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In Topic: NWA World Class Championship Wrestling December 1985

Today, 02:58 AM

I wouldn't mind a Terry Funk vs Kerry Von Erich final.

In Topic: NWA Lutte Internationale December 1985

Yesterday, 08:38 PM

I mean this as a compliment: You have a large number of wrestlers on your roster who don't ring a ton to the table in terms of in-ring talent, but I think I'd have watched the hell out of this show back int he 80s. Week after week you make chicken salad out of the likes of Hillbilly Jim, Lord Humongous, and Ivan Putski by  keeping the story-lines interesting and by carefully considering the match-ups. It's impressive.

In Topic: AWA results for December 1985

Yesterday, 08:31 PM

Wow. Dusty coming in, Steamboat and Bock chasing Orndorff's title, Nord and Jake teaming up with Foley in their corner...


...definitely not my father's AWA!

In Topic: NWA World Wrestling Council December 1985

Yesterday, 08:28 PM

I think focusing your write-us on the interaction between Hugo and Rickin is a great decision. It allows you to explain more and build the readers' familiarity with what might for some (like me) be a lesser-known roster, particularly your undercard and midcard guys.


The infusion of talent from Mexico is really going to give you more to work with going forward. Pirata Morgan & MS-1 as heel champs is going to be great. 

In Topic: NWA Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling Dec. 85

Yesterday, 08:24 PM

Way to jump right in at the deep end. I'm looking forward to reading more build-up for Starrcade.