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Jeff Jarrett vs Samoa Joe - TNA Final Resolution 2010 Submission Match

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Posted 16 May 2018 - 09:34 PM

Jeff Jarrett vs Samoa Joe - TNA Final Resolution 2010 Submission Match


This is during Jeff Jarrett's glorious MMA gimmick where he was doing the Double J Double M A Exhibitions. Easily the best thing on TNA in this timeframe. Jarrett was actually positioned for a super heel run and you could argue he was the number one heel in TNA through the first half of 2011 not too shabby for 'ol Double J. He was aligned with heel Hogan/Bischoff and would be feuding with Angel soon.


I thought this could have been funner at times. More Jarrett cowardice would have been entertaining. He was thoroughly dominated by Joe as should be expected. Joe was attacked before the match by his goons and Tonya Harding'd. I liked that Joe was having trouble with his leg so he just sat down and invited Jarrett to enter his guard. He gobbled Jarrett right up. Jarrett only offense was to pick the leg and wrap it around the post. He got a anklelock, but once Joe broke free it was all Joe. Joe looked good, but part of it was he had to keep selling his leg so it was not a full-speed Joe ass-whuppin. Jarrett tapped twice for Joe both outside the ring to protect Joe. The goons ran interference. Double J got a hold of the leg and Anklelock to send a message to Angle to win the match. Perfectly good wrestling, but it could have been more if Jarrett went full Memphis and just made a total ass out of himself. ***

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