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Space City! A NWA ON DEMAND Podcast 6/23/17

Today, 08:22 AM



This was a great episode. We had some laughs, chuckles, and some good wrestling to talk about.
1.Masked Gino vs Nick Kozack 12/1/78
-a fan pops Pete and Johnny big.
2. Tiger Conway Jr. and Ernie Ladd promo
-Could Ernie Ladd replace Don Cornelious on Soul Train? Who do you think could have.
3.Super Ninja vs Sam Houston 2/20/87
-Memories of Sam Houston
4.Sting/Gilbert vs Young/Gaylord 2/20/87
-is this an Eddie Gilbert masterpiece or did he shit the bed?
5. Promos, promos, promos from 84
6. Ted Dibiase vs OMG NO DQ 2/6/87
-Does Ted continue his baby face ace run here?

This Week in Wrestling Indys &International 6/23/17

23 June 2017 - 03:22 PM



Pete and Tim have a fun show.

1. We look at CWF-Worldwide

2. The we talk about NXT.

3. It's the 1/2 way point in the year. So Pete and Tim talk their top 10 matches, and wrestlers so far this year.




Sting/Eddie Gilbert vs Gary Young/Jeff Gaylord (Houston 2/20/87)

19 June 2017 - 05:13 PM

20 plus minutes here. Sting starting to get some cheers here. Gilbert taking his time early. The dive and miss is a great opening spot by Gilbert. It really needed a Gary Young strut though to put an exclamation point on it. We get some chain wrestling early, and Young establishes he isn't going to be pushed around. Young with some really deep arm drags. Eddie really milking it and just working.Eddie is much fun stooging away. The exaggerated bump on a stomp to the face was just glorious. Now he's begging off to Gaylord. Sting in and it's the muscles turn. Both Sting and Eddie do a great job building to both guys taking the shoulder block bump. The crowd went nuts for it. Eddie with a great distraction spot that allows Sting to toss Gary over the top rope. This sets up the heat, and Sting looks to be softening up Gary's back. Eddie gets a cheap shot in. The cheap shots behind the refs back gets tons of heat. This gets to rally behind Gary like he's Tommy Rogers. Eddie in and takes over working an adominal stretch. Again they toss Young over the top rope. Back into the abdominal stretch. Eddie gets cocky, and misses and elbow drop. In a great revenge spot Young tosses Eddie over the top rope. Young makes  hot tag . Gaylord is a house of fire, but Sting is stronger and turns the tide. Eddie gets the 3 after Stings does the heavy lifting. Eddie Gilbert was incredible here. Young carried his end. Both Sting and Gaylord had their moments. This far exceeded my expectations. Show this match to show why Eddie Glibert is an incredible worker. 3 1/4* 

Gino Hernandez vs Nick Kozak (Houston 12/1/78)

18 June 2017 - 06:52 PM

Gino is wearing the mask from a head shaving from Jose. A fan has an identical gimmick as Gino. That is the most incredible thing ever. Boesch putting over Kozak's wrecker service. Kozak after the mask, but Gino escapes to the outside. Kozak with an ankle pick and starts to work the leg. Loving how Kozak is charlie horsing the leg. Gino cuts him off , but  Kozak is great at showing fire. Kozak after the mask again. Gino with an eyerake stops him cold. Love Gino wildly throwing punches and missing. Loving Kozak measuring those punches. They're brawling on the floor. Gino with the elbows from the mount. Big Russian leg sweep followed by a few elbow drops. Gino with the win. I loved this match in it's simplicity. The basic story is Kozak trying to rip the mask off Gino. He was constantly going for it. In Pat Patterson's book they really put over Kozak as a great babyface. He really showed it here. His selling was great, but what was his calling card was his fire, and getting the crowd behind him. Plus both guys were really good at playing to the cheap seats here. I hope we get next weeks Gino vs Jose match. Again just great story telling and making the most of the gimmick, plus the fan with the gimmick ruled. 3 1/4*

Sam Houston vs Super Ninja(Houston 2/20/87)

18 June 2017 - 06:26 PM

Sam Houston was always a good wrestler. I think he's one of the guys I've seen live most often. Houston truly is a good babyface. We get some back and forth early. A cheap shot sets up Ninja's heat. Crowd is really behind Sam, but Ninja is putting the boots to him. Of course we get a nerve hold here. We get some KOTM spots. Ninja is focusing on the neck/throat area. The work isn't high end, but makes sense.A nice gut wrench suplex by Ninja. Got to give it to the crowd, never wavering from their support of Sam. A quick comeback ends it for the Ninja.