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Homicide & Don Montoya vs Da Hit Squad (JAPW 09/22/00)


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#1 soup23

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Posted 10 November 2017 - 03:57 PM

One of the weirder matches of the year in that it was really two matches rolled into one. The first 20 minutes are a southern tag with Montoya and Homicide playing the heels and a long FIP on Monsta Mack. The Homicide/Montoya chemistry as a team is good and they really work Monsta over. Mafia gets tagged in and then we get a wild brawl. Again it is good stuff with a lot of mayhem and people flying around but both of these segments feel like they would be better as separate entities instead of one match. The venue also drives me nuts between the lights and overall club atmosphere. The valet that sats on the balcony gets involved and beat up. She ends up slapping Hit Squad leading straight to the Cop Killah for a nearfall. A STF by Homicide earns them the victory and tag titles as they are embarrassed by a conglomerate of people in 27 minutes. A good match and I understand the sentiment of putting all of these things together to keep Da Hit Squad strong, but the disconnect in the two segments was too much for me to overcome. ***1/4 (6.7) 

#2 AstroBoy

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 05:59 PM

I quite liked the opening parts of this with Homicide in particular looking good in his sequences with Monsta Mack.  They go to the sort of strange dynamic of putting Mack in the face in peril role but they pull it off pretty well, even if I think that Montoya does not add much to the match.  But then Montoya yells something about Memphis and drops a nice fist drop and he's showing some modicum of charisma.  The second half of this was such an over-the-top jumble that it really blended together after a certain point but I did think the finish was a severe statement in making Homicide look like a killer. 



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