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Looking for information on Big League Wrestling (UK)

01 December 2017 - 12:41 PM

This company ran a PPV on Fite last weekend.   I'm trying to find results and more information of their history.   There is nothing on Cagematch.   How long have they been around?   How many shows have they run?   I found a match list for a show in August, but no results.  They have another show scheduled on 2/25/18 with MVP and Swagger.


BLW Grandslam 11/26/17

Venue Westlands : Yeovil




Harlem Bravado defeats Dean Allmark 

Jake McCluskey defeats Kieran Bruce

BLW Women's Championship--  Jamie Hayter defeats Ayesha Raymond TITLE CHANGE

Streetfight--  Chris Andrews defeats Eddie Ryan

Ten Man Tag Team Elimination Match---   Team BLW (BLW Tag Team Champion, Big Grizzly, Psycho Phillips, Sid Scala, Josh Bodom & Chris Walker) def. Team UPW (BLW Tag Team Champion, Dave Mastiff, Dick Riley, The Brothers Awe (Otis & Alfie Awe) & Adam Da Silva)

BLW Heavyweight Championship--   Alberto El Patron © defeats Matt Riddle by submission  9:32


September 6, 2017  OWNERSHIP CHANGE ANNOUNCED----------------------------


They advertised a show on August 20, 2017, but I cannot find results.  Did this take place?

BLW Revolution

Venue  Exeter Corn Exchange, Exeter

Psycho Phillips vs Jake McCluskey

Hardcore Invitational--  Karl Atlas vs ???

Dick Riley vs Sid Scala

Chris Andrews vs Sid Scala

Jake Hager (Swagger) vs Harlem Bravado

BLW Tag Team Championship--  Champs, Team GB (Dave Mastiff and Big Grizzly) vs Otis and Alfie Awe




BLW Gold Rush February 26, 2017

Exmouth Pavillion, Exmouth


Lion Kid defeats Josh Bodom

Psycho Phillips defeats Chris Andrews

BLW Tag Team Championship--   DECISION MATCH--   Team GB (Dave Mastiff and Big Grizzly) defeat Liquid Dreams (Jake McCluskey and Bruce)  to become the FIRST CHAMPIONS

Scott Wainwright defeats Sid Scala

BLW World Heavyweight Championship

Alberto El Patron defeats Mr Anderson (Kennedy)   --  TITLE CHANGE


BLW Inception November 26, 2016  (Is this their first show???).   Takes a lot of guts to advertise a WORLD TITLE match on your first show...


Venue:  Exeter Corn Exchange, Exeter

Lion Kid defeats Sid Scala

Psycho Phillips defeats Karl Atlas

Liquid Dreams (Jake McCluskey and Bruce) defeats Scott Wainwright and Big Grizzly

Chris Andrews defeats Big Grizzly

BLW World Heavyweight Championship Match

Mr Anderson (Kennedy) defeats MVP  (NEW CHAMPION)



Rocky Della Serra vs Louis Laurence 1/31/81 Montreal (George Cannon's Superstars of...

12 October 2017 - 05:47 PM

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Dino Bravo vs Andre Moreau 1/31/81 Montreal

12 October 2017 - 05:44 PM

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Tarzan Johnny Wilson vs Mal King Kong Kirk 1/31/81 Joint Promotions

12 October 2017 - 05:42 PM

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Rusher Kimura vs Bob Sweetan 1/31/81 IWE Japan

12 October 2017 - 05:41 PM

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