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In Topic: Bruce Prichard's credibility

25 May 2018 - 06:38 PM

Has Bruce addressed his substance abuse issues on the show? He has no obligation to do so, but I just wondered if he has opened up about it at all.


He has, but never all in one place or in one particular episode.  They talk about it a fair bit in the infamous "Why Was Bruce Fired" episode, but as peachchaos said, he alludes to his substance use throughout the history of the show when it comes up during the course of conversation more than anything. He actually talked about it more during an interview he did with the Two Man Powertrip of Wrestling podcast a while back.  Actually, he did that interview in response to Russo.  After Prichard did his initial podcast on Russo, Russo replied in a podcast of his own and claimed that Prichard's memory couldn't be trusted because he was a pill user and a drunk.


At different times throughout the course of his show, Prichard has confessed to doing cocaine, smoking a lot of pot and popping a lot of pills.  He claims that despite rumors to the contrary, he never went to rehab to address the issue.  He claimed he has no problem with the concept of rehab but that he never felt he was out of control enough to need to go.  He has claimed he no longer does coke or pills and rarely smokes pot, but he still drinks a fair bit of beer.  If you read between the lines, it sounds like the combination of his wife being diagnosed with cancer and being a father might have made him decide to slow down a bit.  Plus, he did have two heart attacks, so there's that too. There was one humorous story (I forget on which episode) where Bruce says that he's not surprised people think he's been through rehab - his own brother (Dr.) Tom assumed he had been and was shocked when Bruce told him he hadn't.

In Topic: WWE Network... It's Here

24 May 2018 - 05:48 PM

I literally came into this thread to see if anyone posted anything about the Russo episode.


Yeah, C.S. pretty much covered it.  It was just like all the previous network shows so far, nothing new discussed or learned if you heard them cover the topic originally on the podcast - and their original Russo episode was over 3 hours long if I remember correctly. 


Unless you were really dying to see a couple of video clips of Vince Russo and his uni-brow wandering around backstage in the WWF during the 90's, or you have a burning desire to see some clips of "Vic Venom" on Livewire.  If that's the case, then this episode is can't miss.

In Topic: Bruce Prichard's credibility

24 May 2018 - 03:06 PM

Conrad also kept plugging Russo's Realm Network, which I guess is his podcast or company, and that makes any "strife" between them feel like a work between two carnies.


Yeah I forgot to mention that, good point CS.  Conrad was clearly promoting Russo's podcast and Network, he mentioned it a few times in detail.  It sure sounded like he was plugging him, which also made me suspicious about the whole thing being some sort of "work."

In Topic: Bruce Prichard's credibility

24 May 2018 - 01:30 AM

On the topic of podcasts being full of it and "working" people, I am getting suspicious of something involving Conrad Thompson and Vince Russo.


The topic for this past Monday's episode of 83 Weeks was Bash at the Beach 2000, which of course centered around the infamous incident between Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo.  Understandably, the majority of the discussion was about Vince Russo. Needless to say, Eric Bischoff did not have much nice to say about Vince Russo, despite Conrad saying that he liked Russo as a person and he was a nice guy. During the podcast, Conrad mentioned several times that he knew Russo would be responding to the show.


The topic for yesterday's "Something Else to Wrestle With" on the WWE Network was...Vince Russo. Like the episode of 83 Weeks, the show was less than flattering, and once again Conrad discussed the fact that he was anticipating a heated reaction by Russo.


Coincidentally (?) late last week, Vince Russo announced he would be appearing at Starrcast on Labor Day weekend, the upcoming Wrestling Podcast convention, which is being held in conjunction with the "All In" event being run by The Elite.  Starrcast is being run by Conrad Thompson.  Pretty much the minute that Russo announced he was going to be at Starrcast, Cody Rhodes announced that no...he wasn't and that he wasn't welcome there.


Call me paranoid, but this whole thing smells like an attempt by Conrad Thompson to get more publicity for Vince Russo (who after being fired by Podcast One was thankfully starting to fade from any type of "relevance" in the Pro Wrestling business.)  I am wondering if Conrad and Vince Russo are working some sort of stupid "swerve" or trying to get publicity for Starrcast.  Like suddenly it is going to be announced that Russo is going to be at Starrcast anyhow, despite the fact he was told he isn't welcome.  Or even worse Russo is going to appear at All In.  (He had reportedly publicly offered to make an appearance at All In and cut a promo on "all the marks.")


If this isn't part of some goofy publicity stunt, then I have to question why all of the sudden Conrad Thompson felt the need to host two of his shows with the topic being about Vince Russo in the space of a week...the same week where he was publicly uninvited to a convention that Conrad is running.  Smells fishy to me.

In Topic: Something To Love (Bruce Prichard's podcast)

23 May 2018 - 03:52 PM

Also, for what it's worth:

When Conrad got weirdly passive aggressive with me after I tweeted that the USA Today bit was pretty unacceptable (especially clipping it for YouTube and promoting it on social media with wording that stated factually that Dave went to USA Today to expose the business), he said in DMs to me that I "don't get it" because it has their and Dave's numbers up. He basically tried to counter an argument (that I was criticizing the general anti-Dave shtick or how they deal with the entertainment/fact divide in general) that I didn't actually make.


I don't know how weird it really is, Bix.  Conrad can go from passive-aggressive at best, to downright rude, snarky and insulting if you criticize him.  I've seen several incidents of people who are new to the show tweeting him about one thing or another, (sometimes not even being critical) only to get a snappy response.  Conrad does a great job playing the smiling, jolly, congenial good ole' boy who is "just a fan" but I think that might ironically be just a gimmick.  Maybe he and Bruce have a lot more in common than is evident on the surface.


That's why I was pleasantly shocked when he responded politely to my email. I had anticipated a rude response and actually told him in the original email I was anticipating either no response or something snarky, but he surprised me.  But in general, I don't think Conrad deals with criticism any better than Bruce does.