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Terry Funk vs Virgil - NWC 2/11/95

Total Chaos Terry Funk Virgil

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#1 Jmare007

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Posted 14 February 2018 - 09:37 AM

This is from a commercial tape called "Total Caos" and boy is that title fitting. Not even 3 seconds into the match Terry goes through a table after a punch by Virgil on the apron :lol:  this is a wild brawl with them taking the action all over the place and Funk being the madman we all love, he hits the color commentator, uses a photographer as a shield, gets into a fight with a "fan" - it looked as if it was legit but no idea if it was a plant - knocks out the ref with a headbutt AND brands him on the back once the match is over. Virgil was pretty good showing fire and beating The Funker up all over the arena, and he had the crowd really pumped up for each of his comebacks. But still, this was Terry's show. As always, he does whatever is necessary to make the match fun to watch and he succeeds. Marked out for JYD coming out in the end to save Virgil from being branded.


I guess some people could be bothered by Funk being too cartoonish but I don't give a damn, this was a blast to watch. Shout out to the commentary too, it really added to the match. Secret Santo for the win.

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