we're out of time!!


Rickin: Yes we are.  Next week we will see the return of Victor Jovica.  I'm told the main event will be Satanico against Invader 1 with only Carlos Colon and Chicky Starr allowed at ringside.


Hugo: Don't you dare miss THAT!!


Rickin: I concur, we'll see you next week.

#7 kevinmcfl

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Posted 10 November 2017 - 07:03 AM

I must admit that I am not too familiar with a lot of the names but I am having a great time learning about them.  You did a nice job of leading into each angle and I think all the masked men and teams is a perfect fit for the WWC.  Bam Bam could be a STAR for you with his style.  Nice work!

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Posted 10 November 2017 - 11:35 AM

I just love how your format stands out and we can picture your show structure very well. A breath of fresh air in the project!

#9 dawho5

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Posted 10 November 2017 - 11:41 AM

Thing about PR is there ins't a ton going on besides brawling and blood.  Only so much describing of that I could do.  So I use the announcers to get across the why and the interviews to give a snapshot of how the wrestlers are approaching it.  Otherwise I'm just writing about how guys punched each other and bled week in and week out.  Also, I think wrestling should be more about why the violence is taking place and getting the fans involved in that aspect.

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Posted 15 November 2017 - 04:00 PM

I'm not overly familiar with WWC but you're doing a good job describing the lesser known guys and painting a picture of what's going on and why.

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Posted 18 November 2017 - 09:07 PM

(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)
The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlitos Colon, Chicky Starr,  Invader 1, Invader 2, Invader 3, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala and Dutch Mantell plays.  Carlitos Colon doing a cartwheel and coming up fists at the ready leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.

NWA and Capitol Sports Presenta

Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre

Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial


Rickin Sanchez and Hugo Savinovich sit smiling at the commentary desk in Coliseo Municipal Pedro Rodriguez Gaya De Catano.


Rickin: Hello lucha libre fans and welcome to another hour of WWC action.  As always I am joined by my colleague Hugo Savinovich.


Hugo: Thanks Rickin!  We've got a great show tonight for you fans!


Rickin: Indeed we do.  First up, we'll be seeing Victor Jovica make his return after an injury at the hands of Al Madril.


Hugo: And Al IS here tonight, Rickin!


Rickin: He is, but Hercules Ayala and Carlitos Colon are watching Victor Jovica's back.  Huracan Castillo and Miguelito Perez  will join us later before they wrestle.  We'll also see Abdullah Tamba in action tonight.


Hugo: Little Abdullah!  We'll be seeing Abdullah the Butcher on December 23rd against his longtime rival Bruiser Brody!! That's going to be something!


Rickin: It should be....something, yes.  Barrabas will be joining Chicky Starr in the Sport Shop.  Our semi-main event will pit young Ricky Santana against Dutch Mantell.


Hugo: We'll see what Ricky Santana is made of tonight!


Rickin: Dutch is a tough test for sure.  Carlitos Colon and the Invaders will join us at the desk to talk about Chicky Starr's counterproposal regarding their December 23rd match.  Our main event will see one of Puerto Rico's favorite sons, Invader 1, square off with el Satanico.


Hugo: That should be a VERY heated match!!


Rickin: Yes, and the rules state that only Carlitos Colon and Chicky Starr will be allowed at ringside.


Hugo: I wonder how long THAT will last!


Rickin: I won't disagree, there has been no word of stiff penalties like last week for outside interference.  The fans are starting to cheer and use their horns, Victor Jovica is on his way to the ring. 


Hugo: They do love him, Rickin!


Hugo: He has been an ally of Carlitos Colon for a long time, Hugo.  The fans appreciate his loyalty as much as Carlitos himself does I imagine.  The referee has rung the bell.


Armandito Salgado vs. Victor Jovica


Jovica looks a little gun-shy in the early moments and Salgado is able to get some offense.  The fans get behind Jovica as he comes back quickly and he visibly gains confidence as he works on Salgado.  A sleeper puts Salgado away and Jovica starts to revive the young Puerto Rican as the crowd cheers.


Victor Jovica by submission in 4:56 with a sleeper


The cheers turn to boos as los Infernales, Al Madril and Chicky Starr run out.  Los Infernales take up blocking positions like the Invaders and Colon did last week as Chicky grabs a chair on his way to the ring.  Jovica puts up a good fight, but Chicky and Madril use numbers to get the better of him quickly.  Madril sets Jovica up for a piledriver as Hercules Ayala, all three Invaders and Carlitos Colon hit the blocking wall of los Infernales.  Chicky makes it a spike piledriver after throwing the chair down and Madril immediately hauls Jovica back to his feet.  Chicky gets another chair from ringside and wards off Ayala and Colon as Madril hits another piledriver.


Hugo: WOW!!  That is taking things WAY too far!!


Rickin: I have to agree Hugo.  Madril and Starr, both armed with chairs are facing off against Ayala and Colon at ringside.


Hugo: And the Invaders and Infernales are brawling in the entrance!!


Rickin: We're going to take a break while we get this cleaned up, fans.  What a way to start a show.

(Commercial Break) 0:00-9:30


Rickin: We're back fans, and you can see the damage has been done.  Hercules Ayala and Carlitos Colon are checking on Victor Jovica in the ring and it looks like there is a stretcher being brought out.  Los Invaders are helping get Jovica on the stretcher.


Hugo: You never like to see this Rickin.  This is how Victor Jovica makes his living.


Rickin: Madril and Chicky Starr don't care about that, Hugo.


Hugo: I don't know what Al Madril has against Jovica, but he certainly has crossed a line!


Rickin: Ayala, los Invaders and Colon are escorting Victor Jovica to the locker room.  Los Mercenarios have joined us at the desk.  I can only imagine the two of you have no issue with what just took place.


Mercenario 1: Why would we?


Rickin: Moving on.  You have stated that you two have a target or targets in the WWC.  I can only assume you have some kind of plan by now.


Mercenario: We do have at least one target and there is a plan.  That's as much as I will tell you.


Rickin: And your..collaboration, shall we say with Chicky Starr.  I don't suppose there are any details on that either.


Mercenario 1: The man has money.  He just wasn't willing to let go of enough of it to make us happy.  Yet.


Rickin: And if I choose not to believe that?


Mercenario: I'd count you as a smarter man than I assumed you were.


Rickin: You two took things much farther than necessary last week in your debut.  If you were after money, I don't think you got paid any extra to do that.


Mercenario 1: We made a point Rickin.  Anyone can talk, los Mercenarios back up what they say.


Los Mercenarios stalk through the crowd towards the arena exit.


Rickin: There go two very serious men.


Hugo: Very dangerous men!


Rickin: That too Hugo.  Up next we will be seeing Abdullah Tamba.


Hugo: Little Abdullah!  But he can fly too!


Rickin: 260 pounds isn't exactly little, but in comparison I see the use of the word.  And the man can do some high flying.


Hugo: I feel for el Vikingo tonight, Rickin.


Rickin: As do I Hugo.  He's got a big task ahead of him and the bell has just been rung.


El Vikingo vs. Abdullah Tamba


Tamba comes after Vikingo early with throat thrusts and headlock punches.  A corner whip is followed with an avalanche.  Vikingo rolls outside only to have the 260 pounder fly out after him with a tope suicida.  Tamba rolls back into the ring for an easy countout victory.


Abdullah Tamba by countout in 2:17 after a tope suicida


Hugo: WOW!  Did you see that big man fly?!?


Rickin: I did.  I wonder if Barrabas won't take that as a threat, given his comments about Abdullah and his own charge Bam Bam.


Hugo: I don't doubt that Abdullah Tamba will be hearing from Bam Bam before long!


Rickin: That is very likely Hugo.  When we come back we'll be hearing from Barrabas when we visit Chicky Starr in his Sports Shop.


(Commercial Break) 9:30-15:30


Hugo: Sports Shop Time!!


We cut to the set of Chicky's Sports Shop.  Chicky starr, dressed in a white and blue track suit and shorts, strolls in flanked by Victor the Bodyguard.  Victor stands off to the side and crosses his arms over his chest after handing Chicky the microphone.


Chicky: Hello and welcome to my Sports Shop!  As many of you fans have probably guessed, Don Pedro Castillo did fine me for my...actions last week against Mr. X.  What you may or may not know is that those fines are gladly paid.  I do things MY way, and I always will.   The WWC will come to accept that as will all of you.


Chicky pauses and nods off-screen.  Barrabas walks on-screen along with Jonathan Boyd & the Crusher.


Chicky: My guest today is a man most fans will recognize.  Barrabas has been a part of the WWC for a long time, but it looks like he is making himself a force to be reckoned with.


Barrabas: I am doing just that Chicky, and I'm glad you noticed.  You and I have many of the same enemies.


Chicky: We do, yes.


Barrabas: So there is no need for us to fight.


Chicky: Not that I can see right now, no.  You said something about putting down a challenge?


Barrabas: I did.  For as long as I can remember, I've hated Miguel Perez and Pedro Castillo.  Now that they are retired, their punk sons run around the WWC acting like they are owed something because of their names.


Chicky: I won't argue with that.  Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez need to be taught a few lessons.


Barrabas: I have just the lesson.  Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher are a new team to the WWC.  They will have gold, and their path to gold goes right through the team of Castillo and Perez.  That is, if those two little punks have the stones to accept the match on the 23rd of December.


Chicky: Doubtful.  They might have to take the silver spoons out of their mouths for a while and I doubt either one cares much for that idea.


Barrabas: So do I.  I knew we'd get along today.


Barrabas offers a handshake and Chicky reluctantly takes it.


Chicky: That's it for another edition of Chicky's Sports Shop!


Rickin: That certainly looked awkward.


Hugo: Yes it did!


Rickin: I wonder if Bam Bam was not present at Chicky's request or not.


Hugo: I'm sure Chicky had everything covered even if Bam Bam had been there!  But what about that match?!?


Rickin: Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez will face quite a challenge on the 23rd of December.


Hugo: IF they take the match!


Rickin: Hugo, you know they will.  Speaking of Castillo and Perez, here they come to the desk. 


Hugo: Don't forget old man Perez!


Rickin: I imagine he'd still give you more than a little trouble Hugo.


Hugo: I'm done with all of that Rickin.


Rickin: Sorry Hugo.  Miguel Perez, you and your two young charges saw what happened on Chicky's Sports Shop.  I'm guessing you have a response.


Perez: I'm going to leave the first part to the boys.  You want that match?


Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguelito Perez: YES!!


Rickin: That's settled then.  Dealing with a big man like the Crusher won't be easy.


Miguel Perez: It never is.  We'll just have to cut him down to size or work on his partner, Boyd.  The boys are up to the task, I can assure you of that.


Rickin: Barrabas will keep Boyd and the Crusher working in unison.  It won't be easy.


Perez: Nothing worth it ever is.  I've taught these boys about that before, this is just another opportunity for them to learn.


Rickin: There they go on their way to the ring, the crowd is really behind them Hugo.


Hugo: That won't help them against the Crusher!


Rickin: You and I both know that's not true.


Hugo: So the crowd is going to help them beat Barrabas' team?!?  How is that going to work?


Rickin: You know what I meant Hugo.  Mr. X and Mr. Y are in the ring and it looks like we're ready to go.


Mr. X & Y vs. Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguelito Perez


Castillo and Perez show good teamwork with quick tags and double team moves before the 5 count.  A short comeback by Mr. X is stopped with a Perez running clothesline after ducking one from X.  Castillo, who had made a blind tag, ran in for the huracanrana that got the 3 count.


Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguelito Perez by pinfall in 4:47 with a huracanrana


Hugo: Nice huracanrana by Castillo!


Rickin: Now you think they have a chance, do you?


Hugo: Anything is possible in the World Wrestling Council!


Rickin: That's very true Hugo.  We have to go to commercial lucha libre fans.  We'll be right back.


(Commercial Break) 15:30-22:30

A very angry Hercules Ayala is standing at the desk when we return from commercial.


Rickin: Hercules Ayala asked for some time to talk after what happened earlier.  Hercules?


Ayala: Victor Jovica and I were not always on the best of terms.  But over the last 2 months I learned what kind of man he is.  What you did tonight, Al Madril, is hurt my friend very badly.  Victor Jovica loves wrestling in front of these fans!  You took that from him!! 


Al Madril, holding the NWA WWC Carribean Championship on his shoulder, swaggers his way out to loud boos and garbage being thrown.


Rickin: Now Hercules, this is not the time or the place.


Ayala: I know Rickin.  I'll do my best.


Rickin: All I can ask.  Mr. Madril, and I use the term Mr. loosely, have you come out here to explain your actions?


Madril: First, we agreed on SIR.  Second, what need do I have to explain anything?  The man was begging for me to come out and fight a few weeks ago.  Is it my fault he can't handle it?


Ayala: (shouted from off-mic) You and Chicky Starr!


Madril: Don't recall asking his opinion.


Rickin: It is his interview time.


Madril: I guess I didn't notice, him not holding this fine piece of gold (points at the belt).


Rickin: You were saying, Mr. Ayala?


Ayala: You are a coward, Al Madril!  How about we tape up our fists and have a match, title or not!  And I'll beat you to a bloody pulp!!


Rickin: Your response?


Madril: (after an incredulous look at Rickin) I thought we-


Rickin: I agreed to nothing.


Madril: Fine.  My response....


Madril clobbers Ayala with the belt.  Ayala goes down and Madril goes back to the mic.


Madril: Sure, we can have a match.  I'll even give you a chance at this (points to the belt).  Just don't blame me when you end up in the hospital.


Madril swaggers away from the desk and the camera cuts down to a bleeding Hercules Ayala.


Rickin: Can we please get some help out here for this man?  Hugo, are you as excited about Al Madril being here as you were a few weeks ago?


Hugo: Are you kidding?!?  A taped fist match on the card for December 23rd as well?!?  Of COURSE I'm excited Rickin!!


Rickin: I...never mind.  Our next match will pit young Ricky Santana against a man who will be a very stiff test, Dutch Mantell.


Hugo: One of the toughest men I have ever known!


Rickin: He is certainly double tough and very dangerous to boot.  And he will stop at absolutely nothing to win a match.


Hugo: One of his better qualities!


Rickin: Dutch has just reached the ring and I'm not sure the fans are as enamored with him as you are Hugo.


Hugo: Too bad.  You and I both know he's about as well-rounded a wrestler as we've ever had in the WWC!


Rickin: He is, but his tactics have never sat well with me.  Here comes Ricky.  The fans are showing him some support on the way to the ring.


Hugo: They know he needs every bit of confidence he can muster here Rickin!


Rickin: That and more Hugo.  Especially since Dutch just jumped him from behind as soon as he got in the ring.


Hugo: That'll teach him to turn his back on his opponent!!


Ricky Santana vs. Dutch Mantell


Dutch presses his advantage, cutting Santana off with dirty tactics when he has to.  Santana comes firing back with right hands and chops. A crossbody off of rope-running nets Santana a 2 count.  Dutch hits a low blow to go back on offense.  Santana fights his way back again and climbs up top.  Dutch rolls ot the floor and stalls, but ends up eating post and bleeding.  Santana hits the top rope crossbody in the ring, but Dutch rolls through and grabs the tights for the three count.


Dutch Mantell by pinfall in 10:07 with an illegal roll-up


Hugo: Very close match for the kid!


Rickin: Dutch had to go to his bag of tricks a few times and the last one got it for him.


Hugo: It's always that last one!!  Santana is going to be kicking himself for not evening the score on that low blow!  He would have gotten the win.


Rickin: Hugo...there is something to be said for what you are implying.  But go too far down that road and you become Dutch Mantell or Chicky Starr.


Hugo: And this is a bad thing?!?


Rickin: Depends who you ask.  We'll be hearing from Carlitos Colon regarding that challenge laid down last week and then our main event when we come back.  Invader 1 will be facing Satanico, don't go anywhere.


(Commercial Break) 22:30-37:30


Carlitos Colon and all 3 Invaders are at the desk when we return to the show.


Rickin: We're back with los Invaders and Carlitos Colon.  Carlitos, my intuition is that you will be accepting the terms laid down by Chicky Starr last week.  Namely, if your team wins los Infernales will be leaving the country for at least 6 months.  And if your team loses each of you will vacate any titles you hold and not compete for a title for the same amount of time.


Colon: You are right, we have no problem with these terms.  We're going to be in a big enough cage to accomodate 8 men and we will not be trying to escape.  It's going to be by pinfall or submission!


Rickin: That's a lot to put on the line.  Invader, what led all of you to agree to this?


Invader 1: Because los Infernales need to leave.  Sometimes you have to risk something important to accomplish something important.  This is one of those times.


Rickin: It seems as if Chicky Starr has a problem with both you and Carlitos Colon.


Invader 1: I saw a lot of potential in Chicky.  I still do, but he's delusional.


Colon: Chicky Starr can say all he wants, but in the end his new friends are going home.  Then I'm going to beat him with the NWA WWC Universal Title on the line.  Again!


Rickin: There go four confident men.


Hugo: Walking right into Chicky Starr's trap!!


Rickin: Part of me believes that is true Hugo.  I hope it isn't though.


Hugo: Looks like these fans do too!  WOW!  Invader 1 and Carlitos are really getting a lot of attention on their way to the ring!!


Rickin: They are the two men who these fans look up to most Hugo.  Invader 1 is in the ring and here comes Satanico with Chicky Starr.


Hugo: And the fans' garbage!  That's disrespectful!!


Rickin: I could have told you the fans don't respect either man Hugo.  They have yet to earn it.


Hugo: Chicky Starr is one of the most promising young wrestlers in Puerto Rico!  These fans used to LOVE him!


Rickin: You and I both know why they don't anymore.  It looks like we're ready for our main event.


Satanico vs. Invader 1


Invader 1 rocks Satanico witch chops and punches early.  Satanico with big right hands to shift the momentum.  They spill outside and the seconds have to scramble as they brawl around ringside.  A chair, the ring bell, the timekeepers table and the ring post come into play which leaves both men bloody.  Satanico connects with a low blow back in the ring and looks like he's got Invader down.  Invader with a slow burn comeback capped off with a low blow of his own to a big pop.  Satanico with a questionable spinebuster and tries to lock in his finishing hold, but Invader rolls him up with an inside cradle for 3.


Invader 1 by pinfall in 12:51 with an inside cradle


Rickin: It looks like Colon and Chicky are more interested in how their friends are doing than fighting each other.


Hugo: They almost came to blows during the match a few times! 


Rickin: Carlitos was keeping Chicky from attacking Invader 1 along with Satanico.


Hugo: Why do you think Chicky was around?!?  He had to keep an eye on Carlitos!!


Rickin: We're almost out of time fans.  But first we're going to run down all of the matches signed for December the 23rd so far.


Hugo: Hercules Ayala and NWA Carribean Champion Al Madril will meet for the title in a TAPED FIST match!


Rickin: Barrabas' team of Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher will face Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez.


Hugo: Abdullah the Butcher and Bruiser Brody will face off in what promises to be a WILD MATCH!!


Rickin: And Carlitos Colon will be leading los Invaders against Chicky Starr and his friends los Infernales.


Hugo: In a cage!  Again with no escape too!!  What a card!!   I'm lucky enough to have FRONT ROW SEATS!!  Will you be?!?


Rickin: We'll be back next week lucha libre fans, thanks for joining us.

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Posted 18 November 2017 - 09:28 PM

Anywhere in the world, in any territory, Abdullah the Butcher vs Bruiser Brody is a must-see event. WWC will be rocking on December 23!

#13 kevinmcfl

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Posted 18 November 2017 - 09:44 PM

I only saw WWC a few times as a kid but this is exactly as I remembered it.  Crazy fans, wild brawls and complete over the top violence and total chaos.  I am getting more and more familiar with the names and enjoying this a lot.  Your Americans work great as Bam Bam is powerful and wild enough and Dutch is Dirty enough.  I am happy that we now have a place where Carlos Colon can rise to the top as he should in 1983.  A few of us had him but had no idea what to do with him but now he is a star.  The same could be said for Al Madril who seems to be rising to the top.  

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Posted 24 November 2017 - 09:30 PM

(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)


The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr,  Invader 1, Invader 2, Invader 3, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala and Dutch Mantell plays.  Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and coming up fists at the ready leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.

NWA and Capitol Sports Presenta

Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre

Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial


Rickin Sanchez and Hugo Savinovich sit smiling at the commentary desk in Coliseo Municipal Pedro Rodriguez Gaya De Catano.


Rickin: Welcome lucha libre fans to another hour of wrestling.  We have a great show for you tonight.


Hugo: Yes we do!  Little Abdullah will be wrestling again!!


Rickin: That's right Hugo.  Abdullah Tamba will be in action, as will los Super Medicos.  El Satanico will be taking part in a singles match after he and los Infernales join us at the desk.


Hugo: That guy really knows how to throw a punch!


Rickin: He's a very accomplished wrestler Hugo.  He just tends to use a lot of tactics I don't like.


Hugo: And I doubt he cares very much what you like!


Rickin: As do I, Hugo.  Dutch Mantell will be wrestling tonight.  So will los Mercenarios, who will hopefully be less..aggressive following the match.


Hugo: They did say they were sending a message.  Maybe they still feel like they need to, maybe they don't!


Rickin: True, it could go either way.  Barrabas will be joining us at the desk.  Ricky Santana will be visiting Chicky Starr's Sports Shop.


Hugo: Maybe Chicky can talk some sense into him!!


Rickin: We'll be visited by Al Madril as well, although I'm not sure I want to be anywhere near him after last week.


Hugo: Al's not a bad guy!  He just...went a little too far last week.


Rickin: More than a little Hugo.  Our main event tonight will be Al Madril and Chicky Starr teaming against Hercules Ayala and Carlitos Colon.


Hugo: We don't see Carlitos wrestle on live TV very often!!


Rickin: No we don't Hugo, it will be quite a treat for our fans.  I can only hope that los Infernales don't feel the need to interrupt that match.


Hugo: Or los Invaders!!


Rickin: I would think they would only do that if Carlitos was outnumbered, Hugo.  It looks like we are getting ready for our first match.  Los Tejanos are in the ring and here come los Mercenarios.


Hugo: They aren't rushing the ring this time!


Rickin: No, they actually seem to be waiting for the-there they go.


Hugo: I guess they haven't made their point yet!


Los Tejanos vs. Los Mercenarios


Mercenarios attack the Americans with clubbing blows, knees and punches.  A short comeback is cut off by Mercenario 2 with a series of headbutts.  Mercenario 1 hits the rib breaker and Mercenario 2 follows with the splash for a 3 count.


Mercenario 2 by pinfall in 4:31 after a rib breaker/splash combo


Rickin: Los Mercenarios are not assaulting their opponents post-match.  Either the crowd got to them last time or they have other business to attend to.


Hugo: I'm going with the second!


Rickin: We have been joined at the desk by Carlitos Colon, who has asked for time to update everyone on the condition of Victor Jovica.  Is Victor going to be all right Carlitos?


Colon: Victor will need a long time to heal.  I don't know if he will ever come back at full strength after what happened.


Rickin: We can expect him to come back then?


Colon: We said, but we're going to take it much slower this time.  He loves lucha libre too much to quit, but I'll say again that I don't think he'll ever be back to 100% of what he was.


Rickin: Such a dastardly act by Al Madril, and not his last of the night.


Colon: I'm going to leave that for Hercules Ayala to address.


Rickin: Thank you, Carlitos.  Well fans, we'll be back after a few words from our sponsors.  Don't go anywhere.


(Commercial Break) 0-7:30


Rickin: We're back and it looks like our next match is getting ready to start.  Armandito Salgado is in the ring and here comes Abdullah Tamba.


Hugo: Did you know that in other parts of the world they call him Tamba the Flying Elephant?!?


Rickin: He is a large man to fly around the way he does.


Hugo: He sure is!! Poor Salgado in there is going to get flattened!!


Rickin: I can't help but agree with that Hugo.  We're ready to start.


Armandito Salgado vs. Abdullah Tamba


Tamba dominates again with throat thrusts and headbutts.  A big avalanche in the corner crumples Salgado into the turnbuckle where he gets stomped by Tamba.  Tamba with a big slam in the center of the ring and a splash off the top turnbuckle for 3.


Abdullah Tamba by pinfall in 2:23 after a top rope splash


Hugo: WOW!! Abdullah Tamba is unstoppable!


Rickin: I don't know about that.  Barrabas and all three of his charges were watching that match from the top of the ramp.


Hugo: They are supposed to be joining us, right?


Rickin: They are, but it looks like Bam Bam and Tamba are having a staredown as Tamba leaves the ringside area.


Hugo: OH!  Are you thinking what I am thinking Rickin?!?


Rickin: I am, and we'll find out if we're right soon.  Barrabas is on his way over here with all 3 of his men.


Hugo: You're going to ask him, right?!?


Rickin: I am.  If I have the microphone, that is.  Barrabas, based on what we just saw you have an opponent in mind for Bam Bam.


Barrabas: (looks at Bam Bam and shakes his head no) You're right about that Rickin.  I can't see a better way to send a message to Abdullah the Butcher!


Rickin: Not many men would want to send a message like that to Abdullah the Butcher.


Barrabas: Bam Bam outweighs Abdullah.  He is younger, quicker and far more agile.  Why would we worry about Abdullah the Butcher?


Rickin: He is easily the most psychotic man we've ever seen in the WWC.  And that is saying something.


Barrabas: I will give you that, but I've dealt with Abdullah before.  I can guide Bam Bam through that.  There is also another matter to discuss.  Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez  accepted the match with Jonatahan Boyd and the Crusher.


Rickin: I fully expected them to.


Barrabas: I suppose you did.  You probably expect them to win as well.  They do not have a chance against these two men!  The Crusher could handle both of them by himself!  With Jonathan Boyd it is a foregone conclusion.


Rickin: Those two young men are very skilled and courageous.  I think you'll find they put up more fight than you expect.


Barrabas: Now you know why I don't usually let you talk.  This started out so well.  You tell your little friends that they better be ready to suffer on December 23rd.  Because Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher are both bigger, stronger and meaner!


Rickin: There goes a very confident Barrabas.


Hugo: And why shouldn't he be?!?  He's got a very powerful stable and I don't think he's done!


Rickin: You have a point there, but I doubt Castillo and Perez will be the pushovers that Barrabas makes them out to be.


Hugo: Well...very likely not, but I doubt Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher will have too much trouble with them!


Rickin: Never doubt the importance of heart and perseverance Hugo.  We'll be back with el Satanico in the ring before we head to Chicky's Sports Shop.


Hugo: I'm looking forward to BOTH!!  Don't you dare miss any of it, fans!!


(Commercial Break) 7:30-14:00


Hugo: Satanicooooo!!


Rickin: We're back lucha libre fans and if you couldn't tell by my partner Hugo Savinovich's excitement, Satanico and los Infernales have joined us.  Satanico, what led you and your compatriots to come to Puerto Rico?


Satanico: We met Chicky Starr when he came through Mexico.  He gave us a call and said there was a big payday in it for us if we helped him take care of a problem.


Rickin: So you're hired help.


Satanico: Listen little man!  Chicky says you're off limits, but that doesn't mean we have to take this from you!  I have held multiple titles in Mexico and deserve respect!


Rickin: I respect your abilities.


Satanico: Oh, but not me?  (smiles)  People like you will never understand.  Your partner here seems a little more enlightened.


Rickin: So your goal as I understand it is to separate Chicky Starr's enemies from any title for six months.


Morgan: That's only the beginning.  What happens after that is...much worse.


MS-1: And painful.  Very painful.


Satanico: You think Chicky Starr is only looking at six months?  We're going to eventually run Carlitos Colon and his cronies out of the WWC! 


Rickin: And you're doing all of this for money?


Satanico: We're doing this for a friend.  If Invader 1, Carlitos Colon or that musclehead Ayala had offered us this deal, we'd have never shown up.  The money is nice though.  I think we're done here.  See you later Hugo.


(Satanico heads for the ring while Morgan and MS-1 head to the back.)


Hugo: You better enjoy watching the Invaders and Carlitos Colon while you can Rickin!!


Rickin: Do you really think they will get that far Hugo?


Hugo: They are a well-oiled machine!


Rickin: I won't argue with that.  Satanico is almost to the ring.


Hugo: He's daring that fan to throw something at him!!


Rickin: And grinning at the same fan after he gets hit with the cup.  El Satanico is such a class act.


Hugo: You said it Rickin!!!   Wait, that was meant as sarcasm wasn't it?!?


Rickin: More than a little.


Hugo: No reason to be so mean about it.  OH!!  There's the bell!


El Vikingo vs. El Satanico


Satanico unleashes his big right hands and knee lifts to put Vikingo on the defensive right away.  The young Puerto Rican can't mount much comeback and takes a vicious beating at the hands of the Mexican luchador.  El nudo del Satanico puts Vikingo away by submission.


Satanico by submission in 4:08 with el nudo del Satanico


Rickin: And Satanico isn't stopping.  He's just stomping away at Vikingo.


Hugo: The fans are throwing MORE garbage at him!  And he's inviting it!!


Rickin: This is unnecessary.  We're going to Chicky's Sports Shop.  Hopefully we can have this cleared up by the time we come back.


(Cut to the set of Chicky's Sports Shop with Chicky and Victor in their usual garb)


Chicky Starr: Hello fans and welcome to my Sports Shop!  Today my guest is a young man who looks like he has a bright future ahead of him, Ricky Santana.  I remember when I was starting out and thought I had friends.  It's good for Ricky that he came on my show.  He needs to be educated on the ways people can BACKSTAB you and ruin your career.



(Ricky Santana walks onto the set, Chicky puts his arm around Ricky and starts talking.)


Chicky: Ricky, I've been watching your bouts.  That last one with Dutch Mantell should have taught you something.


Santana: After talking with a few people, those things are going to happen and you have to be able to move forward-


Chicky: NO!  No, no, no.  You were talking to the wrong people.  Who?


Santana: Los Invaders, Carlitos Colon-


Chicky: Do NOT trust them!  They will say what they think you want to hear and go out of their way to keep you where you can't take what's theirs!


Santana: They warned me about you too.  I don't-


Chicky: I was once an impressionable young man like you!  I trusted Invader 1!!  You know where that got me?!?  Nowhere!  You can either take it from me or learn it the hard way, you little punk!


(Santana jumps to his feet, fists clenched.)


Santana: I didn't come here to be insulted!


Chicky: A little backbone!  I like to see that!  Where was that fire when Dutch Mantell was doing everything not in the book to keep you from winning last week?


Santana: I - I don't know Chicky.


Chicky: If you take one thing from this, make it this.  When somebody fights dirty, you fight dirty right back.  And next time you see them, do it first!


Santana: I'll...think about that.


(Santana walks off set with a thoughtful look on his face.  Chicky has a big smile on his face.)


Chicky: That's it for another edition of Chicky's Sports Shop!  Back to Hugo and the boring guy.


(Rickin is shaking his head as we cut back to the arena.  Hugo is smiling big.)


Hugo: He mentioned ME!


Rickin: I really hope Ricky Santana doesn't start following too much of Chicky Starr's advice.


Hugo: And why shouldn't he?!?  Chicky had some good advice to give!


Rickin: Some yes.  Chicky Starr will use a young man like that and throw him to the dogs to save himself when the time comes.


Hugo: And?


Rickin: We'll be right back lucha libre fans.


(Commercial Break) 14:00-24:30


Hugo: AAAND we're back!


Rickin: Welcome back fans.  We've got another great match for you.  Los Super Medicos just started heading to the ring and the crowd is excited to see them.


Hugo: So they throw things at el Satanico and cheer los Super Medicos?


Rickin: That seems about right.


Hugo: It DOES?!?


Rickin: To most of us anyway.  Super Medicos have made it to the ring.  There's the bell.


Mr. X & Z vs. Los Super Medicos


Super Medicos show good teamwork with quick tags.  Mr. X makes a short comeback before Super Medico 2 cuts him off.  A tag to Medico 1 leads to a falling slam and a senton after hitting the ropes for 3.


Super Medico 1 by pinfall in 4:48 after a running senton


Rickin: Big win for los Super Medicos after a no-decision and a loss under questionable circumstances.


Hugo: They lost that match with the ref counting 1,2,3!!!


Rickin: And a handful of tights by Pirata Morgan.


Hugo: Ref never saw it!!  It counts!


Rickin: There is some truth to that Hugo.  We have been joined at the desk by Al Madril.  I would appreciate you keeping things verbal this week Mr. Madril.


Madril: Why do I get the feeling you're using my name like that like a disappointed school teacher?


Rickin: You tell me.


Madril: Thought so.  You wanna know what though?  It don't matter what you think.  Everywhere I go around the islands the ladies want a piece of the NWA WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Champion!


Rickin: I'm sure they do.  What was the meaning of attacking Victor Jovica last week?  Was it necessary to try and cripple the man?


Madril: The man was asking for it.  Your own broadcast partner said it.  Now don't you go blaming Hugo, Jovica would have gotten that beating regardless.  Jovica is an old man and should have retired years ago.  I'm just giving him a little push that direction.


Rickin: A little push?


Madril: More like a big shove I guess.  Stubborn old bastard!


Rickin: It's bad enough you attacked him like that last week.  Can you please stop?


Madril: You're the one who brought it up.


Rickin: You also accepted a challenge from Hercules Ayala for a taped fist match on december 23rd last week-


Madril: Yeah, took his ugly mug and rearranged it a little for him.  Didn't do any good though.


Rickin: I imagine you were fined pretty heavily for your...actions last week.


Madril: My...actions.  Hah!  You're as stubborn as that old man Jovica.  No wonder you seem to like him so much.  I have friends who deal with that kind of stuff.  Friends who enjoy seeing people like Hercules Ayala and Victor Jovica get hurt.  I think you know who I mean.


Rickin: I'm sure I do. 


Madril: I got a match, but I just wanted to let all the fine ladies in the arena that I will be available for..personal autograph sessions after the show.


Rickin: That man disgusts me.


Hugo: What he's doing seems to be working.  He's the NWA WWC Caribbean champion and he has made the right friends!


Rickin: Sounds like the wrong friends to me.  We'll be back with our main event.


Hugo: Don't touch that dial!!!


(Commercial Break) 24:30-32:00


Rickin: Welcome back and we're getting ready for our main event.


Hugo: I wonder why Hercules and Carlitos decided to come out first!


Rickin: I think we both know very well why.


Hugo: Smart move.


Rickin: The crowd are blowing their horns for their favorites.  Carlitos Colon has such an effect on the fans.


Hugo: He does!  Hercules Ayala has become a fan favorite as well.


Rickin: So he has.  And now we hear the boos as Madril and Chicky Starr come down to the ring.


Hugo: The Latin Lover and Chicky Starr teaming!  Dream Team!!


Rickin: The fans don't agree and they are letting them know.


Hugo: Chicky is getting upset and understandably so!  These fans should appreciate his genius!


Rickin: I don't think that is going to happen on the scale you want it to Hugo.


Hugo: LOOK OUT!!  Madril and Chicky are on the attack as they rush the ring!


Rickin: But Ayala and Colon are ready for them.


NWA WWC Caribbean Champion Al Madril & Chicky Starr vs. Hercules Ayala & NWA WWC Universal Champion Carlitos Colon

The match is a wild brawl to start with things settling down after a few minutes.  Madril and Starr look the worse for wear.  Chicky goes out of his way to avoid Colon, even after taunting him on the apron.  Ayala and Colon work Madril over for a while.  Chicky pulls Colon's feet out form under him from outside and Madril starts putting the boots to Colon.  Chicky introduces Colon to a chair and the ringpost outside, busting him open.  Colon fires up after a time and busts Chicky open with headbutts.  Chicky is quick to fall into his corner and tag out before bailing.  Colon chases Chicky down and decimates him on the outside while Madril and Ayala brawl.  Chcky with a low blow and Colon is counted out.


Al Madril & Chicky Starr by countout in 16:38


Los Infernales charge the ringside area and start beating up both Ayala and Colon.  Los Invaders are not far behind and it's a 5 on 5 melee with half of the participants bleeding after a few minutes.


Hugo: WOW!!  Another HUGE brawl!  Is this what the main event on December 23rd will look like?!?


Rickin: I'm almost certain it will be similar, just inside a large cage.


Hugo: WOW!!  Did you see that low blow Colon just gave Chicky?!?  And there's a chairshot!!  Chicky is DOWN!


Rickin: I believe that is called payback.  We're almost out of time.  I'm told our main event will be Huracan Castillo Jr., Miguelito Perez and Abdullah Tamba against Barrabas entire stable of Jonathan Boyd, the Crusher and Bam Bam.  I'm sure we'll see Commissioner Pedro Castillo again as well.  Make sure you join us lucha libre fans.

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Posted 25 November 2017 - 01:10 AM

I don't think there's a hotter heel in Puerto Rico other than Al Madril right now. Dastardly duo with Chicky Starr!

#16 kevinmcfl

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Posted 25 November 2017 - 11:17 AM

You are making stars out of people we couldn't figure out how to use like Al Madril and Carlos Colon.  Keep up the great work!

#17 dawho5

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Posted 25 November 2017 - 12:05 PM

I don't need to make Carlos Colon a star.  Watch any of his big matches in PR.  I'd put him on a Hogan/Lawler level of the crowd living and dying through what he does.  Some of his big comebacks the crowd response is ridiculous.

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Posted 03 December 2017 - 10:55 PM

Agreed on the star power of Colon...in this area there is no one more over! What a great tag match pairing Colon/Ayala vs. Chicky/Madril. Madril and Chicky Starr are great heels and will surely have many more battles to come with these two.

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