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NWA World Wrestling Council January 1986

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Posted 13 January 2018 - 11:02 AM

I forgot to mention that in my previous comment, Chicky Starr cutting his hair is one of the single greatest heel moves ever, awesome stuff!

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Posted 20 January 2018 - 11:31 AM

(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)

The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr,  Invader 1, Invader 2, Invader 3, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala, Bam Bam and Dutch Mantell plays.  Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and coming up fists at the ready leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.


NWA and Capitol Sports Presenta
Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre
Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial


Rickin Sanchez and Hugo Savinovich sit smiling at the commentary desk in Coliseo Municipal Pedro Rodriguez Gaya De Catano.


Rickin: Welcome to another week of World Wrestling Council action lucha libre fans.  Sitting to my left as always is Hugo Savinovich.


Hugo: Happy to be here Rickin!


Rickin: With the show we have tonight, I think we all are.  We'll see both Ricky Santana and Gama Singh in singles matches.  Los Mercenarios will be in tag team action.


Hugo: They CAN'T be happy after last week!  Things did not go according to plan...


Rickin: Sometimes they don't.  Hercules Ayala will be joining us at the desk before his match tonight.  He is fully recovered from that attack to the back of his head by now I'm told.


Hugo: The back of your head and your neck are very hard to recover from.  Very painful and an easy spot to get hit!


Rickin: True enough Hugo.  I'm sure Hercules will want to address how that happened as well.  the Rock and Roll RPMs will be out to the desk as well.  Owen Hart will be joining Chicky Starr in his Sports Shop.


Hugo: I doubt Chicky will like what he has to say after last week!


Rickin: Very likely not.  Los Super Medicos will be out to the desk to talk about their first round win in the tournament to crown new NWA WWC Carribean tag Team Champions.  The next match in that tournament will be our main event.  Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez will take on the team of Ron and Chicky Starr.


Hugo: Tough test for Castillo and Perez!


Rickin: I think they'll give the Starrs more trouble than expected.  I don't doubt their insurance policy will be close by.


Hugo: We both know it will!


Rickin...I expected some argument. 


Hugo: Chicky REALLY wants those titles!  Do you think he is going to take chances?!?


Rickin: You make a good point.  Gama Singh is heading down to the ring and our fans are showing him their appreciation.


Hugo: He's been doing very well since he came back to Puerto Rico and the WWC!


Rickin: Yes, he was always a very good wrestler.  He never had to resort to the dirty tricks in order to win matches.


Hugo: Neither did I!


Rickin: But you always did anyway.


Hugo: Yep!  Sometimes it's just more fun. :)


Rickin: ..there are some thing about you I will never understand.  Referee Tomas Marin is calling for the bell.


Isaac Rosario vs. Gama Singh


Singh mixes brawling and technical wrestling to control Rosario.  A dropkick by Singh sets up the camel clutch for the win.


Gama Singh by submission in 4:38 with a camel clutch


El Profe and TNT rush the ring area and TNT blindsides Gama Singh with a roundhouse kick.  Some overhand martial arts chops to the head and a 360 degree roundhouse kick put Singh on the canvas.  TNT locks on the cobra dinamita (cobra clutch) and won't let go.  Ricky Santana and los Invaders rush the ring and TNT bails.  Gama Singh is left foaming at the mouth in the center of the ring.


Hugo: WOW!!  TNT did some real damage there!


Rickin: That hold is every bit as lethal as El Profe claimed. 


Hugo: It is!!  Gama Singh is coming around, but he's going to need help getting to the back!


Rickin: Imagine if TNT had put the hold on for longer. 


Hugo: Oh...yeah...there's no need to go THAT far!!


Rickin: I agree Hugo.  When we come back we'll have los Super Medicos at the desk and Ricky Santana in action.  Don't go anywhere.


(Commercial Break) 0-10:30


Rickin: We're back and I have been joined by los Super Medicos at the desk.  You two have advanced in this tournament and it seemed like you were lucky last week when los Invaders came to your rescue.


Medico 1: We knew the attack would come.  Chicky Starr isn't hard to predict.  There isn't an underhanded tactic he won't use if he wants something.  We asked los Invaders to back us up.


Rickin: It was a tough match against los Mercenarios.  Were you worried going in?


Medico 1: We were prepared.  Los Mercenarios are going to try to beat you into submission.  We went in expecting a brawl and gave it back as much as we got when we had to.  There were times when we were able to take them out of their match and I thnk that's what got us the win.


Rickin: Do you have a preference as to which team you face in the second round?


Medico 1: No.  Castillo and Perez are a great young team and a tough opponent for anyone in this tournament.  The Starrs, well let's just say getting Chicky Starr in the ring is always a goal.  They are dangerous, but you always love to get a chance to mess up that face.


Rickin: You can't be looking too closely at that aspect of it going into a match though.


Medico 1: Definitely not.  And we've been on watch for los Mercenarios since.  They aren't done hunting us.  Thanks for your time Rickin.


Rickin: Thank you, Super Medico.  They seem ready for the challenge ahead.


Hugo: And the attacks that will come in the meantime!


Rickin: Yes, that too.  Ricky Santana is making his way down to the ring and the fans are very happy to see him.


Hugo: They won't be after Owen Hart proves him to be an idiot!


Rickin: What are you talking about?


Hugo: Right now he has an excuse.  After Owen beats him clean he won't have that, only failure!


Rickin: There is that chance, but sometimes you lose matches. 


Hugo: That's why you go the extra mile!


Rickin: Are those kinds of wins worth it?


Hugo: I always thought so!


Rickin: This we know.  Doing things right as long as you can builds character.  Something Ricky Santana seems to understand.  Ricky Vargas will be the referee for this match and there is the bell.


Frank Conners vs. Ricky Santana


Santana with armdrag-y babyface offense early.  He hits a vertical suplex and climbs up top.  The flying crossbody nets Santana the 3 count.


Ricky Santana by pinfall in 4:41 with a top rope crossbody


Rickin: Another win for Santana.  He's even starting to use more technical wrestling lately.


Hugo: It's never a bad thing to have, can't rely on any one thing or it will cost you!


Rickin: This is very true.  I suppose fighting fire with fire even has it's place.


Hugo: You're starting to get it!


Rickin: Maybe Hugo, maybe.  Up next we'll go to Chicky's Sports Shop where he will visit with Owen Hart.  Los Mercenarios will have a tag team match as well when we return.


Hugo: Don't you dare miss it!!!


(Commercial Break) 10:30-18:30


Hugo: It's time to go to my friend Chicky Starr's Sports Shop!


Cut to the Sports Shop intro.  Chicky sits down and Victor the Bodyguard hands him a microphone.


Chicky: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of Chicky Starr's Sports Shop.  I have what I thought would be a very interesting guest, and still might be, this week.  But first I want to talk about a challenge that was laid at my feet a few weeks ago.  It seems Barrabas wants to test his young "monster" against Abdullah the Butcher.


Chicky pauses and grins.


Chicky: I was going to sign the match that day, but the thought of that impatient, nervous little man wondering if he'd get his match was too much to give up.  It IS official that the match will happen on February 22nd in Guaynabo.  Now Barrabas can sweat about how he's going to look when his big man can't handle a real monster like Abdullah the Butcher.  I have ALSO requested a rematch between Carlitos Colon and Bruiser Brody.  Not that Colon will take it, he knows he got lucky last time!


Chicky takes a moment to settle down.


Chicky: (English) My guest today is Owen Hart, who made a big splash winning his debut against none other than the new golden boy, Ricky Santana.  Congratulations!


Owen comes to the set and sits down.


Owen: Thank you.  It wasn't under the best of circumstances, but-


Chicky: NO!  You don't need to do that here and I don't want to hear it!  You won the match!


Owen: You're not wrong about that!  I'm sure there are those who would still say I cheated.


Chicky: To them I say f...well, I can't say that on TV.  But I hope you get the idea.  Listen to me.  A win is a win.  It means even more if something is on the line.  Don't you dare hold yourself back by worrying what these fans, Rickin Sanchez or Ricky Santana!  You're talented enough to wear gold and I don't want to see you miss out because you don't take the opportunities in front of you.


Owen: Thank you.  My father would be so happy to hear something like that!


Chicky: Family is very important!  My cousin Ronnie and I very often feel like we are up against the entire world.  We find a way to get through it by sticking together!


Owen: It's great that you can find success with your cousin.  My brothers and I had a great time wrestling together.


Chicky: Well, in case you miss that kind of atmosphere, you always have a home with Ron and Chicky Starr.


Owen: Thank you, I really mean it.  But I want to find my own way.  I have to be my own man.  Everywhere I've gone I've been a part of a team with my brothers.  If I don't do this on my own I won't ever be the man I want to be.


Chicky: That I can understand.  it can be hard to get out of the shadow of a brother or a mentor...


Owen: Exactly, just because I am the youngest brother doesn't mean I always have to be overshadowed!


Chicky: Young man, you will go far.  Just remember that you always have a friend in Chicky Starr.


Owen: Thank you.  And thank you for having me as a guest.


Owen shakes Chicky's hand and leaves the set.


Chicky (grinning from ear to ear): (Spanish) That could, possibly, be my favorite Sports Shop.  I hope that you enjoyed it ladies and gentlemen.  next week I'll be talking to El Profe and TNT.


Cut back to the arena.


Rickin: I don't....I am disgusted.


Hugo: By what?!?  Two guys having a conversation?!?


Rickin: Hugo, you know exactly why.  Chicky Starr was playing mind games with that young man.  Mind games that will have long lasting consequences.


Hugo: Maybe.


Rickin: At least you stopped pretending to be blind.  Some major match announcements there.


Hugo: Bam Bam against Abdullah?!?  WOW!!! 


Rickin: It is a huge match for sure.  We also have the likelihood of Carlitos Colon defending his NWA WWC Universal Championship against Bruiser Brody again.


Hugo: I don't think he'll back down!  It's just not like Carlitos!


Rickin: Very true.  Los Mercenarios are now being heavily booed by the fans.  More than a little trash is being thrown their way.


Hugo: They seem pretty okay with it!


Rickin: Yes, I imagine their paycheck for this trouble is well worth it to them.


Hugo: Money makes the world go around!


Rickin: It does, unfortunately.


Hugo: They are rushing the ring!!  Ring announcer Eliud Gonzalez hasn't even finished the introductions!


Los Assassins vs. Los Mercenarios


Mercenarios stick to their usual Moondogs-esque tactics.  Merc 1 hits the falling slam and Merc 2 hits the splash off the ropes for three.


Los Mercenarios by pinfall in 5:17 with  the falling slam/splash combo


Rickin: Business as usual for los Mercenarios.  They have a very singular style.


Hugo: Yes, one that fits in very well here!


Rickin: Reminds me somewhat of los Pastores.


Hugo: A little, yes!  Just...less....something.


Rickin: That about sums it up.  We'll be right back with Hercules Ayala.  The Rock and Roll RPMs will be stopping by the desk after that match.   We'll see you after these messages.


(Commercial Break) 18:30-28:30


Rickin: We're back with the strongest man in Puerto Rico, Hercules Ayala.  You've had better months I imagine.


Ayala: How'd you guess?


Rickin: You had Madril on the ropes, but it seems like Chicky Starr was too much of a distraction.


Ayala: You know, I should have known better.  Chicky wasn't ever going to be a major threat.  I'll give him and Madril a good strategy.  They created the injury and exploited it.  Worst part is, it happened twice.


Rickin: As long as it doesn't happen a third time.


Ayala: Yeah....let me tell you this Al Madril.  I may not be the smartest guy in the room.  I may not be willing to resort to the bull-(Ayala's face gets red)....nonsense you do.  BUT I AM the STRONGEST man in Puerto Rico!  And what you did to my friend...


Ayala takes a short walk to settle himself down.


Ayala: We are not done!  I don't want the damn belt!  Whatever this next match is, I don't care!  You name the match type, I'll be there!  And give me something GOOD!  I want to rake your face across barbed wire!  I want to ram you into a cage again...and again..and again. (Now dead calm.)  I want to make you bleed.  I want to make you wish you had never hurt Victor Jovica.  I want to make you wish you never set foot in Puerto Rico.  Most of all, I want to make you understand why you should fear Hercules Ayala.


Ayala stalks off with murderous intent in his eyes.


Rickin: I am beginning to think that maybe Al Madril bit off more than he could chew.


Hugo: I...yeah...don't disagree..


Rickin: I have never seen Hercules Ayala so angry.  He must have formed quite a bond with Victor Jovica.


Hugo: Training with a man, helping him through a hard time can do that!


Rickin: I'll beleive that.  He's very quick getting to the ring and I don't like Armandito Salgado's chances.


Armandito Salgado vs. Hercules Ayala


Ayala steamrolls Salgado and puts on the figure 4.  Salgado taps almost immediately.


Hercules Ayala by submission in 3:08 with the figure 4


Hugo: WOW!  He really meant business.


Rickin: I hope Al Madril is taking him seriously, for his own sake.


Hugo: And here I thought you didn't like Al!


Rickin: I don't.  But what he has coming if he isn't serious is not something I want to see done to anyone.  Remember what you always say about sending a message.  Do you think Ayala is trying to send one?


Hugo: Yeah....yeah...


Rickin: It looks like the Rock and Roll RPMs are ready to start.


Rickin walks around the desk to talk to the RPMs.


Rickin (English): You two have come into the WWC and done very well.  How do you feel about your chances in this tournament?


Lane: It's going to be a hard road.  There are a lot of great teams here in the WWC.


Davis: There really are.  Los Invaders have really been great and welcomed us with open arms.  Los Super Medicos  and Carlitos Colon as well.  We don't necessarily want to fight either of those teams, but there is only one winner.


Rickin: The team you have to face is Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher.


Lane: We've seen them before in different places.  They are a tough team, but we've beaten bigger men before.  The real problem is that their manager has an enforcer we will have to deal with.


Davis: Yeah, Bam Bam is definitely going to be something we have to look out for.


Rickin: I beleive your match with Boyd and the Crusher is in 2 weeks.  That gives you about 14 days to avoid him.


Davis: I'd really like to say if he shows up we want a fight, but we're not crazy.


Lane: We want to win the tournament and brawling with a 370 pound monster is not going to help those chances, so avoiding him seems like the best idea.


Davis: I know we're supposed to say we want that fight to look brave.  But like I said, we aren't crazy.


Rickin: I'll agree.  I don't think fighting with Bam Bam is going to leave anyone in the best condition to win a match afterwards.


Lane: We really want to thank the fans here in Puerto Rico for embracing us and making it an easy transition.


Davis: Yeah, we appreciate it so much.  The fans here are so passionate, it's hard not to love 'em.


Rickin: Thank you guys for the interview.


Davis & Lane: Thank you and thank you Puerto Rico!


Rickin (Spanish): Those young men will go far in the WWC.


Hugo: I don't think they will beat Boyd and the Crusher!


Rickin: Why not?


Hugo: Bam Bam.


Rickin: Barrabas will probably send him after those two.


Hugo: So no win then!


Rickin: They are up against big odds, but I have seen men overcome worse.  When we return we will have our main event.  We'll be back after these messages.


(Commercial Break) 28:30-38:00


Hugo: Hey fans!!  There's Ron & Chicky!!


Rickin: Big surprise they opted to come out first.


Hugo: Every advantage counts!


Rickin: I imagine that's exactly what they were thinking about.  Castillo and Perez have a lot of practice fighting uphill battles.


Hugo: Because Miguel Perez taught them the wrong way!


Rickin: I would say he taught them the right way.


Hugo: Of course you would!


Rickin: (shaking his head and chuckling) I probably deserve that.  Now here come Huracan Castillo and Miguelito Perez.


Hugo: WITHOUT Miguel!!


Rickin: They said they were going to do things on their own.


Hugo: I've been thinking about that.  I think it's a good idea!


Rickin: You think they might come around to your way of thinking?


Hugo: Maybe...not really.  But there comes a time when you have to be your own man!  I respect them for it, I really do.


Rickin: That's good to hear Hugo.  Referee Victor Quinonez has called for the bell.


Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguelito Perez vs. Ron & Chicky Starr


Castillo and Perez get the better of it early with Chicky and Ron bumping big for them.  A few miscommunication spots by the Starrs lead to a long control by Castillo & Perez.  Chicky hits a low blow from his knees to Castillo and the Starrs viciously work him over and cut him off whenever he tries to get to his corner.  Perez eventually takes the tag to a big roar by the crowd and starts cleaning house.  The numbers game catches up to him and he low blows both Starrs.  Things are looking good after a Perez dropkick, but los Mercenarios come to ringside.  They start working on Castillo after pulling him from the apron, distracting Perez.  Ron Starr hits a jumping knee to the back on Perez and los Mercenarios back off before referee Quinonez sees them.  One brainbuster DDT later Ron Starr covers Perez for the 3.


Ron & Chicky Starr by pinfall in 13:54 after a brainbuster DDT


Rickin: Of all the ways to win the match...


Hugo: What?!?  Los Mercenarios never laid a hand on Perez!


Rickin: Thankfully they are done after the final bell.  I suppose they don't need to worry about Castillo and Perez after advancing in the tournament.


Hugo: Nope!


Rickin: We're all done for tonight fans.  We had a major match announced tonight for February 22nd in Guaynabo.


Hugo: We only know 2 matches, but I am looking forward to it already!!


Rickin: And there is a very big reason to tune in next week.


Hugo: The monster!  The machine!


Rickin: Abdullah the Butcher will be with us next week and tagging with Abdullah Tamba.  They will be going up against Invader 1 and Carlitos Colon.


Hugo: What a HUGE match!!


Rickin: And my understanding is that Bam Bam will be in the building.


Hugo: Good thing the National Guard will be here!!


Rickin: That might not be enough.  Be sure to tune in next week as we have a really big show for you fans.

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Posted 20 January 2018 - 02:19 PM

I got the feeling that Chicky Starr will have his fingerprints all over Owen Hart's attitude in the Caribbean.

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Posted 20 January 2018 - 03:13 PM

Once again the announcers do an outstanding job of keeping things moving. Very passionate promo by Ayala! I think Madril is in serious trouble. I like the idea of a Singh/TNT program. Great Sports Shop with Chicky and Owen. Cant wait to see how that unfolds. I enjoyed the RPM's promo as they were being very honest and using logic. Feb. 22 is shaping up to be an epic night of action.

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Posted 20 January 2018 - 06:28 PM

These write-ups always capture the feel of an 80s wrestling show. The interplay between the announcers is first rate and you do a great job of making each interview different from the others.

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Posted 21 January 2018 - 08:24 PM

I enjoy that all of our shows are slightly different.  You do a great job of the announcers being the center of the show.  You have stepped right in and seem so comfortable with the WWC.  Were you raised on this brand of wrestling?

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Posted 21 January 2018 - 08:31 PM

I was not.  I did PR on a different board and found that I liked this format.  It seemed to me that I could get more of the characters and reasons for things happening across.  Especially since without that PR is basically guys punching each other and bleeding.  Also, I had a long and winding road of different styles I liked.  I used to be a HUGE AJPW guy.  Somehow I wound up with PR as easily my favorite kind of wrestling a few years later.


One thing I looked at with Owen was his reasons for being a heel right away in the WWF.  He was super jealous of Bret and always trying to prove he was the better Hart. Chicky Starr was once a protege of Invader 1 and eventually turned on him for keeping Chicky from higher up opponents.  Chicky felt that Invader 1 was holding him back and he was living in Invader 1's shadow because of it.  So it seemed like a good idea that Chicky would be able to pick out Owen's insecurities given the similarities of their motivations for going to the darkside IRL.  They may not be the exact same heel in mannerisms and tactics, but the way they get there is incredibly similar.

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Posted 21 January 2018 - 10:05 PM

As always the Sports Shop is my favorite part of the show, I enjoy it all but I'm really a fan of Chicky Starr and this angle with Owen Hart is one of my favorit things in the game right now.

I haven't gotten to see a ton of WWC but you do an awesome job with it...I grew up with Memphis being my favorite promotion and didn't realize until I got older it was exactly the way you described WWC, there was no real depth to the actual wrestling it was all just great promos and angles with punching and kicking in between but you do an amazing job of making me want to see who is going to punch who next.

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Posted 22 January 2018 - 12:16 AM

Funny, Memphis is a big favorite of mine.  If you like Memphis you'll like PR.  I'd go as far as to say they do gimmick matches better because they usually pay a ton of attention to the gimmick.  If it's a barbed wire match you can be sure that about 1/3 of the match is somebody getting barbed wire stuck into em.

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Posted 26 January 2018 - 02:01 AM

(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)

The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr,  Invader 1, Invader 2, Invader 3, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala, Bam Bam and Dutch Mantell plays.  Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and coming up fists at the ready leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.

NWA and Capitol Sports Presenta
Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre
Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial


Rickin Sanchez and Hugo Savinovich sit smiling at the commentary desk in Coliseo Municipal Pedro Rodriguez Gaya De Catano.


Rickin: Welcome to a very exciting and dangerous week for us here at the World Wrestling Council.


Hugo: The monster!  The machine!  Abdullah the Butcher is HERE tonight!!!


Rickin: That's right and we have a lot more.  Both the Rock and Roll RPMs and the team of Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher will be wretsling tonight.


Hugo: One week before their match to decide who goes on to face los Invaders in the tournament!!


Rickin: A lot on the line next week, a chance to go to the semi-finals and a step closer to becoming the new NWA WWC Carribean Tag Team Champions. 


Hugo: The Rock 'n' Rollers better be careful tonight!


Rickin: Yes they had better, because both of us saw Bam Bam in the bulding earlier.  Barrabas has promoised to use Bam Bam as his "insurance policy."


Hugo: Good policy there...


Rickin: I...don't entirely disagree with what you are saying.  Al Madril will be...


Hugo: Joining us at the desk?!?


Rickin: ...Yes.  And he also has a match tonight.  Los Super Medicos will also be in tag team action.  El Profe will be bringing his protege TNT with him into Chicky Starr's Sports Shop.


Hugo: I hope Chicky is nicer to Profe than he is to Barrabas!


Rickin: We'll have to wait and find out.  Chicky Starr does not like competition. 


Hugo: He HAS no competition!!


Rickin: We will be talking to Gama Singh about the attack last week by TNT.  Carlitos Colon will be at the desk as well.  I imagine he will be addressing Chicky Starr's challenge last week.


Hugo: And THEN!!!!


Rickin: Our main event is a real treat tonight lucha libre fans.  We'll have Invader 1 and Carlitos Colon in one corner and Abdullah Tamba and Abdullah the Butcher in the other.


Hugo: With Bam Bam in the building!!


Rickin: Yes, that is a concern.


Hugo: Concern?!?  I'm looking forward to that confrontation!!


Rickin: We've got the Rock and Roll RPMs on their way to the ring and the crowd is very supportive.


Hugo: They have really impressed so far!  I think they have a small chance of getting out of round one of the tournament!!


Rickin: I'd give them good odds to beat Boyd and the Crusher.


Hugo: Remind me to never ask you for betting advice!


Rickin: I know you like the team of Boyd and the Crusher, but I think the RPMs will surprise you with how well they do.


Hugo: That's not why I give them a small chance...


Rickin: I see.  I don't entirely disagree with that point.  Referee Ricky Vargas is signalling for the bell.


Los Assassins vs. the Rock 'n' Roll RPMs


The RPMs use their quick tags and teamwork to control the match.  A double jumping clothesline to one of los Assassins nets a three count.


Rock 'n' Roll RPMs by pinfall in 5:21 with a double jumping clothesline


Barrabas is on his way out with Bam Bam and there is nowhere for the RPMs to go.  Try as they might Lane and Davis can't overcome the big man.  Bam Bam slams Lane in the center of the ring and hits two big running splashes followed by a splash off the top rope.A few stomps and Barrabas calls off his man.


Hugo: I told you!


Rickin: I know.  This is not something anyone likes to see, except maybe Barrabas.  Lane may not be in great shape for his match next week after that beating his ribs took.


Hugo: Like I said, a small chance.


Rickin: But there still is a chance.  Davis and Lane are a good team and we'll see if they can overcome this setback.  We have Chicky's Sports Shop up next followed by Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher in tag team action.  Don't go anywhere fans.


(Commercial Break) 0 - 9:00


Rickin: We're back and Hugo would like to tell you what time it is.


Hugo: It's time to pay a visit to Chicky Starr in the Sports Shop!!


The Sports Shop intro plays.  Victor hands Chicky a microphone on the set.


Chicky: Welcome to my Sports Shop ladies and gentlemen.  I had a thought after last week.  When wrestlers go to the ring they are introduced.  Since my Sports Shop brings in more viewers than any match involving somebody like...let's say los Super Medicos, or Invader 1,  I should get my own introduction.  Victor, next week you introduce me!


Victor nods and Chicky smiles.


Chicky: We'll talk some details later.  This week my guest is another newcomer to the WWC, a man who has made a big impact in only a few weeks, TNT.  He is managed by a very smart man and a personal friend of mine, El Profe.  Come on in gentlemen.


Profe and TNT come in and sit down. 


Chicky: Last week your man TNT attacked Gama Singh after his match.  Why Gama Singh?


Profe: Because he was the first man out there.  He was just the first unfortunate victim of this man, TNT.  TNT is a master of tae kwan do in addition to an excellent wrestler.  He has shown both in his short time here and I thought it was time that he got the respect he deserved!


Chicky: He left Gama Singh laying in the ring foaming at the mouth.  I used to associate with Gama Singh, before he and I no longer agreed on a lot of things.  I was very happy to see Singh being helped from the ring because he couldn't leave himself.  I've heard some talk that TNT could not do that to Gama Singh in a fair fight.  What is your response to that?


Profe: First of all, what is a fair fight?


Chicky: Hah!  I can't remember the last time I had one!


Profe: Exactly.  But I can see what people are saying.  TNT attacked Gama Singh without Singh really knowing it was coming.  Which begs the question, why wasn't Gama Singh paying attention?


Chicky: I wonder that kind of thing all the time...


Profe: But I'll be fair.  February 22nd in Guaynabo TNT will challenge Gama Singh to a match.  If Gama Singh has any brains in his head he will decline.  TNT could have done some real damage last week if he hadn't been run off.


Chicky: I can gaurantee you that he will accept the match. 


Profe: All the more fun for us.  TNT gets to prove his point.  Again.  I get to watch as an imbecile gets permanently injured for his stupidity.


Chicky: I'm looking forward to that!  I'd like to thank my guests this week, El Profe and TNT.  They are a combination that will take the WWC by storm!   Next week I'll be talking to...you don't really need to know do you?  This is the best part of the show, so you'll be watching!


El Profe, TNT and Chicky walk off the set with Victor following.  Cut back to the arena.


Hugo: It IS the best part of the show!


Rickin: I'd like to know how El Profe thinks what happened last week proved anything.


Hugo: Gama Singh did look pretty bad...


Rickin: You're just waiting for me to walk into the next part aren't you?


Hugo: Yep!


Rickin: (Shaking his head.)  Barrabas is leading Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher out.  The garbage is flying, as usual.


Hugo: These fans are so fickle!  They should be saving it for later when Chicky comes out!!


Rickin: I thought you didn't like it when fans threw garbage.


Hugo: I don't!  But a little bit of consistency would be nice!!


Rickin: I'd say Barrabas and his men are right up there with Chicky when it comes to raising the ire of the fans.


Hugo: That's true...


Rickin: I can't say I blame the fans for either, especially after that attack by Bam Bam earlier.


Hugo: Did you notice how Boyd and the Crusher were nowhere near the attack?!?


Rickin: I did.  I suppose Barrabas will tell us they had nothing to do with it so it can't be held against them.


Hugo: It makes sense!


Rickin: I suppose it does to some.  Referee Tomas Marin has called for the bell and here we go.


Los Tejanos vs. Jonathan Boyd & the Crusher w/Barrabas


Boyd and the Crusher brawl and muscle their way to control.  A short comeback is halted by a Crusher clothesline.  He grabs the Tejano and Boyd hits the three point stance clothesline for the win.


Jonathan Boyd & the Crusher by pinfall in 5:17 with an assisted 3 point clothesline


Hugo: Big win going into next week!


Rickin: Both teams with big wins, but one isn't being assaulted after the match.


Hugo: Maybe the Rock 'n' Rolls need bigger friends!!


Rickin: To keep Bam Bam from doing what he did, yes.  To attack their opponents, I don't think so. 


Hugo: Every little bit helps!


Rickin: It's that kind of thinking that gets men hurt Hugo.  And it's not necessarily always the people who try to go by the rules getting hurt.


Hugo: Very true!!  Carlitos Colon and Invader 1 have been known to go a little far in their paybacks!


Rickin: Yes, and that is something people like Barrabas should consider.  Up next we'll see Al Madril both..at the desk...and in the ring.  Right after these messages.


(Commercial Break) 9:00 - 17:00


Rickin: We're back and I have been joined by....yes, Mr. Madril?


Madril: Oh, sorry, too close?


Rickin: Last week I talked to Hercules Ayala and he had a challenge for you.


Madril: Did you see how red that guy's face got????  That was great!!


Rickin: I'm not sure that's something I'd be happy about.  You need to take him very seriously.


Madril: Concern?  I'm touched Mr. Principal.  I didn't think you cared.  Let me tell you this though.  That big musclehead couldn't beat me in any match either of us came up with.  I've been runnin' circles around him since he started yellin' at me.  So I'm going to be nice.  He likes that reverse figure four to finish guys off yeah?


Rickin: If you're going to do what I think you are, I would advise you against it.


Madril: Like I said before.  I'm touched.  But do me a favor and shut up and hold the microphone.  You can't beat me, Hercules Ayala.  So I'm challenging you to a submission match.  When I beat you on February 22nd in that match, you may as well just pack up and leave.  'Cause if you can't make me submit, what else you got, big man?  Oh, and I know you said you don't want the title.  But it's up for grabs anyway.  I'm THAT sure you got nothin'.


Madril walks off, gesturing lewdly at a few of the female fans on his way.


Rickin: Al Madril with what I think is a major miscalculation.


Hugo: I don't know, Al has a pretty good Indian deathlock!


Rickin: I don't think I would be playing to my opponent's strengths when he is as focused as Hercules Ayala is.


Hugo: Yeah, he definitely was a man on a mission when we last saw him.  This will only add fuel to the fire.


Rickin: I couldn't have said it better myself.  Madril seems to be stopping to harass every woman he sees on his way to the ring.


Hugo: A few of them seem to like it!!


Rickin: I'd say not as many as Mr. Madril would have us believe.


Hugo: You know, I've heard stories!!


Rickin: So have I, and they are stories.  You tell lots of stories too Hugo.


Hugo: Some of them are true!


Rickin: I'd believe yours before Al Madril's stories.  He's attacking Armandito Salgado before Eliud Gonzalez can finish the introductions.


Armandito Salgado vs. Al Madril


Madril works over Salgado's leg most of the match and stops a brief comeback with a series of kicks to the injured leg.  An Indian deathlock gets the victory for Madril.


Al Madril by submission in 4:30 with an Indian deathlock


Madril refuses to let go, but an enraged Hercules Ayala charges the ring.  Madril scrambles to get the belt or any kind of weapon but is caught without one.  Ayala with a fiery series of punches, but Madril hits a low blow that allows him to escape.


Rickin: It is looking more and more like Madril has bitten off more than he can chew.


Hugo: He'll have something up his sleeve!


Rickin: Not everyone needs to have something up their sleeve Hugo.


Hugo: Like I always say, every little bit helps!


Rickin: You do say that, yes.  We have an interview with Gama Singh coming up, as well as los Super Medicos in action.  We'll be right back.


(Commercial Break) 17:00 - 25:00


Hugo: Welcome back lucha libre fans!!


Rickin: (English) I am joined now by Gama Singh, who recently returned to Puerto Rico.  How have you been?


Singh: I've been well.  I missed the place while I was gone.  Well, mostly.


Rickin: Things like last week are...not as infrequent as we'd like.


Singh: No they are not.  And I used to be a part of all of that.  I am so happy that los Invaders, carlitos Colon and most importantly these fans were able to forgive me for that.


Rickin: I think you'll find that our fans are very forgiving once you align yourself opposite the right people.


Singh: They are.  And they are probably some of the most passionate fans in the world.  Believe me, I know.


Rickin: I'm guessing you heard the challenge from El Profe earlier?


Singh: I did.  I am 100% ready to take on TNT THIS week, but if I have to wait until February 22nd, so be it.  You know what I don't get about guys like El Profe?  He wants to think I should be afraid because a man attacked me from behind.  He wants to call me stupid for not seeing it.  I'll give him a little of the second.  But what has El Profe himself done to warrant all of that talk?


Rickin: I'm afraid that is something else we see far too much of from certain managers.


Singh: Now don't go getting yourself into trouble for me.  If it were TNT talking to me like that, I might understand.  The man is a very dangerous opponent and has multiple ways of hurting you.  But we have yet to see anything from this El Profe that makes me think he's other than a coward. 


Rickin: He claims to train with TNT, so he might actually be good.


Singh: He might.  Just let it be known that if he gets involved in this match on February 22nd there will be consequences.


Rickin: Thank you for your time Gama Singh and we look forward to seeing you again.


After a handshake Singh leaves the interview area.


Hugo: There is another match for February 22nd!  That is shaping up to be a great card!!


Rickin: And it could be even bigger after our next interview.


Hugo: OH!!  WOW!!  Hey, here come los Super Medicos!!


Rickin: The crowd is happy to see them, as usual.


Hugo: They had better be watching themselves!


Rickin: I think they've been around long enough...and here come all three of los Invaders to ringside right behind them.


Hugo: Smart move!!


Rickin: You have to think Chicky has los Mercenarios at the ready here.


Hugo: I'd be willing to bet on that!


Rickin: Which makes me think there is no doubt about it.  Here is the bell.


Mr. X & Mr. Y vs. los Super Medicos


Super Medicos with punches and some technical wrestling to control.  Medico 1 with his patented punch combination (seriously, top 5 ever puncher) to cut off a comeback.  Medico 1 with a falling slam and Medico 2 hits the ropes for a senton that gets the 3 count.


Los Super Medicos by pinfall in 5:26 with a slam/senton combo


Rickin: No sign of los Mercenarios or the Starrs, so it looks like we're safe.


Hugo: Good move by Chicky to fight another day!


Rickin: Good move by Chicky to follow the rules, even if we both know he would have preferred to cheat.


Hugo: Always!


Rickin: We're moments away from an interview with Carlitos Colon.  After that we will have our big main event.  Don't go anywhere, you don't want to miss this.


(Commercial Break) 25:00-33:00


Rickin: I am now joined by a man who needs no introduction.  Carlitos, it's always a pleasure.


Colon: Same to you Rickin.  I know a lot of these people here are fans of mine, but I am a fan of yours.


Rickin: There's no need for that, now.  We have business to attend to. 


Colon: Always right to the point.  That business involves myself and Bruiser Brody?  And probably Chicky Starr?


Rickin: That would be it.


Colon: You knew my answer as soon as the challenge was made.  Of course i accept the match!


The crowd erupts.


Colon: And Chicky Starr can come to ringside.  It didn't hurt me that much last time.  I've been fighting Bruiser Brody a long time.  It's always a hard fight and it takes me a good week to recover.  But these fans here love it when I defend the NWA WWC Universal Title against a worthy challenger.  And Bruiser Brody has always been that.


Rickin: Yes, no matter who was managing him.  Speaking of worthy challengers, you have a very difficult match tonight.  The kind of match usually reserved for nights like February 22nd.


Colon: Oh yes!  This match tonight is something we normally don't do here, but I'm glad Commissioner Pedro Castillo made it happen!  Abdullah the Butcher is a man, if I can call him that, that I have faced many times and it doesn't seem like he is going away either.  Tonight is just another battle in the ongoing war.


Rickin: A war that has gotten more complex with the addition of Bam Bam.


Colon: Barrabas and Bam Bam are wild cards.  They don't like either myself or Chicky.  So whose side do they fall on, if any?  It's something that myself and los Invaders will need to stay aware of.  Tonight though, we are going to send a message to Chicky Starr that we will not be intimdated!  Invader 1 and Carlitos Colon will stand up to anything that you put up against us!


Rickin: Thank you for your time, Carlitos and good luck out there.


Colon and Rickin shake hands.  Colon heads down towards the ring with Invader 1 walking down the ramp.


Rickin: Carlitos Colon seems like he is well aware of the dangerous situation developing here in the WWC.


Hugo: He better be!  Now he'll have THREE monsters to deal with!!


Rickin: Yes, but he will always have los Invaders as his allies.  And those three monsters will very likely not be working together.


Hugo: I don't know how Chicky is keeping Brody and Abdullah in line!  When I managed Abdullah he would go crazy at the sight of Brody!!


Rickin: That can't last.


Hugo: I would have to agree!


Rickin: Invader 1 and Carlitos are in the ring, along with referee Victor Quinonez.  Here come Abdullah Tamba and Abdullah the Butcher along with Chicky Starr.


Hugo: And the garbage...


Rickin: You wanted this earlier.


Hugo: Did I really say that?!?


Rickin: Not in as many words, but you made it sound like perhaps the crowd should pick their least favorite.


Hugo: Abdullah is getting angry!!


Rickin: The crowd seems to have settled down a little.  Chicky Starr is very pleased with himself now.


Hugo: He still seems like he lets the crowd get to him.


Rickin: Maybe if he cared enough he would start changing his ways.  And the crowd would like him.


Hugo: You always say that young wrestlers have to find who they are and be their own man!


Rickin: I do, I'm just not sure that Chicky Starr behaves like a man.


Hugo: Ouch!


Rickin: Ring announcements are complete and there is the bell.


Invader 1 & Carlitos Colon vs. Abdullah Tamba & Abdullah the Butcher w/ Chicky Starr


This is an all-out brawl with Invader 1 ending up as face-in-peril.  He is bloodied and makes a valiant comeback (including a punt to the nuts of Abby) to tag in Colon.  Colon gets bloodied and fights through it against Abdullah while Invader 1 brawls with Tamba.  Barrabas and all three of his charges run to the ring and Bam Bam attacks both Colon and Abdullah, bringing about the no contest.


No contest due to outside interference at 11:49


The rest of los Invaders run out, as do Ron Starr and Al Madril.  It isn't long until Hercules Ayala hits the ring and makes a beeline for Madril.  Los Mercenarios come running out.  Castillo & Perez are hot on their heels.  Mike Davis of the RnR RPMs hits the ringside area, so does TNT led by El Profe.  This brings out Gama Singh, who heads right for TNT.   In the meantime between all of this it is a wild brawl with liberal weapon usage and over half the roster bleeding.  Colon, Abdullah the Butcher and Bam Bam have been taking control of the fork back and forth with all bleeding.  Chicky Starr and Invader 1 hammering away on each other's bloddy foreheads, Invader 1's face is completely red.  Gama Singh takes a chair to TNT.  Davis tries to get attacks in on Bam Bam , but gets shrugged off.  Perez with a chain wrapped around his fist pounding a bloodied Mercenario 1's forehead.


Rickin: I...don't even know what to say.


Hugo: WOW!!!!!!


Rickin: That covers it.  I'm told Bruiser Brody will be in the building next week.  And facing Invader 3.


Hugo: FOUL!!  FOUL!!  Colon just hit both Bam Bam and Abdullah with low blows!!


Rickin: We're out of time for this week.  We'll see you next week fans.

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Posted 26 January 2018 - 09:13 AM

That big card on the 22nd is really shaping up to be something special.

Great TV today, enjoyable from top to bottom. I can easily imagine the out of control brawl at the end of the show.

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Posted 26 January 2018 - 11:43 AM

Your show would only consist of Chicky Starr's Sports Shop and I would absolutely read the hell out of it!

#33 LowBlowPodcast

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Posted 26 January 2018 - 07:03 PM

I applaud the amount of effort you're putting into the announcing of the shows. It is helping tell the story just that much better for those who may or may not know all the stars here in PR. 

#34 spaldoni

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Posted 26 January 2018 - 07:08 PM

Wow! What a crazy brawl to end the show. All the feuds in one ring, that was insane! The announcers were at the top of their game tonight. I think if anybody needs a push, just put them on the Sports Shop with Chicky because he's that good.  Bam Bam sure made a statement tonight. Madril might be a little to overconfident in his upcoming match with Ayala. I think you could have a gem of a feud with TNT and Singh. Feb. 22nd is shaping up to be an epic card.

#35 kevinmcfl

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Posted 26 January 2018 - 08:24 PM

WWC takes the Southern Rastling style to the extreme.  I wish I had seen these shows when I was a kid.

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Posted 26 January 2018 - 10:02 PM

Always been a fan of both Ayala and Madril, looking forward to that one!  Chicky's Sport Shop brings it as always! LOVE IT!!

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Posted 02 February 2018 - 02:07 PM

(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)

The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr,  Invader 1, Invader 2, Invader 3, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala, Bam Bam and Dutch Mantell plays.  Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and coming up fists at the ready leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.

NWA and Capitol Sports Presenta
Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre
Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial


Rickin Sanchez and Hugo Savinovich sit smiling at the commentary desk in Coliseo Municipal Pedro Rodriguez Gaya De Catano.


Rickin: Welcome to another great hour of World Wrestling Council action fans.  Tonight we have another big one for you with a double main event.


Hugo: Bruiser Brody is here!!


Rickin: That's right Hugo.  Chicky Starr was at least wise enough to keep his monsters separated by a week.


Hugo: I keep telling you he's smart!!


Rickin: I never doubted that.  The team of Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez will be in action and join us at the desk.  Abdullah Tamba will be in action as well.


Hugo: Little Abdullah!  I always love seeing him!


Rickin: Owen Hart will have a singles match tonight.  Al Madril will be Chicky Starr's guest in the Sports Shop.


Hugo: Those two are ALWAYS fun to listen to!!


Rickin: No comment.  Los Invaders will be out to talk about Invader 3 challenging Bruiser Brody tonight among other thinigs.  Barrabas will be out to tell us how we won't be seeing the NWA Six Man Tag Team Titles defended on TV no doubt.


Hugo: AND how his team is going to advance in the tournament tonight!


Rickin: Barrabas did everything but make sure Boyd and the Crusher will be one step closer to the NWA WWC Carribean Tag Team Titles after tonight when he had Bam Bam attack last week.  In our main event we will see the wounded Rock and Roll RPMs take on the team of Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher to determine who moves on in that tournament.


Hugo: Here's a hint, it's not going to be the Rock 'n' Roll RPMS!


Rickin: We don't know that yet Hugo.  But it's unlikely Tommy Lane has recovered fully from that brutal attack by Bam Bam last week.  Owen Hart has started out towards the ring.  The fans are still unsure of how to react.


Hugo: I'm sure they'll start booing soon enough!  He is a friend of Chicky Starr!!


Rickin: One reason I dislike the way Chicky Starr handled that conversation.  He's going to turn the crowd against Owen Hart for his own purposes.


Hugo: Hart is a talented young man.  I'm sure Chicky sees potential and just wants to guide him!


Rickin: I'm 100% sure Chicky Starr's guidance is not a positive thing for anyone.


Hugo: We'll see how it turns out for Owen Hart.  It may go better than you think!!


Rickin: I highly doubt it.  The best thing that can happen to Owen Hart is Chicky Starr staying far, far away.  Owen has reached the ring and referee Victor Quinonez is calling for the bell.


Mr. Z vs. Owen Hart


Owen is smooth and quick in the ring, keeping control of Z easily.  He cuts off a comeback with a go-behind into a German suplex, bridging for the three count.


Owen Hart by pinfall in 4:37 with a German suplex hold


Rickin: Yet another display of technical prowess from the young Canadian, Owen Hart.  He says he does it to make his father proud.


Hugo: He has 4 sisters and 7 brothers!  All of them older!


Rickin: I can imagine with 7 older brothers it's easy to feel overlooked.  What I see in the ring is a driven athlete who has really pushed himself to be his best. 


Hugo: He is a great pro wrestler already!


Rickin: I just hope he realizes that any father would be proud of his accomplishments and doesn't go to far to prove something.  Next up is Chicky's Sports Shop.  Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez will be in action as well.  Don't touch that dial.


(Commercial Break) 0-8:30


Rickin: We now take you to Chicky Starr's Sports Shop.


The intro to the Sports Shop plays and Victor walks to his normal spot with a microphone.


Victor (wooden delivery): Now it is time to welcome the hottest wrestler and manager in the World Wrestling Council.  Ladies and gentlement, here is the most exciting, most charismatic, best dressed man in Puerto Rico, Chicky Starr.


Chicky walks on to the set grinning with his golf club in hand, spinning it absent mindedly.  He sits down after grabbing the microphone on his chair.


Chicky: Could have been a little more excited Victor, but you did a great job remembering your lines!


Victor nods slightly with no change in expression.  Chicky shakes his head, still grinning.


Chicky: It's okay.  You do the job I need you to do.  I'm sure all of you fans at home are excited for tonight's show, my guest is none other than the Latin Lover, Al Madril!


Madril walks in and greets Victor, who gives him a terse nod.  Madril sits down and grabs the mic on his chair.


Madril: I thought he did great man.  I mean, we always tell him he's got to loosen up, but I think that's why he's good at his job.


Chicky: Yeah, he probably thinks we need to maybe get a little more serious.


Madril: I bet you do, don't you Vic?


Victor doesn't react.


Chicky: I think we should get down to business Al.  You gave Hercules Ayala a submission match AND put the belt up?!?


Madril: You're startin' to sound like that old guy, Sanchez.


Chicky: I'd say he has a point.  Hercules Ayala may be a musclehead, but he's no joke in the ring.  And that reverse figure four is dangerous!


Madril: There are ways around that....


Chicky: Even Ayala isn't stupid enough to come on the show right before the match again.


Madril: How much you willin' to bet he don't come around?  He's enough of a tough guy he just might want to prove a point.


Chicky: Al, you can't-


Madril: Look, we can come up with something right?  You saw how mad he got the last time he got to talk right?


Chicky: He could barely even get the words out, yeah.  You got under his skin.


Madril: Yeah, man.  And like you say, he IS a musclehead.  So let's figure somethin' out after the show.


Chicky: Yeah, just try to not hand them huge advantages in the future okay?


Madril: You really think I went too far?


Chicky: Almost, I think we can make it work.  Have you gone to see his buddy Victor Jovica in the hospital?


Madril: I heard they let him out!  Said somethin' about how he was old enough it didn't matter if his neck was hurt.


Chicky: Hah.  Who knew it would set Ayala off as much as it did?  I'm sure Colon is mad too, but he's got other things to worry about.


Madril: Pretty sure I don't ever want Brody or Abdullah after me.  Those dudes are crazy!


Chicky: Yeah, hard to keep on task though.  Not the only ones that way.  Next week my guests will be the Rock 'n' Roll RPMs.  Victor, take us home!


Madril: Yeah buddy, let 'em have it!


Madril and Chicky get up and start walking out, talking.


Victor (wooden delivery): That is the end of Chicky's Sports Shop.  Feel free to change the channel whenever you like.


Cut back to the arena.


Rickin: That was-


Hugo: GREAT!!!  WOW!!


Rickin: I was going to say interesting.  Chicky Starr actually...agreed with me.


Hugo: Sometimes you are smart!!


Rickin: I'm not sure how to feel about his agreement or what you just said.  Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez are getting a lot of cheers from the crowd. 


Hugo: Even after losing their tournament match!!


Rickin: I'd say they proved themselves to be a very good tag team despite losing.


Hugo: They did do better than I expected.  Los Mercenarios had to get involved, something I didn't expect.


Rickin: But not something you are upset about in any way.


Hugo: Why would I be upset about that?!?


Rickin: Castillo and Perez don't seem to be down about their loss.


Hugo: No, they look fired up actually!


Rickin: I'd say they are coming along as a team and individually.  It looks like referee Tomas Marin is ready to start.  there is the bell.


Los Assassins vs. Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguelito Perez


Castillo and Perez show off their quick tags and teamwork as always.  A clothesline from Castillo after being whipped to the ropes cuts off momentum by los Assassins.  Perez grabs Assassin 1 while Castillo climbs up top.  A Castillo missile dropkick gets the three count.


Huracan Castillo & Miguelito Perez by pinfall in 5:15 with an assisted missile dropkick


Rickin: Big win for those two young men, they needed to get some momentum going again.


Hugo: They have lost their last two big matches!  Boyd and the Crusher beat them on December 23rd and then Ron and Chicky Starr a few weeks ago.


Rickin: Both under some questionable circumstances.


Hugo: A loss is a loss!


Rickin: At a certain point, yes that's right.  I imagine Castillo and Perez will be looking for revenge on both counts soon enough.  They will be joining us at the desk after the break and we will see Abdullah Tamba in action.


Hugo: Not for very long!


Rickin: Very likely he will steamroll el Tejano, yes.  Don't go anywhere fans.


(Commercial Break) 8:30-17:30


Rickin: We are back fans and I am joined by Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez.  You two showed everyone you belong among the elite teams in the WWC a few weeks ago despite losing to Ron and Chicky Starr.


Castillo: We always knew we were good enough to beat anyone.  Things didn't go our way that night, but we can't let that stop us.


Perez: That's right.  We have to look ahead.  We may not be high on the list of challengers for the tag titles when the tournament is over, but we can work our way up with enough wins.


Rickin: It's good to see you boys are willing to work for it.  It's very easy to take shortcuts and be successful without working as hard.


Perez: My father taught me better than that.  He may not be our manager anymore, but I still feel like both of us have a responsibility to our fathers to do things the right way.


Castillo: My father wasn't always a man who went by the rules.  But he has told me how much he regrets some of the things he did.  I know he would want me to at least try and get it right.


Rickin: I know both of your fathers and you are both right.  That's not to say either of you should be above letting your opponents know when they have crossed a line.


Castillo: You don't have to tell me that twice!  One thing I always admired about my father is his fire.  If you push him too far you've got a fight on your hands.  I got that from him and it's something that Boyd and the Crusher are going to find out sooner rather than later!


Perez: Barrabas picked the wrong fight for his boys, I can tell you that much.  We owe them and one thing I picked up from my father is that he always repaid his debts.


Rickin: You're not going to knock them out of the tournament are you?


Perez: I doubt we'll have to.  If they win tonight they have los Invaders next.  You think those guys are going to roll over for Bam Bam?


Rickin: My guess is they will be ready for him.


Castillo: And we don't need to sink to that kind of tactic.  We can wait until we get them in the ring and prove our point then.


Rickin: Thank you for your time gentlemen.  We can hope you get your match with Boyd and the Crusher soon.


Castillo: Thank you Rickin.


Perez: Yeah, thanks.


Hugo: They would get their match for sure if they cost Boyd and the Crusher their match tonight...


Rickin: Like they mentioned, I don't think it's necessary.  I think los Invaders can handle Boyd and the Crusher.  That's if the RPMs don't win tonight.


Hugo: We'll see if Bam Bam gets to them first.


Rickin: There is that.  Here comes Abdullah Tamba with Chicky Starr.


Hugo: Chicky is looking a little less angry than normal with the crowd.


Rickin: Perhaps he is trying to adopt an attitude more like Satanico had.  It is something he mentioned.


Hugo: Yes!  That would do wonders for Chicky!


Rickin: I'm not sure I agree.


Hugo: I was sure you wouldn't!


Rickin: *chuckles*  Very clever Hugo.  Abdullah Tamba is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with here in the WWC.


Hugo: Thank you!  And I think he could be a very successful wrestler anywhere!


Rickin: I agree, he is the most dangerous man in the WWC not named Bam Bam, Bruiser Brody or Abdullah the Butcher.  Referee Ricky Vargas is calling for the bell.


El Tejano vs. Abdullah Tamba w/Chicky Starr


Tamba is in control the whole match, using his size to dominate Tejano.  A tope gives Tamba the countout victory.


Abdullah Tamba by countout in 2:36 with a tope.


Hugo: The flying elephant!!


Rickin: It is an impressive sight.  I can't imagine it feels good for the man getting hit.


Hugo: That's the idea!!!


Rickin: Yes, I suppose it is.  Up next I'll be talking to los Invaders before Invader 3 takes on Bruiser Brody.  We'll be right back.


(Commercial Break) 17:30-23:00


Rickin: Welcome back fans.  I've been joined by all of los Invaders.  Invader 3 you have a very tough task tonight.


Invader 3: Yes, Bruiser Brody is well-known here in Puerto Rico.  He's big, strong and tough as nails.  And on top of all of that the man is legitimately crazy.


Rickin: And he has a manager who will stop at nothing to destroy los Invaders.


Invader 3: Chicky Starr can bring in all the monsters he wants.  He can come up with as many ways of forcing los Invaders and Carlitos Colon out of Puerto Rico as he wants.  I have my friends to back me up and that's all I need.


Rickin: Invaders 1 & 2, do you have any preference at all in who your opponents are in the semi-finals of the tournament to crown new NWA WWC Carribean Tag Team Champions?


Invader 2: I would really like to say we have no preference at all.  But neither of us feel that way.


Invader 1: Both of us would love to get our hands on Ron and Chicky Starr at some point in the tournament.


Rickin: To do that you will have to go through the winner of tonight's match.


Invader 2: We've been training non-stop for that match and will continue to do so.


Invader 1: We know that it will take us reaching the finals to even have a chance of seeing Ron & Chicky Starr.  We won't let that distract us from our opponents, it's just fuel for the fire.


Rickin: And if the winner happens to be the team of Boyd and the Crusher, do you worry about Bam Bam?


Invader 1: Of course.  But we have...some ideas on how to deal with that.


Invader 2: I'm sure Barrabas will be happy to see what they are.


Rickin: Back to Invader 3, have you thought of any kind of strategy that might help you against Brody?


Invader 3: A few, but the key is mixing them up and keeping both Brody and Chicky Starr off-balance about which I'll be employing at what time.  If they know what I'm going to do, it's over for me.


Rickin: And if you should beat Brody tonight?


Invader 3: Chicky Starr will have to find another man to intimidate Carlitos Colon with.


Rickin: Thank you gentlemen for your time.


Invader 1: It's always our pleasure Rickin.


Invaders 2 & 3 nod along.  Invader 1 & 2 head for the back while Invader 3 makes his way to the ring.


Rickin: Invader 3 showing a lot of confidence.  He's got the right idea about keeping Brody guessing.


Hugo: Yeah, once he knows where you'll be...BAM!


Rickin: Hopefully he can mix things up enough to not have that happen too often.  Invader 3 is tough, but Brody is a monster.


Hugo: It's hard to keep an opponent guessing all match.  And if something starts working it's hard to get away from it!


Rickin: I can see where that would happen.  invader 3 also has to deal with the threat of the rest of Chicky Starr's friends coming out and interrupting.


Hugo: I think he has friends of his own that will help out!


Rickin: Yes there is that.  Invader 3 has reached the ring and out comes Chicky Starr, leading Bruiser Brody to the ring.


Hugo: Brody is looking wild tonight!


Rickin: A little too wild maybe.  He can't be pleased with what happened on Three Kings Day.


Hugo: Nobody said controlling a man like that was easy!  Do you think it makes this a more difficult match for Invader 3 if Brody is out of control?!?


Rickin: Bruiser Brody is a very difficult opponent for anyone.  I hope Invader 3 doesn't get too overconfident against him tonight.


Hugo: Especially with Chicky in his corner!!


Rickin: That does make Brody all the more dangerous.  It's hard enough to wrestle a man like Brody without worrying about Chicky Starr on the outside.


Hugo: Everything adds up!


Rickin: It truly does.  Ring announcer Eliud Gonzalez is finished with the introductions and the bell has rung, here we go.


Invader 3 vs. Bruiser Brody w/Chicky Starr


Invader 3 is able to use leverage to work the arm and keep Brody on the mat.  Brody continues to break free and level Invader 3 with a shot or two, then get caught by Invader 3 and put back on the mat with different techniques.  A late dropkick by Invader 3 pops the crowd when it sends Brody to the floor.  A bullet tope by Invader 3 almost gets him a countout win.  Brody gets his way and the match becomes a brawl around ringside.  Chicky is knocked down by Brody when arguing with the big man about getting back into the ring.  Brody beats the count, barely, and ends up hitting the big boot a couple of times for the 3 count.


Bruiser Brody by pinfall in 9:24 after several running big boots


Chicky tells Brody to continue the attack, but the big man gets out of the ring and stomps around ringside, threatening the fans.  Chicky barely manages to herd Brody away from ringside.


Rickin: It seems like Chicky Starr's hold on Bruiser Brody is tenuous at best.


Hugo: I hope he can control him enough to keep him in the ring against Colon!


Rickin: Maybe a slight miscalculation on Chicky Starr's part to sign that match.


Hugo: Maybe...


Rickin: We'll have to wait about three weeks to see.  Our main event is next, the Rock and Roll RPMs against Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher.  We'll hear from Barrabas first when he joins us at the desk.  We'll be right back fans.


(Commercial Break) 23:00-36:30


Rickin: Welcome back fans, I have been joined at the desk by Barrabas, along with Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher.  Conspicuous by his absence is Bam Bam.


Barrabas: We don't need Bam Bam to take care of the Rock 'n' Roll RPMs Rickin.  Those two don't have a chance against a team this good!  I know these fans wish that weren't true, but they will find out soon enough what wishing gets you.


Rickin: If these two don't need Bam Bam then why did he make an appearance after the RPMs match last week?


Barrabas: What does that have to do with Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher?  I don't recall them being involved.


Rickin: You have said before that the NWA Six Man Tag Team Titles would not be defended in Puerto Rico.  I happen to know that earlier this week they were defended in Bayamon.


Barrabas: Well it looks like the WWC's little plan worked.  We didn't have a match for the titles for almost a month and had to defend them here in Puerto Rico.  But they will NEVER be defended on television!


Rickin: I think there are ways that can be forced as well.


Barrabas: You tell Commissioner Pedro Castillo to do what he has to.  The Puerto Rican fans will not see these belts defended on TV!


Rickin: Bam Bam has been in some recent altercations with both Abdullah the Butcher and Carlitos Colon.  Is that by design or just due to circumstances that Colon has become involved?


Barrabas: Bam Bam is more than capable of taking on both Abdullah the Butcher and Carlitos Colon.  Design or not, Colon now know he needs to fear Bam Bam!


Rickin: What kind of chance do you give the Rock 'n' Roll RPMs against your team of Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher tonight?


Barrabas: None.  They are clearly the weaker team and these two men here have no mercy.  They give no quarter.  Something the RPMs will find out the hard way tonight.


Rickin: Barrabas now leading his men to the ring, he seems very confident that his men will achieve victory.


Hugo: He should, Tommy Lane will be an easy target!


Rickin: He mentioned that he had not planned on Bam Bam going after Colon yet.  I wonder if that tag match last week was somebody else's way of making that happen.


Hugo: I think I know who!!


Rickin: I would agree.  The fans are not being kind to Barrabas, Boyd or the Crusher. 


Hugo: They don't like what happened last week anymore than you do.


Rickin: Nor should they.  Lane and Davis should be given a fair chance to win.


Hugo: Life isn't fair Rickin.  You have to take what advantages you can!


Rickin: I imagine more than a few people think like that.  Boyd and the Crusher are in the ring and here come the Rock and Roll RPMs.


Hugo: Lane's ribs are taped up!


Rickin: After last week they would have to be.


Hugo: I hope all this crowd support they are getting can make that feel better!


Rickin: It may not make the ribs feel better, but you can bet Lane will dig deep to keep fighting beacuse of the support.


Hugo: Sometimes that can be a bad thing.  What happens if there is something very wrong with your ribs and you need medical atention?!?


Rickin: You have a point, but wrestlers have a lot of pride and they will fight through injuries because of it.


Hugo: I tried that, didn't like it.  An injury is an injury and should be taken care of!


Rickin: I'm sure they tend their injuries very thoroughly once they reach the locker room. 


Hugo: Crusher and Boyd are attacking before the bell!!


Rock 'n' Roll RPMs vs. Jonathan Boyd & the Crusher w/Barrabas


Boyd and the Crusher immediately target Lane's injured ribs, which allows Davis to come back for his team.  Both RPMs clear the Crusher out of the ring and work very quick tags (Lane not staying in long at all) on Boyd.  The Crusher gets his turn and also gets worked over by the teamwork.  Lane takes a few shots to the ribs from Crusher and Barrabas' team works his ribs over for a while.  Lane finally is able to crawl through the legs of the Crusher and tag Davis, who comes back against both opponents.  The numbers game catches up with Davis and Lane enters the fray, only to take a few shots to the ribs from Crusher.  Things spill outside and Lane gets rolled back into the ring, Boyd rolling him up with his feet on the ropes for the three count.


Jonathan Boyd & the Crusher by pinfall at 11:06 with an illegal roll-up


Boyd and the Crusher aren't done, but Huracan Castillo Jr. and Migualito Perez are out to make the save.


Rickin: If their chances were so good, why did Boyd have to use an illegal pinning combination to get that win?


Hugo: You use whatever advantages you can!


Rickin: The duo of Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher moves on to face los Invaders in the next round of the tournament.  Those two semi-finals matches will be the first on the card February 22nd in Guaynabo.  We will run down the card for that event before we sign off.  But first we have some major news for our fans.


Hugo: The champ will be here!!


Rickin: He's not the champion anymore Hugo.


Hugo: He'll always be the champion!


Rickin: Ric Flair, former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, will be with us next week and we have a real treat for the fans.  Flair will be facing Carlitos Colon in singles competition.


Hugo: WOW!!!  What a match!! 


Rickin: I will get the chance to talk with Ric Flair as well, which should be a treat.


Hugo: He always has a lot to say!


Rickin: Very true Hugo.  As promised, the announced matches for February 22nd will be shown as we go off the air.  Be sure to not miss next week's show.


Bruiser Brody w/Chicky Starr vs. Carlitos Colon © for the NWA WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship

Bam Bam vs. Abdullah the Butcher

Hercules Ayala vs. "The Latin Lover" Al Madril © for the NWA WWC Carribean heavyweight Championship

TNT vs. Gama Singh

Ricky Santana vs. Owen Hart

Jonathan Boyd & the Crusher vs. Invader 1 & 2 (semifinal 2)

Los Super Medicos vs. Ron & Chicky Starr (semifinal 1)

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Posted 02 February 2018 - 02:55 PM

I love that with every show going by, you plant the seed for everything explaining Owen Hart's actions & motivations.

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I love Madril and Chicky just blatantly discussing their plan to set a trap for Hercules Ayala. Hopefully for their sake he wasn't watching the show  :lol:


I love how you write up Brody here. A true monster, constantly on the verge of going out of control. 

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Man that Feb. 22nd card is stacked! Love the "flying elephant' comment LOL. The RPM's put up a valiant fight but take a heartbreaking loss. Brody/Invader 3 was a special TV match for the fans. Madril and Chicky were quite the pair. Wow Ric Flair and Carlos Colon on TV, that's awesome!

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