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Cheapshot GIFs

11 August 2017 - 08:11 PM

I created a new, separate account for cheapshot to post GIFs in the Match Discussion Archive, and possibly elsewhere on the board from time to time. He'll never post written content under that username - only GIFs. We set it up that way because we know that images slow down the page view for some of you, so that gives you the option to block that user and still view the page without missing any written posts. So he'll have his regular posting account for written posts, and a separate account just for GIFs. If you follow him on Twitter, you know he makes quite a few. :)

Everyone may want to start grabbing podcasts

13 July 2017 - 06:27 AM

I suspect Soundcloud isn't long for this world.



What If: ...The WWF Signs Ric Flair in 1988

28 May 2017 - 06:49 PM

Here's a big one to ponder. A condition of JCP selling to Turner was that Flair would be around. Flair came close to signing with the WWF during this time, which would have changed wrestling history in many ways. Just a few things to ponder among many:


- Would the WWF have ended up with a monopoly as early as 1988? How does wrestling history change if WCW never exists?

- Would JCP have been able to sell off to TBS at all, possibly at lesser value?


All of these questions assume there is a monopoly at this point:

- What are the big money matches and just how big money are they? Hogan-Flair, Savage-Flair, Hogan-Savage vs Sting-Luger, Hogan-Luger, Warrior-Sting, Warrior-Luger, Road Warriors-Demolition, Hogan-Savage vs Flair-Windham, Hogan-Sting, and probably others I haven't even thought of.

- How does Hogan's career arc change? How does Flair's career arc change? Sting's? Luger's? Savage's? Ultimate Warrior's? 

- Who does the WWF decide they have no place for and/or the talent has no interest in working for? Do Corny and the MX end up working Memphis, Dallas and Continental, for example?

- Does the WWF still take Dusty? Does Dusty still want to go?


These questions assume there is no monopoly and that TBS still purchases JCP:

- How does WCW build up without Flair and make it work, recognizing that the WCW audience was different than the WWF audience? Who came closest to fitting the bill in terms of being a hardcore darling, great worker as a heel or babyface and strong promo that could fill that role?

- Would a Flair run in 1988-1989 be much different than a Flair run in 1991-1992?

Villano IV & Villano V vs Lenny Lane & Lodi (WCW Worldwide 04/08/00)

08 April 2017 - 10:51 PM

Lenny and Lodi in this rave gimmick as high energy babyfaces is a bust, because teams doing that stuff are a dime a dozen, so everything they do looks second-rate, even when it's technically good -- stuff like them stealing Hardy Boyz offense or doing dance moves, which I guess is supposed to make them a less obnoxious version of 2 Cool or 3 Count. I don't think Lenny Lane was a bad worker at all, but he was just not very seasoned at all, so he struggled with what to do between moves. There were many times you could see him standing there waiting on his opponent to get in position instead of finding a way to make the transition look more natural. And sadly, his short career is the story of one bad break after another, with the WWF not being interested in him because they felt he looked too much like Jericho and Standards & Practices pulling the plug on a gimmick he and Lodi had that was unique enough that it could have clicked. This is an okay match, but it all rings hollow because it just feels like they are copying what other people are doing. The Villanos are serviceable for sure, but they are no El Dandy and Silver King, and neither Lenny nor Lodi is in La Parka's galaxy.

Wolfie D vs Ali (MPPW TV 04/08/00)

08 April 2017 - 09:44 PM

This was a really well put together match -- good studio brawl that spills into the back and keeps up the intensity before landing back in the ring. Wolfie is great at bumping for Ali's big power moves and making him look like a killer. I even liked the ref bumps in this context because Power Pro doesn't do them in every single match (are you listening, OVW?), so they carry weight and actually make the match seem like a bigger deal in this case. Wolfie wins the title, but Ali is ripped off and has reason to come back strong. I enjoyed this quite a bit. ***