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Chavo Guerrero vs Eddie Mansfield (Houston 1/16/81)

Yesterday, 06:24 PM

I have high hopes for this. Chavo is a stud, and Mansfield has been a lot of fun. Chavo has the NJPW jr. belt. Mansfield is chewing up the scenery early on. Big punch and miss by Mansfield. Chavo on the leg. Still working the leg with a fun knee lock. Mansfield flips Chavo, but he lands on his feet. He then goes back to the leg. Chavo's shine has been pretty solid. Chavo with the flying ankle pick , and back to working the leg. Chavo with leg kicks. Then he snaps the leg, and does a toe hold. I like Mansfield selling and trying to protect the leg. Mansfild suckers him in. A back breaker by Mansfield. Eddie tosses Chavo to the floor. Mansfield working him over. Chavo goes into the post. Mansfield works the arm. It gets sloppy down the stretch. Disapointing match;

Billy Robinson vs Dory Funk Jr. (Houston 1/16/81)

Yesterday, 04:08 PM

I loved Billy cranking Dory with a leverage move.Billy with one of his carnie escapes. At the end he snaps Dory's leg. Billy slaps the taste out of Dory and the crowd reacts. Billy working the arm, but takes an elbow and bumps to the outside. Billy is pissed, and Dory takes a powder. A Robinson back breaker gets 2. European forearms rocks Dory. Another back breaker gets 2. Billy focusing on the back, and hooks on a surfboard. Now Billy transitions to put his knee in Dory's back. Loved Robinson trap pin attempt on Dory. Dory hits a forearm shiver. Now Dory is hitting Robinson with stiff looking European forearms. Robinson is reeling. We jump to the final 5 minutes. Dory with more nasty European Forearms. Robinson with a jumping punch. Big neck breaker gets 2. Billy eats another forearm, but counters into an adominal stretch. Robinson back breaker causes Billy's knee to give out. We end up in a draw. Their was a lot to like.At times I could see people saying it was boring. I thought Robinson looked good. Dory at times. 3* 

Space City! A NWA ON DEMAND Podcast 4/28/17

Yesterday, 03:28 PM



Pete and Johnny are lock and loaded and ready to go. We watched the footage , and now hear our thoughts.

On the agenda:

1. Dick Slater vs Bobby Duncum 9/11/81
2.Manny Fernandez/Tiger Conway Jr. vs Buck Robley/TankPatton 9/11/81
3. Jose Lothario vs Pak Song 5/23/80
-Welcome back Jose!!!

4. Gino Hernandez vs Gary Young 3/28/81
-Does Gino have another best guys ever match ?

5. Mark Lewin vs Toru Tanaka 3/28/81
-Where does this rank in babyface turns?
- JJ Dillon and his role.
- -Gary Hart and what role did he play?
- The psychology of a drop kick and how it played out in Houston.
-Hear the great story why Paul Boesch booked it according to Gary Hart.

Dynamic Duo vs Tiger Conway Jr./Scott Casey (Houston 1/16/81)

25 April 2017 - 05:06 PM

The Duo seem to always deliver. This is an odd camera angle.  Tiger unloads on Tully, and the camera angle is back to normal. Both Tully and Gino are bumping and stooging big time. Love Tully selling his attempted headbutt on Tiger.Finally the #'s game catches up to Tiger, and he's FIP. Both members of the Duo are great at working the apron. Hot tag to the Cowboy.  Casey standing tall and kicking ass.The dbl team to set up their advantage. They cut him off and work him  over. He tags to Tiger, and hits an amazing flying headbutt.  1,2,3


Fall 2 


Conway dominating early. Casey in and they mesh as a tag team. Tiger presses the moment. The faces have all the momentum until Tiger misses Tully in the corner and posts himself. This leads to the Duo stealing the fall. 


Fall 3 


Gino working over Tiger's hurt shoulder. Tully in and he punches Tiger right in the shoulder. Gino back in and is stomping the shoulder. The heat is getting hot. Quick tags working over the shoulder. The Duo are maestros working over the shoulder. Hot tag and Casey is bumping the Duo. Again the Duo use the #'s game and cut off the Cowboy. They're focusing on Scott's back.  Crowd getting restless. Ref distraction. They toss Casey over the top rope. Ref tries to get Conway out. Gino hits his falling elbow from the top for the win. 4*


In ring promo from the Duo. Boesch is disgusted. Tully and Gino are on fire.

Black Gordman vs Relampago Leon (Houston 1/16/81)

24 April 2017 - 09:20 PM

Leon with a nice Lucha arm drag to start. A lot of back and forth. Gordman is in full   Rudo mode. Gordman is great at feeding Leon. He also knows when to cut it off. Overall, a good solid underneath match.