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Today, 02:05 PM

Raw has actually been really good when I've watched lately if you pretend that the following things don't exist:


- Announcers

- Wrestlers talking who aren't The Miz or Jason Jordan

- Bray Wyatt

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Today, 01:48 PM


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Today, 10:59 AM

Sorry to sound like a massive pedant here, but when you say World of Sport are you planning to look just at what aired on ITV, or at British wrestling in general from that period?


I ask because there's a ton of interesting British footage from the 70s, 80s and 90s out there which isn't from WOS / ITV, such as Reslo, camcorder footage, etc.


I'm never sure how much of British wrestling gets lumped in under the term 'World of Sport' in any given discussion.


This is a good time to ask if every single match that aired in the original ITV run aired on the "Movies & Men" run in the 2000s. Or were some left on the cutting room floor? In other words, are there original 70s-80s recordings out there that are worth finding and getting, or would they just be duplicates of the superior quality 2000s stuff that aired?

In Topic: WWE TV 01/22 - 01/28

Yesterday, 10:17 PM

If I had to guess, the Club-Revival match would have gotten at least a few more minutes, but they had a time cut because something ran long.

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Yesterday, 08:59 PM

Finish to Miz-Reigns was outstanding. GREAT match finish!