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I dropped my not in date order because I didn't want to keep updating 2 lists.

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I have high hopes for this. Chavo is a stud, and Mansfield has been a lot of fun. Chavo has the NJPW jr. belt. Mansfield is chewing up the scenery early on. Big punch and miss by Mansfield. Chavo on the leg. Still working the leg with a fun knee lock. Mansfield flips Chavo, but he lands on his feet. He then goes back to the leg. Chavo's shine has been pretty solid. Chavo with the flying ankle pick , and back to working the leg. Chavo with leg kicks. Then he snaps the leg, and does a toe hold. I like Mansfield selling and trying to protect the leg. Mansfild suckers him in. A back breaker by Mansfield. Eddie tosses Chavo to the floor. Mansfield working him over. Chavo goes into the post. Mansfield works the arm. It gets sloppy down the stretch. Disapointing match;

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Yesterday, 04:10 PM

I loved Billy cranking Dory with a leverage move.Billy with one of his carnie escapes. At the end he snaps Dory's leg. Billy slaps the taste out of Dory and the crowd reacts. Billy working the arm, but takes an elbow and bumps to the outside. Billy is pissed, and Dory takes a powder. A Robinson back breaker gets 2. European forearms rocks Dory. Another back breaker gets 2. Billy focusing on the back, and hooks on a surfboard. Now Billy transitions to put his knee in Dory's back. Loved Robinson trap pin attempt on Dory. Dory hits a forearm shiver. Now Dory is hitting Robinson with stiff looking European forearms. Robinson is reeling. We jump to the final 5 minutes. Dory with more nasty European Forearms. Robinson with a jumping punch. Big neck breaker gets 2. Billy eats another forearm, but counters into an adominal stretch. Robinson back breaker causes Billy's knee to give out. We end up in a draw. Their was a lot to like.At times I could see people saying it was boring. I thought Robinson looked good. Dory at times.  The last 5 minutes really helped the match. 3* 

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26 April 2017 - 12:33 PM

I always love these threads. Usually our ideas far eclipse what we get.