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In Topic: Andre The Giant HBO doc

11 April 2018 - 07:39 PM

I'm just happy that Hogan didn't claim to have torn every muscle in his back slamming Andre in this documentary. But he probably should have figured out that things were gonna go smoothly once things started happening as were 'laid out' on the 'legal pad'.


It is sorta disappointing they couldn't find a way to at least mention Andre winning the title in front of the largest TV audience for wrestling ever (at least in the USA) and causing various kids, including one of my cousins, to cry about Hogan losing.

In Topic: Andre The Giant HBO doc

11 April 2018 - 06:46 PM

I thought it was good. The biggest surprise to me was how good Hulk came across. Usually he makes me roll my eyes. This time he seemed more genuine. His Savage and Andre impersonations were definitely a highlight.

I've read some people who grumbled over Hogan getting a short biopiece in this documentary in the leadup to WM3. But it wasn't like the Bartman 30 for 30 that talked about Bill Buckner.


But yeah, Hogan's probably a bit like a political boss, only in Wrestling. If you roll with him, everything is great, and if your interests conflicted with his interests, you were gonna hate him for that. At least until you were able to make some money with him.

In Topic: Andre The Giant HBO doc

11 April 2018 - 02:26 AM

I guess it's a sign of the post-death reputation boost for the Warrior that he didn't get mentioned in their section about people Andre disliked. Although they would either need to recycle Heenan footage (or have somebody else tell the story) as an example of Andre punching Warrior in the mouth in reaction to how Warrior worked Andre.

In Topic: Andre The Giant HBO doc

11 April 2018 - 01:04 AM

This isn't obscure trivia by any means, but Andre's last US TV appearance was on the Clash 20 in Atlanta. So, if there were bad feelings, it got to that point of Andre helping out someone he had worked with a bunch before (Watts) even while Watts was the competition to Vince.


Then again, Hogan wasn't sure if Andre was gonna job to him, so I could see Vince accidentally exaggerating animosity too.


Vince's whole system really does make HHH seem like a Peace Prize candidate for his ability to bring people that had been at odds with Vince back aboard.


Then again, it's Vince and he can be contradictory, and some people have (jokingly?) said that being at odds with Vince somehow helped you get another shot with him.


I think the Flair 30 for 30 was better than the Andre doc. But there was a lot more to work with in regards to Flair, compared to Andre.

In Topic: Andre The Giant HBO doc

11 April 2018 - 12:02 AM

The Andre thing is sort of a thing where you can think "why haven't they gone more in depth" before it, then after a documentary, you realize that new ground really wasn't covered.


Not sure if it's possible to really cover new ground with the people around to talk about Andre. Both because of the people available and what else is there really left to cover?


And in a way, if the uncovered things were negative about him, I'm not sure there'd really be an audience for "the guy who was a mythic hero in your childhood was actually bad", and that's a thing that has popped up for quite a few people in the last 5 years.


Also, Shoemaker sorta comes off as the faux-historian types that show up on shows like Mysteries at the Museum. His timeline on the Andre ankle injury and the Vince expansion was bullshit.


I'm not sure if Hogan's WM3 account is technically bullshit if he believed it. Vince is fascinating for reasons, and his claims of banishing bad memories/experiences is interesting when you consider certain things he has mentioned about his life growing up.