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CWF Fan Con Panels

17 October 2017 - 09:10 AM

1. https://soundcloud.c...ds-of-cwf-panel


We have the legends of CWF.
-We have Donnie Dollars,Mitch Connor, Kamikaze Kid. Coach , and Michael Yamaha. Hosted by Bruce Mitchell.
-Donnie Dollars is ribbed right off the bat.
-This panel was the most poignant.
-Stories of the foundation of the company.
-Looking at the company they had a major hand in building.
-This was about respect.


2. https://soundcloud.c...-con-heel-panel


These are some of the heels of the CWF . This was hosted by Jerry Carey and the panel had Arick Andrews, Lee Valiant, The Ace Arik Royal, Cain Justice, and Ethan Sharpe.
-This was the Lee Valiant show. The man was a great story teller. You can't tell in the audio he was so animated in his stories he had to stand up and tell them. 
-Andrews tells us what was more fufilling to him having a classic with Trevor or taking a young talent and making us believe he could win the title. 
-Cain and Sharpe have a battle of why each is better than the other.
-Ace talks about slamming people through walls.
This ruled, and was awesome. Locker room stories, and tons of other great things.




This is a combination of 2 panels of faces. 
1st panel -Michael McCalister, CL Party,Cecil Miller, and Nick Richards
2nd panel-Dirty Daddy,Snooty Fox, Smith Garret, ,Meccha Mercenary Richards, and Michael McCallister.

-Their was a ton of laughs like Nick Richards Apartment Wrestling gimmick name. To it getting real with Smith Garret talking about his current injury. 
-We learn how the bill is paid for dinner.
-Origins of the Daddy gimmick
-Snooty talks his latest match at Chapel Hill
-Mecca on how and how often he washes his mask.
-A ton of other stuff .

CWF fan con Q & A panel with creative

17 October 2017 - 01:00 AM



CWF Fan Con was October 13th and 14th to correspond with the CWF Rumble. They allowed me to record the Q and A. 
-We got great stories.
-Angles that worked
-Angles that didn't work
-Everything was discussed 
-This was 100% No holds barred.

Rex Andrews vs Vordell Walker (12/17/2016 Hurricane Pro)

08 October 2017 - 06:55 PM


5 minutes into the show.


This was a really fun match. We get a real struggle at the start. Both guys battling for control. Walker is a smart worker here. He's great on top. Giving Andrews all these openings to go after the arm. Which turns into the story of the match. Walker throws a nasty looking knee. I feel Rex Andrews is a guy who has a real upside . Walker was the glue with his selling, and making the most out of moments. 3 1/2*

This Week in Wrestling Indys &International 10/7/17

07 October 2017 - 08:44 PM



Pete and Tim have a load of interesting stuff yo talk about.
1. We pay our respects to Lance Russel
2.CWF Fan Fest is near and it corresponds with the CWF RUMBLE Oct 14-15th.
3. Nova Pro -Nova Project 3
-On Power Bomb TV
-Is Royal vs Laroux a MOTYC?
-4. CWF Worldwide
-RGL Action
5. NXT 
-McIntyre vs Strong!!!!!
-War Games talk.
6. Inspire Pro A Hero Never Dies Review
-Hear about under exposed talents like Rex Andrews and Ryan Davidson.
-How good was the Andy Dalton vs Gary Jay Ladder Match?


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This Week in Wrestling Indys &International 9/30/17

01 October 2017 - 05:56 PM



Pete and Tim are back to talk some wrestling this week. 
1. Pete and Tim discuss the Evolve Flo Slam disaster.
2. Has SCI become a can't miss destination for hardcore fans?
3. The 1st CWF Fan Con is upon us. Oct 13-14th.
4. We discuss the latest episode of CWF-Worldwide.
-The Daddy- Cain feud continues.
-Does Lee have another epic title defense in him?
5. The boys break down the latest episode.
6. The guys look at the NEW Wrestling Under the Stars
-We talk about what Cody does well.
-Break down and analyze the show.


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