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JWA Revival Second Chapter - May 1985

05 May 2017 - 06:36 AM

JWA Special TV Event: Two Gauntlet Matches

Airing May 8th on Asahi TV


Match #1, 4-man teams, 30 minute time limit

“Batting Order”


Mil Mascaras                  Antonio Inoki

Dos Caras                      Seiji Sakaguchi

Kengo Kimura                Yoshiaki Fujiwara

Tatsumi Fujinami            Akira Maeda 


Match #2, 5-man teams, 60 minute time limit

“Batting Order”


Giant Baba                        Riki Choshu

Jumbo Tsuruta                   Stan Hansen

Genichiro Tenryu               Bad News Allen

Yoshiaki Yatsu                   Dick Murdoch

Andre the Giant                 Bruiser Brody



 JWA Gauntlet matches are wrestled as a kind of combination gauntlet match and lumberjack match, with the men not legally wrestling or up next in the batter’s box standing at ringside and legally able to interfere if someone is tossed outside.


 Here are the rules: Tags can be made, but only in the batting order provided. So, for example, at the start of the match Baba can only tag in Jumbo and  then Jumbo can only tag in Tenryu. If Tenryu is eliminated and Jumbo is the legal man, he can only tag in whoever the next remaining wrestler is on the batting order (in this case, it would be Sayama). The “next man up” in the batting order must stand on the ring apron holding the tag rope. A wrestler can be eliminated by pinfall, submission, count-out, disqualification, or referee’s decision. Outside of the ring, interference is permitted. Any in-ring interference whatsoever is grounds for disqualification. Eliminated wrestlers may remain at ringside but are removed from the batting order and may not be tagged back in to the match. The match is over when all members of one team have been eliminated, with the other team being declared the victor. In the case of the time limit being reached, the team with the most remaining wrestlers will be declared the victor.


Match #1, 4-man teams, 30 minute time limit: Mil Mascaras, Dos Caras, Kengo Kimura, and Fujinami vs Inoki, Sakaguchi, Fujiwara, and Maeda


With one very notable exception, this was straight-up, respectful, clean and scientific wrestling all the way. Starting out with Inoki facing off against Mil Mascara was our way of trying to advertise that JWA is the ultimate in big-time Japanese Professional Wrestling, the place where dream match-ups happen regularly.

They exchanged strikes, moves, holds, and counters… then Dos Caras was tagged in for more of the same, then Kimura… the big exception to the general rule of keeping it clean and respectful was that Inoki and Maeda took every available opportunity to cheap-shot Tatsumi Fujinami. They knocked him off the ring apron threw him outside to take beatings, hit him with closed fists behind Joe Higuchi’s back… This had the effect of enraging both Fujinami and his friend and frequent tag team partner Kengo Kimura. That, in turn, led to the first elimination of the match as Kimura made a mistake and got trapped in the opposing corner where he took a ton of punishment before being forced to submit to Inoki’s Octopus Hold. Fujinami came in all fired up and managed to put Sakaguchi away with a Dragon Suplex to even things up. With about seven minutes remaining, Yoshiaki Fujiwara caught Dos Caras with an Armbar to regain the advantage. Once again, a fired-up Fujinami came charging into the ring. He did everything in his power to put Fujiwara away, but Maeda and Inoki kept breaking up his attempted pins and submissions.

When the bell rang to signal the end of the match, and victory for Inoki’s team, Fujinami was visibly frustrated and had to be restrained from going after Inoki. This led to a bit of a shoving match between Fujinami and Mascaras, and ended with Mascaras and his brother challenging Fujinami and his friend to a match on the 16th in Osaka.



Match #2, 5-man teams, 60 minute time limit: Baba, Tsuruta, Tenryu, Yatsu, and Andre vs Choshu, Hansen, Bad News, Murdoch, and Brody


While the first match was mainly clean and scientific wrestling, this one was a full-on 60-minute bomb-throwing brawl. It started out hot with Baba and Choshu throwing down in the middle of the ring, showcasing a different side of the Japanese Giant from what our fans are used to seeing. By the 30-minute mark, almost half of the participants had been bloodied and everyone was fired up and swinging for the fences.

Brody levelled Yatsu with a huge Lariat, tagged in Choshu who added one of his own, and then finally Stan Hansen was tagged in and hit the third and final Lariat on the former Olympic wrestler to give Choshu’s team the advantage. Andre the Giant came into the ring determined to even things up and that led to the best sequence of the match, as he and Hansen went about ten minutes at full speed with Andre throwing everything he had at the big Texan and Hansen simply being too tough to stay down. When a stalemate was reached and the men went to tag in Baba and Bad News, respectively, the crowd rewarded their outstanding work with a loud ovation.

Baba almost put Bad News away, but the judoka managed to escape and hit the tag to Murdoch. Then Captain Redneck and Jumbo went back and forth until Murdoch surprised Tsuruta with a Flying Headscissors after which Brody hit a King Kong Kneedrop to pin Jumbo and put Choshu’s team up two falls to nil.

With only 15 minutes remaining, things were not looking good for Baba’s team. When Brody and Tenryu brawled out of the ring for a Double Count-Out, eliminating both men, thing really didn’t look all that much better.

Baba and Andre were determined not to lose, though, and with quick tags and teamwork they managed to quickly eliminate both Dick Murdoch and Bad News Allen to even things up with a little over five minutes remaining.

Listening to the crowd, Baba and Choshu tagged Andre and Hansen into the ring. The two huge, tough men came in ready to battle for five more minutes, winner take all. Hansen staggered the Giant with thunderous punches,and barreled into him with Lariats and Shoulder Blocks… but he could not take the Giant off of his feet. With less than a minute remaining, Hansen went for a big Bodyslam, but Andre shifted his weight and both men hit the mat with the Giant on top. Three counts later, Giant Baba’s team emerged victorious.  

As Andre and Baba were shaking hands in the ring, Inoki and Maeda made their way to ringside to show off their title belts and challenge the Giants to come and face The Fighting Sprits in the ring on May 16th in Osaka.


JWA: Japan Pro Wrestling Association - Revival

26 March 2017 - 10:05 AM

JWA: Japan Pro Wrestling Association




President and Founder: Shohei Baba

Vice President: Motoko Baba

Managing Director: Hisashi Shinma

Head Booker: gordi

Head Trainer: Kotetsu Yamamoto

Referees: Joe Higuchi, Kyohei Wada, Red Shoes Unno, Verne Siebert

Ring Announcer: Hidekazu Tanaka

TV: Asahi TV World Pro Wrestling (ワールド・プロレスリング)

TV Commentary Team: Ichiro Furutachi, Takashi Yamada




Giant Baba – President and founder of JWA. Niigata. 6’10” 298. Running Neckbreaker, Coconut Crush.

Past his peak but still a huge star, ready and willing to step aside to make room for younger stars. Trainer and mentor to Tsuruta, Tenryu, Misawa, Fuchi, Koshinaka, Ishikawa, and many others.


Antonio Inoki – Iconic living legend. Yokohama. Brazil. 6’3” 224. Bridging Fallaway Slam, Octopus Hold (Manjigatame), Enzuigiri, Flying Kneedrop.

Past his peak but unwilling to admit it. Fancies himself the world’s greatest martial artist.  Incredibly popular in Japan. Hugely influential.


Akira Maeda – 6’3” 225. Osaka. Korea. Bridging Capture Suplex, Cross Armbreaker, Roundhouse Kick.

In his pprime. Inoki’s heir apparent. Shoot Style pioneer. Great striker, better grappler. Can be bad tempered and difficult to work with.


Tatsumi Fujinami – 6’0” 227. Oita. Dragon Sleeper, Dragon Suplex, Figure Four Leg Lock, Dragon Backbreaker, Diving Kneedrop.

In his prime, gifted worker, very popular. Ready to break out from under Inoki’s shadow.


Riki Choshu – 6’0” 260. Yamaguchi. Korea. Riki Lariat, Sharpshooter (Sasorigatame).

In his prime. Top heel,  very popular and influential.


Genichiro Tenryu – 6’1” 273. Fukui. Lariat, Folding Powerbomb.

In his prime. One of the best workers in the world. Former sumo star with a power style.


Jumbo Tsuruta – 6’6” 287. Yamanishi. Bridging Belly-to-Back Suplex, "Jumbo" Lariat, Powerbomb.

In his prime. One of the best workers in the world. Baba’s heir apparent. Former Olympian.


Satoru Sayama - 5’10” 190. Can work Jr. Yamaguchi. Tiger Suplex, Turning Moonsault, Crossface Chickenwing, Diving Headbutt.

Jr. Heavyweight and Shoot Style pioneer. At the end of his peak years, but still extremely popular.


Yoshiaki Fujiwara – 6’1” 225. Iwate. Fujiwara Arm Bar, Heel Hook, Headbutt.

Nearing the end of his peak years. One of the world’s greatest grapplers. Trained Anjo, Maeda, Yamazaki, Funaki…




Seiji Sakaguchi – 6’5” 290. Fukuoka. Stomach Claw, Atomic Drop, Boston Crab, Chokebomb.

Past his peak, but still capable. Judo player. Inoki’s long-time second. Willing to help put younger guys over.


Kengo Kimura – 6’1” 236. Ehime. Jumping Leg Lariat, Triangle Scorpion, Piledriver.

Nearing the end of his peak years, but still in his prime. Fujiwara’s regular tag team partner. Makes the people around him better.


Super Strong Machine (Junji Hirata) – 6’0” 254. Kanagawa. Machine Suplex, Machine DDT, Machine Lariat.

Just entering his prime. Steady, reliable power wrestler who really shines as a tag team partner. - Currently on loan to Lute Int. 


Ashura “Fighting” Hara - 6’0” 245. Nagasaki. Hitman Lariat, Superplex.

Nearing the end of his prime. Former rugby star and IWE veteran. Tenryu’s frequent tag team partner, and friend. Has a gambling problem. Also has a great mustache.


Yoshiaki Yatsu – 6’1” 260. Gunma. Powerbomb, Powerslam, Piledriver, Jailhouse Lock (Double Chickenwing).

Former Olympic wrestler. Powerful and legitimately tough, inconsistent in the ring. Best in tag teams. Frequently works as Choshu’s partner, but also has a connection with Jumbo because of their shared amateur background.


Umanosuke “Professor” Ueda – 6’3” 260. Aichi. Cobra Claw (Neck Claw), Low Blow, Foreign Object Attacks.

Reaching the end of his prime. Probably the #3 native heel on this roster. Has a great sleazy look. Background n sumo and with the IWE, but is purely a brawler.


Rusher Kimura – 6’1” 275. Hokkaido. Rushing Lariat, Rusher Suplex (Double Arm Suplex), Piledriver, Argentine Backbreaker.

Former sumo wrestler and former ace of IWE. Cage match specialist. A little past his prime but still a very capable brawler. Good on the mic. Currently on loan to USWA


Osamu Kido – 5’11” 231. Kanagawa. Kido Clutch, Wakigatame (Judo Armbreaker), Fujiwara Armbar, Neckbreaker.

Karl Gotch trainee, entering a late-career peak. Solid basic wrestler, good on the mat. Not much personality.


Takashi “Onomi” Ishikawa – 5’10” 260. Kanagawa. Chokeslam, Lariat, Shoulder Block.

Former sumo wrestler, worked one tour with IWE. Near the end of his prime. Power style. Good tag team worker, who has won championships teaming with Hara and Mighty Inoue. 




Shinya “Shogun” Hashimoto – 5’11” 287. Gifu. Vertical Drop Brainbuster, Jumping DDT, Kesagiri Chop, Spinning Heelkick.

Just starting his career. Great striker, being groomed as a potential future ace. Already has a strong grasp of ring psychology.


Keiji “Ninja” Mutoh – 6’2” 242. Yamanashi. Moonsault Press, Muta Lock, Dragon Screw, Figure Four Leglock, Flashing Elbow, Low Angle Dropkick.

Just starting his career. Very flashy and athletic. Being groomed as a future star. Already quite popular with the fans.


Masa “Charisma” Chono – 6’1” 212. Can work Jr. Seattle, Tokyo. STF, Kenka Kick, Flying Shoulder Block, Butterfly Lock, Manhattan Drop.

Just starting his career. Charismatic. Being groomed as a future star. Mainly works as a heavyweight despite his smaller size.




The Cobra (George Takano) – 6’1” 254. Yamaguchi, Uganda. Kneeling Tombstone, Cobra Twist, Moonsault.

In his prime. Despite being 254 muscular pounds, The Cobra is a former NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion and the current WWF Jr. Heavyweight Champion. A big bumper. Kind of a poor man’s Tiger Mask.


Shiro “Samurai” Koshinaka – 6’1” 234. Tokyo. Diving Hip Attack, Powerbomb, Samurai Driver '84.

Entering his prime. Charismatic and entertaining. Often works as the third man in trios matches with Fujinami and Kimura.


Tiger Mask (Mitsuharu Misawa) – 6’1” 235. Saitama. Elbow Strike, Tiger Driver, Tiger Suplex '85, Elbow Suicida, Stepover Facelock, Frog Splash.

Young star being groomed to eventually follow in the footsteps of Baba and Jumbo. Amazing seller and bumper for someone with only four years of experience. Teams with Sayama as “The Tiger Masks.”


Masanobu Fuchi - 6’0” 231. Fukuoka. Pinning Backdrop, Small Package Hold.

In his prime. Known in America for the Memphis Concession Stand Brawls. All-around talent with a good mix of brawling and mat wrestling. Just starting to develop his famously grouchy in-ring persona.


Toshiaki “Dangerous K” Kawada – 6’0” 240. Tochigi. Dangerous Backdrop, Powerbomb, Stretch Plum, Running Face Kick, Stepkick.

Near the beginning of his career. Tenryu protégé is already one of the stiffest and most intense workers on the roster. Has the potential and work ethic to become one of the best ever. Teams with Samson Fuyuki as “Footloose.”


Samson Fuyuki – 5’11” 235. Tokyo. Samson Striker (Muscle Buster), Fuyuki Special (Stretch Plum), Fuyuki Special 2 (Boston Crab).

Late bloomer got his start in 1976 with IWE, but he has yet to reach his peak. Is blossoming under the guidance of Tenryu, teaming with Kawada.


Animal Hamaguchi – 5’7” 227. Shimane. Animal Elbow, Airplane Spin Into Samoan Drop, Diving Elbow Drop , Neckbreaker Drop.

Nearing the end of his prime. Former bodybuilder and IWE wrestler. Has the strength to match up with heavyweights and the athleticism to match up with juniors. Often teams with Inoue.


Mighty Inoue – 5’9” 231. Osaka. Somersault Drop, Flying Shoulder Attack, Senton, Sunset Flip.

Just past his prime. One of the best workers to come out of IWE. Has a mix of European and Lucha Libre styles picked up on foreign tours. Solid mid-card veteran. Very good tag team wrestler.


Kuniaki “Tiger Hunter” Kobayashi – 6’ 0” 238. Nagano. Fisherman's Suplex Hold, Sliding Kick, Spinkick, Thrust Kick.

In his prime. Rival of Tiger Mask Sayama. Aggressive style. Makes the people around him look good.




Kantaro “President” Hoshino – 5’7” 210. Kobe. Flying Body Press, Punch, Headlock Punches, Flying Headbutt.

Past his prime but still wildly entertaining. Very small but also very quick. Boxing background with the great punches to show for it. Often works as the third man with Inoki and Sakaguchi.


Gran Hamada – 5’4” 198. Gunma, Mexico. Hamachan Cutter, Huracanrana, Flying Swinging DDT, Plancha Suicida, Belly-To-Back Suplex.

Lucharesu pioneer. Still in the midst of a very long peak period. Great high flyer. Can also work Shoot Style.


Nobuhiko "Esperanza" Takada – 6’0” 210. Yokohama. Cross Ambreaker, High Kick, Missile Kick, Heel Hold.

Just entering his peak years. Nickname means “hope” and he is indeed one of the “hope for the future” wrestlers on this roster. Good striker. Very adept at combining Shoot Style with other styles. Charismatic.


Isamu “Carpenter” Teranishi – 5’9” 220. Toyama. Waterwheel Drop.

Another former sumo wrestler and IWE mainstay. Very good on the mat and makes the people around him look better (hence the nickname). Despite his scientific wrestling style, works really well as a heel. Despite his smaller size, usually works as a heavyweight.




Keiichi “Thunder” Yamada - 5’7” 202. Hiroshima. Brainbuster, Koppo Kick, Romero Special, Shotei, Shooting Star Press.

Gifted athlete at the start of what could be a legendary career. Exciting, athletic, and innovative style. Absolutely being groomed as the future ace of the junior division. Already has a strong grasp of ring psychology.


Masakatsu Funaki – 5’11” 212. Aomori. Triangle Choke, Heel Hook, Cross Armbreaker, Roundhouse Kick.

Another outstanding young athlete at the beginning of his career. Being groomed as a future Shoot Style star. Fujiwara disciple.


Kazuo Yamazaki – 5’11” 185. Tokyo. Cross Armbreaker, Cross Kneelock, Tiger Driver, German Suplex.

Still early in his career. Throws great kicks and is very good working from underneath and selling. Student of Tiger Mask Sayama.


Naoki Sano – 5’11” 220. Hokkaido. Rolling Savate Kick, Northern Light Bomb, Diving Foot Stomp.

Recent NJPW Dojo graduate. Works a very aggressive and physical style. Interested in studying different styles of wrestling, such as Lucha Libre and Shoot Style.  


Yoshinari “Rat Boy” Ogawa – 5’11” 198. Ibaraki. Backdrop Hold, Jawbreaker, Enzuigiri.

Just beginning his career. Another Tenryu protégé, aligned for that reason with Kawada and Fuyuki. Has a sneaky, cerebral style.


Yoji “Mr. 200%” Anjo – 5’11” 220. Tokyo. Ground Cross 200% (Modified Figure Four), Cross Armbreaker, Roundhouse Kick.

Just beginning his career. Shoot Style specialist with a background in judo and muay thai. Doesn’t mind fighting dirty.




Adrian Adonis – 6’1” 265. Portland, New York. DDT, Goodnight Irene, Manhattan Drop, Diving Elbow Drop.

Nearing the end of his prime years. Great brawler, bumper, ring general, and tag worker. JWA's Top Gaijin heel.


"Captain Redneck"Dick Murdoch – 6’3” 275. Texas. Brainbuster, Calf Branding, Flying Headscissors.

Great bumper and brawler, when motivated. Legendarily hard partier. A little past his prime, but his team with Adonis, “The North-South Connection” is still one of the best in the world. - Currently on loan to JWA from USWA


Dos Caras – 5’10” 212. Mexico. Dos Caras Clutch, Flying Cross Chop, Sitout Powerbomb.

Still in his prime. Usually works as a heavyweight despite his smaller size. Brother to Mil Mascaras. Frequently tags with Canek. Very popular in Japan. Able to adjust his style to match up with various different kinds of wrestlers.


Anoaro Atisanoe – 6’0” 340. Hawaii, Samoa. Samoan Drop, Big Splash.

Still early in his career. Brother of Sumo legend Konishiki. Massive and powerful, works best as a monster heel.


Siva Afi – 5’10” 240. Diving Crossbody, Diving Splash.

Just entering his prime. Kind of a very poor man’s Superfly Snuka in the ring. Often teams with Atisanoe.




Black Tiger (Mark Rocco) – 5’8” 196. Manchester. Diving Knee Drop, European Uppercut, Neckbreaker, Tombstone Piledriver.

Still in his prime. At his best, he is the perfect fusion of British, Mexican, and Japanese junior styles. At his worst, he can be sloppy. Great at bumping, stooging, and working the crowd. Perennial rival of Tiger Mask.  


Black Terry - 5'5" 180. Mexico. Double Knee Backbreaker, Tope Suicida.

Former UWA World Lightweight Champion. Can work a technical style or just punch you right in the face. Currently on loan from CMLL


Babe Face - 5'7" 216. Mexico. La Canonera, Chops. 

Former National Light Heavyweight champion. Teams with Black Terry as "Los Guerreros del Universo" Currently on loan from CMLL




Bam Bam Bigelow – 6’4”390. Asbury Park, New Jersey. Diving Headbutt, Nuclear Splash, Moonsault, Powerslam.

Just beginning his career. Has a great look and is unusually athletic for a man his size. Has the potential to be a truly great monster gaijin heel.


Blade Runner Sting – 6’3” 251. Omaha, Nebraska. Scorpion Death Drop, Scorpion Death Lock, Stinger Splash.

Just starting his career. Muscular, athletic, and charismatic. Has almost limitless potential.Currently on loan to JWA from Lutte Int. 




Phil Hickerson - 6'1"308. Jackson, Tennessee.

Heat magnet. Very good brawler and tag team wrestler. Currently on loan from Smoky Mountain Wrestling.


Shinichi Nakano – 6’1’ 242. Yokohama. German Suplex, Dragon Suplex, Northern Light Suplex, Fisherman Suplex.

A decent technical wrestler with a judo background.


Shunji Takano – 6’7” 286. Fukuoka. Diving Double Knee Drop, Missile Kick, Double Arm Suplex Hold.

The Cobra’s tall and athletic brother has the talent to be a solid mid-carder, but on this roster he’s stuck at the bottom.


Tatsutoshi Goto – 5’10 209. Aichi. Backdrop Suplex.

Bleach blonde heel is also stuck in a jobber role on this roster.


Akira Nogami – 5’11” 198. Chiba. Flying splash, STF.

Another fairly talented wrestler stuck losing in openers in the JWA. Currently on loan to Smoky Mountain Wrestling.


Shunji Kosugi – 5’9” 216. Niigta.

Very good at making others look good in the ring.


Hirokazu Hata – 5’11” 207. Kobe.

The Barry Horowitz of the JWA.

Japan Trades and Loans

15 March 2017 - 09:50 PM

So, with big changes coming to Japan in April, we are going to try something a little different in terms of talent exchanges.


I'm going to list wrestlers who are available to travel to North America for a given three-month period (Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept, Oct - Nov). Any promoter can make an offer or ask for a loan of any wrestler on the list. I will have the option of accepting the offer, rejecting the offer, or making a counter-offer.  


The idea behind the three-month period is it will give us plenty of time to develop stories and feuds and so forth with the visiting wrestlers. 


If you just want a wrestler for a one-shot deal for a big show or something, you can make a request in this thread or send me a personal message. One-shots can be with any wrestler on the JWA roster, they are not just limited to the wrestlers listed here. 


If there is a wrestler on my roster that you would like me to make available in the Trades and Loans thread for next quarter or any time in the future, you can make a request in this thread or send me a personal message. 



NJPW Young Lions Cup, March 1985

07 March 2017 - 08:47 PM

NJPW Young Lions Cup Night One, March 8th, Tokyo Korakuen Hall


Black Cat and Enrique Vera vs The Cobras

This is my first time in Korakuen as part of the crew. You have to love the Korakuen crowds. Hard core fans. My kind of people. Black Cat and Enrique Vera are both under six feet tall, so the sight of Shunji Takano towering over them made them natural under-dogs. On the other hand, the hard core fans love Shunji’s brother George, AKA The Cobra, a lot. So, we got the strange spectacle of one member of a tag team being booed while the other was cheered. The Cobra took a great Quebradora Backbreaker from Vera for a near fall, but came back to win it with his Tombstone variation.


The Strong Machines vs Mr. Pogo, Kendo Nagasaki, and Umanosuke Ueda

The crowd’s loyalties weren’t nearly so torn in this one. Pogo, Nagasaki, and Ueda just cheated like crazy, even tearing SM#3’s mask up a bit. Eventually SM#1 got the hot tag and took some revenge on the heels before putting Ueda down for the count with the Majin Fusha Gatami.


YLC Round 1 - Steven Regal (AWA) vs Naoki Sano

The first match of the first round of our Young Lions Cup. Sano and Regal just tore into each other from the opening bell. Sano threw kick after kick and Regal answered back with a flurry of stiff European Uppercuts. Then they took it to the mat where they seemed to be legitimately trying to stretch each other. There were some nice counters and reversals and Sano caught Regal in a dangerous-looking Lotus Hold Can Opener. Regal made it to the ropes, however, and once the wrestlers were back on their feet the young Brit took over, nailing a Double Underhook Suplex followed by a Bridging Belly-to-Back for the pin.


YLC Round 1 - Masa Chono vs Hirokazu Hata

This match was basic, solid chain wrestling with Chono on offense for the majority of the eight minutes, wearing Hata down and eventually transitioning from a Stepover Toe Hold into a Sleeper Hold that put Hata away.




YLC Round 1 - Owen Hart (MACW) vs Shunji Kosugi

The young second-generation Canadian only started training seriously in 1983, and he has had just a few months of experience working for his father in Canada and for Max Crabtree in England. In the ring against a fine carpenter like Kosugi, however, he looked like a seasoned veteran. The two worked a technical match that would have made Karl Gotch proud, trading holds and counters for almost fifteen minutes. Hart took the match with a gorgeous Northern Lights Suplex, bridging to hold Kosugi down for the pin.


YLC Round 1 - Keiichi Yamada vs 2 Cold Scorpio (MACW)

I gave these two the green light to go out there and steal the show, and they drove the crowd into an absolute frenzy with over fifteen minutes of non-stop fast-paced action. Both men bumped like crazy as they flew in and out of the ring. Yamada showed real flashes of the truly *GREAT* wrestler that he is destined to become, and the young American was with him every step of the way. Scorpio almost won by count-out after nailing Yamada with an insane Corkscrew Plancha, but the NJPW dojo graduate beat the count and then took the match after nailing Scorpio with three consecutive Abisegeri Kicks. After taking a moment to recover, the two wrestlers met in the middle of the ring for a show of mutual respect while the crowd showed their appreciation.


Tatsumi Fujinami, Kengo Kimura, and Shiro Koshinaka vs Canek, Dos Caras, and Fishman

Following their somewhat disappointing performance in the Tag Festival finals, Fujinami, Kimura, Dos Caras and Canek approached me to ask for a second chance. After discussing it with Yuka and consulting Doriya-mon’s Good Advice Doll I offered them a chance to wrestle a six-man tag on Night One of the young Lions Cup and – if that went well- an opportunity for a re-match on the Final Night.

Later, word got back to me that Inoki was furious that I had made this booking decision. He never said anything to me directly, and I never heard anything from any of the people that I know I can trust… but, still, I felt a lot of pressure as this match was about to start. There was a chance that, if they performed poorly again and Inoki was unhappy about it, I would have to face the consequences of his anger. The tension actually got to me, and I went backstage to avoid watching the match unfold.

From the dressing room, I listened to the crowd. They were quiet at first, but eventually there was scattered cheering and applause and a few people here and there calling out their favourite wrestler’s name. The crowd noise continued to build and around the 20-minute mark I could hear them stomping and cheering loudly. I popped back inside in time to see Canek and Kimura brawling on the floor and Koshinaka Holding Dos Caras back as Fujinami locked in the Dragon Sleeper and squeezed down on Fishman.

Yuka ran to my side. “They did well,” she told me, “Look at Inoki.”

He was smiling. 

Rhyming Match-ups.

14 February 2017 - 09:52 PM

In a PWO2K thread discussing Takayama vs Akiyama, Loss posed the intriguing question: Is there a better match where the participants have rhyming names?


After thinking about it for at least 20 minutes, I think I came up with a reasonable suggestion, but since then the idea has been rattling around in my brain non-stop. 


Did this one ever happen? ...because it could be right up there: 


Jack Brisco vs Larry Zbyszko


Dick Togo vs Mr. Pogo


I think the following might have happened at some point, but probably would not have been as good as Akiyama vs Takayama (or Jushin Liger vs Black Tiger): 


Porkchop Cash vs Kevin Nash


Black Bart vs Bret Hart


I think the following certainly never happened, but I'd like to see them:


Asian Cooger & Freddy Krueger* vs Lex Luger and Bastion Booger

*(Doug Gilbert's IWA Japan persona)


Daniel Bryan vs Raja Lion


Koko Ware & B. Brian Blair vs The Nature Boy Ric Flair & Terrible Ted the Wrestling Bear


El Felino vs Sammartino


The Garvins*  vs The Marvins**

*(Rugged Ron and Gorgeous Jimmy)

**(Ricky and Rocky)


Sangre Chicana vs Colt Cabana vs Tito* Santana

*(or Ricky)

These were the worst ones I came up with: 


Fabulous Moolah vs The Butcher, Abdullah


Aja Kong vs Theodore R. Long



What have you got?