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Jerry Lawler vs Steven Richards (MCW TV 01/20/01)

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Posted 16 May 2018 - 11:30 AM

Today’s TV episode features matches that were all taped at the ‘Corinth Chaos’ show a week earlier.  Richards has got some words for the crowd, however a dodgy mic means we can’t make out what he has to say.  Lawler backs him into the corner off a lock up and despite clenching his fist ready, Richards outstretches his arms and we get a clean break.  Not so next time as Richards goes to cheap shot ‘the King’, but he blocks the punch and decks him with a right hand of his own.  He steps through the ropes to the floor and removes his shirt trying to psyche himself up.  Check out Lawler sell the removal of the shirt with his facials.  Richards is now ready for a right and pounds away on ‘the King’ until he turns the tables, firing back and pummelling him to the mat.  Stomp to the groin and Richards is on the outside again threatening to return to the dressing room.  Naturally he doesn’t and he’s back in the ring just before the ten count.  He starts stamping his foot for the ‘Steven-kick’, but his efforts to get the fans to clap along with him elicits the opposite reaction as they boo instead.  Richards is in ‘the King’s’ face telling him to “look in to my eyes” as if he’s trying to hypnotize him to join his crusade; his response is a short sharp jab to the nose.  He misses the fist drop and Richards has finally got a bit of control of things.  Elbow drop for a two.  Lawler escapes the rear chinlock and Richards gets another near fall after a suplex.  He takes ‘the King’ on a tour of the turnbuckles, ramming his head into each, but all that does is slowly fire him.  Lawler pulls down the strap, but Richards backs off, PULLS THE STRAP BACK UP and offers him his hand.  That was genius!  ‘The King’ accepts before booting him in the gut and pulling that strap back down.  Stunner!  The ‘ten punch spot’ in the corner becomes fifty punches as Lawler continues and continues to rain down blows on his opponent.  Whip to the opposite corner is reversed and ‘the King’ goes crashing into referee William Gibson.  ‘KO’ punch by Richards, however Gibson is clutching at his ribs and can’t count the cover.  Richards goes and grabs him, giving him the “look in to my eyes” spiel, but Lawler with a schoolboy roll up as he’s doing so for the win.


Simple action here, but fun and highly entertaining throughout with a crowd who lapped it all up.  That spot with Richards pulling Lawler’s strap back up was tremendous.

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