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Antonio Inoki vs. Tiger Jeet Singh (NJPW 1/9/76)

Antonio Inoki Tiger Jeet Singh NJPW 1976 January 9

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#1 Jetlag

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Posted 17 March 2018 - 01:33 PM

Oh, Tiger, you and your goofy rapier. Tiger ambushes Inoki and pummels him in the face with the butt of his rapier like a goof. Inoki bleeds immediately and Singh goes to town on him throwing chairs in his face and drinking his blood like a vampire. Jeet Singh may be not as intense a brawler as the Sangre Chicanas and Perro Aguayos of this world, but he does the same things they would do: punching and kicking a bloody Inoki in the head, dumping row of chairs on him, etc. Inoki makes comeback by nailing Singh with a random bottle and then throwing punches. You don't think of Inoki as Jerry Lawler but he throws awesome punches and there are some cool exhausted exchanges from their knees here. Both guys were also grimacing to the max, with Inoki's blood painted face being a distorted mask of wrath. They spill to the outside and the double countout ensues but they keep going at it. This was not on the level of your classic bloodbaths due to being a little long and slow but it may be my favourite Inoki/Singh match so far because it gets straight to the point and the action is what you want all the way.

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